tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGetting Spik(ed) Ch. 07

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 07


Spike was in his favorite place to be, nestled firmly between Kiara's parted thighs. Still rock hard, and tauntingly rubbing the head of his dick against her clit. He had just exploded down her throat, filling her with what had felt like gallons of cum. And he was still hard. He was, after all, a Master Vampire, over a 100 years worth of undead. He had perfect control over the body he'd had so many years to learn about.

When Kiara had finally relented and engulfed his raging cock he had sworn that he would enjoy the blow job, extend it until she was begging for his cum, then erupt into that decadently talented mouth-and stay hard after to give her the best fuck of her life. He'd loved Kiara's payback. She'd tortured and teased and bloodied him. That and sucked him off twice. But now he wanted that tight, taut, wet little cunny . He was gonna fuck his witch bitch raw and make her scream and beg and plead. And she would cum over and over and over, convulsing and clenching those delicious little muscles around his cock as he slam fucked her through all those orgasms.

Spike smirked down at Kiara. "Loved it pet. You have a talent for being vicious that I never expected. I love your mouth." He leered. "Especially when you use those tender little human teeth. But now it's time for a good old fashioned fuck. You know what I'm talking about. You spread those pretty thighs wide open and I take my cock…"

"Oh God." Kiara moaned, writhing beneath him. "Stop talking and do it to me!"

"Pleasure." He purred, and rammed his cock into her balls deep so hard she slid inches up the bed and her eyes rolled back as she screamed out incoherently.

Kiara's hands scrambled franticly on Spike's back, searching for an anchor.

He pulled out, then thrust back in again equally as hard as his first pump, gliding his hands up her thighs he pushed them wider and settled himself firmly into place, grinding his hips against hers, making sure his pubic bone rubbed harshly against Kiara's swollen clit. And then he commenced with the fucking her raw.

Kiara pumped her own hips back at him with wild pleasure. Keening deep in her throat she dug her heels into the mattress to give purchase to the frantic body that wanted to fuck back hard to satisfy her desperate hunger.

"More Spike! Oh God give me more. Fuck me harder, deeper…please, I need more!" Kiara half screamed, biting hard into his shoulder.

A man might not have been able to give Kiara what she was begging for. A "mere" human might have found that plea to be an impossible task. But Kiara's lover was no mere human. He was a Master Vampire. He laughed deep in his throat, shifted into game face and lifted her body up in the air, draping her long legs over his shoulders.

Grabbing her ass with cruel hands, he pulled her open, and getting up on his knees, fucked into her harder then he'd ever allowed himself. He fucked her the savage, violent way he had always wanted to fuck her. He took her the way a Master Vampire fucks his chosen mate. Harder, faster, deeper then any human male could ever have dreamed of.

Kiara's jerking, drippig body thrashed, half way between wanting even more, and wanting to get away from the mind bending sensations. Then it all became somewhat of a mute point as the slamming hips and deep delving cock of her inhuman lover sent her into a shattering orgasm that nearly flayed her mindless.

And she was coming, her strong, agile young pussy muscles pulsing and gripping Spike's dick in waves that were so hard and furious that the Vampire's cock throbbed with a pleasure that was nearly equal parts pain.

Spike had never in all his life…or unlife, for that matter…felt such sexual ecstasy, and he flung his head back in release and howled like the hell spawned demon creature he was.

They rode the lighting bolt thrill of their orgasms together for endless minutes, then collapsed together in a boneless mix of sprawled, spread, tangled and twisted limbs.

"Oh fuck…" Spike moaned. "I need a cigarette so bad!"

"S-so have one. And gimme one too!" Kiara pante sucking air in hard, wondering if her heart would burst before her breathing settled.

"I can't." He groaned. "I can't bloody well lift my arms!"

Kiara was too exhausted to even laugh but she was able to flop one arm off the edge of the bed and slowly drag Spike's duster up onto the bed.

"There…" She gasped. "Best I can do. You get the damn cigarettes out."

"Want one?"

"Yeah. But I don't think I have the strength to hold one."

Spike laughed weakly, and crawled up beside her.

"Here pet, I'll share."

He held the lit cigarette to her mouth.

"Thanks." Kiara breathed out lazily.

"You hungry luv?"

Kiara turned to tell Spike that all she wanted to do was sleep for a year or two, then realized that she was actually starving.

"Oh gods, I'm ravenous!" She admitted. "What about you?"

Spike smirked nasty and gently tapped her tender, but forgotten thigh.

"I already ate."

"Animal." Kiara groused.

