Giving In Ch. 03


"Hey!" she screamed out as she tried to right herself. "What are you doing?"

But Mark held her down firmly with his left hand, while his right hand slid her pants over her hips and down her thighs.

"Let me up," she yelled out as she continued to squirm. But all she succeeded in doing was frustrating herself, as Mark's strength was more than a match for her.

As she began to quiet down, Mark moved his right hand to rest on her now bare buttocks. "It seems to me," he began calmly, "That you've been dishing out a lot this morning. I thought that our little slut here might like seeing just how much you can take."

And with that, WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! Suzie screamed out as the blows fell hard and fast across her bottom. WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! "Please stop," she pleaded as the blows continued to fall. WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!!

He stopped as suddenly as he'd started, leaving a still defiant Suzie struggling to free herself. Gently, he slid his fingers into her pussy, and began stroking her, in and out, over and over, until finally, he felt her relaxing, rocking herself in time with his thrusts.

WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! The resumption of the blows caught Suzie by surprise. Just when she'd forgotten the pain, getting swallowed up in the pleasure, WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! And just as she began to squirm, she felt the pleasure return to her pussy as he began pumping her once again.

But this time, the pleasure didn't stop. As she lay there, spread out across his lap, her head was spinning, not quite sure what was happening, and her ass was aching, tender from the relentless attack her tormentor had launched upon it. But the feeling emanating from her pussy was nothing but pleasure, and she desperately wanted him to continue.

WHACK!!! Just one slap this time, and then back to the pleasure, in and out, over and over, as she struggled to find her release. WHACK!!! WHACK!!! Pain, followed by more pleasure. Or was it pleasure, followed by pain. She no longer knew. She no longer cared.

WHACK!!! WHACK!!! "Yes," she screamed out, feeling her release approaching as Mark alternated freely between pleasure and pain.

"Harder," she screamed out as her orgasm finally hit, releasing wave after wave of pleasure, even as the pain continued to come.

WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! At last, the blows stopped, leaving Suzie lying limply across Mark's lap, sobbing as tears of pleasure, and tears of pain ran gently down her cheek.

Without hesitating, Mark eased Suzie off his lap and onto the floor. She yelped slightly as her tender buttocks hit the carpet, but otherwise offered no resistance. Quickly, Mark slid the shirt off her arms, rolled her over, grabbed the remaining piece of rope, and tied her hands behind her back. Finally, he slid her pants and panties the rest of the way off, leaving her as naked as the day she was born.

Next, he stood up and looked at Denise. "That was for you," he smiled as he slowly began unbuttoning his shirt.

About the time he'd removed his shirt, Suzie began to stir. Instinctively, she tried to move her hands to help her stand up, but found them fastened securely behind her. Slowly she rolled onto her back, staring alternately between Mark and Denise, giving Mark his first good look at her large breasts, still heaving as she struggled for air.

"On your knees!" Mark ordered.

"I can't," she answered quietly.

Mark noticed a resignation in her voice that hadn't been earlier, but he kept his smile to himself. "I said 'on your knees,'" he responded softly, but there was no mistaking the authority in his voice.

With some effort, she rolled to her side, over her forearm and struggled to her knees. She looked into his eyes and waited.

After a moment, Mark unbuckled his belt, unhooked his trousers, and let them fall loosely to the floor. Next, with both women's eyes glued squarely on the tent that was his boxer shorts, he pushed them slowly over his hips and down to the floor. Bending at the waist, he lifted one foot, removed the sock, and then repeated the maneuver with the other foot. As a final measure, he flicked the pile of unwanted close away with his foot.

And he stood there, allowing the two women to examine him, just as he had examined them.

"And now, Suzie Jackson," he said as he stepped in front of the kneeling blonde, "I want a blow job."

For a moment, Suzie just knelt there, staring at the eight inch erection, no more than eight inches in front of her.

"But . . ." Suzie started to say before Mark cut her off.

"The only hands that will be used are mine. Do you understand?" he asked sternly.

"Yes sir," she answered softly. All resemblance to the woman who had so recently dominated Denise Watkins disintegrated as Suzie reached out with her open mouth, trying to catch a cock that always seemed to be just out of reach.

After numerous failed attempts to catch the cock, Suzie let out a sigh and looked up at her tormentor. After a several moment stare-down, Suzie finally lowered her eyes, totally defeated.

"Please sir, may I suck your cock?" she asked meekly, barely audible.

"Louder," Mark implored. "I don't think Denise heard you."

"Please sir," she repeated, louder this time. "May I suck your cock?"

Mark smiled down at her. "There, now. That wasn't so bad, was it? Of course you can suck my cock." With that, he stepped forward slightly, and allowed the tip of his manhood to rest against her lips.

For a moment, Suzie was motionless, as if she wasn't certain how to begin. Glancing sideways, she saw Denise standing quietly, still bound hand and foot, watching her intently. Without taking her eyes off Denise, she slid her mouth slowly over his engorged cock, and then slid it off. She repeated the process, slowly picking up the tempo, taking more of him in her with each attack.

She closed her eyes, concentrating on the task at hand, feeling a sudden need to please the man, to make him proud of her. And to make Denise proud.

