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Grand Canyon Suite


From habit we awoke at the first light of the morning and to the unfamiliar rumble of thunder. The cool air pressing through the partially open window of the camper carried the fresh hint of the coming rain. This summer of 2002 had been hot and dry for weeks, which has underscored the reason so many forest and range fires were proving difficult to contain. The curtains blow out from the open window and expose the dark mosaic of the fast approaching storm. The wind had replaced the warm and humid morning calm, which signaled the pending front with its barometric pressure differentials. In the high desert these ominous conditions brought a refreshing change as the towering dark cumulus clouds with their visible turbulence rapidly approach and diminish the morning light to a dark gray hue. We know we were fortunate to get this parking spot that from our position and naked state we could watch the storm approach over the far canyon wall. As the curtains blew aside, we could view the dark undersides of the thunderheads rolling across the flat expanse on the distant rim of the canyon. Lightning flashed as we observe the jagged pattern and the strikes on the far canyon rim. Mother Nature is flexing her muscles.

Our thoughts are still present and remain with our fellow fire fighters comprising the crew that we left two days ago. We know this storm, if it is over the fire scene, can have mixed blessings with both ignition and extinguishing capabilities. We lay there on the sofa/bed in helpless awe fully intending to enjoy every moment of this four-day break. After nearly three weeks of steady fire fighting at the margin of the largest fire in Arizona’s history, we were exhausted. Thus as part of the normal personnel rotation we borrowed the family camper and decided to escape to the Grand Canyon.

As you lean over the back of our make shift sleeper watching this spectacular you present to me an awesome view. That lovely unshaven pussy with the guard hair frame nestled under your awesome buttock has fully stimulated my cock. I position behind you where I can view the storm and also use my tongue to trace down your back along the spine. I was experiencing nature’s work which included not only the visual of the outside storm but now the tactual sensation of your pussy and anal areas on my foreskin. My stiffened cock erected between the sweet mounds of your buttock and as the head rubs against the warm hairy area at the meeting of your legs I could feel you flex and wriggle as if trying to capture and hold me at bay. I interpret this little interplay a welcome invite. I love your unshaven bush and have joked to you about it being a fire hazard. Of course, we have had very little personal time on the fire line with long exhausting days and close quarters with other fire fighters at night.

In this position as I kissed the nape of your neck, I could smell your hair as my chest pressed against your warm back. You now rotate to face me with your hips thrust forward to expose your lovely pussy and to meet my tongue. You sighed softly and those sounds of contentment act to signal me, as I become fully aroused. A bright flash lights up the camper, which is followed quickly by a very loud clap of thunder. This seems to herald the first large drops of rain, which are now audible on the roof. The lightning and thunder is coming from right above us. As if the thunder were setting the tempo of our passion we also reach another level of intensity. I move to position myself off the edge of the bed and guide your legs open and place them over my shoulder. My tongue finds your pussy entrance and licks up the thick honey leaking from you. You respond to my fingers with a soft moan as they play lightly over your clit. We both are enjoying the sensation. The simultaneous flash and crash of the storm now is accompanied by a hard rain and hail mixture that served to encourage our lust for each other. I probe and lick your pussy with long hard strokes. Thunder peals again as we intensify our efforts to use every ounce of energy to exchange the fluids of love in a manner as intense as the storm. You scream at me to fuck you hard and fast. Then almost immediately by changing tempo completely you whisper to hurry. The lightning and thunder punctuate your demands.

My shaft that was positioned between your wet and obviously receptive labial lips now slides deep into the wonderful smooth warmth of your pussy. Your hairy entrance has been thrust up as if reaching for much more length than I have. Each stroke seems longer than the last, as I press myself deeper into you. You press your fingernails in my shoulders and urge me to cum inside of you. Another flash and resultant thunder coincides precisely with your convulsions as your orgasm intensifies. Another clap of thunder sends renewed effort to your pleasure as you loudly urge me to fuck you harder and drive it deeper. Your words make me throb as I set up a motion to utilize my full length on each stroke. You shout for me to grab your ass and keep going. My hands grab your soft hips and I intensify my thrusting into your pussy, shoving myself deep into you. I will not last much longer as you again clasp my cock with your labial tourniquet just as the thunder crashes again actually moving the light camper. The intense lightning and thunder continue to drive us further and further into our carnal heaven. I feel your pussy grab me tight and I hear the fluid sweetness from the juices of love as you suck me into your depths. I lean back, thrusting my hips hard into you again, and you feel my cock throb just as the lightning and thunder again block all sounds made in the process of love and then I jerk, spewing my cum deep inside your very hot cunt. We both moan and shudder while you're grabbing one breast, squeezing tightly on the nipple. Continuous thunder seems to surround us and the scene is constantly alight from the bright electrical discharges. The climax to this passion and the intensity of our orgasms has to have ranked along with the natural intensities of the storm. Mother Nature would be proud. Your pussy milks me dry, and still it wants more, gripping and squeezing me. We fall forward, and lay on the bed, sweating in the cool refreshing morning air, listening to our heartbeats and being aware of the declining wind and rain.

A restful hour passes with my cock still inside your pussy, stirring us both. We finally decide to start the day. While you use the small shower, I look over the brochures for various places and things a visitor can do here at the park. We select to have a quick breakfast then take the trail to the canyon floor and just for fun we decide to rent a couple of burros - a decision we shall long regret. The storm had moved on as quickly as it started. The day turns sunny and warm and we are ready to enjoy it.