"Demon, actually…and don't even try and to say you're not loving it."

"Just don't tell anyone." Kiara mock sniped.

"Nope. It's just between you and I what we do in bed. What?" He demanded when Kiara suddenly exploded into laughter.

"I'm sorry baby." She sputtered, still giggling helplessly. "It's just that we so rarely ever seem to actually make it to a bed!"

"Yeah, let's see, we've done it in an alley, in, on and over half the cemetery…I think we've covered almost every bloody inch of my crypt…"

"Shut up Spike!"

"Let's do it in my car next, huh? That whole back seat car sex has always sounded so kinky."

"Right…you trying to tell me you've never done it in a car yet, all the years you've been around?"

"Well not the sex part, dinner now…"

"Ewwww, you evil creep, don't even go there. I know you have the whole bloody psycho murderer past life thingy, but keep it out of my face. And just so you know, sorry, but if I find out you're killing anyone I'm gonna break up with you and then I'll tell Buffy on you. I'm sorry but I have to."

"And then will you help Buffy stake me?" Spike asked.

Kiara looked up at him with her heartbreaker emerald eyes.

"Spike, you know I will. I'm human. I have to be on their side. I know I don't compare to Buffy in regards to being a champion and defender, but I was doing it before I ever even met her. I wasn't too bad at it either, I guess. I'm still alive. I know I just hit newbie baby vamps, but…I might be human, but with my history, I'm not typical or normal. God forbid, Buffy goes down some night, Giles already knows that I'll help the new slayer as much as I tried to help out Buffy."

Kiara gazed up at Spike with her unusual eyes. "Please don't ever make me have to help Buffy kill you. You want mayhem and bloody murder, you can help us kill the bad things. You need fresh blood, you can have it from me. Don't make me kill you."

A part of Spike, the demon part, wanted to rip her throat out for even daring to suggest she could best him. On her own, it would never happen, but helping Buffy to get it done…maybe. But even the demon's code of protect the host body regardless of what and who, did not like the idea of a world that was not graced by Kiara.

And it was at that point that Spike realized that even his Demon wanted Kiara, albeit maybe in a much more bloody and brutal way.

Spike snarled at her. "I'm a Vampire, you forget? "

"Yeah, yeah, like I could forget the way you're always noshing on me!" Kiara sneered.

Spike froze, the Demon and the William part of him both amused. The Demon part wanting to make her squeal in surrender…

"You love it." He growled.

Kiara graced him with her best snarky, snotty look. "Oh yeah, always been my goal in life to be an appetizer…"

"Just be glad you're not the main course!"

"Ok you animals!" A familiar voice yelled down the stairs. "Get decent and get up here. You're running late. Why I'm the one who gets to bring you in…ah who am I kidding, Buffy demands, Xander slinks off meekly to obey. Just hurry up!"


"The Bronze!"

"Willow's Birthday!"

"Ah fuck!" They yelped in unison, and exited the bed.

"Coming!" Kiara yelped. "Damn it Spike." She hissed sotto voice. "What the hell did you do with my clothes! We were just…um, just…."

"Shagging!" Yelled two voices, one from upstairs, one from mere yards from Kiara. She cursed loudly at the one upstairs, and whacked upside the head the one she could reach.

She shimmied quickly into her denim miniskirt, then whirled to give her back to her laughing lover.

"Oh shut up you moron…do my laces." She demanded, indicating the back of her matching cropped denim tank top.

The outfit Kiara was wearing was one of Spike's favorites of the sexy, sultry things Kiara tended to wear. The skirt, short and fitting like a supple second skin. And the top…oh bloody hell that top. It was sleeveless, and came up almost to her throat in the front clinging tightly to those winsome breasts. And short enough to show a few inches of taut belly.

But it was the back of that denim tank top that drove Spike insane. It laced up the back from top to bottom, leaving more then half of that supple expanse bared.

He came up behind her and tugged.

Kiara's breath exploded out of her in a rush.

"Fuck Spike! That's tight. Damn it I can barely breath!"

"You think that's tight, be happy corsets are just a fashion choice now days." He slid his hands up her body and roughly cupped her breasts. "It makes your tits look so good when I pull the laces tight."

"Bastard." Kiara laughed, squirming beneath his pinching, probing fingers. "Spike!"

"Let's tell Xander we'll meet them there baby." He growled into her ear. "This top makes me so damn hard. We gotta do something about it before I can go anywhere."

"Spike, stop it! We're probably already late. Oh gods…" Kiara gasped as his hand slid down her belly and beneath her short skirt to worm it's way into her panties.

