tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGathering Storm Ch. 05

Gathering Storm Ch. 05

byMany Feathers©

My plan had worked, for the time being anyway. I had been relentless going down on her. Licking, teasing, sucking her clit, fingering her until she'd become delirious with pleasure. And even then, I hadn't let up. Almost the moment she'd come down from her orgasm, I began again, assaulting her cunt ignoring her pleas to stop. I wasn't about to. I knew if I did, she'd convince me to fuck her, one way or the other. And I would. I knew I would. So I didn't stop. Didn't stop licking her, didn't stop fingering. Didn't stop sucking her clit, making her come over and over again more times than either one of us could count. Finally, she truly had had it, pushing, even kicking me away from her.

"Enough! Enough!" She exclaimed tiredly, exhausted...and for the first time perhaps...completely spent. "Jesus Jack, my cunt's numb, as am I!" She continued limp as a noodle. "I'm even too tired to pee," she announced causing me to laugh, as she did, shrieking however, cupping her cunt with her hand. "See what you made me do?" She then exclaimed revealing that she had pee'd a little, unable to hold it in. "Pick me up Jack, carry me upstairs to the bathroom, and then into bed."

I literally did that. Holding her in my arms carrying her upstairs, and then sitting her down on the toilet so she could finally pee, looking as though almost asleep even then, head lolling, eyes droopy. I even wiped her, though learning a lesson when I did. You don't wipe up...you wipe down. My bad. But geeze, look at it from my perspective, I'm standing in front of her while she's sitting there. "Down Jack, the other way," she moaned half out of it, though she still managed a tired giggle in teaching me.

I then carried her into the bedroom, once again peeling back the sheets helping her to slip in between them. This time I didn't join her though. I didn't dare. She rolled over hugging her second pillow in a fetal position, and within seconds was sound asleep. I crept out of her room on tippy-toe, closing the door as quietly as I could and then padded just as quietly down the hall into Cynthia's room. At least it wasn't thundering and lightning any more. There was still quite a bit of wind, but even the rain didn't appear to be falling nearly as hard as it once had. It almost sounded soothing instead, the gentle sound of it hitting the windows helping to lull me to sleep a short time later.


It felt like a dream. And for a while, I continued to believe it to be so. How long she'd been laying there gently, almost too softly, licking and sucking my dick...I had no idea. But I knew I was hard, damn hard, those lips of hers working their magic on me. I felt her move then however, felt her crawl up onto me. Only then truly waking, truly realizing this wasn't no dream. Too late! Too late! "Oh fuck! NO! NO!" I screamed out. I felt her hot, wet slippery cunt slide down over my shaft, fully engulfing me. I pushed, still crying out, trying to dislodge her, though she held on as though riding a bucking bronco.

"It's ok Jack...it's me! It's me!"

"Cynthia?" I said in confusion. It was still too dark to see anything, pitch black outside though the rain and wind had stopped now. Almost eerily silent, save for the sound of my own confused labored breathing. "How?" I barely managed to ask. "When?"

"In the morning," she answered. "We'll talk about it in the morning. Right now...all I want you to do is fuck me. Fuck me deep...hard...and long," she whispered softly as she pressed herself against me, the feel of her breasts caressing my chest, the wet slippery sucking of her cunt still grasping my cock as she slowly began moving again. Still confused, the sensation was too great to ignore however, thrusting up now...meeting her. Feeling her as she slid down, more forcefully, the tempo gradually increasing, escalating as we began to fuck seriously now. I reached up, finding her breasts there in the darkness, tweaking those amazingly long thick nipples of hers, the heat of her pussy like liquid fire now as it bathed me in her essence.

"Come in me baby...come in me, let me feel your hot juice flooding my pussy!"

It wasn't long after that that I was. The sensation of my cream pouring out of me, filling what I knew then I had to have, needed to have...wanted to have more than anything else. But I knew too even as I did that, there was still a lot of unanswered questions that needed to be asked. But for now anyway, I was content to lie there, feeling the slickness of our combined mutual spending as it poured out of her pussy, soaking my balls. We soon fell asleep like that, me still inside her, the silence of the night now a welcome reminder that the storm for the most part at least...was finally over.


