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Girl or Gargoyle


I lay in bed, I couldn’t sleep again. It was happening more and more often. I lay counting the bricks in the outer wall. The soft sounds of the brook were no longer enough to send me into a deep sleep. I rolled onto my back to stare at the ceiling. I knew what would help.

I closed my eyes and pictured my lover. His jet black hair brushing against his cheek as he lay in bed with me. His muscular arms holding me close to his firm, tan body. His rough hands were softly tracing up and down my back. The soft warmth of his lips on my neck, his facial hair lightly tickling, was heavenly.

I pulled the blanket up over my head before pulling up my nightgown. The soft silk fabric sent shivers down my spine as I imagined my lover.

He rolled on top of me supporting himself with his arms. He began to kiss my neck as his arms held me tightly. My hands went to his sides. Slowly I traced my fingers up his back to his shoulders. His muscles rippled at my touch. He shifted to begin kissing my collar bone.,/I>

I licked my lips as my fingers circled around my small but firm breasts. My nipples harden as I spread my legs. The heat from within grew.

He softly kissed around my breasts before slowly taking my nipple into his warm mouth, his strong arms holding me as he suckled and light bit. My back arched from the pleasure this was bringing.

I slid a hand down my body and between my thighs. Lightly I ran my fingers through the damp mound of hair above my heated center. Spreading my legs more my fingers slipped down to the moist opening.

Moving down from my breasts to my navel his tongue flickered across my skin. With soft moans for encouragement he moved to my protruding hip bones. Sucking and licking, the sensation was bringing me to the edge.

A finger made small circles on my clit. My back arched as a gasp escaped. I bit my lip to keep any further exclamations of pleasure from arising. My touch became harder as my hips rise and fall to meet the tempo of desire that was growing. With my other hand I softly messaged a breast.

From my hips he kissed down my thigh. The touch of his facial hair on my sensitive skin was like fire. I could feel the wetness begin to pool and drip into small beads of moisture as it softly seeped from the opening. Startled by the feeling of his tongue on my inner thigh, I almost sat up. His hands moved from behind me to rest on my belly has he pressed me back to the bed.

As I pinched a nipple, finger entered spreading the wet around and over the outer side of my throbbing love box. Back in went two fingers this time. Searching with the tips of my fingers I found the glorious spot that would have me riding into ecstasy in a matter of moments.

His tongue licked from my inner thigh to the soft patch of blonde hair. From there to the other leg, the moisture from his mouth mixed with the light coat of sweat that had started. My body felt as if it were on fire. Each flicker of his tongue and caress of his hands on my belly was like a shock through my body. Soft moans now grew loader as I let my lover know of the desire he was delivering.

His tongue finally came to rest at my opening. Softly he lapped my sweet juices into his mouth. Breathing deeply he began to lick at a more vigorous pace. His hands moved to wrap around my legs and hold my hips. His favorite position for catching all of the sweet nectar has he brought me to climax.

I was so close now. My body moving in rhythm with my fingers the world around me began to slip away as I succumb to the pleasure.

He held my body close as his tongue entered and withdrew from my center then to suckle my nub. My hips pressed into his face as I began my release. Moaning and running my hands through his soft hair I rode into ecstasy.

I lay there rubbing my throbbing nub as I slowly came back to reality. My breathing became regular again as I brought my hand to my mouth. I sucked my wet fingers into my mouth, tasting myself. I pulled my nightgown down again and rolled onto my side and drifted off to sleep.

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