"Ok, if you guys are up and at em I gotta go pick up Willow and Tara now." Xander yelled down the stairs and they heard the heavy thud of the tomb's door closing.

"Up and at em?" Spike chortled. "Whelp must be a mind reader. Now bend over baby. I'll make it quick so we can head off and meet the Scoobies."

"Maybe I don't like the wham bam thank you madam kinda encounter." Kiara whined in fake protest, allowing Spike to move her over to the table.

Spike nudged her down and laughed in her ear. "So then tonight I'll fuck you until you beg me to stop. This one will be for me."

And he gave Kiara one hard thrust and sunk his cock deep.

"Oh God!" Kiara wailed, and was coming before he could even pull out for stroke number two.

"Don't know why the hell you even bother to try and play coy." Spike rasped. "You cum if I even look at you!"

Kiara moaned. "Arrogant much-you fucking bastard!" The way her body was thrusting back to meet and allow his cock to drive deeper and deeper somewhat spoiling the attempted put down.

"Just a man who knows how to please his woman." Spike snarked cockily.

"Oh, so I'm your woman then, am I?" Kiara taunted, trying to ignore the rush to her heart that those words, spoken she was sure meaninglessly, gave her.

Spike reached down and unerringly found her engorged clit. "Just try getting with another man and see what happens." He growled, pinching her clit with punishing fingers.

Kiara gasped and bucked back against him.

"Pretty confident words from someone who sleeps all day!" Kiara hissed haughtily.

Spike brought his hand back up to stroke her throat.

"I'm a Vampire pet. I would smell him on you, no matter how many times you tried to shower the scent off. Then I'd have to go find him and tear his bloody head off for touching what belongs to me."

"Somebody sounds jealous." Kiara teased.

Spike snorted with contemptuous distain. "Not in this world cutie. You love what I do to you. And I'm the only one who can give you what you need. Oh I'm sure you could find another Vampire more then willing to fuck a delicious little bint like you. But after, they'd eat you. Most Vamps aren't too good at taking in the big picture."

"So then why are you so different? Are you just a human loving pervert or something?"

Spike's laughter rumbled against her back. "Bitch. Beats me. Assuming it has something to do with that fucking chip I had to endure for two years. Not being able to hunt humans, having to turn to them for survival, getting to know Buffy and those damn Scoobies, the lil nibblet and Joyce. Do you know Buffy's mom actually liked me?"

"Everyone can be guilty of bad decisions."

"She just knew I'd never willingly hurt Buffy or the little Bit."

Kiara so did not want to go there. She was pretty sure that she was nothing but a decent second best to Spike and that he still loved and wanted to be with Buffy.

And she was afraid that one day Buffy would decide that she did want Spike. And then what? Where would Kiara be? Once again odd girl out, not belonging to anyone or anywhere really. Kiara had already decided that she would never go back to that lonely awkwardness of not belonging to anything. She wasn't really important, she was just a human who'd fallen into trying to do what the Slayer did a hundred times better. If, or more likely when, Buffy decided to take Spike back Kiara was sure she'd easily be able to find willing claws or fangs to rip her throat out and give her sleep.

But that was still somewhere in the future. Right now, Spike was still with her, literally in her, and Kiara deliberately spoke words she knew would infuriate her Vampire lover.

"Are we gonna talk or fuck baby? I swear you're turning into a broody Angel."

And as she'd known they would, her words turned Spike into one very pissed off Vampire.

He snarled at her. "Bitch. I'll give you a fuck you're gonna be crawling away from!"

He pulled almost out, then rammed his cock back into her, one hand pinching and playing with her swollen clit while the other hand moved back and forth rolling her nipples between supple fingers and roughly squeezing her tits.

He slam fucked her hard and viciously, pissed off and wanting to hurt her. And Kiara loved it. When they came, together and quickly, was hard to tell who yelled the loudest.

Kiara maybe wasn't crawling when they got into Spike's car twenty minutes later. But she wasn't walking very fast either.

And he was still mad at her.

"Uh…You and Spike have a fight?" Buffy wondered. She and Kiara both watching Spike and the red haired tramp who was all over him.

"Something like that. Can't we stake that bitch?" Kiara growled.

"Love to Ki, but we kinda have to stick to monsters and demons, you know, the non human bad things."

Buffy was getting a little nervous. Kiara was normally a very casual drinker. Tonight though, she was well on her way to becoming dangerously drunk.

"I compared him to Angel." Kiara mumbled, still distractedly watching Spike.