When I woke this time I sat straight up in bed. Even then, it still took two seconds to realize that what had happened the night before hadn't been any dream. I was alone however, though the sunlight was actually streaming in through the window. It was still overcast, but the rain and wind had both stopped. I sat listening for any sounds, not hearing anything...curious as I rolled out of Cynthia's bed, heading into the bathroom to pee before cautiously making my way down stairs. Once again...I had questions, and this time I was expecting answers.

When I finally got downstairs, the first thing I noticed was that Cynthia had obviously rolled back the protective shield from the main windows. What sunlight there was, was streaming in, giving the morning a fresh new feel to everything. Even so, it took me a moment to realize where they were, standing outside below on the deck. I glanced over towards the coffee pot, it was empty, and this time no light was flashing, informing me that the power was still off. I wandered over towards the sliding glass doors looking down. There were the two of them down on the deck. Cynthia had actually fired up the propane grill below and was busy cooking breakfast on it. I could see the old fashioned camping coffee maker even then steaming as it happily percolated away. It was cool out yet, so both girls were wearing robes, though I doubted they were wearing much else as the two of them stood there busying themselves. I slid open the door, the two of them glancing up towards me as I stepped outside.

"Coffee's almost ready," Cynthia said calling up to me. "Grab a robe...join us, we need to have a little chat anyway," she then added as Joy stood there beside her with a big shit-eating grin on her face.

I disappeared back inside without saying anything, grabbing a spare robe that hung just inside the door next to where Cynthia kept all the outside towels, and returned. By then, she had poured us all a coffee and was sitting down at the patio table the two of them must have brought back out from the shed, along with all the deck chairs. I glanced out over the ocean. It was still a bit choppy, but like I said, the storm appeared to be over with. Even the little bit of sun peeking through the clouds promised a nice clear day once the remaining clouds had moved off.

I accepted the fresh cup of coffee taking a seat at the table sitting across from the two of them. Anxious as I was, I remained silent, sipping...waiting for one of them, if not both to say something.

"I think it's time the two of us leveled with you Jack," Cynthia stated.

"That would be nice," I answered wondering where this was headed, feeling a knot suddenly forming inside my gut. Obviously there was a lot I didn't know that had been going on around here.

"For starters, let me say this beforehand Jack. I'm sorry...we both are," she said glancing at Joy who likewise shook her head in agreement with that. "I know she put you through a bit of hell yesterday, and I'm not without blame there either. I am. And again, I apologize for that. And it's also very possible, once you hear the rest of it, you might decide to just pick up and leave. Neither one of us blaming you if you do either...though we both hope you don't."

I could see by the look in both of their eyes they were indeed contrite, apologetic, but it didn't make the uncertainty, fear...and nervousness about the rest of it any easier to sit there and wonder about either. I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall, and when it did...it made more noise than any thundercloud had since I'd been here.

"Go on..." I said uneasily, sipping my coffee staring at the two of them. Once again they nervously looked at one another.

"Might as well spit it out and get it over with mother," Joy said nervously. "We've made it this far...so let's see where things end up after this," she added looking back towards me with a curious expression on her face.

"Here's the thing Jack, and all I ask of you now is to hear me out...try not to interrupt until I've finished...until we have," she said glancing at Joy again. "After that...well, I guess that's up to you as to what happens, or doesn't."

This was starting to sound more ominous by the second here, but I was now of course very curious as to what it was I didn't know...and what specifically had in fact been going on around here.

"Like I said...spit it out, go on..." I said using Joy's phrase.

"Ok, here goes. For starters, I never left yesterday," Cynthia said, seeing the surprised look in my face upon hearing her say that.

"Excuse me? You never what?"

"Please Jack, like I said...hear me out before you ask anything. After I tell you everything, you can ask whatever you'd like to...or do whatever you'd like to. We're both prepared for that."

I settled back in my chair, gritting my teeth, actually feeling angry and duped now.