She felt him pounding his meat into her, as she thrust her mouth onto him. Together, they established a rhythm, and slowly took it faster and faster, the intensity growing hotter and hotter, until finally, he grabbed the sides of her head and pounded his meat into her.

She could feel his urgency growing as he continued to fuck her mouth until finally, after one massive shove that nearly gagged her, he began to cum, spewing his cum into her mouth, before withdrawing and shooting his load all over her face, her tits, and her hair.

Finally finished, Mark staggered backwards and stumbled into a chair.

Suzie, on the other hand, was quickly on her feet, covering the distance between herself and Denise in two steps. Before she'd even stopped moving, her lips found Denise's and the two were locked in a deep, hungry kiss, eagerly sharing the fruits Suzie's work.

The kiss was awkward - with one woman bound at the wrist, and the other at the wrist and feet - but that didn't seem to bother them.

Finally, they broke it off, but they held their position, their naked bodies standing close together, bosom pressing against bosom. Slowly, Denise leaned forward and began licking the cum from Suzie's face, like one cat cleaning another. When she'd finished with the face, she quickly sucked what few globs she could from her hair.

Finished, she turned to Mark with a renewed confidence. "Untie my feet," she said simply.

Mark looked at her for a moment, then at Suzie. Then he rose to his feet, silently crossed the room and untied her ankles. When he finished, he returned to his seat, never having uttered a word.

"On your knees," Denise said to Suzie. She said it simply, but it was clear that she expected to be obeyed. And she was, as the younger woman never hesitated to do as instructed.

"Now," Denise said as she looked down upon Suzie, "on your back."

Again Suzie moved quickly to obey, and after a few awkward movements, was laid out on the floor below the older woman.

Without saying a word, Denise stood over her lover, examining her. She moved slowly to Suzie's feet, and spread them apart with her own feet, leaving her wide open and fully exposed. Still silent, she moved to the prone woman's side and paused, examining the treasure she was about to claim.

She marveled at how things had changed, at how it was she who was now in control, where before it was she who had succumbed to the young blonde. Smiling to herself, she knelt down by Suzie's side, and bent over until her extended tongue reached the prone body. She licked the sticky cum off her chest and breasts, savoring the taste. She planted little kisses all over her tummy and watched as Suzie squirmed. She nibbled on her tits, and on her nipples, eliciting small yelps from her prey. And then, she moved to her face, and once again the women found themselves locked in a heated lovers kiss.

Mark watched as the women played, fascinated at the turn of events. He watched the once confident younger woman squirming on the floor, as the heretofore submissive older woman dominated. He watched Denise's beautiful ass, perched in the air as she played with Suzie. And he watched his cock as it sprang, once again, to life.

Denise broke the kiss suddenly and righted herself, once again kneeling over her prey. Slowly, she worked her way around until she was above Suzie's head, before edging forward, her dripping pussy hovering directly above Suzie's face. She hesitated momentarily, teasing her prey, before lowering herself onto Suzie's mouth.

She felt the sensations shooting through her body as the practiced tongue of her lover found its mark. She moaned as she ground her pussy onto Suzie's face, desperate to relieve the tension that had been building up for so long. She lowered her head until it reached her lover's center, leaving one naked body writhing atop another.

For the first time, she tasted the fruits of another woman. She liked what she tasted, and she liked how Suzie's body jumped at her touch. And with a hunger built on submission and humiliation, the two women attacked each other, holding nothing in reserve.

Just as she felt the tell-tale tremors shaking Suzie's body beneath her, she felt hands on her hips, steadying her. Instinctively, she raised her ass up from Suzie's face, seeking out the man she knew was behind her, inviting him to enter her.

And enter her he did, with a massive thrust that pulled her mouth away from her lover's pussy just as she was about to cum. Denise's cry of ecstasy and Suzie's cry of frustration echoed together as Mark began pounding his meat into Denise. With some effort, Denise dove back into Suzie's pussy, attacking it with a renewed zeal. Moments later she felt Suzie enter the throws of orgasm, mere seconds before she felt her own come crashing down on her. And even as she collapsed upon her lover's body, her body rocked under the pressure of Mark's weapon thrusting in and out of her, until finally, she felt his body tense up and fill her full of his seed

* * *

"And then what happened?" Ted inquired.

"I regained my senses a little while later, still lying on Suzie, and my head still between her legs." Denise answered. "I noticed that my hands had been untied, but not Suzie's. So, I rolled off her, rolled her over, and untied her. We lay together for several minutes, just resting, while Mark was in the chair."

"Ultimately," she continued, "Suzie and I put our tops on, Mark put his boxers on, and we tried to get a little work done. Amazingly enough, we actually managed to accomplish a few things, although there were a few distractions along the way."

Several moment of silence followed. "Are you mad?" she asked at last.

"No. You are free to do anybody you like. Anytime, anywhere, and anyhow, just as long as you tell me all the details," he answered. But then his face took on a hard look. "But don't ever forget," he said in a firm, menacing voice, "that you are nothing more than a slut. And that you are mine, to be used however and whenever I choose. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," she said weakly, her head lowered. "I understand."

He walked over to the window and peered out. "Friends of yours?" he asked as he gestured across the courtyard.

When Denise reached the window and looked out, she saw Mark and Suzie in the room across the courtyard, locked in lover's embrace, without a stitch of clothes on.

* * * * * * *

Thanks for reading. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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