Buffy winced. "Oh damn, suicidal much?" Buffy chided. "You know how Spike feels about Angel!"

"Yeah, whatever."

When the drinks came, Kiara downed hers and snatched up Buffy's barely touched one.

Spike was still talking to the redhead, leaning in to whisper into her ear when Kiara slammed down Buffy's empty glass.

"Oh fuck this! Two can play his game!" She suddenly spat and leapt to her feet.

Buffy yelped. "What? Wait…whoa, oh shit!" Buffy made a frantic grab for Kiara but her friend was already gone. "Oh this is so, so bad!" She banged her head on the table, then raised up to frantically scan the room for Willow and Tara. If Kiara was off to do what Buffy knew she was gonna do, Buffy would be needing the two witches to cast a Don't-let-Spike-kill-someone spell! "Why did I get up this morning?" Buffy lamented.

And two minutes later Spike was at the table, the redhead no where in sight. And Buffy still hadn't sighted her witches.

"Where's Kiara?"

'Uh, um, she's…" Buffy sputtered inanely, honestly having no idea. She had been casting her eyes and her Slayer senses desperately around the room, both trying to find Kiara and her witches. She hadn't located any of the three yet. Looking past Spike's shoulder Buffy's eyes bugged in horror.

Oh boy. Buffy had just found Kiara. And Spike was turning before she could even try to put on a casual face.

Kiara was dancing with some muscle bound dark haired frat boy.

She wasn't really dirty dancing with him…not that frat boy wasn't trying.

Buffy tried desperately to get her mouth to say something…preferably don't kill anyone! She realized that Spike was growling, so soft and low she thought for a moment that she was imagining the highly feral and murderously menacing noise that was vibrating from deep in the Master Vampire's throat.

"Oh no no no! Spike!" Buffy yelped as the Vampire moved slowly through the crowd. She couldn't exactly yell out a demand for him to not kill anyone. And what the hell had happened to her purse and the stakes it always contained? "Oh what am I saying I can't stake Spike. Spike!"

She bolted after him, but the crowd that had parted instantly for the deadly looking Vampire seemed to conspire against the frantic Slayer. Buffy had barely moved a dozen feet before Spike was looming behind Kiara.

"Oh my god, oh my god!" Buffy panted, almost ready to start throwing bodies out of her way. "He won't hurt her…she hasn't really done anything. Oh fuck but it's Spike!"

Kiara's first indication of company was the sudden wide eyed stare of her once eager dance partner. Even as the boy was turning and literally bolting from the dance floor her second clues were wrapping themselves around her waist.

Kiara looked down at the pale, cool hands with their chipped black polish that had locked on her hips and thought "Whoops."

"Now, lets see if you smell of him." A soft voice rumbled in her ear as a cold pair of lips sampled the side of her neck.

"Spike, I didn't…"

"Shhhhh pet, I'm busy."

Kiara held her breath as Spike licked at her neck and throat, then brought up her hand to nibble on her fingers. She wondered with a confused sense of reality, was someone about to die? Would it be her? Or that innocent boy? Where was Buffy, the witches? Was there anyone in the world besides herself and Spike?

"Lucky boy." Spike whispered, his mouth back at her ear. "You didn't let him touch you. He gets to keep on living."

"I just wanted to dance."

"You should have asked me."

"You seemed a little busy." Kiara responded sullenly.

"Jealous luv?"

"She wanted me to stake her." Buffy had finally made her way through the crowd.

"Shut up!" Kiara hissed, flushing.

Buffy gave her a shut up yourself, I'm trying to save your ass and keep staking out of the whole thing look.

"So the drama excitement thing is over?" Buffy demanded warily.

"For the moment." Spike drawled.

"Just don't even think about killing her. I have a pretty short list of friends." Buffy snarled, stalking back to the empty table.

Kiara's fear had subsided a bit. She tossed her head arrogantly and opened her mouth to make reference to geese and ganders, but Spike's hand flicked out like a striking cobra to tangle in her hair and jerk her head back.

"I wouldn't pet. Right now, you really don't want to."

Kiara silently followed Spike back to the table. When she went to sit back down in her chair, Spike intercepted her move and pulled her onto his lap.

Buffy watched the action from beneath lowered eyes. Someone is making a blatant show of ownership, she told herself, and was happy when all she felt was benign amusement.

Kiara was feeling a hell of a lot more.

When he pulled her back to rest against his chest and wrapped his arms around her she knew by the feel of his hard clenched muscles that he was in a towering rage.

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