tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGeri's World Ch. 02

Geri's World Ch. 02


Chapter 2 – Geri Gives In

The next morning Geri woke up and for a brief second had a smile on her face. Then she remembered the events of the previous evening. "How the hell am I going to go to work?" She immediately panicked. Not only did Don suddenly become an asshole, but he clearly filled Jackie in on what happened. The whole damn office will probably know long before lunch! "Shit. Shit! Shit! Shit! SHIT! What if my dad finds out? What if? More like When!"

Geri was in full on panic mode. "Crap! I don't even have a ride! I will have to take a cab then see about taking a car off the lot tonight" she thought. Somehow that allowed her to get dressed. Something conservative. "Pssh. Like that matters now."

Geri pulled a skirt that dropped to her ankles and a turtleneck shirt. No, too hot. Just a simple white blouse. As she slipped on some heals the car horn sounded. "Oh crap, I'm late. What? Wait?" She looked out the window and there was Jackie's car. It couldn't be. She ran downstairs, opened the door and stopped. She could see Don sitting in the passenger seat as usual. "Ok, I had too much to drink, but not THAT much" she thought. "I know it happened."

"Geri, what are you doing? Let's go!" Jackie called.

Geri stepped took a single step out of the house and hesitated. She could see Don and he was just sitting there. "Surely he must have said SOMETHING to Jackie" she thought.

"Geri!" Jackie called again. "Is there any chance you're gonna walk any faster? At your current pace, you won't make it to the car until lunch!"

More than a little confused, Geri closed the door to the house and got climbed into the car. She didn't say a word all the way to the office. Don and Jackie talked just like it was any other Tuesday.

Once they got into the office, everyone SEEMED normal. Geri felt uneasy all day. She didn't speak much to anyone, and when people asked her a question, she gave back short answers. She was pretty nervous, like she was waiting for a shoe to drop.

All day long and nothing. Neither Jackie nor Don ever approached her. Not that it was unusual, but after last night she thought.... Well, she didn't know what to think now. Then there is this real irritating guy Andy. He came over to the desk a couple of times to bother her about some missing paperwork or something.

"GAAA! I hate that guy" she thought. "I think he finds reasons to come over here and stand in front of my desk to bother me about stuff. He's always trying to look down my shirt. I swear he doesn't even know where my eyes are. UP HERE ASSHOLE!" she screamed inside her head. "And when he's not staring down my cleavage, he's staring at my legs. I wish he would just fuck off already."

When she went to back to her desk after lunch there was a plain brown envelope sitting on her seat with "PRIVATE" hand written on it. No other markings. She opened it up and there was a letter, a cell phone, and a dvd inside. That nervous feeling she had just ratcheted up. On a scale of one to ten, this was about fourteen.

She reached inside and pulled out the letter.

"Geri –

Please enjoy this video in the privacy of your own home. Trust me.


"That's it? That's all there is? What the hell could be on this disc?" She was half tempted to stick it in the pc at the office but decided to heed it's warning and wait until she got home. D HAD to be Don. Who else, right? She grabbed the phone. It was already turned on. She opened it and saw there was a text message. It said, "Keep this with you at all times".

She grabbed keys to one of the trade ins and got ready to go home, with the envelope safely tucked in her handbag.

"Geri, you ready to go?" It was Jackie.

"Umm. You go ahead. I have a few errands to run. I grabbed keys to a car. I'm good."

Jackie said okay and turned and left. "Well?" she thought. "Maybe Don had some shred of decency after all? After last night? Fuck no! There is no way I can talk to that asshole now, and now he's giving me dvd's to watch?"

Geri drove home a little faster than she should have, went straight upstairs, turned on the tv and popped in the dvd. She changed into more comfortable clothes as the dvd started to play. What is this? It's a video dump of the security camera in the club. There was no sound but there sure as hell was a picture. A pretty damn good one too. And right smack dab in the middle was Geri dancing like a fool with Don.

Then came the embarrassing part. She watched herself grinding on Don's leg. She watched herself not care as he grabbed her ass. But she also watched about eight other people in the club watching them. She looked around and saw that there was no way Jackie could have seen her and Don acting like disgusting animals on the dance floor. There were too many people on it. But you know who could see? ANDY! Figures. "That horny asshole never misses a chance to see my tits. Now he managed to get a front row seat to see my naughty bits". He stood there like an asshole and watched Don treat her to a pussy massage. "Asshole."

