Good Clean Fun


Disclaimer: I don't own the Dukes of Hazzard, not making any money just cheap thrills.

Just a little PWP for Meg, I owe her a shower scene.

Warnings: Graphic sex

Good Clean Fun

As Luke straightened up the kitchen after breakfast he thought about how nice it would be to have a couple of days alone with Bo. Daisy and Jesse were both gone to Nashville for a couple of days and they would have the house to themselves, a rarity for them. Jumping slightly as the screendoor slammed Luke went to see why Bo was slamming doors.

When Luke opened the kitchen door he couldn't help laughing at the sight of his cousin and lover standing on the porch, covered in mud and leaves. "What happened to you?" he managed to ask between laughs.

"That dang goat happened, again. It ain't funny Luke, dang thing butted me when I came out of the barn and I fell right in a mud puddle." Bo said as he stood glaring at Luke.

"I'm sorry Bo, I didn't mean to make ya mad. Why don't you go ahead and strip out here on the porch and I'll go start a hot shower for you." Luke offered by way of an apology.

By the time Bo had gotten out of his muddy clothes and made it to the bathroom Luke had the shower running and the temperature just how he liked it. Stepping into the tub and standing under the hot spray Bo felt his muscles starting to relax. As he washed the mud from his body and hair he couldn't help chuckling a little, *Guess it is a little funny* he thought to himself.

Luke quietly entered the bathroom, wanting to surprise Bo he quickly stripped off his own clothes and stepped into the shower to join his lover. "Want some company?"

Bo smiled as he turned to Luke. "Ya must've read my mind love, so you gonna make it up to me for laughing at me?" wrapping his arms around Luke as he spoke.

"I don't know, what did ya have in mind darlin?" Luke asked in a voice thick with desire.

Deciding that actions speak louder than words, Bo answered with a slow, deep kiss that left both men breathless and aching for more.

Drawing back for a moment, Luke gave a sly smile as he leaned forward again and began nibbling and kissing his way from Bo's neck downward. When he reached his lover's chest he paid special attention to Bo's nipples. Sucking and kissing one as he used his hand to play with the other he felt himself growing aroused at the sounds of his lover's pleasure. Slowly moving downward he kissed all around Bo's straining erection, but never quite touching his dick. "Luke, please I can't stand it, please suck me." Bo begged under the onslaught of Luke's kisses. Taking pity on his lover Luke slowly drew the head of Bo's dick into his mouth. Slowly increasing the pressure as he swirled his tongue around the head, loving the taste and smell of his lover, Luke still felt a thrill at knowing Bo was his, his to love and cherish for the rest of his life. As Bo began to buck his hips in the same rythym Luke was using, Luke increased the pressure again, opening his throat to take his lover as deep as he could.

Bo screamed his release as he shot his load down Luke's throat. "Heck of a way you've got of apologizing love, thank you."

"What makes you think the I'm done, I've just gotten started darlin." Luke said as he gently turned Bo around so that he was facing the shower wall. When Luke saw that Bo had braced himself against the wall he began to prepare his lover for more loving. Remaining on his knees Luke began kissing his way across Bo's perfect ass, returning to the crack he dipped his tongue down into the crevice, making Bo jump. Holding the cheeks apart he slowly began to swirl his tongue around the edges of Bo's opening, as Bo instinctively pushed back against him Luke allowed his tongue to push into Bo's hole. As he used his tongue to open his lover's passage Luke couldn't believe how much this was turning him on. He'd read about using his tongue like this but until today had never tried it, judging by both his and Bo's reactions he was gonna have to do this more often.

"Oh God, Luke please I want you inside me. Please love, make love to me." Bo begged amazed at how wonderful Luke had made him feel, better than it had ever been. Bo hissed at the slight burning as Luke gently entered him, but it didn't take long for the pain to be replaced by pleasure. Shoving back against Luke, wanting to take all of his lover into himself, he felt himself growing hard again as Luke brushed across his prostrate with every stroke. As Luke increased the tempo of his thrusts Bo eagerly met him, stroke for stroke. Loving the feel of Luke's dick as it thrusts and pulsed inside him, Bo soon felt the familiar tingle in his balls as he built towards climax. As Bo felt himself cumming once again, he could feel the muscles of his ass clenching around his lover's length, and Luke soon following him over the edge into ecstasy. Feeling Luke pull out of him Bo turned and took his lover in his arms, kissing him deeply. As he ended the kiss he was struck by a sudden thought and couldn't help chuckling.

"Well that's not exactly the reaction I was looking for." Luke said puzzled by Bo's laughter.

"Sorry love, it's just that it suddenly hit me, I don't think this is quite what they meant by the phrase, good clean fun."Bo told him, not surprised at all when Luke joined him in laughing.

Turning off the water and drying themselves, they were soon dressed and ready to start the day,...again.

The End.

Hope y'all liked it.

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