tagNonHumanGhostly Encounter Ch. 08

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 08


Katie went running to the door, I tried to get up and move so I was sitting on the sofa and not on Edward's lap, but I was so exhausted and I was met with a slap around the face from Edward.

"Did I say you could move bitch, no, you stay right where you are with my cock still in your abused pussy, I will let the delivery men come in and see me and you fucking, that's right my little slave I am going to let them watch as they set up the items in this room," with that, he started moving his hips again.

"Katie, I want them set up in this room, show them in would you, I am a little busy," Edward shouted.

"You can make any sound you want to this time slut, I want you to try and distract them as they are working, your goal here is to get them involved in this as well," he whispered almost lovingly in my ear.

The living room door open and in came Katie, "in here guys, you might want to ask Sir where he wants them set," she said to the guys as the entered the room, she looked over and saw that Edward was pumping his hips again causing his member to be driven in and out of my red sore pussy.

"Oh yes, I can see your busy again Sir, did she want more? The filthy slut," she said smiling at the sight of us.

"She didn't, and even if she did I wouldn't have given it to her, she is the slave, she does not get the things that she wants, no, I want more and I am going to get it whether she likes it or not," he replied to her thrusting deep into my pussy causing me to scream.

One of the men span round as soon as he heard my scream with a worried look on his face and then looked dead at me and his eyes widened for a moment trying to take the sight in, I saw a smile creep up on his face and as I looked down, I saw that he was hardening.

He nudged his friend next to him who was wearing headphones and pointed towards me, his friend took of his headphones and his mouth opened wide as he saw Edward thrust into me over and over.

"Surely boys, you have seen a slave being fucked before," Edward said over my shoulder, "now please, start setting up and maybe the slave slut will want to play more after I am done."

Each had a big smile on their face as they left and brought in box after box and sat them on the floor, each box they brought in they came closer and closer to us and as they bent to put the box on the floor, they had a really good look at my sore and used pussy being rammed time and time again by her Master's hard cock.

I had regained some strength and began to bounce on my Masters lap, forcing him further into me with each of his powerful thrusts, my hands reached up and I run my fingers through my hair as I looked back at the men slowly opening the boxes, the one that saw me first was short, late 40's with a reseeding hairline, he looked up at me while I was bouncing up and down on Master's cock, I looked him in the eye and moaned loudly as Master rammed his cock deep in me, I slowly licked my lips and bit down on my bottom lip as I let my hands run down my neck and over my breasts.

He swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on what he was doing, but moan after moan fell onto his ears and I could tell he was having trouble concentrating on what he was doing, through his trousers I could see his cock getting harder.

I turned back to my Master and looked down at his chest as he had not told me I could look into his face yet, he pulled at the chain which made me jolt forward, he held me and leant forward and whispered into my ear, "I think you have got the old one interested, leave it a while and then turn to the younger one, just enjoy yourself, but remember, do not cum until I tell you too," after he said this, he kissed me deeply, his hand on the back of my head grabbing my hair hard and forcing me to break the kiss, his lips and tongue played over my neck as I bounced on his lap, I moaned loudly as I felt his teeth biting into the flesh of my neck.

"That's in my filthy whore, mm you like that don't you, I am close, but do not stop, if you let me go soft, you will be punished," Edward said as he pulled my hair rougher forcing me to look upwards.

I continued to bounce on him faster, harder and deeper, my own breathing became heavy and my moan's louder each time.

"Oh yes my filthy little slut whore, give it to me good and don't stop, take me deeper into you now," I did as I was told, "oh yeah, that's it force me into you, you slut, let me shoot my load into you, mm yeah fuck me hard, I know you like it," he moaned as he started thrusting his hips making me take him deeper into my hot and sore pussy, he could tell I was close myself.

"Don't you dare cum yet bitch, not until I say you can."

I felt him thrusting harder and finally he stopped and shot his load into me, I dared not stop, I did not want to be punished.

