tagIncest/TabooGrandpa: After Molly Ch. 04

Grandpa: After Molly Ch. 04


In the previous chapters; 61 year old 'Grandpa' Ed Watson had his granddaughter Lindsey delivered to his house for the summer, and proceeded to do exactly what he had done to another granddaughter the summer before.

After taking pleasure in parading shy Lindsey around the mall in a skimpy outfit that left little to the imagination, Ed decided to do some more shopping, only this time at an adult book and video store.


Chapter One. Whoa!

Lindsey was glued to my side as we hesitated in the doorway, waiting until my eyes slowly adjusted to the drastic change from the brilliant sunshine outside to the more subdued lighting of the porn shop. Looking over at Lindsey, I could tell her eyes must have gotten used to it quicker, because hers were wide open.


A booming voice came from behind the register, and I saw a big black guy coming around the counter and over towards us. He looked like he could be Charles Barkley's body double, and his glistening bald skull only added to the intimidation factor.

"Man, you can't bring that girl in here," the guy said while holding up his hand. "Gotta be 18. Can't you read the sign? Tryin' to get me closed up or something, pops?"

"She's okay," I said. "She's 18 - show the man your I.D. Lindsey."

Lindsey was almost having a seizure as she fumbled in her little purse for her license. She finally found it and gave it to the guy with a noticeably shaking hand, and he looked at it suspiciously for the longest time.

After a while, I reaalized that he wasn't looking at the license any longer, but was staring at Lindsey over the card he held in his hand. Staring at her titties, and more specifically at her nipples, which had fully blossomed and were threatening to burst through the thin fabric of the halter top we had just bought at the store.

Whether her nipples were hard from the effect of the sudden coolness of the store, or from the black guy's persistent glare, I didn't know. Probably both, but Lindsey had finally become aware of the man's staring, and had begun twitching and trying to cover her chest without being obvious about it. She was failing at that miserably, and to my own embarassment, I was enjoying both Lindsey's fear and the guy's lust.

"Okay," the guy said as he at last handed Lindsey her license back. "Looks a lot younger,"

"She gets that a lot," I answered for her. "No problem."

"We got everything you can think of," the guy said. "Movies in the back too. Need help, just ask."

I thanked the guy and nudged Lindsey toward the wall that was covered with various devices. The black dude didn't go back behind the counter, but instead stayed somewhat close to us. He was watching us like we were going to shoplift something, as he strightened out things on the shelves. I suppose that with nobody else in the store he didn't have much else to do, but I also knew that he wasn't watching us, he was watching Lindsey.

"Quite a variety of stuff they have here," I commented as we walked past a display of bondage equipment, enjoying Lindsey's bewildered look.

"That man," Lindsey whispered to me.

"What about him?"

"He keeps looking at me. He's staring at my chest."

"Can't say as I blame him," I said softly. "Your breasts look incredible - especially your nipples."

Lindsey's face was flushed, whispering back to me that she knew they were showing through the fabric, but she couldn't help it.

"Because of the cool room or because the man is staring at you?"

Lindsey shrugged her shoulders and clung to me tightly. I kissed her cheeks and nuzzled into her ear.

"It's okay to be aroused," I told her. "I'm aroused at the way he's looking at you too. You're scared, aren't you?"

Lindsey nodded, those big pearly whites of hers digging into her lower lip as she did.

"Nothing to be worried about, honey," I assured her, rubbing my hand over her arm, which was layered with goose bumps. "You'll always be safe with me. Grandpa will never let anything bad happen to you."

We came to the section I was looking for, and there was a wide variety of them to choose from. Long ones and short ones. Thick and thin and of every color imaginable, the selection of dildos was mind-boggling. Vibrators too, which was another option.

"What do you think?"

"That's a lot of dicks," Lindsey said as she gazed at all the appliances hanging on the wall.

"I think you could use one of these," I said as I pulled one of them off of the hook, and whistled at both the lifelike look of the plastic cock and the outrageous price sticker. "Do you have anything like this at home?"

"Me - gosh no!" Lindsey said.

"What do you use when you play with yourself then?" I said as I watched Lindsey's eyes following the big black dude who was approaching from behind me.

"Uh... my fingers," Lindsey said nervously.