"Yes...it was all a ruse. After I left, I parked the car a ways down the hill, and then walked back. There's a back entry way into the house that we normally don't use for anything. Downstairs, there's a nice comfortable little storm cellar, which you haven't seen yet of course, and which is one level down from the laundry and den area down stairs. Anyway...that's where I was for most of the day, and evening," she said once again startling me. The word "Why" hanging on the tip of my tongue, but I swallowed saying it, letting her continue instead.

"It's a fact Jack...most of the men I've come to know and date for a while...really were only out for one thing...money. And yes...I, we..." she amended looking at Joy again. "Have a lot of it. Now...I've not gotten that close with most men I've met for several reasons, so the subject or concept of agreeing to a prenuptial was never really an issue. Usually those relationships never lasted that long to even get to that point."

"I never was interested in your money."

"I know that...I know you weren't, but that too wasn't the real issue here. The issue was...I needed to know I could trust you. Joy needed to know, she could trust you. So we did what we did in order to find out if we could."

I still wasn't none too happy hearing this. "So you deceived me."

"In a matter of speaking...yes, but there's something else, something even more important I need to tell you. That you need to further consider, and think about before you decide to leave...if that's what you decide to do. Or...stay. Even more so."

"Yeah? And what might that be?"

This was obviously a tough one, even more so than the rest of it had been. I could see Cynthia steeling herself in preparation for answering, but it was Joy who spoke up first, saving her mom from having to do so.

"We come as a package deal Jack. You don't get one without the other, plain and simple." I know the even more confused expression on my face was as big a "tell" as any could be, though she continued speaking seriously. "Usually, the men we've met like one of us more than the other, naturally. That's to be expected I suppose. But mom and I made an agreement years ago now, something we've both stuck with. We like sharing, not being apart...and not intending to be so, not ever. It's just the way it is between us. Most men think that's interesting at first, find it exciting. Until they start thinking about it further. That's when they begin finding it weird, or too uncomfortable to accept. We demand pretty much equal time, though we give that back in spades. We're a constant threesome, though not necessarily in a sexual way of speaking...more like family, though it's not a "daddy" I'm looking for. Which is what most men who were first interested in mom, expect to be. That's not what I want, and that's not what this is about. It's about being an equal partner threesome. Period. About the time most of the men figure that out, they don't really want any part of it, and so they leave. Or...one or the other of us doesn't find the man we've introduced to the other's liking either. And that's another reason why sometimes things don't work out either. In your case...we both do of course. We're both equally attracted to you. And as we've now come to find out and discover, we think you're likewise equally attracted to us as well. But we both needed to know that. To know we could trust you. That you weren't using one of us over the other, or not as interested in one of us over the other either. I know that's pretty confusing for you to hear and understand, but...it's the truth. So...now you know Jack. It boils down to accepting that, accepting us both, accepting the situation...or not."

I sat quietly for a moment trying to digest all of this. It was needless to say, a bit overwhelming. And...I was still a little pissed at the deception, the torment...the teasing. I honestly wasn't sure how I felt. What I did do, was finish my coffee, and then sat my empty cup back on the table, standing. I turned without saying a word and headed back up the stairs into the house.


Admittedly I stood there inside Cynthia's room looking at my things, wondering if I should pack up and get the hell out of here. I then wandered over towards the window, looking down at the deck again, seeing the two of them sitting there holding hands, looking at one another.

I opened the window leaning out. They looked up.

"Well? You two going to get your asses up here or not?" I called down to them. "I've still got a score to settle here!"

"What about...breakfast?" Cynthia said nervously.

"Fuck breakfast...we'll find someplace and eat out...afterwards." I closed the window not waiting for a response, only hearing one as the two of them made a mad dash up the stairs together, running the entire way. I looked out over towards the ocean again. It was brighter now, the sun even more out than before. The seas considerably calmer. The storm indeed over with. I smiled, removed my robe and positioned myself in the middle of Cynthia's bed. Less than a minute later, the two of them came running into the room almost side-by-side, now standing there staring at me.

I lay there playing with my rapidly stiffening dick.

