tagIncest/TabooGiving Grandma A Lift

Giving Grandma A Lift


My relationship with my grandmother, who I called Nanny, started when I had just turned 18 and she was 65. She was my fathers mother. My father was a physician and had a home/office combination. The first floor was offices except for a kitchen and dining room. The bed rooms and living room were on the upper two floors.

The cleaning woman came on Thursdays and my mother always drove her home around 4:00 pm. My father always took a nap at that time which left Nanny and me relatively alone. We usually sat around in the dining room. This particular day, Nannie was coming out of the kitchen just as I was going in.

We jokingly started pushing against each other when out of the blue she said "I bet you can't pick me up."

Now, she was very small, only about 5 feet tall and weighed 110 pounds, so I said "I bet I can" and I put my arms around her and picked her up. She started laughing and obviously enjoyed it so I said "Lets see how much you weigh."

I carried her into the office and put her down on the scale and weighed her. After that, every time we were alone, usually for about a half an hour on Thursdays, she would ask me to weigh her which was a signal to pick her up and carry her into the office or other times I would just pick her up carry her up to the scale. I would get hard every time I picked her up and I am sure she could feel my hard cock against her, but she never said anything. The way she always laughed and seemed short of breath when I put her down led me to believe she was getting turned on too.

One day I didn't see her and so I walked into the office just as she was coming out. For some reason, I just boldly walked up to her and put one arm between her legs and the other around her waist and picked her up. She closed her eyes and had a funny expression on her face that I had not seen before. When I tried to put her down, she wouldn't stand up. Her legs seemed too weak to support her. My arms finally gave out and I had to lay her on the floor.

When I tried to pull my arm out from between her legs, she clampled her legs together so I could not get my arm out. I realized then that she was really turned on so I pressed my arm up against her pussy as she squirmed around, and after a minute or so she suddenly stiffened and raised up for me to kiss her. Now this was very unusual because we were not a family that ever kissed each other. Besides, she had her mouth open and obvioulsy wanted me to french kiss her, which I did. I was really turned on by this but didn't realize till later that she had had an orgasm. I had never seen a woman have an orgasm before.

After that, she laid back on the floor with her eyes closed like she was unconscious. It scared me to death. I though I had killed her. I was also afraid someone would come in and see us on the floor with my hand between her legs. I told her to get up but she just laid there, so I finally lifted her to her feet and she seemed to recover somewhat and kind of staggered out of the room.

Looking back on it, the strange thing was nothing was ever said to each other about this, even though this activity persisted. When I saw how turned on she got, I had my hand between her legs every chance I got. Always on Thursdays, when we were alone, I would walk up to her, put my hand under her dress, slowly slide my hand up the inner side of her leg and up under her panties and put my middle finger in her and put my other arm around her waist and pick her up and carry her over to a chair in the office where I would sit down with her on my lap and my hand between her legs and play with her till she had an orgasm.

Actually, I didn't have to do much since she would just kind of squirm around on my hand until she had an orgasm. When she did, she would seem to pass out for a minute or two and then get up and walk away as if nothing had happened. I was always afraid to do anything more in case my father might wake up or my mother might get back sooner than I expected and catch us. Also, I wasn't sure how Nanny would react if I tried to do more. I probably should not have worried because the first time I slid my hand under her dress, along the inside of her leg and up under her panties and put my finger in her, I was really afraid she would get upset and tell me not to do that, but she never tried to stop me. In fact, sometimes I would do it very slowly and play with her for a while before I put my finger in her and picked her up just to see if she would object to what I was doing and try to stop me or pull away, but she just stood there and let me do what I wanted and never objected.

In June I got a new car as a graduation present from high school and the next month Nanny announced she was going to Atlantic City for a weeks vacation. I immediately offered to drive her there. It was a 6 hour drive from where we lived and the plan was I would stay overnight and then return a week later to take her home. She offered to pay for the gas and pay for my room for the night.

We arrived late in the day and then went out to dinner. When we returned we both showered and got ready for bed. We had adjoining rooms connected with a bathroom. I went into my room and got into bed.

Nannie came in and said she would "Tuck me in."

She came up to the side of the bed and started to tuck the covers in and said "Now keep your hands to yourself."

I said "Thats no fun" and reached up to pull her into bed.

I just hardly touched her when she got right in on top of me. Since I was under the covers and she was on top, I rolled her off onto her back and told her to get under the covers, which she did.

She said "Now that you got me here what are you going to do to me?"

I didn't answer but just pulled her nightgown up around her waist. She had nothing on under it so I just started to play with her.

I was surprised when she said "No this isn't right, we shouldn't do this."

I just ignored her and pulled my underpants off and started to get on top of her.

She said "STOP, what are you doing? This is incest. We can't do this. You're my grandson!"

