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Groupfun at Halloween


Lizzy had a body most men would die for, and most women would too. She was tall, blonde, and tan. She had perfect perky breasts, long legs, and a smoothly shaved tight pussy. We had been together for about three months when we went to the Halloween party. It was being thrown by one of her close friends from college and we decided to dress as a couple. I wore a surgeon’s outfit, and she was my naughty nurse. She wore a tight white skirt that hugged every curve on her body, along with a white button up shirt that showed off her beautiful tits.

When we arrived at the party, there were about 10 people there and the alcohol was flowing freely. We walked in and everyone in the room stared at Lizzy in her outfit. She was so hot, and she loved the attention. All of the women there were beautiful, and all of them seemed to know it. Lizzy introduced me to all of her friends, and they all introduced their dates. We started off with some drinking games, and as the night wore on we were all getting pretty loaded. About midnight, we began to play truth or dare. Lizzy was sitting on my lap, and I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my thigh. The first girl up chose truth and blushingly admitted to sleeping with one of her college professors in order to get a passing grade, fittingly enough she was dressed up like a schoolgirl. Her boyfriend was up next and he swore he never had had a better blowjob than his current girlfriend. We all encouraged her to show off her skills and soon she was on her knees sucking away at her boyfriends cock. Watching her head bob back and forth made my soldier stand at attention and caused Lizzy to slyly grind her pussy against my stiff cock. After about a minute, she pulled her head away, opened her mouth towards the rest of us, and swallowed a mouthful of cum.

Lizzy was up next and she wanted the attention so she picked a dare. She was dared to do a striptease in the middle of the room. Some music was turned on and she began to move her hips rhythmically to the sound. Her hands slid down her chest and almost invisibly undid the buttons on her shirt. Her tits almost burst out of her bra, and her erect nipples were plain for all to see. Slowly she slipped out of her skirt and let it slide off her hips. She was now wearing a lace thong and a transparent bra. She turned around and unhooked her bra, teasing it off her shoulders, while she bent over and gave the entire room a clear view of her perfect ass. She then stood back up and teased the sides of her thong with her back to the room. As she slipped off her panties, she turned around and let the whole room see her perfect tits, and cleanly shaved pussy. Just then the song ended and she came back and sat on my lap naked. As she sat down, one of the girls said that she needed to speak with all the other women. All the women went into the next room and left us men alone with our raging hard-ons.

A few minutes passed and then Lizzy came back and said the rest of the women would return in just a minute. About thirty seconds later, the rest of the women entered the room and were all naked. Their perky tits bounced as they walked and all of them had clean shaven pussies. They all dropped to their knees and whipped out their boyfriends stiff cocks. The room filled with sounds of slurping and licking. With all of the physical and visual stimulation, all of the men came within two minutes, and every girl took the load into their mouths, but didn’t swallow. Instead they all turned towards each other and began swapping the loads of cum as they became entangled in a group french kiss. Tongues darted in and out of the group and cum dripped down their lips and onto their tits. Soon they all formed a circle, and began to eat out one another. Every girl was having her pussy eaten, while they all lapped up another girl’s juices. The smell of sex was intoxicating, and the moans filling the room revived all of the cocks. The men rose from their seats and took their place behind their respective women. All of the girls turned towards the middle of the circle and stayed bent on all fours. Collectively the men all took their stiff cocks and plunged them deep and hard into their girlfriend’s dripping pussies. The cocks slid in and out, lubricated by the wetness of each woman’s cunt. Punging deeper and harder the women, were all pushed over the edge and began to cum. Their pussies quivered, bodies shook, muscles spasmed and all of the guys filled their hungry cunts with long thick spurts of cum. We all collapsed into one another, and after a few minutes we all left the party.

I thought that the night was over, but when we got home it turned out that Lizzy had invited one of the other couples over. The rest of the night was pretty wild, but that’s another story….

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