tagIncest/TabooGetting Over Dad

Getting Over Dad


They watched through the open doorway at the front of the house as he tossed the last of his bags in the trunk of the large car, and then walked to the driver's side door. He glanced up at the two figures at the house, and then looked as if he thought better of saying something. He lowered his head and climbed in. The car started up and backed out of the driveway, moved along the street and out of the suburban neighbourhood.

Julia Watts stood there in the doorway with her son, her hands on her hips, and heard a few muffled, mournful sounds coming from her son standing beside her, but chose for the moment to stay standing there, looking out at the springtime sun bathing the front lawn that was now hers alone. She was dressed in socks and jogging pants and an old, stained sweatshirt, her blonde hair tied tight behind her head in a ponytail. She looked fit and athletic, tall though her eighteen year old son had surpassed her in height.

"It's done now, Kevin," she said, and finally turned to face her son. His face was pale and she'd rarely seen such sadness in his eyes. "Come on now," she smiled at him, and put a hand on his upper arm, giving it a shake, "We all knew this was coming. There's no reason to mope about it now."

She tried to meet his eyes but he shifted his gaze to the floor. She sighed, "I'm going to finish scrubbing the floor. Get busy and you'll feel better, okay? At least you won't have to listen to your father and me fight anymore." And she then walked off, leaving it to Kevin to close the still-open front door.


More than a week passed, and it was early Friday evening when the call rang through the house, "Can you come down for a moment, Kevin!? Hellllooooo?"

It sent a quick shock through up Kevin's spine. He was sitting on a chair in his room in front of his computer. His pants were pulled down to his knees, and he was stroking his hard throbbing cock as he browsed through pornographic pictures and videos on his computer -- big tits and ass, hard anals and face-fucks, he had quite a collection.

"Keviiiiiiiiinnn?!" his mother called again.

His heart beat faster and his cock twitched in a slight panic. He quickly pulled his pants up and stuffed his hard cock into his pants, trying to hide the bulge as well as he could against the crotch. "Be right there, mom!" He called out, as he turned off his computer screen, and wiped his sticky fingers on a shirt hanging off the edge of his chair. He stepped awkwardly as his erection was still straining against his pants, and kept one arm awkwardly hanging down his front to try and conceal it.

He took a few steps down the stairs, "What's up, mom?"

"Well, I wanted to say that tonight, I'm--" she paused and looked back at him. "Well for goodness sakes, come on down Kevin, I want to talk to you, not yell over to you. Are you busy with something?"

Kevin stepped down slowly, trying to keep his hands casually clasped over his hard-on, until he stood at the bottom of the stairs. "Um, just homework, mom." He cleared his throat. "Got a whole pile of it for Monday."

He looked at his mother, as she turned back to the mirror and threw her hair back to affix an earring to her earlobe. She was clearly dressed to go out for the evening, her bare legs in black patent leather high heels, and then the rest of her body in a black one-piece dress which fit her as though it were custom-tailored; though the cut did not reveal too much skin, ending just above her knees and not showing too much cleavage, the material was thin and lay gracefully on her skin. Kevin thought he could see the outline of a pair of panties resting below the small of her back.

She affixed the earring and turned back to her son with a smile. Her blonde hair was styled now, flowing in slight curves and looking full, falling past her shoulders, framing her face with its calm blue eyes. Her generous breasts were held up and moved seductively with her as she turned, and Kevin felt weird thinking about the firmness and curve of her fine-looking ass as she began to speak to him again.

"I was saying, Kevin, that I'm going out tonight, so you'll be home alone for the evening. But there's lots of food in the fridge, so you'll be okay, right?"

"Yeah mom, I'll be okay." Kevin nodded, and was already thinking about the porn he had set his computer to download right after he got home from school today. A good night of masturbating alone, he thought, he could easily get two, maybe three great loads out of his cock before falling asleep in sweaty exhaustion.

"Now," his mother continued, "you don't feel weird about me seeing other men, do you? I know we went over this before, but it's like I said, it's not as if the separation happened overnight. Don't worry, I'm not gonna have anyone come over and spend time here or try to shake your hand when I'm still getting to know them, okay?"

Kevin gulped, "Okay," not quite meeting her gaze, and feeling very weird about the whole subject.

Julia cast a smile and a caring look on her son, after a moment said, "Come here. Come on." When he didn't move very much she walked over to him, hugged him and kissed his cheek. "I love you baby."

