tagFetishGirlfriend's Mum's Panties

Girlfriend's Mum's Panties


I would like to send special thanks to both DevilOrAngel and jumbo_jimmyb for their help with my story. Hope you all enjoy.


I have had a fetish for panties ever since I was about 18. I would sneak into my mother's panty draw whenever I got a chance. She had many pairs of all different colours and materials but my favourite were her silky panties. Thongs didn't really do it for me as there isn't enough material to rub over my cock. I would sneak in and steal a pair or 2, sometimes a silky nightie, and take them into the bathroom to play with. Quickly locking the door behind me, I would strip off and wrap them round my cock, sometimes wearing them and the nightie. I remember feeling how good it felt building myself up, tossing like a mad man and cumming into tissue, taking care not to cum into the panties for fear of being caught!

As time went on, I started to get the chance to sneak into other women's panty draws. Babysitting for several families allowed me great opportunities to have easy access to other ladies sexy panties. Soon, I starting stealing pairs. Only one from each lady, but the collection soon built up. Any time my family would visit friends, I would always try and get a pair either from the bedroom or the wash basket. When I got home at night, I would select a few pairs, trying them on and rubbing them over my hard cock till I could cum into the crotch.

As the years went on, I started to feel that what I was doing was wrong. Scared of getting caught, I binned all of the pants. For a few years I managed to fight the urge to go and get hold of some, but eventually I couldn't stop myself. I got a new girlfriend that I had known for years, but nothing had ever happened. She has a beautiful rounded bum with massive 36G breasts, yes they really are that big! Her figure was perfect to me and I just couldn't wait to get her naked! As things started to get sexual I noticed that she had an amazing collection of underwear. My favourite pairs had silk on the ass and lace on the front. She would go out to work and I would empty out her panty draw. I have lost count of the amount of times I have cum into her pants! This got my fetish flying again. I never told her about it, scared of what her reaction might be.

After a few months we went round to visit her parents for the weekend for the first time. As we came to the door I was nervous of what they would be like, how they would accept me. The door opened and Fel, her mum stood there in a tight white blouse and black skirt. I was pleasantly surprised and could see where my girlfriend got her sexy figure from. The tight white blouse allowed me a view of a white lacy bra underneath and I could feel my cock twitching as my mind wandered to if she had the matching panties on! As she welcomed us in I gave her a peck on the cheek and got a good smell of her perfume; she smelt fantastic.

This was feeling really weird for me. She wasn't the best looking woman, but her figure was just like my girlfriend's 20 years on. I had to take my mind off her but had trouble taking my eyes off her large breasts in their sexy lacy bra, and poking through her thin tight blouse. Then I heard a cough, and looking up I saw David, her Dad, a slightly frail gentleman. He was 10 years older than Jo's mother but looked much older. Fel looked pretty good for 50 but the years hadn't been kind to Jo's Dad.

As the day went on we had dinner with a few drinks and Jo started to become tired. We soon made our excuse and went up to bed. I was so horny from the moment I walked in the door, I couldn't wait to get Jo to bed so I could get my cock in her wet pussy. As soon as we got in bed I jumped on her. We had a really good session, fucking her hard while thinking of Fel in her sexy underwear. Imagining it was her, I sprayed my cum deep inside Jo's gash.

The next day we woke up about 9am and could hear Jo's parents downstairs. Jo went to take a shower in her parents en suite bathroom and I stayed in bed. She returned 20 minutes later, wrapped in a towel looking really hot. As she dried herself I had an amazing view of her sexy full figure body. Her large breasts slightly sagging towards her tummy that had a couple of curves. As I watched her dry herself I started to get hard, and decided to have a little stroke. She told me not to be such a perv as she started to look through our suitcase for her clothes

"Damn" she murmured.

"What's wrong?" I said.

"I have forgotten all my panties." she said with some annoyance in her voice.

Straight away I was a little annoyed as well as I loved to see her in sexy panties. She would have to get some more and would probably just buy some cheap nylon ones. Then she came out with something that took me by surprise

"Oh well, I will just have to borrow some of my mum's." she said as she wrapped the towel back round her and walked out of our room and down the hall to her parent's room. From where I was sitting in bed, I had a clear view and saw her going into her mum's panty draw. 'Lucky bitch' I thought, 'I would love to be looking in there!'