He pulled me close to him using the chain and held me close stopping me from bouncing on his lap and he whispers into my ear "little tip slave 'grind'"

With those words, I begin to grind my hips against him, the clip on my clit rubbing against him causing more sensation to course through me, I wanted to cum so much, but I tried to force it back.

My moans began to get louder and with each moan the changed in pitch the closer and closer I got to my pending climax.

Edward knew I was close and slapped me around the face and then forced my head round so I was looking at the men working.

"Can you believe this slut wants to cum boys and her Master hasn't said that she can? What do you think I should do with her boys?" Edward said with an evil grin.

The 2 men looked at each other and shrugged, the younger one looking in a box he just opened, he reached down and pulled out a cat of 9 tail's, "You could always use this on her mate," he said holding it out.

"Oh yes, a very good idea my man, I tell you what, I am not a bad Master, I shall let the slut decided who is the one to punish her," Edward said letting go of my head.

"I would like," I paused for a moment and realised he was giving me an easy way to get one of the men involved already, "I would like for the young delivery man to punish me Master," I said finally, with a smile on my face.

The man looked shocked and red faced after realising that I chose him.

"Well my man, are you going to do it, or do I have to get someone else to replace, maybe your friend there, he seems to be enjoying the show, but the slut has picked you, you don't want to let her down now, do you," Edward looked him dead in the face.

The man put the 9 tails down on the edge of the box and took of his work jacket which he handed to his friend. He pick up the 9 tails again and began to walk over, shaking a little and rolling up his shirt sleeves.

"Now, as hard as you like my friend, on her back, don't worry if she screams, its all normal." Edward said holding my arms.

"I will not hate you for anything you do to me," I said looking back at him.

I looked back at my Master's chest and awaited the pain.

The first hit was nothing at all, just a slight tap, there was no power in it at all, "Come on my man, harder than that, what are you doing, trying to tickle her?"

The next hit was much harder, causing me to jolt forward a little and move more on my Master's still embedded cock deep within me.

"That's more like it," my Master said with a slight smile on his face, "but I think she can take it harder, give it all you have."

As soon as he said this, the man dealt a powerful blow on my back, I screamed as soon as the leather hit my back and jolted forward again.

"Now my little slave slut, move on me again while you are being punished and maybe this will remind you to obey me," Edward said as he pulled the chain that was still attached to my nipples and clit.

"Keep doing that my man, until I can say you can stop, make her back red raw, she did say she would not hate you, I am sure she will thank you for helping to teach her a very valuable lesson."

I moved on my Master's cock wiggling slightly and then I started to rise and fall while the man behind me continued whipping my back as hard as he could, a scream escaping my lips with each hit, I was sure his strokes where getting harder as he went, but that could have just been my skin getting more sensitive as the events went on and with each hit, I jolted forward, pressing my breasts into my Master's face.

"Oh yes my little bitch, your enjoying that aren't you, are you nearly ready to cum bitch, answer me."

"Not yet Master," I said a little out of breath.

"Good, and keep it that way filthy bitch, I tell you when you can, remember that," he replied as I jolted forward again from the thrash on my back, this time he bit into my breasts and did not release, I screamed in agony, his ghostly teeth nearly breaking my flesh. I could not rise and fall while his teeth clenched the flesh of my breast. So instead I started to move my hips backwards and forwards, grinding on him, slowly at first, but as I started to feel his cock harden more within me, the faster and harder I became. He let go on his hold on me and told the man to stop and thanked him for his assistance.

Once again I raised and fell onto my Master's member, taking him deeper each time, my back now so sore that as soon as he ran his hands down it, it made me scream once more. Small tears started to well in my eyes at the pain from it, but still I moved and still I fucked him as he wanted, hard and deep.

"Mm, there's a good little slave, you are learning fast," he whispered in my ear, "I am going to use you so much you are never going to want another again, not even your own husband, your going to be all mine, and only mine till the end of time, would you like that bitch?"

My heart almost stopped when he said this and more tears started to flow from my eyes and down my face, he slowly licked at my face cleaning the tear's.

"You don't want that then?"

"Oh Master, I want that more than anything in this world," I replied holding him close to me and closing my eyes.

