Greek Week


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During my junior year of college I had this girlfriend, Julie. Julie was an aerobics enthusiast and had this hot little body. Her tits weren't huge, but provided a nice handful. Her tight ass and toned legs got attention everywhere she went. However it was her hair and face that really completed the package. She had straight brunette hair that went down to the middle of her back. Her face was a bit small, which made her medium-sized lips look big and luscious and her eyes real expressive. I swear that a single glance from those eyes would render most men speechless. The funny thing is that I don't think that Julie realized how hot she looked. Socially, she palled around with everyone. She didn't seem to realize that being friendly with guys would often be misinterpreted as flirting. Or maybe she did and just didn't care. I'm not sure how I ended up with her but I was lucky to have her.

This buddy of mine, John, was writing and directing a play for his fraternity for the upcoming Greek Week. During Greek Week, fraternities and sororities would pair up and present plays. The plays would show once per night for four nights, Thursday through Sunday. Each play would set their own ticket prices with proceeds going to charity. A DVD of Sunday's performance would also be made and sold, again with proceeds to charity. The play that made the most money was awarded some prize and got bragging rights. More importantly, there were a lot of side bets between the Greek houses that carried substantial consequences. You can use your imagination, but what you need to know is that winning the Greek Week play competition was a huge deal.

Julie was in the sorority that was paired with John's fraternity. Julie had done some acting in high school, but aside from some minor roles in previous Greek Week plays, had done none since. With Julie's previous acting experience and good looks, and knowing that John was attracted to Julie, I wasn't surprised at all when he asked her to take a lead role in the play. She told him that she would definitely consider it, but wanted to hear about the play and the role. He was still getting the script finalized, so they agreed to talk about it the following week.

The next week Julie and I were having dinner and she told me that she had talked with John about the play. I had sort of forgotten about it but I could tell she was excited to tell me. She said that he was in the process of setting the cast now, but that she could definitely have the lead female role of Diana if she wanted it. She told me that the play was basically a comedic love story involving Diana and Steve. The comedy and action would come from the play being set on board a modern cruise ship that is overtaken by 18th-century sword-bearing pirates. I know that it sounds ridiculous, but you can't perform a play adaptation of On Golden Pond and expect to sell tickets to a college crowd. Julie said that the play seemed like a lot of fun and that she wanted to do it. I'm like, "Great, it sounds like fun!"

A look of concern crept onto her face. She said that there were a couple of issues. I tensed up a bit, not knowing what to expect. The only thing that I could think of was that there would probably be a bunch of rehearsals, so she would be busier than usual. But that actually wasn't one of the issues. "The first," she said, "is that it is a love story so that there would be some kissing with whoever plays Steve."

That seemed reasonable to me. I wasn't sure what it would be like to see my girlfriend lip-locked with another guy, but it would just be acting and actors do that all the time. The second issue was that John wanted the play to have some sex appeal to try to drive up ticket sales. I responded, "Okay so what does that mean for you?"

She described a hot tub scene where she would have to wear a skimpy bikini. That didn't seem to be too bad, especially if she'd actually be mostly covered by being in the hot tub. She explained that during that scene the pirates burst in, so that only part of the scene would she be in the hot tub. Okay, but it still didn't seem outrageous. I suddenly wondered aloud, "Who is playing Steve?"

She responded that casting is still underway, but that John himself might play the role if there aren't any better options. Well now I was a bit suspicious. I know that John liked Julie and had the hots for her. It would certainly be convenient if he got, in the name of acting, all of these opportunities to kiss her and watch her prance around in a tiny bikini. She caught my reaction and said that John wanted to make sure that all of this was okay with me before she agreed to do it. His alleged concern helped comfort me but I wasn't at perfect ease. Anyway, I tried to suppress any further negativity and gave her my full support. She was clearly excited about having a lead role in the play, so I couldn't take that away from her.

Over the next couple of weeks the cast seemed to come together. John was, not surprisingly, taking the role of Steve. I had heard about bits and pieces of the play, but Julie hadn't mentioned anything about any intimate scenes between Diana and Steve. One night in bed I asked her, and she told me about an early scene in which they share a gentle kiss. I asked her about other scenes, and she said that there was a scene at the end when they share a passionate kiss after the pirates flee the ship. Other than that, she said, was the hot tub scene. I figured that was where the danger lied, so I cautiously asked her to describe that scene. She seemed nervous telling me about the scene, so I assured her that it was okay, that it was just acting. So she proceeded to describe the scene.