Then she walked back with a pair in her hand. Returning into our room she dropped the towel and pulled on her mum's panties. They were a very sexy pink pair with lace at the front with a tight fitting material on her butt. My cock was instantly hard. Jo looked me in the eye and said "How do I look?"

I replied, "Very hot!"

She said, "Yeah right, in my mum's pants!"

I desperately wanted to say yes but was scared that she might think I was weird so I just laughed it off. We got up and went downstairs for breakfast but I knew I had to get a look in Fel's panty draw before the end of the weekend!

I tried all weekend but to no luck; every time I thought I might have a chance something came up or someone came close to catching me.

A few months later her parents went away for a weekend and asked us to pop in every day so that we could feed their cats. I couldn't wait, this would be the opportunity I had been waiting for. On Friday night both Jo and I went round and it was a quick in, feed the cats and out. Lucky for me Jo had to go to work Saturday morning, so I had to go round. All Friday night I had a hard-on with the thought of what I was going to get to do in the morning.

When I woke up Saturday morning, Jo was already dressed and nearly ready to go. 5 minutes later she came into the bedroom, kissed me goodbye and went off. I wasted no time in getting up and dressed and headed off to Jo's parents house. I couldn't wait to get round there and see what kind of panties Fel had. I had seen her in a lacy bra and Jo had worn a pair of her sexy pants so I had high hopes.

On the drive there I was so nervous. Nothing could go wrong, nobody would catch me but I couldn't help feeling a little nervous. I was so excited, and had a raging hard-on during the drive to Jo's parents' house. As I opened the door one of the cats came up to me so I thought I would get them out the way first. After feeding the cats I went upstairs into their bedroom.

I had to shut the curtain as it faced out to an apartment bloke and I didn't want anyone seeing what I was up to. As I opened her draw I was so nervous but that was soon replaced by slight disappointment. There were lots of pairs but the majority were cotton 'granny pants'. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised as she was old enough to be a granny! As I slowly looked through them I started to find a few that were more to my taste. Underneath a pile of old cotton ones I found the lacy white bra she was wearing the day I met her. Wrapped inside were matching pants, and my cock went hard instantly!

I knew I just had to play with them! I stripped off and started to rub my hard cock with her panties. I carried on looking through but didn't really find much more. I shut the top draw and looked into the next draw. I was surprised to see a collection of about 10 silky nighties of all different colours and designs. I pulled a few out and rubbed myself with them. It felt so good I nearly shot my load. I stopped briefly to compose myself as I didn't want to cum just yet.

Looking at her pants again I just knew I had to wear them. I slid them on and pulled them up over my hard cock. Oh it felt so good. As I rubbed her nightie on my chest I couldn't hold on any longer, I could feel my cum starting to shoot up my cock. I quickly grabbed a tissue and pulled my cock out just as the first jet of spunk came out. Oh my God it felt amazing! I laid on the bed afterward, still with her pants on, but I knew I had to get out of there. I put everything back carefully so she would not know, pulled the curtains and got dressed. I locked up and headed home, thinking if I would get another chance to come back again tonight. Unfortunately, Jo came home early and decided to go round and feed the cats. But I wouldn't forget my morning session and couldn't wait for another chance.

As time has gone on I have had a few opportunities to have another go and have taken every one of them. She had taken a few pairs with her when they went away so the more I looked the more pairs I found. She actually had 4 or 5 really hot pairs. Every time I made sure I put everything back carefully, as I was terrified of getting caught. I thought everything had gone ok and nobody knew my little secret, but how wrong could I be! One Saturday morning Fel rung up Jo and asked if she could borrow me to do a few odd jobs. Jo checked with me and as I was free for the day I agreed. Straight away I wondered if I might get another chance to have a play.

