Grandma's Cottage


"As best we can. It will always be there, Michael; we can't turn back the clock, but at least we're clear between us. Nobody needs to know." She stood briskly, attending to business after their talk. "Now, if you'll excuse me I'd best tidy myself up and get off to the meeting. Will you be staying on and doing a little work?" She nodded at the can in his hand. "You can finish your beer first. I'll be back at five if you want to stay for some supper."

Michael sat and stared into space, thinking about his grandmother's revelations as she moved about upstairs. The woman came back down, bid her grandson goodbye, and left.

Michael gave her ten minutes. He checked outside through the mullioned front window, and then, with elephants feet dancing in his stomach, went to his grandmother's room. It was madness. Insanity. What was he doing? He'd been caught only the day before doing exactly this. He hated himself even as he crossed the threshold, the border of illicit territory. His grandmother had laid bare her personal secrets, confided in him on such a personal level, and then trusted him enough to leave him alone in the cottage. But he couldn't help himself. He had to see what else she had hidden away. She'd said five, which gave him three hours. If he only stayed twenty minutes, half an hour at most, he'd be well clear, with the garden tidied too by the time she returned.

A second wardrobe contained normal clothes -- dresses, shoes, hats, nothing of any note. A chest of drawers was the same. Michael flushed, feeling a further twist of guilt when he came across his grandmother's underwear, some of which he was surprised to find was a bit on the skimpy side.

His grandmother certainly had hidden depths. He wondered about her statement denying lovers.

Another chest of drawers, and bingo. "Fucking hell," Michael muttered, eyes widening when he saw the array of DVDs, magazines, sex toys, even a laptop computer. "She's into this in a big way."

Michael picked a DVD at random and inserted the disc into the tray on the player. The film started. A few moments later he was standing with his jeans shoved down to his thighs, slack-jawed with lewd concentration, stroking his hard-on.

The voice sent a cold wave of shock over him. "You dirty bastard," his grandmother said.

It had been a trap and he'd fallen into it. The committee meeting had been a fiction. She'd set him up to see what he'd do. And he'd lived up to her expectation. Upon leaving the cottage rather than walk down to the village hall she'd called in at Clara's, a neighbour, for a cup of tea. All the while, as Clara chatted away, she was almost overwhelmed with curiosity, dying to know what was happening in her home.

Would he be working in the garden innocently, or would he ...?

Forcing herself to accept a second cup of tea, she sipped slowly, chipping in to the conversation at intervals. Eventually she made to leave, offered Clara her thanks and arranged a reciprocal visit the next day.

No sign of him in the garden, in fact there was no change there whatsoever. She crept into the kitchen, checking the best room on her way to the stairs. With her heart hammering and pussy oiling she moved along the landing and ...

Oh. My. God, she thought. There he is. Her cunt clenched as she watched him in secret for a few seconds. Look at him. Pulling that cock ... And what a lovely cock ... I'm damned, she thought. I'll go to hell for this -- looking at my own grandson, watching him masturbate. It was as she'd pictured the night before. In her fantasy she'd fucked herself with her favourite dildo while he watched her, stroking his cock, his eyes devouring body.

She was proud of her figure; the yoga had given her a taut, toned body that belied her years. Oh, she was no flawless youngster, but she looked good, knew she was desirable to men. Even young men had commented on occasion. Thank God for the internet which had opened up a whole new world of sexual opportunity to her.

In her imaginings, which coincided with those of Michael's, although she had no way of knowing this, Michael stroked his erection to a squirting climax, covering her breasts, chest and face with his semen. She'd come violently, clasping her thighs against her wrists as she jammed the dildo deep into her body, writhing and groaning and muttering obscenities, exhorting her dream grandson to drench her with jizm.

And here was her chance to live the reality. He'd done exactly as she'd hoped. But would he be complicit in incest?

With the madness in her veins, overcome by her lust and desire for her grandson, casting all to the fates, she spoke to him.