"Well? Don't just stand there, like I said...I have a score to settle here. And I think the two of you know what that is! Joy? You've got about two seconds to slide that cunt of yours down over my dick. And Cyn? You've got about the same amount of time to come sit on my face!"

They were both grinning from ear to ear...and then as one, again raced one another over to the bed. Quick as a bunny, Joy was in fact hovering over my cock, as was her mother as she sat next to me on the bed, not yet climbing over to sit on my face just yet.

"If you don't mind...I'd like to watch for a moment first," she said pleasurably. "I've been waiting...hoping for this, wanting to see it, but only when we knew...when we all knew...it was right, and going to work out for the three of us."

Even as anxious as Joy and I both were, she too hesitated, still hovering, looking down at me.

"You're sure Jack? You're positively sure about all this?"

"That this will work? No...I'm not. And just being honest with the two of you here. But...I will say this. I do like you both...equally. No favoritism there. I might even love you both a little. And that might even grow to become a lot more. And if it does...if we do continue this, then I promise you, I will never love one of you any more than the other. If that does happen, then I'll leave, or the two of you can send me packing as well. But until then...accept me for me too. Just the way I am. No more games, secrets...deceptions. Nada. Period!"

"No more...games?" Joy teased trying to pout.

"You know what I mean," I said grabbing her waist, placing my hands on either side of her. "Now you little shit, you're going to finally give me something I truly have been wanting all along. Only..." I paused grinning at her.

"Only what?"

"I'm not going to ask for it. You're going to ask me. In fact...you're going to beg me for it, as is your mother."

Joy laughed, grinning. "Fuck me Jack!"

"Not good enough," I responded back, holding her at bay even though she had attempted to slide herself down over my cock. "Make me believe it."

"Please Jack please...fuck me. Fuck my cunt!"

"A little better," I said looking over at Cynthia. "But...I'm not hearing it from you either. You want me to fuck your daughter? Seriously? While you watch? That what you really want?"

"Oh god yes! Fuck her Jack! Fuck us both! Please Jack...please. Yes...fuck my daughter, and then fuck me!"

"FUCK ME!" Joy screamed at the top of her lungs. And this time, when she made movement to slide down over my cock, capturing me...I let her. In seconds, she had impaled herself over my cock. I felt the tip of it literally spear her cervix. Cynthia's hand now coming over to gently cup and begin fondling my balls as Joy began riding me, sliding up and down, her pleasured moans suddenly filling the room as she did so.

I knew then as she did, I wasn't going anywhere. Not for a while anyway. Not for a good long while.


After a while of watching us, sharing and enjoying it, Cynthia finally climbed up to sit on my face so I could tease her, lick her and please her with my tongue. She did so, facing towards her daughter. They kissed, tenderly...affectionately. Nothing more. Even in the beginning there had never been any mention of anything actually going on between them. It had never been like that. And though some might consider even this much as being borderline incestual, they never once touched one another except briefly perhaps, and again only affectionately in passing. This relationship, their relationship had never been about that, never would be. It was simply sharing. Enjoying one another, watching one another yes...but never more than that.

After a time, when the three of us could no longer contain ourselves, Cynthia climaxed, joyously and wondrously, all over my face. Joy too did the same, her very wet, very gushy, very squirty climax drenching us both. It was a delight to feel as she did, triggering my own orgasmic bliss as I for the first...and certainly not for the last time, erupted inside her. Feeling the sensation of finally filling her cunt with my cream was a true delight. But the real delight came moments later, when almost like a tag-team, they immediately switched places with one another. I had only gotten a little flaccid, a bit softer when Cynthia eased herself down over me, holding me inside her until I'd firmed up once again. She then moved upon me with renewed urgency, soon finding a nice slow easy rhythm as the two of us fucked, as Joy looked on, occasionally reaching over, grabbing my dick playfully, helping me to fuck her mother. In time, she too climbed up to sit on my face, where we quickly repeated the previous adventure together. Though I daresay...Joy nearly drowned me this time when she came.

It was worth it. As we dressed and headed outside to walk down to where Cynthia had parked the car, I shook my head at the deviousness of the two women. Everything they had put me through, all that they had tortured and teased me with in doing.

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