The feel of his mother's hair brushing his face, and the scent of her skin combined with her perfume stayed with Kevin as he climbed back up the stairs, and he felt like it encircled him as he pulled down his pants and got back to jerking off to hardcore anal porn.


About an hour and a half later Kevin walked downstairs and into the kitchen, thinking about looking around in the fridge for some dinner. As he walked in he noticed his mother leaning against the wall, facing away, her coat over her shoulders as she cupped the telephone receiver under her ear.

He grabbed a can of cola from the fridge and cracked it open as he heard her talking softly. "Yes...yeah....alright...no, that's fine. Okay. We'll see...maybe...okay, goodbye." She put the phone back up on the hook.

Kevin took a big gulp of his drink and asked, "What's up mom. Everything okay? Aren't you guys gonna be a little late?"

She turned towards him and stared off into the corner for a moment before fixing her eyes on him and blinking a few times. Her eyes glistened with a thick film of liquid that she tried to blink away. "We're not going. Something's come up."

"Oh." Was all that Kevin said. He took another sip out of the can and began to slowly step out of the kitchen.

"Say," his mother began, "Why don't you come along with me?"


"Come along with me. I've got the reservation waiting."

"But...uh, mom..."

"You can wear that suit you got last Christmas. You haven't had dinner yet, right?"

"Uh no, but...I was workin' on my homework you know, mom, and..."

"Please?" She let it hang in the air, looking slightly up at him with those clear wide eyes, her mouth on the verge of a smile.

Kevin groaned. "Aaaalright. Argh. Let me get ready."


Kevin drove his mother's car to the restaurant with her in the passenger seat. Part of him was still thinking about the sex scene he left halfway through.

"This isn't one of those extra-ritzy places, is it mom?"

"No honey, it's very nice, very comfortable."

Indeed Kevin did find it very comfortable, subdued, and relaxed, as they both ordered and ate dinner. His mother ordered a bottle of wine alongside, and halfway through the meal she had already drunk two and a half glasses to Kevin's one.

"If you'll excuse me," she said, and walked to the women's washroom. It was a room bathed in soft light, with a long counter with a full-length mirror along one side. She noticed two women adjusting their makeup by the mirror, both about her own age, one a shorter black woman in a business suit, the other a taller redhead in a red dress.

When Julia stepped out of the stall they were still there.

"Nice catch," the redhead said as Julia washed her hands.

Julia wasn't sure the remark was directed at her, and glanced over.

"That stud you got there," the redhead continued, hand on her hip, "Where can I meet a young piece of meat like that?"

The black woman turned to Julia with a smile and said, "I hope you don't mind me saying so, but your date there is so cute and sexy, and I bet that boy can fuck all night."

Julia felt her face blush a little as they talked about her son. She didn't know quite what to say, and the buzz from the wine wasn't helping. "Um, thank you," she said and smiled as she looked at the two women facing her.

"That's the good thing with a big young cock," the black woman continued, "They blow a tasty load and they're hard again fifteen minutes later."

"Uh-huh," the redhead agreed, "Fuckin' get em to eat your pussy, worship your ass, make that fuckin' stud show his gratitude, am I right?"

It took a moment for Julia to realize she was being addressed again. She tossed away the paper she was wiping her hands with. "Yes. I mean, I really need to get back to my table. Nice to, uh, meet you."

Julia turned and walked out, as she heard them keep talking: "Can't keep her stud waiting." "Girl's gonna get that pussy wrecked tonight!"

Julia sat back down at her table, and Kevin noticed some odd looks she gave him, up and down, as they finished their meal.

Julia picked up the two-thirds empty wine bottle and sloshed it around a bit, "We should finish this off."

Kevin put a hand over the top of his glass, "I'm driving, mom."

Julia grinned and started pouring for herself, "More for me then, huh baby?"

They were mostly silent as they drove home. Kevin again noticed the scent of his mother's perfume filling the car, as they rolled down streets illuminated by streetlights and advertisements, and the college radio station Kevin had selected played atmospheric electronica.

When they pulled into the driveway and Kevin turned off the motor they sat in silence and darkness for a moment which lingered until it made Kevin restless. He went to reach for the door when his mother said, "Mmm, thanks for the lovely evening, darling."