"Then we shall both be happy my little slave, but you can not stay here too long, because when your husband returns, he may want to take you, and that, I can not allow," he smiled as he said that and then kissed me so deeply.

"Now, let us finish what we are doing and we shall talk about it, time to get the older one involved now I think, I know I am going to be close soon, and I know for a fact you are very close."

I returned to pleasuring my Master, so much more happier than before.

"You, the older one, would you like to play with the slaves ass as she is pleasuring her Master?" Edward said as the older delivery man returned to the room after going to the delivery truck to get the tools.

"Really, are you sure about that, I think she has had enough mate, just look at her back," he questioned.

"Please," I said looking at him pleadingly, "and I am sure there is something you could use in your little tool kit that would really make me happy."

He began to slowly walk over with tool kit in hand.

"Slave, pick something from his tool kit that you wish to have him play at you sweet ass with," Edward looked at me and smiled as he said this.

I released my hold on Edward and had a look through the man's bag, I found something almost instantly, a screw driver with a large bulbous head, the handle was at least 6inches in length, I then handed it to the man saying, "please use this on me, I am sure I will enjoy it very much, and please, if I scream, do not stop."

"I will tell you what, to make it a bit easier on you friend, let me take me wet it for you in her juices," Edward said as he withdrew from me and started to insert the handle of the screwdriver into me, I moaned and breathed heavily as he inserted it into me.

"Would you like to taste her pussy as well?" he asked the man as he came closer and watched with wide eyes.

"You don't think she will mind at all?" he replied.

"Of course not, and anyway, she doesn't get a say who does what, she is a slave, she does as she is told to whoever I tell her to do it too," Edward replied with a little smile, "please go right ahead my friend, I can tell you now, she is the sweetest I have ever tasted.

Edward commanded me to sit alone on the sofa and to spread my legs wide.

I did as I was told and the man went to his knees in front of me and looked up at me, I could almost see the drool from his mouth as he slowly lowered his head and began to lick softly, I closed my eyes and softly moaned, I felt his hands come up and grip the insides on my thigh's roughly, but yet his licking remained soft.

"Mm, isn't she the sweetest, you can be rough with her, she likes it like that don't you my little slut."

"Oh yes Master, I do, I do love it rough," I replied.

With that, the man almost buried his head into my pussy, he licked deep and hard and every now and then he flicked his tongue over my still clamped clit sending shock waves through me. My moans once again became loud and differently pitched each time. I gave a look up at my Master for permission to cum as he was standing over me stroking his cock as he watched. He gave a nod as permission. The man started to suck on my clamped clit hard and inserted a very thick finger into me, and then another, the sensation was too much, I screamed and climaxed hard, sending my juices over his face which he greedily lapped up as he took his fingers from me and pushed one against my ass, I was still in the grip of the climax as he pushed into my ass and I screamed once more, his finger pumped my ass hard and fast as he continued to lick at my pussy. It couldn't have been enough for him as he stretched my ass by inserting another finger and fucked my ass hard with them. I was still in the grip of my climax and I screamed at every pump of his fingers and his licking of my sore, used and abused pussy, I started to ride his fingers forcing them deeper into me.

My pussy was becoming almost dry and he slowed down and stopped.

"Oh, you are so right, she is so sweet," he said to Edward as he ripped his fingers from my ass causing me to scream once again, "I could have drank her all day, you are one lucky guy, I would love to fuck her sometime, if I could, I bet she is great.

"I am afraid that will never happen, only my cock gets to go in those 2 holes, they are mine and mine alone," Edward said with a growl as if someone had insulted him.

"I am sorry mate, I was only asking, no harm in that, perhaps I should get back to work."

"Oh please don't," I said pleadingly, "I thought you were going to fuck me with the screwdriver while I make my Master cum again."

"I had better not love, I don't want to anger your Master any more."

"What about you, the younger one, do you want to, oh please say you do, I would so love it," I said looking to his friend.

"Only if its ok with your Master, I would love to screw you with it," he said almost running over and licking his lips.