As I arrived at the door, Fel was there in her tight white top and black skirt again. She looked really hot! I struggled to keep my eyes off her large beautiful breasts. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug, letting my hand brush over her big round ass as I pulled away. She invited me in and offered me a drink. We went to the kitchen as she got some juice out of the fridge and poured me a glass. We had some small talk and then she gave me a few jobs to do. Put some shelves up, cut the grass and some general tidying up around the garden. After finishing outside, I went inside to find Fel to see where the shelves needed to go. She explained that she wanted them up in their bedroom so she could put her books on them.

As I started to measure up where they needed to go, she walked over to the window. "Oh there's my friend Doris," she said, looking over and waving at the apartment block opposite. "It's good having her there as she can always see what's going on at my house when we aren't here. In fact when we were away she said that this curtain was drawn a few times, you don't know why that was, do you?"

My heart sunk instantly. Oh my God I had been caught! What was I going to say? "I....I....I had a shower a couple of times when I was here. Your power shower is much nicer than ours."

"Oh that's ok hun." she replied, but I could tell in her face that she wasn't sure about my answer. She went off to get some drinks and returned a few minutes later. There was a very uncomfortable silence. I just carried on working, pretending to concentrate on the job. Thinking I had gotten away with it, I started to relax again. Fel then tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Jason I want to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me."

"Ok." I answered, as a guilty feeling swept through my body again.

"Every time we go away, my underwear draw seems to be a little messed up. At first I thought it was Jo borrowing a pair but none ever go missing so I was wandering if you knew anything about it."

This was it, I had been caught. My life was over! Fel had busted me, she would tell Jo, she would dump me and tell all my friends. I felt like crying. How could I be so stupid?! I looked up at Fel and just didn't know what to say. She looked at me and obviously could see I was shitting myself.

"It's ok honey, whatever you tell me will stay between us. I just want to know what has been happening, that's all." She said this with a little smile on her face, giving me a wink as she said she wouldn't tell.

Fuck it then, 'I got nothing to lose' I thought. What's the worst that can happen? She tells me to stop and doesn't let me be alone in the house anymore.

"Well yes, it was me, but please please please don't tell Jo, she would be so mad at me!"

"Don't worry I won't say a word as long as you are honest with me. Why were you looking in there?"

"I'm so so so sorry, I just couldn't help it. I find underwear really sexy. The first time I met you I could see you had a sexy lacy bra on and just wanted to see what other stuff you had."

"Did you find anything you like?" she said with a little glint in her eye.

"Well yeah, you've got some nice sets in there."

"So what do you do with them, and remember I want you to be honest."

I was so scared but in a way was finding this very horny. My cock had started to rise and was getting harder by the second. Luckily I had a baggy jumper on to cover my ever rising hard-on. "I get out your panties and rub them on myself. Sometimes use your nighties too. I just love the feel on my cock."

Fel smiled at me as I started to go all shy. "It's ok hun I don't mind. In fact I find it a bit erotic. How about you show me what you do?" She said sitting down on the bed.

I couldn't believe it. My girlfriend's mother was sitting on her bed asking me to rub her panties on my erect cock while she watches. What was going on? Was she testing me? Is she expecting me to say no? I was so turned on and really wanted to, but I couldn't take the risk. "Fel, I'm not sure about this. We shouldn't be doing this, isn't it a little but wrong?" I asked hoping that I would get the answer I wanted so bad.

"Well you would be getting what you want and to be honest I wouldn't mind watching. I haven't seen a man play with himself for years and never one as handsome as you."

That was enough for me. My cock was now rock hard and I could feel a little pre cum starting to form. I turned to the draw and opened it up. To my surprise I found all the sexy pants at the top just waiting for me to pick up. I took a few pairs and turned back to Fel. She smiled at me with a look of excitement on her face. I was so turned on and quickly undid my trousers taking them off in a few seconds. My erection was bulging out of my boxers, looking like it was trying to break out.

As I removed them, Fel made a little gasp. "Oh that looks so good, it's been years since I have seen a hard one." That just egged me on more as I took her panties and started to rub them over my cock. This was an amazing feeling. I didn't think I had ever been this turned on. Fel leant back a little making her blouse tighten even more over her sexy breasts. They looked so good I really wanted to see them but would she let me? I had to try. She could only say no, but I was standing 3 foot away from her stroking my hard cock with her pants so I thought I might be in with a chance. "Oh Fel your breasts look so hot in that bra, can I open your blouse up to get a closer look?"