The canyon trip started well enough with our taking our place in the line of burros and people to begin the decent. It went downhill from there. To begin with these smelly little independent beasts of burden seem to take an immediate dislike to me. Furthermore the one you were riding also seemed to derive some delight by sticking its nose just under your butt and give a little slobbery snort between your legs. I had told you not to wear those shorts but oh well. Your burro had a very prominent backbone that pressured on your reactive crotch. The animal seemed to know that if he could give you a bouncy ride it would not only cause excitement but would create very sore buttocks that you would not long forget. I think it also made you smell good to him, as he seemed to derive some gratification with that slobbery snort at each stop. You were on top of a real smart-ass.

Meanwhile my plotting ass had figured out that I was not really fond of him plus I was insecure in the thin saddle. He carefully planned his actions. Near the bottom of the canyon, he knew just where to start a fast little trot for about 10 yards then manage a quick stop with all four legs stiffly planted. This of course, caused me a brief period of achieving air born status at about two feet in elevation above the smart-ass’s backbone. What goes up must come down was true in this instance and there was nothing erotic about this action. The result was a crash landing at full force on the family jewels as they smashed against the backbone of this dumb donkey. My verbal discomfort in both word selection and volume echoed across the gorge. I looked back and I swear you were grinning. Bad deal, as I really hurt and walking was not the best option but riding at that point was totally wrong. The day was not half over and I was in great pain and bent over. However, as chipper as you were initially with the downhill rubbing on your pussy you were not aware that you also were working on a big time discomfort.

Somehow or other, I managed to make the canyon bottom and find a nice flat rock to sit on. Of course, near its edge. I did notice that you got off your ass a bit slowly and that your legs did not seem to want to fit together. In fact, if I had felt like smiling I would have but at this point only observed. You were working on a permanent spread leg position. I would have normally arisen to the sight of your pubic hairs showing at the edge of the skimpy shorts except for my throbbing gonads. Reality sets in when I remember we still had to make it out of Mother Nature’s glory hole. As others in the group explore the canyon bottom I cherish the period of inactivity for obvious reasons.

Well, now it was time for the hike out so thus began a two-hour period, which was a constant reminder of the trouble, we had caused ourselves. I walked bent over and you grimaced with each jarring step of the burro. When the top was reached and we started to walk back to the RV in the parking lot there were no smiles, no thinking of lust, and no happy grab ass flirtations. What a situation with you walking spread-eagle and slightly bend over and me with short soft steps and my own hunched over posture.

Getting into and driving the RV proved to be difficult but we were able to at least move back to the overnight area a mile or so away where we attempted to find some comfortable place to contemplate our situation. We both smelled like beasts of burdens and you especially with the extra burro slobber between your legs. However we could not shower. The shower in the RV would have been ok if either of us could have positioned ourselves in it and close the door. This was not possible.

I had remembered crossing a small creek about an hour north of the park and after mentioning we decided we were ready to leave this place anyway. Without further incident we reach the creek and find a place to turn off and head upstream. The road follows the small creek and we stop when we reach a nice sandy area bordering a small pool. We discover that the sun-warmed water reaches about three feet in depth. This proves to be a wonderful bath spot, which will accommodate any comfortable position of which we have a limited selection. You of course want to kiss and stroke my hurt area but our positions put some constraints on what we can do. Getting your shorts off proved to be a two-person challenge since your legs did not want to stay together. I of course get hard as I help in this task and this is not really good for my injury. I want to lick your pussy but first we need to get the burro deposits off. We gather up the necessary items to bath. We are near the edge of the shallow pool and you kneel down on the sandy bank with the legs spread so I can soap and wash that lovely region of the upper legs, buttock and pussy. You are very sore and I’m very gentle with the soap and rinse. I run my fingers inside your moist love hole and you moan.

You in turn now carefully soap and wipe my lower body and back and the cock is now starting to enlarge. I’m encouraged, as I did not even know if it would work after colliding with dumb ass. Your tender touch and the cool water are good. After rinsing you lean over while still keeping your legs apart and gently nibble on the tip. A drop of pre-cum forms and you smile and pronounce, “It works”.

We are both now excited at the change in events including the easing of pain and the elimination of burro scent. We now determine that the only position that will allow our bodies to work is sort of a standing dog style. So with your legs spread you bend over and peer between them and as I’m still in a crouch but fortunately a fairly decent fit over you I position myself over your beautiful but bruised naked ass. You moan and try to push back against me but I put my hand on your ass and prevent it. I’m still real sensitive in that area. I slowly began pumping in and out with just the head of my cock penetrating you an inch or two. Gradually as I increase the depth you sigh again with what seems a mixture of ecstasy and frustration my stiff and now happy member does achieved the necessary state of readiness. You let me know that you want it deep inside and I realize that my injury is not going to be that great a factor in doing such. I slide it all the way in and you vocalize the pleasure in a wild scream.

Slowly your contractions milk my cock as I carefully slide into your well-lubricated pussy. We take it slow and easy but this does not lessen the intense pleasure of the moment. The blue of the creek and the lovely sight of your naked freshly bathed body albeit even with the red burro wounds, add to the total passion. I reach under you with one hand and gently caress your breasts and tenderly flick the hard nipples with my fingertips. This combination of long deep strokes and light touching of the breasts and nipples pushes you to a fever pitch.

You moan and again let out a verbal shout of pleasure as I hold myself rigid inside you. My hand has moved to accompany my shaft and my fingers now tease your clit. This combination proves the proper combination and your orgasm is in concert with your vocal utterances. Your pussy clamps down hard on my cock and with that I cum hard into you.

"I can feel it! I can feel it!" You cry, your bruised butt and tits shaking with the orgasm. "Oh god, it's so good!"

It is now we realize that the hurts of today are diminished and that everything seems to be working well. We now rest and contemplate how it will be to get back and put on those heavy packs and head into the smoke and heat of the fire. However, we mutually chuckle and agree anything is better than the thought of having to again ride one of those jackasses.

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