Just then the camera changed to the mens room. The angle was pointed towards the sink. She saw her and Don bursting through the door, but you couldn't see much when Don had her up against the stall. Just then she remembered what came next and where it happened. Sure enough, the two of them came into full view and there she was, ass in the air, taking Don's rod. Her hair was pretty messy.

"WHO. CARES?" she thought. Only a girl would notice that while the main action was happening at the other end. She watched the whole thing, up until she got shoved out the door.

Ok, it was kind of exciting to watch, but at the same time it made her stomach turn. How many people is Don going to give this to? He already has my silence. Just then, the screen changed, and there was a webcam shot of Andy. Andy?

"Well hello, princess." Andy spoke directly to the camera with a rather smug look on his face. "I thoroughly enjoyed your performance last night. Evidently you did as well." He chuckled. Clearly he was enjoying himself right now.

"I managed to grab the surveillance discs from last night. I've become friends with Jackie's uncle, and he and I often sit in the security office. Well, last night was no different. And the bathroom video was a complete bonus! I didn't know about that, you dirty little girl.

"I bet your asking what now? Glad you asked." Another chuckle. "You are going to keep your new cell phone with you at all times. You are going to do exactly what you are told, when you are told. If you don't, Daddy gets a copy of your porn video."

The screen went black. "What. The. FUCK!?! This asshole's gonna blackmail me? It's not like his address isn't on the personnel file. I'll just break into his house and steal the video. Asshole."

"Wait. He said he would give a 'copy' to Daddy. That's not good. He has me. I'm stuck." Even though Geri worked for her father, and he had a good bit of money, she sure didn't. Her father raised her to appreciate the value of money, so things weren't just handed to her like you might expect. He never even bought her a car! And he owns a dealership! So Geri didn't have the means to buy it back. Plus, how would she know if he gave her all the copies anyway. Nope. She's going to have to see what happens next.

Geri didn't have to wait long. She had only been home a total of thirty minutes when the phone indicated there was a message. She read it. "Go to the Hilton in town. Ask for a key for room 237. Bring an overnight bag. Be there at 8pm sharp."

"What the hell is this? If this guy thinks he's screwing me all night long, he's got another think coming!" Geri was fuming mad. She stomped back and forth across the room. "That asshole Andy. I'm going to kick his ass out of the hotel all the way down the street! Uuuhhh!!! He's such... AN ASSHOLE!!!"

She looked at the time. It was already past 7pm. That didn't give her a lot of time. She stomped out of the room and stopped. For a brief moment she thought about the overnight bag. "I don't need one. That asshole isn't laying a finger on me!"

Geri drove like a mad woman back into town. The closer she got to the room, the angrier she became. She was so mad she could barely see straight to stuff the card key into the reader on the door. When she entered she was ready to give him a swift kick to the nuts! There he was, sitting in the chair, pleased as punch. And there was another guy she didn't recognize sitting in the chair across from him. That threw her back a bit. She wasn't expecting to see anyone else in the room with him.

She also noticed about five different video cameras set up in the room. "Oh no. This shit is NOT going to happen."

"Sit down, Geri. Let's have a chat" Andy began.

Geri came right back at him. "Yeah, let's have that chat! I don't know what you think is going to happen with all these cameras, but you can tape me marching right out that door! Now you've had your fun. Just give me the discs and your backups and we can all have a laugh about it one day." To herself she added, "at least I'll be laughing when Daddy hands you your walking papers, asshole."

"Geri," Andy began again. "I don't think you appreciate the situation you're in. Let's take a look. First, your father is a prominent man in the community. He is well known and well loved. What do you think a video like this is going to do to his reputation? To his business? I bet it won't help it much, will it?"

Geri's mind raced ahead. She was only worried about what happened to her if her father found out. It didn't occur to her that it could hurt the family business.

Andy went on. "What do you think will happen to Jackie's uncle. His club will be instantly shut down. Two businesses will be destroyed and their families on the street because you decided to behave like a slut. Well, since you are so good at it, I'm going to let you continue to be a slut."