"Well, how about something like this," I said, pulling down a big black rubbery cock and handing it to Lindsey. "Would you like to put something like this inside of you? You know, like some nights when I'm tired, or maybe sometime when you want to do that to yourself while I watched?"

Lindsey giggled a little at that idea, and she stared at the fake cock she held gingerly in her hands, poking at the plastic shell of the package to feel the spongy member.

"Girl find something she likes?" the guy said as he suddenly appeared at my side.

"I don't know - Reggie," I said, seeing his name on the badge he was wearing. "What do you think, honey?"

"Might want to try something a little smaller," our eager and leering customer service person suggested. "Long tall drink of water like you - that might just split you in two. Hate to see that happen."

"Um - do you have it in any other colors?" Lindsey asked meekly.

"Haw haw! Not much sense making them that big in white," Reggie guffawed as he slapped my shoulder. "Got to be realistic. Know what I'm saying? Nothing white that big."

"Grandpa - yours is this size," Lindsey said, almost sounding like she was coming to my defense. "Yours is even thicker, I think."

"Grandpa?" Reggie said under his breath as he chuckled. "Damn!" he whispered in amazement.

I smiled at Lindsey, who was blushing and tight-lipped as I took the toy from her.

"Maybe you might like something a little smaller, like this," I suggested, pulling down a more modest sized ivory colored model.

"Now that boy, he vibrates and rotates," Reggie said, pointing out that the curved end wiggled around when activated. "That'll get you off good when you get it in you deep."

Lindsey's trembling hand took the package from Reggie, and I noticed his hand graze against hers as she took the package.

"The end is small enough so you can do some work in the back door too. You dig what I'm saying?" Reggie added.

Lindsey looked at me with questioning eyes, and I nodded approval, even if spending sixty bucks on a Grandpa's helper was more than I had expected.

"We'll take it," I said, handing the clerk the toy.

Lindsey was walking along the aisle, where the DVD's were displayed. My new friend Reggie watched Lindsey stroll along, those long skinny legs fully exposed and those tiny green shorts hiding her butt and not much else, and I was watching too.

"We're going to look around for a bit," I told the clerk.

"Sure thing," Reggie said, sounding happy for the chance an additional sale as well as the opportunity to gawk at my granddaughter.

Chapter Two: Checking out the movies.

I caught up with Lindsey as she stared at all the covers of the DVD's, and I was amazed at how graphic they were.

"Look at that!" I mentioned to Lindsey, pointing to a DVD that had a bunch of guys squirting cum on some blonde's face.

LIndsey looked and nodded, and she seemed to be upset or something.

"You okay, baby?"

"Yeah," Lindsey said shyly. "All this stuff is making me - you know - horny."

"Really?" I asked, and as I spoke, Lindsey looked around to see if our friendly cashier was looking before reaching out slyly and grabbing at my crotch.

"You are too," Lindsey giggled, finding out that I was half hard.

"Look at this one!" I exclaimed in surprise. "What do you think about that?"

The DVD was titled 'Horny Hairy Girls', and pictured on the cover was a dark haired woman who seemed just as tall and thin as Lindsey. Her arms were raised high above her head and she was proudly showing off the thick tufts of hair she had under her arms.

"That woman looks like you did before last night," I said. "Looks like your Grandpa isn't the only one who finds that attractive."

Lindsey giggled and posed like the woman on the DVD. As she put her hands behind her head, I couldn't help but noticed that those deep hollows that I had made so smooth last night were now coated with a dense five o'clock shadow. Impulsively, I reached over and ran my fingers through Lindsey's armpit, feeling the roughness of the seedlings that were already sprouting.

"My, that didn't last long," I mentioned.

"I know. I'm so hairy - like a werewolf or something," Lindsey said, and then jumped a bit as she looked over my shoulder. "Uh... the man. He's watching us."

"Oh," I said, having forgotten for a moment that we were being observed, and I stopped my stroking.

What kind of a country has this become, I thought to myself, when a man can't even stroke his granddaughter's armpit stubble in a porn shop? That thought made me chuckle, and when Lindsey asked me what was so funny, I shrugged it off. No sense making her think I was any crazier than she might suspect already.

If this stroll through the movie section was having an effect on me, it was making Lindsey positively feral. She was rubbing up against me, and giving my crotch a squeeze every chance she got.

