Gilligans Isle


“Shit but you’re hot and tight. Damn woman but you’re sucking me right inside your sopping wet pussy. Yeah, I’m going to fuck you and cream your cunt with my cum.”

There was a brief moment of silence as man and woman moved finding the rhythm that worked best. Then came the moans and grunts and naked skin slapped against naked skin. Their bodies moved as if they had rehearsed for some movie scene yet it much more intense.

Roy’s hips lifted and plunged met by Ginger’s own reprisal. Again and again Professor Roy pumped and pounded her gushing cunt as his cock slipped in and out. Ginger felt his cum filled heavy balls banging away at her ass and she gripping him around his waist with her very long legs. Using those legs she helped to pull him into her harder until she was gasping for air. Her body responded and she began climaxing.

“Yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss, fuck me harder and faster. Come in me. Oh fuck I can’t stop cumming.”

“Yeah, take my cum and make me a baby. Oh fuck I’m cumming.” Professor Roy grunted, plunged his cock in fully and held still as the first huge gust erupted from his swollen tortured balls.

Ginger felt him beginning to empty and that brought her best and biggest orgasm yet. Her body thrashed as she screamed and still she came. It was almost too much for her but finally she felt herself coming down from the most intense sexual high she’s felt in years. Roy was empty and slowed to a stop still buried deeply inside her.

“Professor, that was the best fucking of my life. I sure hope we can do this again real soon.” She lay panting and loving the feel of him inside her as his body pressed heavy onto hers.

“I don’t know that I can promise Ginger but you can bet I’ll be more than willing. I’ve never had a woman as hot and as good as you. Rest assured I’ll find a way for us to fuck again.”

For the moment their passion sated Ginger and Professor parted and dressed. She looked at him blushing.

“I hope you won’t thing me some Hollywood slut. That was the first time I’ve ever come on to a man. There was just something about you that brought out the animal in me.”

“Nothing about you could be considered sluttish. I think you are a beautiful young woman with needs and desires. It will be my honor to satisfy them whenever we can.”

“Was it really all that good? I mean did you really like what you and the Professor were doing this afternoon?” Maryanne was quizzing Ginger.

“You don’t know the half of it. It was absolute marvelous. Why I can’t remember any man turning me on that much and making me cum so many times. And that was just the beginning. Why we haven’t even explored the real joys of sex yet. I think I’m going to like be marooned on this island.”

And so the first few weeks bemoaning the plight of our castaways passed. Stay tuned my friends and you’re sure to get a smile with seven stranded castaways here on Gilligan’s Isle.


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