He looked over, and by the light of the distant moon and the sparse streetlights of their neighbourhood, he could see she was leaning back against the headrest, her eyes closed, a smile on her lips.

"Yeah, well, no problem, mom," he said, then added, "I mean at least your night wasn't totally ruined, right?"

His mother turned and looked at him, "Honey, this was the most wonderful evening I can remember since I don't know when."

They stepped out of the car, and when his mother shut the car door, he heard her stumble and yelp.

"Are you okay, mom?" he quickly said, and rushed to her side.

"Yeah, yeah....I think it's just the darkness...and the wine...I lost a shoe....fuck!" she sighed and then gave a small giggle, and she put her hand on his shoulder when he stood beside her. Kevin wasn't used to hearing his mother swear casually like that "Don't worry about finding it, I think it's under the car. Just help me hop to the door, okay baby?" She gave another drunken giggle.

Kevin put his arm around his mother's warm body, holding her around the waist, and she put an arm around his shoulders and leaned her head into him. "Mmm, you're such a big man now, aren't you Kevin?" she whispered into his ear before they got moving.

Kevin helped his mother move up the walk and up several stairs to the front door. In the process her warm body rubbed up and down his own, her soft breasts pressed into him regularly, and not only did her lips peck his neck and cheek a few times, with her hair almost bouncing into his nose, but one time he could have sworn she gave his neck a lick. As they stood at the front door and Kevin fished the keys out of his pocket, he realized a hardon was pushing the front of his pants out, and hoped his mother hadn't noticed.

They walked in and shut the door behind them, and then Julia pressed her son's body against the door. "Um, mom," Kevin said, "We're inside, I think you can just, you know, walk on bare feet, you don't need to lean on me."

Julia giggled into her son's chest, letting him feel the warmth, and then looked up at him. She kicked her other shoe off and they heard it scuttle into a corner. She hooked her hand into his and gave it a gentle pull, "C'mon into the living room honey."

"Geez mom, I kinda--"

"Don't worry, just c'mon," and she led him into the darkened room. She sat him down on the padded easy chair and then sat on the armrest, looking down at him. Her arm reached over and turned on the light on the nearby table to its lowest setting, where it emitted but a slight atmospheric warm glow over everything.

His mother looked down into his eyes as she reached out and ran her hand over his crotch, feeling his cock instantly respond by twitching under her touch. She kept caressing it with one hand as she softly said, "Touch me."

He looked at her as if he didn't hear her right.

"I said, put your hands on me," and she took one of his hands and placed it on the curve of her lower back, just above her ass. Kevin's other hand went by itself onto her knee. She purred and gave his cock a squeeze with her hand.

"Mmm, that's right baby. I know you're nervous, but you're not gonna turn down a blowjob, wherever it comes from are you? I didn't think so."

She kept her eyes fixed on his as she slid down to the ground, onto her knees, started unbuckling Kevin and unzipping his fly.

"Oh jeez, mom......"

"I want you to be my man, Kevin. You can be my man now."

Some part of Kevin's head was telling him that he shouldn't be doing this, that his mother was too far gone into intoxication - but then he felt her hand reach into his pants and pull his struggling cock out.

"Oooh, baby, look at thaaaat," she cooed, and stroked his growing cock with one delicate hand. "Mmm, you're a real man now, aren't you baby?"

Kevin leaned back in his chair as his mother tugged his pants down some more. The soft light on the table illuminated them as she knelt there and stroked his cock with one hand, almost grown to full size now. She touched her red lipsticked lips to the tip and flicked her wet tongue out, forcing a moan out of somewhere deep in his chest.

She flicked her tongue fast on his cockhead, then slurped deeper, some drool escaping past her lips and running down his shaft.

Julia popped her mouth off and licked all over her son's cock with her lips, licking and kissing down the shaft to his musky-smelling balls, cupping them with one hand and sucking both into her mouth. She smiled at the moan this brought out of him, as she spread her jaws wide and sucked both into her mouth, sucking on them, juggling them around with her tongue.

She lifted her head up again, over his cock, looking up at him as she stroked the thick shaft fast, spitting down on it a few times. "Put your hand on your mother's head, baby. Help push me down as I take you deep."

Kevin felt his mother fill her hot warm mouth with his cock and he thrust his hips up, put his hand on her head, and grunted out, "Oh God, fuck yeah mom!"

