tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGetting Ready To Meet Friends

Getting Ready To Meet Friends


Have to meet the girls for a fun night out and running late as usual. I decide that I can multi-task and try to dress for the night and drive at the same time. No one will notice as I change nylons and slip on a shorter skirt, will they? My work clothes are okay but not exactly the look I am going for during the night on the town that is ahead of me.

I was smart enough to pack a bag with the clothes I want to wear already, so it is just a matter of carefully changing as I drive. I pull off my panties before I even get into the car. I am sure that no one in the parking lot noticed. I have some sexy lacy panties to put on and thigh highs. I am sure I can get those on at a stop light.

I start to drive and pull my skirt down to the floor. I am doing my best to pay attention to the road and to dressing at the same time. I want to assure I drive safely yet look hot, for the evening ahead. As I finish pulling the skirt up, I notice something in the corner of my eye but don’t really pay attention much to it. I am focused with the tasks at hand.

I pull out the thigh high stockings that I decided to wear tonight. The length of the skirt allows for the top of the stockings to just barely be visible. That is the point of them, of course. I pull my left leg up on the seat as I steer and start the nylons on my feet. Slowly, carefully pulling them up my entire leg, I enjoy the feel of the material next to my soft smooth skin. Again, I notice something in the corner of my eye and break my concentration for a moment in order to figure out what it is.

I look to my right and notice a white pick up truck following along with me. Just barely out of sight yet able to see everything I am doing. This truck is driven by a very handsome man who just realized that he is caught watching me change. Momentarily, I think about what I was doing when I sensed the fact that he was there and get a wicked smile on my face. The truck is still following me, as if waiting for me to finish.

Might as well finish, I decide and I pull my right foot up to slide on the right stocking. This time I am even more dramatic in pulling them up and running my hands up my leg as I do so. My very short skirt rises up a bit to reveal my shaved pussy and as it does, I realize that it did when I pulled up the left leg so I am sure the driver saw that also.

I decide to leave my skirt up for a few to assure the driver is watching and of course, he is watching closely. I look down and realize that my nipples are very hard and poking through my shirt. I enjoy the thought of this driver sticking close to me to catch a glimpse of my body. I tease him a bit, running my fingers down from my mouth to my nipple to trace it. I can almost see the reaction of the driver as he watches me. I decide to continue down and slide my fingers across my pussy lips as I slowly pull my skirt down.

The driver is still watching me and smiles as I look at him once again. He is very handsome and after watching this, must be very horny I think. I realize that in paying attention to the driver that I have missed my turn and am a bit in the country. I am not sure if he is following me or heading where he needs to get to but I decide to get back on track. The road narrows to one lane and the truck falls in behind me.

I turn into a side street to turn around and realize that the truck has followed me. This makes me a little nervous, but makes my pussy wet at the same time I admit. I pull over to the side of the road and wait to see what the truck will do. The driver pulls up behind me and shuts off his lights. I follow suit and then as I see him exit his truck, I leave the car.

We walk toward one another and although it is a little tense, the electricity between us is very evident. The closer we get to one another, the more I want him to just take me right there. When we meet between the vehicles, the driver merely takes my hand and leads me to the back of the truck. When we get to the bed, he puts down the tailgate and motions for me to sit on it. When I do so, he runs his hand up my leg to my pussy. Carefully brushing against it as my legs instinctively part, he smiles when he realizes how wet I am already. I pull my skirt up and spread my legs as he moans and slides a finger into my pussy.

I can see the bulge in his pants grow as his finger plunges into my wet pussy. This site makes my pussy even wetter and I can tell that his shorts are getting almost uncomfortable. I turn to get better reach and start to tug at his shorts, not allowing his fingers to leave my nice wet pussy. His fingers feel so good rubbing all over my throbbing pussy and I am dying to wrap my hands around his stiff cock.

As I get his shorts down, his nice hard cock springs out to greet me. I can see the veins run all through it as it is rock hard and prepared for my touch. When I wrap my hand around him, he puts his head back and moans in approval. Interestingly enough, a word has not been spoken but our communication has been strong for a while now. I stroke his cock slow and firm, from the tip of the head to the end of the shaft. I am enjoying the feel of pleasure cascade through his entire body.

He continues to slide fingers in my pussy as I cum deep and hard. He pulls his fingers out and brings them to his mouth to lick the wet off of them. I lean down at that time and put his cock deep into my mouth. I love the feel as it throbs against my tongue and he pulls my head in with his hands. I can feel him thrust his hips as I suck and love every moment of this cock sucking. My hands are carefully touching his body as I work him over with my mouth.

I feel that he is going to cum and don’t stop. I want this man to cum down my throat so badly that I can’t stand it. I slide his cock in and out of my mouth faster and with more intensity and can tell that he is turned on. Just as I feel his cock start to throb, he pulls my head in and moans “Oh yes”. The sound of his voice makes me so wet that I feel it literally drip down my leg. I lean back and with a mouth full of cum, I open my mouth and show it to him. I then close my mouth and swallow it being sure he saw every moment of it.

I look down and am surprised that his cock is still nice and hard. I lean forward to lick it clean and before I know it, I am giving head again. This hard cock has me so turned on that I can’t stop. He actually stops me, and pulls me up to his face. He kisses me very gently, yet passionately. I feel the heat move all the way across my body as he does so. He looks at his watch and smiles, pulling his shorts back up to cover his hard cock. He helps me down off the truck bed and walks me, hand in hand to my car.

He opens the door, leads me to the seat and leans down for one last kiss. There still have been few words spoken, but somehow it doesn’t seem necessary. He shuts my door and starts to walk to his truck. I am amazed for a moment and then I just smile and start my car. I have to get moving, I am late, it is a night out with the girls and they probably wonder where I am. I make a mental note about the route, however, just in case I find my friend driving his truck again sometime soon.

C K & L

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