The scene begins with the two of them walking into a room with a steaming hot tub. Steve removes his shirt and gets in wearing just a pair of swimming shorts. Diana is a wearing a loose shirt and shorts, with a bikini underneath, so she strips off the shirt and shorts. She then gets into the hot tub and sits down on the opposite side from where John is sitting. After some talking, she crosses the hot tub to Steve and straddles him, kissing him deeply. Their bodies are pressed together tightly, with her bikini-covered tits rubbing against his bare chest. They then begin thrusting motions to imitate that they are having sex. During their simulated sex the pirates burst in and force them to come out of the hot tub. The two of them then stand on one side for several minutes dripping wet while the pirates make their demands and threaten the lives of all on board.

I had to admit that it was more involved than I was expecting, with the pressing of nearly-naked bodies together and simulated sex. Julie reminded me that the intent was to add some sex appeal and capture the interest of the audience a bit. John told her that if they made that scene hot enough that people would talk about it afterwards and help drive ticket sales on future nights. That may be true but I wasn't convinced that ticket sales were the only motivating factor. Even though it looked like John was going to get a bunch of cheap thrills out of the deal, Julie really wanted to do the play. I couldn't exactly tell her to drop the play at this point and I'm not sure that I'd still have a girlfriend if I did so. Therefore I did the only thing I could and played the role of supportive boyfriend.

Over the following weeks there were a fair amount of rehearsals. She told me that John had found out that another group was also going to have some simulated sex in their play, but that John had devised a gimmick to try to better them. She said that over the course of the four days that they were going to increase the sexiness of the play. John was going to intentionally let that leak out, so that hopefully, people would come to see the play more than once. I wasn't convinced that would work - wouldn't they just come Sunday night? Regardless, that was their plan. I imagined that that meant perhaps a less-revealing bikini on Thursday night and maybe a longer sex scene on Sunday, so I didn't even bother to ask how they were upping the sexiness of the play. I was in for a surprise.

On Thursday night, the auditorium was about half full, which was about the same for all of the plays that evening. Julie looked great on stage. Her first intimate scene with John came off well. The two characters had flirted in the previous scene and were now enjoying their first kiss. That scene ends with them walking off of the stage holding hands.

Julie's next scene is the hot tub scene, which went down more or less as Julie described. On stage was a medium-sized octagonal hot tub, with a set of stairs on the right side of the hot tub. John and Julie entered house right holding hands. As they neared the hot tub, John stepped away from Julie and pulled off his shirt. John climbed into the hot tub and sat on the left side. Julie proceeded to strip off her clothes to reveal a tiny white bikini. She looked fantastic in it, prompting an audible reaction from the crowd. I could hear several wolf whistles and other expressions of approval. A bunch of people even took pictures of Julie in her bikini. The crowd seemed mesmerized as she slowly entered the hot tub and sat down on the right side, opposite John. They talked for a few moments before Julie stood and crossed the hot tub to John. She straddled his waist and they kissed passionately with their bodies pressed firmly together. His hands, which had been on her back, slid down to her submerged ass. She started thrusting her crotch towards his and he began repeatedly pulling her into him. Soon they were in perfect rhythm, thrashing in the hot tub. The crowd loved it. Me, I'm not so sure. Even though it was acting, the sight of my friend John putting it to my girlfriend was a bit disturbing. Despite these emotions, I found it strangely arousing. As it looked like the characters were approaching climax, the pirates came running on stage. Julie and John feigned surprise while the crowd booed their entrance. The pirates forced John and Julie out of the pool allowing everyone to clearly see the tent in John's shorts. It sure looked like he was enjoying feeling my girlfriend's tits against his chest, grabbing her ass with both hands and pulling her into his cock.

Julie looked phenomenal standing on stage in the small wet bikini that clung to her curves. The bikini didn't become transparent but nobody was left wondering the location of her nipples. As she turned around, the view of her ass was mind-blowing. There were a lot of flashes from cameras, so I know that I wasn't the only one that thought so. I wonder how much of the crowd could even concentrate on what the pirates were saying. I know I couldn't.