A few people had entered the store since we had gotten there, and there was a man and a woman that had come in together. I would have said that maybe that would make Lindsey more comfortable, but she seemed to be doing fine by herself.

"Hey, this is interesting. 'Lesbian Teachers Seducing Schoolgirls'. Does this look familiar to you, Lindsey?"

As I handed Lindsey the DVD and she stared open mouthed at the cover picture of the busty woman looking like she was going to devour the petite girl, I sensed a presence behind me.

"Hey, that one is hot!" Reggie proclaimed, pointing either at the movie Lindsey was holding or at her nipples which were still trying to bore their way through her top. "You can watch that in one of the booths in back if you want to check it out before you buy it."

I thanked our overly eager clerk and waited until he left before talking to Lindsey.

"Do you want to go home now, honey?"

"No, Grandpa," Lindsey told me. "This is fun. Scary, but fun too."

"You like the way that man is looking at you, don't you? How does it make you feel, baby?"

"Sexy - I guess. Naughty, like my halter says."

Lindsey's 'Naughty Girl' top was certainly fitting in more ways than one. It made her little titties thrust out nicely, and showed so much of her creamy white skin and the galaxy of freckles that covered her arms and shoulders, that it was not surprising that others would find her just as attractive in her own way, as I did.

"Here," the by now very familiar deep bass voice said, as Reggie appeared from out of nowhere once more, and offered Lindsey a large gold coin. "Why don't you two go check out that movie in back. "It's on me."

Lindsey looked to me for approval before reaching out and taking the coin from him. The sight of that massive King Kong-like hand against Lindsey's starkly pale skin sent a shiver down my spine. Not that I wanted to see those two together, but the picture in my mind of what this guy would look like with Lindsey, was strangely erotic to me. At 6'2" at 200 pounds, even I was dwarfed by this giant.

"Let's go watch a little of it," I suggested, putting the DVD back and guiding Lindsey to the back of the store.

Chapter Three: Movie Time!

I pulled open the curtain that separated the store from this back room theatre, which was a row of booths with curtains on them. There were about a dozen of the booths, or so it seemed, as best as my eyes could tell in the murky light. Many of them had curtains drawn, which explained why there were cars in the parking lot when we arrived.

The noise - the symphony of moaning and groaning from the booths - was deafening. On each of the booth exteriors was a dimly lit picture frame which held a cover of the movie that was playing in that booth, and we walked down the aisle as I held onto Lindsey tightly. Fortunately, the booth that displayed 'Lesbians Seducing Schoolgirls' was vacant, so we parted the curtain and walked in.

The room was probably the size of two phone booths, if that. There was a dim light in the ceiling and a bench barely big enough for two that faced the built in television.

"Do you hear all that?" Lindsey said to me as we squeezed into the seat, and I wasn't sure whether she meant the sounds of the actors cumming in the adjoining movies or the noises made by the other patrons. "This is so exciting."

I told Lindsey to put the token in the slot, and after she did, the movie came on. This middle aged woman was standing behind this younger woman who was in a white blouse and plaid skirt, a twenty something woman trying to look much younger.

As the older woman reached around the girl, who was acting appropriately scared, her hands reached up and cupped her barely discernable breasts, kneading them roughly. I heard Lindsey gasp as this took place, and her hand reached down and grabbed my very stiff cock.

Looking over at Lindsey, I watched her staring at the two women intently. Her breathing was getting louder and more rapid with every second, and she began pulling on my cock savagely though my pants. Just as the older woman was taking the prim white blouse off the young lady, the film stopped. Good thing too, because Lindsey was on her way to having me make a mess in my trousers.

"Want to watch more, honey?" I asked as we stared at the now-dark TV screen, and pried Lindsey's hand off of me.

"Fuck me, Grandpa,"

"We can't here," I protested, as Lindsey climbed over me.

"Please? Really got to," she insisted. "Out in the car?"

The thought of us trying to have sex in my car in broad daylight was not appealing or wise, but I had another idea.

"Here," I said, reaching into my pocket and pulling out what I hoped were one dollar bills, although in this light it was more of a guess than anything else. "Take this out to the nice man and tell him you want some more tokens."

"Me?" Lindsey asked in a cracking voice.

"Sure honey. Why not?"

He's scary looking, and he keeps pulling on himself when he looks at me."

"That means he likes you, I guess. You'll be fine. Make sure you come right back here, okay?"