I still didn't say anything but just pushed her legs apart. She reached down and grabbed my cock and said "No, this isn't right. Don't put that big thing in me."

However, while she is saying this, she was guiding my cock into her pussy. By this time she was wet but as I started to put my cock in, she was very tight and I had to push hard just to get it in. I imagine it had been a lot of years since anything was in there. By this time she is really excited and breathing hard and she starts swearing. I had never heard even one swear word from her before.

Now she says "Don't rape me you bastard. I'm your grandmother, you fucker, god damn you, you'r too big. We can't do this, this is incest."

As she was saying all this, all I could think of was "God, I'm actually in my grandmother."

I never got along well with my father who was an arrogant prick and to have his mother on the end of my cock was the most satisfying feeling I ever had in my life. She was so small down there I couldn't get all the way in as I was pounding against her cervix. She had one orgasm after another and would seem to pass out for a couple of minutes each time she came.

Finally she said "Jim, I can't take it any more. You're killing me."

I was afraid she might actually have a heart attack so I shot my load in her which caused her to have one last orgasm. I fell asleep and the next morning I saw she had gone back to her room. I got up and got ready to leave and went in her room.

I said "Well, I see your survived."

She said "No thanks to you. I'm too sore to move and I'm so swollen I had to put an ice bag between my legs. I though you were literally going to rape me to death. What would your father think if he knew what you did to me last night?"

I said "What would he think if he knew of all the times I played with you 'till you had an orgasm while he was asleep right above us?"

Nannie said "Just because I let you play with me once in a while doesn't mean its all right to stick that big thing in me and rape me most of the night. Didn't I tell you to stop? Don't you know what STOP means? You are a nasty boy to do such a thing to your grandmother."

I realized that in her own mind she really did think she was raped. She just could not accept the fact that she was a more than a willing participent in a night of incest with her grandson. As long as she could convence herself she was raped then I guess she thought she really didn't commit incest with her grandson.

When I left, I said "I'll see you in a week."

She didn't say anything, just kind of glared at me. On the drive home, I started to worry. "What if she really calls my father and tells him I raped her?"

What if she calls and says "Jim doesn't have to drive me back, I'll just take the train?"

I was apprehensive all week, waiting for the other shoe to drop thinking this will be the end of my life even before it starts. It seemed to take forever, but finally the week ended with no calls and I realized that what ever I did to her would stay just between the two of us and she couldn't be too upset because she knows to expect more of the same when I see her again.

When I got to the hotel I checked into my room and then knocked on the door to my grandmother's room. She came to the door and let me in and asked me how my drive was and I told her no problems. I asked her how her week went.

She glared at me again and said "It took most of the week to recover from what you did to me. It took me several days before I could even sit comfortably."

I changed the subject and said that it was late and I was hungry and suggested we order dinner through room service.

I said "Lets get a bottle of wine."

My grandmother said that "I wasn't old enough to drink."

I said "I had wine before and why not celebrate your last day here."

She finally agreed and order dinner for us and a bottle of wine. We drank about half the wine with dinner and I suggested we get ready for bed and then finish the wine. She went in the bathroom to take a shower and came out in her nightgown. I poured her another glass of wine before I took a shower. When I came out of the shower wearing my underpants on and a shirt, I saw that she had finished her glass of wine and was feeling the effects of it.

I poured her another glass and when I did, she said "Are you trying to get me drunk?"

I said "Why would I do that."

"So you could take advantage of me."

I smiled and said "Do you really think I need to get you drunk to take advantage of you."

She said "Oh, do you think you can just stick that big hard teenage thing of yours in me anytime you want?"

"Do you mean this thing" I said as I pulled my underpants off and showed her how hard I was already.

She said "Jesus, doesn't that thing ever go down."

"Not when I'm around you it doesn't."

It was true, everytime I got near her my cock got hard.

She said "Don't think your going to stick that thing in me again like you did last week. It felt like you were going to split me in half."

"Well maybe you felt that way but it didn't stop you from having one orgasm after another."

Her face got red as she blushed and she shook her head and said "No I didn't."

I said "Well then, I guess I'll just have to rape you again and see if I can give you an orgasm this time."

She said "NO, don't you dare!"

I got up and started toward her with my cock sticking out and she jumped up and tried to run in the bathroom.

I grabbed her and carried her over to her bed and said "Lets use your bed this time."

She was shrieking "STOP, STOP, PUT ME DOWN. LET ME GO! DAMN YOU!"

I said "Nanny, you are going to get fucked so you might as well relax and enjoy it."

