tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGinger Moves Overseas Ch. 02

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 02


It is Tuesday. I am wearing a much more conservative outfit. Slim black skirt that falls below my knees, charcoal grey stockings. Heels, but only 3" high. These Danish men are tall, and I am only 5' 5", so I will not be wearing flats! I am wearing my black bustier, hoping to contain my 38HH breasts. It makes my waist smaller but somehow I feel more secure, as if I am wearing armor to ward off my "problem student", Søren.

I comb out my long dark thick wavy hair that falls to the middle of my back. I must stick out in this land of tall, blond blue-eyed people. I carefully apply smudged eyeshadow, staring at my eyes. They can be described as topaz; a mix of green, brown and gold flecks. I like wearing dark eye makeup, I like to project power and intimidate my students. Especially that snotty one.

It is still dark out, and I rifle through my closet, where is that high-necked blouse? Ahhh here it is, I don it quickly, and head out the door.

I arrive and take a deep breath before I enter the classroom. The conversation dies down, and I begin class, making sure not to make eye contact with Søren. I will show him that yesterday meant nothing to me, and I am in control.

I call on each student, and make them come up to the SmartBoard and conjugate the basic verbs. I am dreading calling up Søren, but if I don't it will be too obvious. At last it is his turn, I call his name without looking up. I wait and wait and wait.

Finally, Mr. Wonderful saunters up the aisle and stops, turning sideways facing me. He leans in close, and places one muscular thigh between my legs. I gasp as his chest pushes against my tits. This is no accident. I can't step backwards or I will fall onto my desk. Søren pauses too long, smiling, but there is no warmth behind his smile.

Without thinking, I squeeze my thighs together and push forward so I am rubbing my pussy on top of his leg. He whispers so the class cannot hear, "Miss Ginger, are you always this horny in public? Meet me outside after class so we may discuss your behavior." Søren removes his thigh slowly as my face reddens.

I shudder as Søren passes by and takes his place at the board. I assume he will fail at his task, but surprisingly he sails through his work, not making a single error. He is wearing a tight black t-shirt mmm mmm he looks good, I am enjoying watching his triceps flex while he writes. And look at that sweet ass in his jeans, damn he is hot.

Meet him outside? I feel like a student who is in trouble with the principal. Being alone with him is definitely not a good idea, I frantically come up with ways I can sneak out without him seeing me.

Søren's back is broad and strong, tapering to a lean waist. I gaze at his white-blond hair, and the way it curls at the nape of his neck. He is so close I can smell him, a mix of heady male scent and some kind of sexy cologne. I should be stepping aside, giving him room to write, but I find I cannot move.

"Miss Ginger, Miss Ginger? Do you desire me to do anything else for you while I am up here?" I snap out of my reverie and look up, my mouth parted a little. Søren is so tall, 6' 3" I would guess. He is staring at my chest again. I furrow my brow and look down.

Oh my god. I picked the wrong blouse. It is high-necked, but I picked the one that goes with a fancy outfit, the one that is almost completely sheer! He can see I am wearing a bustier! My generous cleavage is easily visible, and the thin silver chain I wear has disappeared into it.

"I can't help but admire your necklace, Miss Ginger. What kind of amulet is that attached to it?" Søren knows damn well that amulet is buried between my warm mounds of womanly flesh.

I blush a deep red and ignore his question. "That will be all, Søren. You may be seated."

Søren squeezes past me, this time his back facing me. How tempting it is to reach out and grip that firm ass, I wonder how it would feel if he were on top of me, fucking my brains out? Oh Jesus I can't be thinking like this! The heat coming off of his body is making me swoon.

Søren passes by, and I am left short of breath.

Class ends and I dawdle at my desk, dreading the inevitable. Why do I give him the power to make me feel like a truculent child? The room is empty and I go out into the hall, no one is there. I breathe a sigh of relief and head towards the exit. As I pass the stairwell the door opens.

"Come here, Miss Ginger." Søren's ice-eyes paralyze me, and I silently step through the door. His hands grip the back of my head, and his lips come down on mine, hard at first. Then he draws away, his kisses turn tender and light. He squeezes my ass and puts his thigh between my legs again.

Søren laughs, "It seems as though you need to grind your hot cunt against something. What kind of example are you setting for your students? Acting like a bitch in heat right in front of everyone?"

I struggle to get away but he twists me around. "Hold on to the railing, now!"

I am scared but excited, his command echoes in the dimly lit stairwell. I place my hands on the cold metal railing and wait. Søren's hands run up the back of my thighs, scratching me. He lifts my skirt up over my hips and hooks his thumbs in my stockings, pulling them down, ever so slowly.

"Ohhhh, Søren, I can't help myself, I have always been a prisoner of my sexual desires. Please leave me alone, I don't like how you see right through me into my mind."

"Miss Ginger, spread your legs." As soon as I do, he slaps my bare pussy, which is already wet. His hand makes an obscene, wet sound.

"OH! Søren, that hurts! Stop, please don't humiliate me more!"

I can hear his breath coming fast as he slaps my hot cunt over and over, pausing to run three long fingers through my lips. Søren circles my clit, and I hang my head over the railing in shame.

Søren rams all three fingers into me suddenly, and finger-fucks me fast and hard. I hold on to the railing tight and push back on his hand, coating him with my hot slippery juices. He wraps his forearm around the front of my hips and fingers me hard, lifting me up off the floor.

Choking back sobs, I undulate my hips as tears run down my face. "Søren, stop it, what if someone sees us?"

"Miss Ginger, I do as I please. No one will get in my way, I assure you."

He abruptly withdraws his fingers, slaps my aching cunt twice, and pulls my skirt down.

I hear the door open and with that, Søren is gone.

Another day that didn't go my way.

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