Lindsey got up and very slowly left the booth, looking back at me one last time, probably in hopes of a last second reprieve, before going down the aisle.

I needed the respite, because my cock was ready to explode. I got up and went down the aisle just as Lindsey was going through the curtain and out to the store. Hurrying over, I peeked through a crack between the drapes and watched Lindsey walking over to the counter, where big Reggie was waiting.

Lindsey was walking on what seemed like very unsteady legs, almost like a stork, and she was moving so slowly that it seemed to take forever for her to get there. She approached the register like it was a nest of rattlesnakes.

The king cobra, Reggie, was waiting like the proverbial wolf waiting for the sheep to arrive. They had a conversation, and while I was ready to come out should the need arise, I decided to stay hidden and enjoy Lindsey interact with him.

After a few minutes, Lindsey was handed some tokens and finally turned around and headed back toward me. As she walked, much more rapidly than she had gone the other way, I watched Reggie give his crotch a squeeze as he stared at her.

"What took you so long?" I asked innocently when Lindsey came back to me. "Reggie and you have a nice talk?"

"He asked me if I was liking the movie," Lindsey said.

"What did you say?"

"I said yes, and then he said that he had something that would make me way happier than the toy or that Dr. Phil could make me."

"Dr. Phil? Who's that?"

"He's a guy on TV," Lindsey said, exposing my ignornace of modern culture. "You look a little like him, I guess."

"Anything else?"

"Yes," Lindsey said, seeming to be almost afraid to tell me. "He asked me if I had ever had a black man, and he said we would be good together, and that he wanted to fuck me three ways; long, hard and continuous."

"Do you want him to?"

"God no, Grandpa. I want you," Lindsey said, putting her arms around my neck. "I really want you bad."

"How many tokens did you get?"

"Three. He gave me an extra one because he said I was hot."

"Put them in," I instructed Lindsey, while I dropped my trousers and boxers down before sitting down.

As Lindsey reached forward, I took the opportunity to reach down and grab the elastic of her shorts, tugging them down to her knees.

"Here Lindsey," I said as the screen lit up again, and I slid forward on the seat while holding my cock straight up with one hand while reaching between her legs.

"Oh my - you're dripping wet!" I said as I pulled her slowly down onto my lap, smelling the pungent aroma of her pussy which was filling the room. "Sit on Grandpa's cock, honey."

Lindsey eased her pussy down onto me, and she was so wet even without touching her that it was a tight but smooth slide down my pole. Sitting on my lap, we were both able to watch the screen, and I held her around the waist as she took most of me inside of her.

Lindsey tried to move up and down on my tool, but I held her tightly around the waist, just slightly lifting her up and down by moving my thighs. She was whimpering as I did this, and I nibbled on her shoulder before beginning to comment on the movie.

The woman had just taken the blouse off the 'schoolgirl', who held her hands up in front of what seemed to be a training bra. The matronly woman pulled the schoolgirl's hands down and took the bra off of the girl.

"Oh wow, look at that," I whispered in Lindsey's ear. "Is that how that woman seduced you? Look how very small that younger woman's breasts are! Yours are so much bigger and nicer."

My hands slid up and cupped Lindsey's little cones while she began to writhe on my lap, and as I squeezed them tightly through the fabric of the halter top, I felt her pussy convulse violently around my cock, and she let out a moan that resonated over the surrounding din. She jerked around like a spastic marionette on my cock while I held on to her tits for support.

Lindsey eventually stopped spasming, and then began to grind herself on me while the movie continued. The young woman, whose breasts were so small that they reminded me of dear Molly's little buds, was now undressing the older woman.

The matronly dame had quite a rack on her, and when the girl undid the heavy duty bra that she needed to keep them in tow, the thing flew off as her gigantic melons lunged out of the contraption.

"Did you do that, honey?" I asked Lindsey, who was now thrusting herself up and down on me with renewed enthusiasm. "Did the woman who seduced you have big breasts like her? Did she rub her breasts against yours like that?"

While they began grinding their breasts together, Lindsey came again. I was hoping to cum with her, but the movie distracted me and her orgasm snuck up on me. Now Lindsey was limp on my lap, still impaled by my cock, and I needed to cum.

"Let me," Lindsey said when I told her my dilemma after she had recovered somewhat, and she got up off of me and knelt on the floor.

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