"How about I just take it off for you, would you like that?" She said with a cheeky smile on her face.

"Yes please, I would love that." I replied quickly.

She slowly started to undo her buttons as I started to wank harder. It felt so good, I could feel myself close to cumming already but there was no way I was going to cum just yet. Soon the blouse was open and as she slipped her arms out I got a great view of her fantastic tits. I couldn't help myself, I just had to touch them. As I stepped closer, Fel leaned back to give me a better view. I tentatively stroked the outside of her bra, nervous of what the reaction might be.

"Does that feel good?" She asked as she stared into my eyes.

"Very good!" I replied quickly, as I jerked my cock even harder. Pre cum was now flowing out of my cock. She reached out and wiped it off my hard cock then put her finger to her lips and licked off the pre cum.

This was by far the sexist thing that had ever happened to me and from the looks of things it was only going to get hotter.

"So do you have the matching panties on today?" I asked having noticed they weren't in her panty draw.

"Yeah I got them on....you want to see?"

"Yes please Fel!" I answered eagerly.

As I took a step away for a better view, she leant back again and spread her legs. She lifted her skirt and showed me those awesome white lacy panties. I had to stop wanking straight away as I knew I was going to cum. I could see how tight they were against her pussy with a few gray pubes sticking out the side. I just knew I had to play with them.

"Would you like to use these ones honey?" I couldn't believe my ears! It was like she could read my mind. I nodded as I just couldn't manage to say a word. She laid on her back and lifted her ass, slowly sliding off her panties. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get them on my cock. As she took them off I had a great view of her pussy. I could see it was really wet and was hoping the pants would be just as wet. She threw them over to me. As they landed in my hand I could feel her pussy juices had soaked them. I immediately dropped the other pair in my hand and started to rub the wet crotch up and down my rock hard cock.

"Does that feel good Jason?" She asked as she repositioned herself to lean back on the pillows, lifting her skirt up to show off her beautiful pussy.

"This is amazing," I replied "like a wet dream come true!"

Fel looked stunning, better than I could ever imagine. As I wrapped up my cock in her wet pants she starting to stroke her pussy. We stayed like this for a few minutes, not saying a word just looking at each other masturbating.

"Is there anything I could do for you?" She asked

"There is one thing; I would love to see you in one of your nighties." I said.

"Of course you can but as I go get changed, I want to come back and find you naked." she said getting up and moving towards me. She bent down and kissed the end on my penis, licking off more pre cum. I tried to put my cock in her mouth but she pulled away saying "No Jason, we can look and touch but we need to draw a line there. I don't mind letting you play with my panties and dressing up for you but we can't go any further."

"Ok I'm sorry." I said, feeling a little embarrassed.

"That's fine hun, you don't need to apologise, just pick me out a nightie for me to wear"

I turned around and opened her nightie draw. Searching through, I found a red one that looked a little smaller than the rest with lacy covering over the breast. I handed it to her as she left out a little giggle. "I thought you might pick the smallest one." she joked as she walked off into the bathroom.

I immediately stripped off and laid on top of the sheets on the bed. I pulled her pants up to my face and took a large lungful of her scent. She smelt so good. The panties were soaked and I started to suck on them. Her pussy juice tasted so sweet, I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able to lick it straight out of her wet pussy but what was happening was erotic enough!

I wanted to feel her wetness on my balls so I slipped them on quickly before she came back. Just before I could take them off, she walked back in. The view was amazing and I straight away forgot that I was wearing her pants. The nightie was tight over her sagging breasts and I could see her very large nipples through the lace. It finished just below her ass.

"So you like wearing my pants too?" She asked while giving me a little wink.

"Oh I'm sorry." I said, as I quickly tried to take them off.

She grabbed my arm and stopped me "It's alright, you can keep them on if you like. I kind of like the look. Let's get you another pair to play with as well." she said as she bent over to pick up a pair off the floor. As she did I could see right under her nightie getting a great view of her ass and pussy lips.

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