That night I congratulated her and told her she looked great. She seemed to appreciate the complement and was relieved that I wasn't upset about the play. I told her that I didn't realize that he was going to grab her ass or that the sex was going to be quite so physical. She explained that it needed to look realistic and not lame if the scene was going to help ticket sales. Besides, she explained, it was all acting and it was nothing that you didn't see in thousands of movies. I also mentioned John's tent and she was like, "You know how guys are, if the wind blows..."

Okay, she was right. How could he not get a hard-on with his hands gripping her fantastic ass and grinding their crotches together? How could he not enjoying feeling her beautiful bikini-clad breasts bouncing against his chest? I had to ask at that point what they were going to do to sex it up further. She told me that there were a bunch of ideas floating around but that it wasn't going to be decided until tomorrow, after tonight's ticket sales numbers were released.

On Friday I didn't see Julie all day since she was with the other actors rehearsing and making whatever changes they wanted to the play. John's play was currently in first place out of the four plays, but did not have much of a lead. As Thursday is easily the slowest of the four days, no one really paid too much attention to Thursday's numbers.

On Friday night the auditorium was about 80% full. That was a bit better than usual for the Friday night plays, but not outstanding. The only scene that really changed was the hot tub scene. Julie wore the same skimpy bikini, but when she got in the hot tub, she had her back to the audience and Steve was facing the audience. I was trying to figure out the rationale for Julie to be facing away from the audience when I saw her reach behind her back and untie the bikini top! The audience gasped and several pictures were taken. Even though her back was to the audience her bare back looked sexy as hell. She tossed the bikini top away from the hot tub. Her tits were above the water, so John could definitely see her tits. I couldn't believe that my girlfriend was now on stage topless with my buddy John staring at her naked tits! I realized that John had the best view, but not the only view. Stagehands on the sides of the stage could clearly see as well. Even some of the audience towards either side of the auditorium could see the sides of her breasts! I was not expecting this and I was surprised that I was actually finding it arousing. I was amazed that Julie would let John and all of these other people look at her tits in order to try to increase ticket sales. Julie had to remain in that position for a half-minute while the crowd calmed down, all the while allowing John, stagehands, and a few lucky audience members to just stare at her naked tits.

Julie then moved towards John. As she sat down on his legs, John reached up and grabbed her tits. The male members of the audience cheered. I was incredulous. Not only was Julie letting John stare at her exposed tits, she was letting him grope them too? After a few moments, his hands went behind her and they pressed their bodies together and kissed. Their simulated sex seemed to last a bit longer this time before the interruption by the pirates. When the pirates burst on stage, Julie and John pretended to be surprised and looked to see what was going on. Doing so caused their bodies to separate a bit, and Julie's turning to look at the pirates made her breasts swing freely for just a second. For that brief moment the sides of her tits could be seen by all and many people with a better angle could surely see her nipples. Julie quickly pressed her tits back into John's chest to end her exposure.

It then occurred to me that she was going to have to get out of the hot tub. When she turned around she had her arms across her chest. Even though her tits were covered, a lot of people were taking pictures hoping to catch whatever they could. She crossed the hot tub to get back to the stairs. She then needed to use one hand to steady herself as she climbed out, leaving only one arm to cover her breasts. It was more challenging than it may sound. Everything was wet so slipping was a concern, she was nearly blinded by stage lighting, and the climbing up and out of the tub made her torso including her breasts move around a lot. Despite these challenges she was successful in the way that mattered most - she didn't fall. While she tried desperately to keep an arm across her breasts, they kept escaping. One tit came out from under her arm, and then she moved her arm to try to cover it and the other one slipped out. That seemed to happen a couple of times, and then for a little while both were free while her arm had slid between them. She was really trying to keep them covered, but just failing miserably.

Once out of the tub she was able to use her other arm to cover herself more completely. For the duration of the scene she remained a sexy sight to see, standing on stage topless with her arms across her chest. The crowd continued snapping pictures the whole time.

At the end of the play the audience gave a standing ovation. When she stepped forward to bow, the audience let out an extra cheer of support. When I finally got to talk to her she asked me what I thought. I could tell that she was enjoying all of the attention and so I just told her that she looked great. She could tell that I had some reservations so she reminded me, "Honey, don't forget, it's all acting."