"You dirty bastard," she said, moving into the room. He turned, pinning to face her, wide-eyed with shock. "You beautiful, filthy boy. Look at you, looking at Granny's porn and stroking your cock." She smiled at him, gambling all. "And what a lovely cock it is, Michael. It's one that I'd like to kiss." And before Michael had chance to recover, to perhaps recoil from her advances, she pounced. Lifting the hem of her dress to reveal her smooth pudenda, in her married days she'd been all natural, but since discovering pornography, and seeing the models predominantly favoured shaven mounds, the woman had adopted the look. With her right hand she reached for her grandson's erection. "I wanted you last night," she murmured, stroking the iron length of him while the young man merely boggled at her. "When I saw you half-naked something came over me. Call it a curse, I don't know, all I know is that I want you, darling. I want you in my mouth, and I want you here." Holding her skirt against her body with her forearm, the woman touched her vulva, showing Michael just where she wanted him.

Michael's gaze went from his grandmother's face to between her legs. "Gran," he said in a stunned whisper. "This can't ..."

"I know. It's crazy, Michael. I can't believe it myself. Don't think about it. Put the fact that I'm ..." She paused, choosing her words carefully. She had him now, but he could still balk and run. The moment was so febrile. One wrong word ... "Forget who I am, Michael," she continued, her voice low and hypnotic, her hand squeezing and manipulating. "Just follow my lead. Let me take you on a journey."

"We shouldn't ..." Michael began, then groaned when his grandmother's fist quickened.

"Feel my hand on you, baby. Am I doing it all right? Does it feel good?"

Glassy-eyed Michael nodded. "Yes," he murmured.

"I'm tight inside too, darling. I know I'm tight in there." The woman judged her moment perfectly. It was time to let her prim facade crumble completely. With her fingers moving along her grandson's tumescence she murmured into his ear: "When I fuck myself with my favourite dildo I can feel how my cunt grips it. I could do that to your cock."

Michael gasped, his eyes opening wide. "Oh, Gran. I ... I ... I thought about you last night," he confessed. "I imagined you doing that."

"You did?" A high note of excitement entered the woman's tone. "You thought about me? Oh, Michael ... I was doing the same. I was doing it to myself, fucking myself with my dildo and wishing it were you." She released her grandson's cock. The thing waggled and swayed, a long heavy jib hanging in the air. Michael watched as his grandmother slid the bootlace straps of her dress over her shoulders. She let the garment slide over her body and then she turned. With her back to him she instructed the lad to unclasp her bra. Trembling fingers fumbled with the catch but eventually succeeded.

"Shit ..." Michael gasped when his grandmother turned again, revealing her breasts to him for the first time.

"I've always had good tits," the woman said, smiling. "Good tits and great legs."

"Shit," Michael repeated. She wasn't kidding. He reached for her, his fingertips touching the smooth flanks of his grandmother's breasts.

"Feel them," she moaned, her eyes closing as her head fell back. "Feel my tits, suck my nipples." The woman's voice cracked with arousal: "Go on, suck Granny's big tits."

Michael broke. His dream had come true and, spurred by his grandmother's words and obvious eagerness he squeezed the globes of tit-flesh together before leaning to take a distended teat into his mouth. His grandmother groaned, pushing her fingers into his hair as Michael sucked and licked her long, thick nipples and puckered areola. He switched his attention between the pair, licking and nibbling each in turn before finally lifting his head and encountering the woman's blue stare. His grandmother's eyes gleamed with desire.

"You're beautiful," Michael murmured.

"So are you." The woman pressed her body against her grandson. "Kiss me," she said.

That first kiss went on and on. As his tongue touched his grandmother's Michael became so overwhelmed with burning lust that he couldn't stop touching her body. His hands ran down her sides, over the swell of her hips and cupped her buttocks. He pulled her tighter into his embrace, grinding his erection against her soft stomach. He was desperate for her. As the kiss rolled on, their tongues sliding and slipping, Michael mauled briefly at his grandmother's breasts before his hand moved between her legs. When he felt the heat of her there, the molten slide between her labia, Michael broke the kiss.

