tagErotic PoetryGiven Rose II

Given Rose II

byErotic Reverie©

Given Rose II

He served her well the first time,
Keeping promise and trust,
"Next time will be different",
He told her without disclosing details,
"Except for a stranger's visit."

Weeks have passed and she returns to him,
Her anticipation grown from when she last left,
Her mind dreaming of the possibilities,
She had no idea he could be this sublime.

She lays on downy mattress,
Of a large wooden poster bed,
Naked and exposed, open and vulnerable.

He blindfolds her with black silk,
She submits to a binding of hands to bedpost,
And apprehensively waits in silence.

He promises her no harm,
Instructs her to submit to the moment,
Savor the experience,
Permit it wash over her senses.

Minutes of blinded silence pass,
She appreciates the pleasing scent of the room,
The warmth of the fireplace,
The comfort of her relaxation.

She feels the mattress sink,
As someone approaches,
And so to does her heart,
Suddenly apprehensive.

The stranger's lips touch hers,
Testing for reaction,
The kiss is extraordinarily tender,
Unlike one she has ever experienced.

Again, the stranger kisses her,
This time longer but just as soft,
Slip of a tongue to part hers,
And their mouths open and bind.
The kiss is long and passionate,
This one knows how to please,
She is excited by his choice of visitor.

The kisses are like her blindfold,
Seductive, silky and noir,
Blinding of all around her,
Save for the stranger's lips and tongue.

She says, "Your kisses are delicious",
And there is no reply,
This stranger drizzles kisses,
Along her jaw, neck and chest.

No hands touch her body, just warm lips,
Laying light kisses on her areola,
Circling them in loving tease,
Until nipples are erect and taught.
Light bites of the tips, intended to distract,
Unexpected fingernails running through haired furrow.

She seizes in unexpected fear,
Conflicted between pleasure and shock,
Her head bolts up like one who is drowning,
Breaching the surface for air, realizing fate.

No, she did not expect this at all,
She remembers his advice,
And trys to immerse in the moment,
And submit to this stranger.

Her body now quivers at each new touch,
The stranger continues attending to her,
Knees clamp tight and drawn up,
A long thin finger teases her pursed lips,
Gently rubbing the furrow,
Coaxing lips to moisten.

She feels the future as she begins to wet,
The digit nudges her open and slips between,
Finding her vulnerable flesh,
It slowly and steadily strokes her inner petals,
Coaxing them to engorge.

Conflicted by pleasure and uncertainty,
Submission's strength overwhelms feeble protest,
As stomach knots and body tingles,
Coaxed towards pleasure by a persistent lover.

Hands part weak knees to access prized treasure,
She strains at her bonds as hips slightly buck,
Excited by the moment,
She never knew she had within herself.

The stranger parts her legs farther,
A tongue touches vulnerable Rose,
Savoring 'virgin' flower.

Lips suckle bud and anoint it with kisses,
Deep within, familiar welling builds,
As stiff tongue darts at her inner petals,
Coaxing subtle moans,
Admissions of her pleasure.

She feels the tenderness of her suitor,
And relishes the care she is given.
Her pelvis begins to buck and shudder,
The stranger takes hand to her hips,
And holds her down.

Thighs rise up and around stranger's head,
Clamping tight around it,
Pushing it into her,
As she arches up at suitor's advances,

The panting of her breath slows,
Stranger's head released,
They decouple,
All is silent in the room and she asks,
"Are you still here?"

No answer is given,
All is quiet,
as she waits and wonders what is to come....

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