Geri's mouth hung open. She didn't know what to say. She really hadn't thought this through. Who could have known all this would happen. What kind of asshole would take advantage of a girl not even nineteen yet? "Well, I guess I know the answer to that" she thought.

"That's right Geri. I think you are beginning to understand the position you have placed yourself. If you do as I say, when I say, your slutty ways will remain your secret. Chose the other path, and you leave a wake of destruction behind you. I'll need your answer now please."

Geri was dumbfounded. She tried to speak but nothing came out.

"Geri, since you chose to say nothing, I'll assume you aren't willing to play, and I post the video tonight. A few well-placed emails and you will be the talk of the town. Well, you, your father, and Jackie's uncle will."

"Okay." That was all she was able to muster.

"Okay? That's all fine by you?" Andy was a bit surprised.

"N-n-no. Not that". Geri was having a hard time digesting all which this meant.

"Well then what Geri? What is it you want me to do?" Andy was losing his patience. " You can do as I say like a good little girl, or you can let it all burn. The choice is yours. Last chance." Andy turned and got ready to remove the video equipment.

"O-okay. I'll do as you say." She couldn't believe that just popped out of her mouth.

Andy turned around. "Now see? That wasn't so hard, was it? Now tell me for the camera, whose little bitch are you?"

That was unexpected. Geri did NOT like being called a bitch, and she wasn't ready to call herself one. She looked at him and said nothing.

"Geri, get on your knees before me, or the video gets posted tonight." Reluctantly she complied. "Now, once again, whose little bitch are you?"

She got on her knees as he said. She looked up to him and he was holding a camera about one foot from her face. "Umm.. Yours?"

"Okay Geri. If you continue to be a pain in the ass about everything, then I'm not interested. This is your last chance to get it right." He said with a stern tone, " WHOSE LITTLE BITCH ARE YOU?"

"I'm your little bitch, Andy". She hoped that was what he wanted.

"Okay Geri, pretty good. But from now on, anytime you speak to me outside the office, you will call me Daddy. Alright, now say it again, and this time, make me believe it."

Geri thought for only a second. "This is weird. He wants me to call him Daddy?" Ok. "I'm Daddy's little bitch!" she said clearly so he wouldn't make her repeat it.

"Very good Geri. Now open your mouth." She did as he signaled to the other man to come over. Without saying a word, he stood in front of her and unzipped his pants. His cock was limp. Not really all that appealing. Geri reached to start to stroke it.

SMACK!!! Andy had given her such a hard crack across her ass with his hand. It really stung! Geri yelped with surprise.

"Did I tell you to reach for him? NO! Don't you do a thing without permission, slut! Now open your mouth and don't move!"

Geri did not want another smack since that one was still smarting so she quickly put her hands to her sides and opened her mouth. The stranger put his cock in her mouth. Instinctively, Geri started to suck it.

SMACK! SMACK! "What did I just finish saying?" Andy yelled.

A tear started to well up from the pain. "I'm sorry Andy. I won't do it again."

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "I'm sorry, WHO?" Andy really leaned into those smacks. They were worse than the others.

A tear ran down her cheek. "I'm sorry, Daddy" Geri said, her voice a little shaky.

"That's better. Now try again." Geri opened her mouth and the stranger reinserted his cock. It was a little bigger this time, but still limp. She could easily handle the whole thing.

Andy then pulled a leather strap out of his bag and placed it behind her head, and around the waist of the stranger. Geri was a bit confused. Her confusion cleared when he cinched it up and it forced her nose to be pressed against the stranger's abdomen, her chin to his balls. Now she made sure she stayed perfectly still because if he got hard, there was only one place for it to go.

Andy picked up his camera and started filming again. "Look up at him" he said.

Geri raised her eyes to look into the strangers. She felt him starting to grow and creep towards the back of her throat. Geri fought hard to not move a muscle, hoping in some way the stranger wouldn't get any bigger. That plan wasn't working out so well.

He continued to grow and his member was reaching her gag reflex. Geri started to panic and tried to concentrate harder on both not moving, and trying not to gag. She failed. Geri started to gag, her mouth bulging around his cock as air rushed past. She started squirming, and the strangers cock was now hitting the back of her throat. The tears were flowing now.

"Try and relax slut." Andy said.

"Oh, okay. I'll just do that, asshole" she thought. Like a comment like that is somehow going to help. The fact is she was doing her best to relax her throat and accept the strangers cock, not move, and continue to stare at him. That was a lot to ask at this moment.