"Did he really have to grab your bare tits?" I asked.

"If we were in a hot tub together and I was topless, wouldn't you?" she asked, knowing the answer.

I couldn't really argue that it was natural in that setting. Logically, it all made sense. It really did. Emotionally, it was difficult to see my girlfriend have her naked tits exposed to all of these guys and even groped by John. Simultaneously, I found it exciting and sexy.

She turned bright red when I told her that she gave the audience some good flashes when the pirates entered and when she got out of the hot tub.

"I know," she explained, "they weren't intentional. When the pirates entered I just forgot at that moment that I was topless. Once I had turned, it was already too late! And I don't know how I'm supposed to get out of that hot tub without exposing myself and without slipping! I did the best that I could."

I also asked her if she realized that people were taking pictures of her up on stage. Of course she was, but she dismissed it as a necessary part of acting. She also pointed out that, after tonight's audience reaction, that their play had a strong chance of winning the sales competition. I wasn't thinking about the competition. I was thinking about how all of these guys that had taken classes with her or otherwise saw her around campus that were suddenly seeing more of her body than they thought they ever would. I was thinking about professors and teaching assistants that had secretly ogled her getting this golden opportunity to see more of her. I was thinking about all of these revealing pictures that were going to be floating around of my girlfriend topless on stage. And I was thinking about my friend John and all of the liberties that he was taking with my Julie. With all that in my head, how could I possibly care about a sales competition?

When ticket sales figures were released on Saturday, John's play was essentially tied with another for first place. In response, John raised the price for Saturday night's play by $5.00. He should have raised it more because the play quickly sold out. I wondered what John had in store for tonight. Since Sunday's ticket sales would be largely driven by Saturday's play, he had to up the ante. I was fearful what that would mean for Julie.

Not surprisingly, the hot tub scene was again the main attraction. John got in the hot tub as usual, but this time sat with his back towards the left side of audience. Once he was sitting, he reached under the water and removed his shorts, dropping them to the side of the hot tub! Several girls in the audience expressed their enthusiasm. Julie approached the hot tub in her bikini but stopped before getting in. She was facing left, standing just in front of the hot tub stairs. I suddenly realized what was about to happen and so did the audience. In slow motion I watched as Julie reached behind her back. The intensity in the audience increased and people began snapping pictures. Julie then pulled her bikini top off, freeing her gorgeous firm breasts for all to see. The audience roared. So many pictures were being taken that it reminded me of the paparazzi taking pictures of celebrities, blinding them with a barrage of flashes. Julie needed to wait for the audience to calm down some before continuing the scene, so she just stood there topless while everyone stared at her breasts. It felt like ten minutes of waiting, but I'm sure that it was actually much less.

When she resumed the scene, she climbed up the stairs and into the hot tub. In the process, her breasts shook and swayed. She quickly sat down facing John and began her dialogue with John. Her breasts remained above the water. In that exposed state she skillfully managed to deliver her lines of conversation with John. She then stood back up and crossed the hot tub to John. I expected her to sit down on John's legs again, but she remained standing in the waist-high water. I noticed that John had his hands on her hips and it suddenly appeared that he was going to remove her bikini bottoms! I watched as his hands plunged deeper into the hot tub and then emerged holding her bikini bottoms. The guys in the audience cheered when he dropped the bikini bottoms out of the hot tub. I couldn't believe that Julie was now completely naked on stage, with only the water in the hot tub providing her with a bit of modesty. Julie then began to slowly lower her nude body onto his. John reached up and grabbed two handfuls of tit and guided her body down. As she sat completely down there seemed to be some sudden repositioning. I had to wonder whether she was sitting far enough away to not touch his cock. Julie slid forward, eliminating any doubt regarding contact. I figured his dick was probably between their stomachs, but her pussy had to be pressing the bottom of his shaft and balls. He reached behind her and grabbed her naked but submerged ass. They began thrusting in unison. John even seemed to be lifting her slightly up and down. I couldn't believe that John not only had gotten to kiss my girlfriend, but also see and feel her naked tits and ass and was now grinding his cock right against her bare pussy.

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