She still struggled as I put her on the bed and then went over and turned the lights out. When I went back to her, she was on her back and had her legs clamped together. When I pushed them apart, she covered her pussy with her hands. I realized she was really going to make me work for it this time so I pulled her hands away and held them over her head with my left hand and pried her legs apart with my knee and my right hand. I put my finger in her pussy and found she was already more wet than she was last week and that she got wet just anticipating what I was going to do to her. I realized then that she got turned on by being manhandled and treated roughly and just being dominated by someone stronger than her.

She was really turned on now as I played with her but she was meekly still saying "no, no, no please don't do this to me again."

"Nanny, I looked forward all week to coming back here and fucking your brains out and thats what I'm going to do. I want you to admit I'm too strong for you to resist and you can't stop me from fucking you anytime I want, and besides that, you love it."

When I said that, she stiffened up like she always does when she has an orgasm and raised up for me to kiss her. When we were kissing, I put my cock in her and didn't even wait for her to recover from her first orgasm of the night.

"Admit it, you were thinking about me doing this to you all week."

It was probably the wine that loostened her inibitions, but she whispered in my ear as if she was afraid to say it out loud, "I was horny and wet all week thinking about your big cock, how strong you are and what you did to me last week, and what you would do to me again tonight."

I whispered in her ear, "You are one hot grandmother, aren't you?"

Nanny said " Only because you make me hot by just grabbing me and picking me up and putting your hand up my dress when ever you want. Every time you did that, I could feel your big hard cock against me and between feeling your cock and realizing that I turned you on and the way you manhandle me just drives me crazy."

I smiled and said "So you admit that you enjoyed what happened last week."

Nanny said "I just didn't want to accept the fact that I committed incest with my grandson, but it was the most exciting thing I ever did in my life. I never had that many orgasms before. I always had a rape fantasy but I never thought my grandson would fulfill that for me."

I whispered again in her ear "When I put my cock in your tight little pussy, that was the most exciting thing I could ever imagine." When I said that, I rammed my cock in her as far as she could take it and she let out a shriek before she had another thrashing, moaning orgasm.

The funny thing was that all the time I was in her, for the rest of the night, she kept swearing at me just like she did last week. I guess she was still living out her rape fantasy by telling me to stop doing that to her and calling me every name and swear word she could think of. At one point, I rolled her on top of me to see what she would do. She put her right hand around the base of my cock and maneuvered it around like the joystick on a video game. I realized she kept her hand around it while she rode it like she was on a bucking bronco in order to keep from impailing herself too deeply on it. As usual, she collapsed with an orgasm after just a minute or two. I have never seen anyone since then have an orgasm as easily as she did and pass out like that afterwards.

I woke up the next morning and laughed to myself wondering what the maid would think when she saw the bed in my room had not been slept in and what a mess this bed was. I took a shower and then woke Nanny up and she told me she was so stiff and sore she could hardly move. I suggested she soak in a tub of hot water and I would order breakfast for us. When it came, she was still in the bathroom so I told her to come and eat before it got cold. She came out a minute or so later with a towel wrapped around her. Now, I don't know what it is, but the sight of a woman wrapped in a towel really turns me on. After breakfast, I was chewing on some ice when she got up to get dressed. I went up to her and pulled her towel off and picked her up and carried her to the bed.

She was shouting "No, Jim I'm too sore, don't do this to me again, I can't take anymore."

"I know you are sore and I'm not going to rape you again but I'll make you feel good."

I pushed her legs apart and saw her pussy was red and swollen. I put my head between her legs and when my cold tongue touched her hot pussy, she bucked like she had been shot.

I proceeded to lick and suck her clit as she kept saying, "Oh my God, Oh my God, your grandfather would never eat me like that. It feels so good, don't stop, don't stop. Your tongue is so cold and feels so good against my sore pussy."

She put her hands on the back of my head and pushed my mouth hard against her pussy and she came immediately.

I was tired from last night and knew I had a long drive ahead so I told her we needed to get going. She meekly got dressed when I said we had to go and we headed for home. She slept the whole way there.

At dinner that night my father said to her, "How was your vacation?"

I almost choked on my soup when she said "I wasn't used to that much activity and was sore for a few days and had trouble sleeping a couple of nights but it was a wonderful vacation and I want to do the same thing again next year, that is as long as Jim is willing to give me a ride."

After I recovered from my coughing spell, I said, "Of course grandma, I would be happy to give you a lift anytime."

Her face got pink as she blushed, but she said "Ok, it's a date then."

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Great grandmother

Had my great-grandmother when she was 84 years old went to stay with her for a week one summer first night I was there I want in her bedroom to say goodnight to her and there she was on the bed completelymore...

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There a way get your cock up in tight cunt thats spread her legs wide then you shove it in until you bottom out in her cunt make her scream out loud fuck your to big.i know did it to my aunt and even cummore...

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Do you seriously think rape is justifiable this is terrible I only read about a quarter of the first page it's too awful

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