"Yes, it is fine by me, now slave, come back on top of me," Edward said sitting back down, "before you do though, young man, run your hand on her pussy and get some of that juice if she has any left and rub it on her ass, if she doesn't have any, you have my permission to finger her a little while she stands, just to get that sweetness from her."

I was dry as a bone so he had to finger me a little, his rough hands scraped along the inner walls of my pussy, I opened my legs wider so he could get better entry, he started with one finger at first, then 2 and finally 3. I moaned again and again as he fucked me with his rough fingers, but no juice came.

"Are you having a bit of a problem my friend," Edward said looking round.

The man blushed and continued to fucked me hard with his fingers.

"Tell you want, put your whole fist in her, I bet the filthy slut would like that, come and sit on me slave, facing away from me and let him fist you, I am sure that will soon get you wet."

The man removed his fingers from me and I moved to my Master's lap, he spread my legs wide apart as the man came and knelt in front of me again, he started to push his fist into me, just softly and slowly, my breath caught in my throat as it started to slide in, I looked down at his fist disappearing into my awaiting pussy, as he got to the wider part of his fist, he pushed harder and started to twist his arm. I let out a long moan as his whole fist got buried into me. It wasn't long before he started to fuck me with his whole fist, he didn't start slowly or softly at all, he went right into hard, deep and fast. I screamed in pleasure as he fisted me, my head thrashing wildly side to side.

"Oh, my little slut likes that does she," Edward said with a smile, "fuck her harder, deeper and faster, make her really scream, don't worry about hurting her, a slave must expect to be hurt a little in the pursuit of pure pleasure."

The man did as he was told and Edwards hands came up and squeezed my breasts hard and roughly.

My hips started to move trying to match the pace of the man in front of me, I screamed with almost every thrust, I was very close to climaxing again, which I thought would be a good thing, at least them I would be wet, but my Master had other idea's.

"Ok, stop now and pull out of her, do it fast my man."

He did as he was asked to do, he pulled out of me really fast and I screamed at the top of my lungs. I few seconds later, I felt myself becoming very wet.

"Now stand slave, and let him rub some of that sweet juice over your ass and then come and sit back on me, facing me this time."

I did as I was told, I stood with shaky legs as the young man rubbed at my pussy then reached behind and circled my ass. I turned and straddled my Master once again and lowered myself onto his cock. The man behind me picked up the screwdriver and pushed it against my ass.

"Just ram it in her, she loves it, don't you bitch," Edward said looking down at it.

"Oh yes please, push it in me fast and just hold it there while I move up and down on my Master and on that," I looked over my shoulder, almost pleading with him.

He looked up at me and smiled before ramming it into me fast and hard, I screamed a high pitched scream as it filled me instantly, he looked up at me with a worried look on his face, "oh my god, are you ok?"

"Oh baby, I am fine," I said breathless, "now just hold it there while I fuck both my Master and that, hold onto it tight, this is going to be a fast and hard ride."

He wrapped his hand around it and held it fast and I began to pump up and down hard and fast.

"Slave, if you want to say anything while you are fucking me, you can this time, and you have permission to cum any time you like," Edward said to me as he reached up and took a hold of my breasts and squeezed.

"Oh, thank you Master, oh god yes, mm, feels so good," I said as I continued to fuck both cock and screwdriver.

I picked up tempo and fucked harder, faster and so much deeper, the feeling both my holes full at once was so pleasurable, I felt a tingling running from my toes and slowly spreading throughout my body as a climax built once again.

Edward started to pump his hips and the man did the same with the screwdriver buried deep in my ass.

"Oh fuck that feels so damn good, I am close Master, so so close, I want to cum for you," I said in broken words as I was moaning after each one while still riding hard and fast.

"You have permission slave, cum hard for me you little slut," Edward said before placing his lips to mine and kissing me roughly but passionately.

I started to moan louder and louder as it started coming close and just before cumming I let out a low pitched growl from the back of my throat before screaming and climaxing, but my Master had not cum yet and continued to pump my sweet pussy until he shot his load, the man ripped the screwdriver from my ass in one pull and I past out on my Master.

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