Her eyes widened and started to water as her jaw opened wide and took that cock deep, drool running over her lips and down her chin. Finally she pulled off and stroked his cock hard and fast with one hand as her mouth went down to his balls, licking and slurping on them. "Mmm, you taste so good baby."

His fingers were digging into the armrests of the seat, body trying to hold steady, while his heart beat so fast in his chest he felt as though it would burst. His breathing became faster and more shallow.

"I can't hold back any more, mom. Fuck! Shit! I'm gonna spurt, I can't help it!"

She didn't say anything, just cupped his balls with one hand, supporting and squeezing them, while her other hand stroked his thick throbbing shaft up and down, her soft lips locked around the cockhead and moaning, sucking hard and making her cheeks cave in.

Kevin bucked his hips and came hard, silently gritting his teeth and grunting with his eyes closed, his cock feeling like a fire hose as it pumped shot after shot of hot creamy sperm into his mother's mouth. He felt her tongue flicking on his cock, that hot mouth swallowing, her hand stroking his pulsing erupting shaft until it was so sensitive and had no more to unload.

Kevin just sat there in the silence for some moments, eyes entirely closed, breathing heavily through his open mouth, body wet with sweat. He finally cracked his eyelids open and saw his mother smiling up at him, licking her lips and slowly moving up his body, kissing his abdomen, and slowly up his stomach. Her eyes were heavy-lidded too, only half-open, and as she moved up to his chest she sort of curled against him, started to kiss him higher up, then just laid her head against his chest and kept her position.

Kevin spent a few minutes like that, his cock hanging out, spent and wet, his mother's warm body curled against him. He heard soft rhythmic breathing coming from her and realized she was asleep. The scent of alcohol from her mouth mixed with earthier and more organic scents.

For the lack of anything better to do, he slide away and stood up. His mother adjusted herself but did not move much from her position and kept on sleeping. Kevin pulled up his pants, found a folded-up blanked and spread it over her, then walked upstairs to his bedroom, a pleasant warm ache in his cock and balls stayed with him until he fell asleep in his own bed.


Kevin smelled it before he fully woke up; breakfast, a mix of eggs and bacon frying, bread being toasted. It pulled him out of his sleep, and as he felt a twitch through his groin he remembered the weird dream about last night. A moment later the grogginess left him as he realized it wasn't a dream, it had really happened. Confused feeling washed over him as his half-hard cock pressed a bit against his boxer shorts. He pulled on a loose t-shirt and headed downstairs.

He walked into the kitchen and froze in place. His mother was at the stove, just pulling off her apron. She turned her head to him and gave a big smile, "Just in time, baby, your breakfast is ready."

Kevin didn't move for a few moments, he'd never seen his mother dressed this way before, certainly not in the kitchen. All she was wearing were open-toed sandals with a bit of heel on her feet, sheer blue-green lace panties that hugged her firm round ass, and a matching lace bra. Her blonde hair was loose and fell down her back.

He sat at his usual seat and his mother put the plate in front of him, saying "I already ate earlier." There was a glass of orange juice in front of him too, but his mother picked that up as she stood to his side. "Fuck, I thought I'd have a worse hangover, you know, that little special something I ate must have helped," she winked at him, and downed half his glass of juice.

Kevin couldn't even look at his food, he sat there and looked up at the tight firm body of his mother as she drank from the glass, her soft breasts in that bra, the panties tight on her pussy and the lines of it going around to cup her shapely ass.

She saw how he was acting and put the glass back down on the table, putting her other hand on her hip. "This isn't too much, is it, Kevin? I mean, I wanted to look sexy. Do I look okay?"

Kevin nodded and looked up at her. "Yeah. I mean, it's not too much. I mean, it looks okay. No, I mean, what I mean is, I feel like I'm still dreaming. You look soooo hot, mom."

Julia made a little cooing sound and put her hand on his head, gently rubbing his hair, smiling down at him. Kevin leaned in, kissing her thigh once, then again. He put a hand on her waist and licked that thigh, then pushed his nose against his mother's panty-covered pussy, feeling the heat and softness so close to him.

The breakfast on the table was forgotten as Julia reached down and pulled her panties to the side a bit, thrusting her hips forward, gasping as she felt her son's lips and tongue touch her pussy. His hand went to her waist, caressing her, then hooking his fingers in the waistband. Both of them quickly tugged on the panties until they lay bunched up on the floor.

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