"Jesus," he blasphemed.

"Out of those clothes," the woman ordered. Michael complied. "Goody," Michael's grandmother said gleefully when he stood naked in front of her. "You're such a gorgeous young man. Tight and firm ... And so hard," she added with a smirk. "Lick me," she commanded, suddenly serious. "Lick my cunt ..."

His grandmother collapsed onto the bed and lifted her legs to offer herself. Michael growled and leapt at her.

"So smooth," he muttered.

He heard a low chuckle from his grandmother. "You like it that way, Michael? Do you like Granny all bare for you? Piss flaps like elephants ears, your granddad used to say."

It was true, the woman's labia were uncommonly large, but rather than being revolted, Michael found the meaty folds erotic.

"And my clit is quite large too," the woman, splaying her labia, informed her grandson. "Suck it. Lick Granny's cunt and suck her clit. Make her come ... And then you can fuck her."

Michael did as he was told. He flicked the pink, glistening nub of his grandmother's clitoris. The woman gasped, sucking breath between her teeth as the sensations pulsed through her. He held the wings of the woman's labia splayed with his fingertips to squirm his tongue into her opening, eliciting further moans and obscenities from her mouth.

His grandmother was transformed, taking on a role from her films. The language she used, while shocking coming from her mouth, encouraged Michael to greater feats of endeavour. Finally, as he used his fingers and tongue in those erstwhile taboo places -- his own grandmother's body -- Michael coaxed from the woman a shattering orgasm.

Even as she writhed and clawed at the bedcovers, Michael moved to a kneeling position between his grandmother's legs. As her climax cooled, she looked up, eyes heavy-lidded with lust, and urged him to enter her.

"Do it, Michael," the woman grimaced, face twisted with urgency. "Just do it. Love me with that lovely cock. Go on, put it in there. Fuck your own grandmother. Oh!"

Incest, the woman thought when Michael penetrated her. We're doing it. My grandson is fucking me.

Michael was thinking much the same while his grandmother, true to her word, squeezed tight around his girth. He thought vaguely about the irreversible leap into sin they'd both taken.

'We can't go back," he gabbled into the woman's face as she stared up at him. "Never."

"I don't want to, darling. We've committed such a sin, but I don't care. I just want you, my darling grandson, inside me where you are now. Fill me with love, darling. Fuck me and squirt into me. Give me that lovely semen. Love me. Kiss me."

And they moved together, their conjunction growing ever more desperate as they both sought the peak of their emotions. Michael, with words of love on his lips, promised to make love to his grandmother whenever she wanted; vowed to keep visiting; to sleep with her and to keep this great thing a secret between them. The woman also gabbled about love. How she wanted her lovely boy to lick her and fuck her and love her. How she wanted him to hold her close, to fill her with his lovely cock and to show her how much he loved her.

"Come for me," the woman sighed, and then cried out with delight when, as her arms and legs embraced her grandson, she felt him convulse, sensing the flutter of his ejaculation spitting into her body. "Let it go," she crooned. "Fill Granny with it ..."

And the great tide washed over her own senses as she too climaxed.

"What have we done, Gran?" Michael asked, astonished at the enormity of what had just transpired.

"Incest," his grandmother replied with a delighted chuckle. "And we're going to do it again soon." She opened a drawer and took out the black dildo. "Now, you watch me fuck myself with this thing until you get hard again. I know about young men," she said mysteriously. How? wondered Michael. He set aside questions about that subject, instead gazing open-mouthed as his grandmother eased the rubber thing into her body. "You'll be stiff soon," she said. "And then I want to suck you."

There would be a lot of work to do around his grandmother's cottage over the coming months, Michael decided.

His grandmother paid for his motorcycle.

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