The stranger reached one of his hands behind her head and grabbed a fist full of hair. He started to push his pelvis into her while pulling her in by her hair, eliminating the last centimeter of space between her nose and his abdomen. This was too much and Geri began to struggle. The tears continued to stream down her face as she desperately tried to pull in air from around the invader. Finally the strangers cock began to pulse in her mouth as he came straight down her throat.

Once he finished Andy released the strap and Geri collapsed to the floor, still gasping for air. She coughed and could taste the strangers semen come into her mouth. She swallowed it back down in a gulp. The stranger zipped up, grabbed his jacket, and left.

Andy dragged her over to the bed by her hair and had her strip naked. There was a pair of ropes conveniently tied to each of the bed posts. He bent her over the bed and tied each of her hands to the posts. He then lashed each of her ankles to the posts with another pair of ropes that were tied at the bottom. "How did I not see this?" From the bag he pulled a blindfold and placed it on her.

"See you, slut. I'll be back. Don't move." He laughed and headed towards the door.

Geri panicked at the thought of being left alone like this. "Wait Andy, umm Daddy. Wait! Don't leave me like this! I can't stay like this!

Andy was at the door, don't worry slut. I'll be back soon." And with that, we went through the door and clicked it behind him.

Geri was tied to the bed, but with her feet on the floor. Couldn't he have at least tied her ONTO the bed? Geri was stuck there for what seemed like hours. She tried to occupy her mind but the only thoughts that would arrive were, "How do I face this guy at work? How do I get out of this? I have to pee." Damn. She had to pee. Now she really tried to think of other things. It wasn't working.

She could hear people in the next room, and wanted to cry out to them for help. At the same time, she knew that was a bad decision. Not only would they see a naked blindfolded woman tied to a bed, but if they released her, Andy was going to post the video.

"Oh great. Now he has another one." Geri began to weep. It didn't last long because the pressure on her bladder was calling for attention.

Just then she could hear the door open and in walked...people? "Oh my God! OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod!!! What the hell is happening?"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Gee." That was Andy's voice. She didn't recognize the others. That's good, I guess. "Okay, let's get this party started!"

With that came another slap to the ass. Geri yelped with the sharp sting of his hand to her bare ass. "Daddy?" she whispered. Andy didn't hear her, or at least didn't acknowledge that he had. She spoke a little louder. "Daddy? Please, I have to pee."

Andy let out a big laugh, and the people in the room laughed as well. "Well honey, I guess you should have thought of that because I am not untying you now. Hahahaha".

"Daddy. Please. I have to go so bad it hurts." Andy could hear the desperation in her voice and wasn't really in the mood for an accident.

"Bring me that ice bucket." Someone handed off the ice bucket to him and he held it to her pussy. "Pee."

Geri was extremely embarrassed. Now she has to pee in front of strangers? What the hell? "Daddy, I, I can't do it here. Can you please let me go to the toilet?"

"Gee! What did I say earlier?" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "PEE!!!"

With that, Geri squeezed her eyes shut, trying to pretend she didn't have an audience. With the blindfold, they may not know her. She relieved herself into the bucket. Once she was done, she felt a tongue run across her pussy lips.

"Oooh, that feels, so, good." Her mind instantly shifted from being embarrassed about draining her bladder in front of an unknown amount of strangers, to being purring like a kitten from the attention she was getting between her legs.

"Well, go ahead. Do what comes naturally. We don't have all night" Andy said. She now knew that it wasn't Andy between her legs because that sound came from near her head. "Well, actually we do have all night, now that I think of it." Andy laughed again. She was really beginning to found a whole new level of hate for that guy, but it was quickly being washed away by the person between her legs.

They pushed their tongue past the lips and into her pussy. Oooh, she was in heaven. Just then, a cock pressed against her lips. Geri instinctively opened her mouth to accept it. This man was erect, and he was big. It was hard to fit it in. The man behind her must have stood up because he was now pressing his member into her. After getting comfortable inside her dripping wet pussy, he began to rock in and out. He felt like the perfect size. Geri followed his rhythm and rocked as well. The cock in her pussy would slide in as the one in her mouth would slide out. She imagined herself looking like a pig on a spit.

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