tagSci-Fi & FantasyGryphon Keep Ch. 05

Gryphon Keep Ch. 05


I hear you. I smell you. I taste you. You are near, aren't you? The first orb has awakened me from my long slumber, a slumber that had been long and lonely. For hundreds of years, I have been patiently waiting, waiting to be reconnected with you as you had promised, sweet witch, and that promise has been the only blood that has kept my sleeping heart pumping.

Awaken me, sweet witch. Reclaim my heart and rekindle my soul.


"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Because I just found out, Captain. Maxy told the king while I was present."

Dreama just stared at the young lieutenant, her mouth temporarily dropping open. "You were privy to the entire meeting?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Why would the king presume to let a lowly lieutenant like you attend a military meeting like that?"

Clawson bristled under her ridicule but forced himself not to show it. Maybe it had been a bad idea to try to get into her pants by agreeing to supply her with information concerning the Gryphon Prophecy. "I don't know, Captain. I didn't ask him; I merely delivered my report and remained when he didn't dismiss me."

"Hmpf!" She grunted, flinging herself in a chair, her mind still angrily ruminating on the blowjob she'd given Maxy and the manner in which he treated her afterwards. She didn't know what made her angrier: the fact that he came in her mouth for free or that he'd already divined her true intentions so quickly. "I should have been at that meeting."

"Yes, Captain."

"So, tell me what happened."

It took him just under twenty minutes to relate the contents of the meeting to Captain Thurin, ignoring her grunts and rude comments. He had a change of heart and didn't tell the captain about the jewels nor of the deadline. It was obvious that he'd made a dreadful mistake and would prostrate himself in front of Maxy and King Coleuss in the hopes that they would understand and forgive him.

"When are they heading up to take a look at the gate?"

"In three days. Maxy said that there's some kind of celestial event that's going to happen that will activate the gate."

"Good. Get me the translation and Maxy's notes right away."

"Yes, Captain."

It took only seconds before Lieutenant Clawson found his way to the king's suite and begged an audience with the regent, startling Maxy who was in attendance. He gave a respectful nod to the scholar and dropped to his knees at the foot of the throne, prostrating himself before King Coleuss.

"Rise, Clawson. There is no need for this formality … "

"I am a fraud, sire. I dare not rise until you hear my story and pass judgment."

King Coleuss glanced over at Maxy, then returned his attention to the cowering lieutenant. "Tell me what you wish me to know." Clawson broke then, relaying how Captain Thurin had conned him into giving her information and completely informed them as to the conversations he'd had with her. Once he'd finished, he remained on the floor until the king himself tapped on his shoulder. "Arise, Lieutenant."

Maxy watched the king with keen interest, fighting the urge to speak his heart and knowing that it wasn't the proper time. To his credit, Lieutenant Clawson did not cower as King Coleuss glared at him.

"Do you know what the usual punishment is for this type of offense?"

"Yes, sire."

Coleuss leaned close to the young man's ear. "And what is that?"

"Death, sire."

"Correct." The king barked, startling the young lieutenant. "So why shouldn't I just order your death?"

"You should, sire. I expect nothing less."

"Hmpf!" King Coleuss turned his back on the young man, his eyes trained on Maxy. Something passed between them and the regent gave a subtle nod. "Well, you can count your lucky stars today, Clawson. Seems that you have a friend in my scholar."

"Thank you, sire."

"Maxy, what would you have him do?"

"If it pleases you, sire, I think it would be good to assign him as Princess Coleta's personal guard and he can assist us in the preparations for the Ceremony."

"He has not shown his trustworthiness in the past. What makes you think that he would be trustworthy in the future?"

"Lieutenant Clawson has been loyal, sire, albeit it misled and he believed that he was acting in the best interests of the Crown. He is a young officer, sire, and I believe that this lesson had taught him everything that he'll ever need to know about how to conduct himself."

The king stood behind the lieutenant, meeting Maxy's dark eyes over the young man's shoulders. "So, do you have something in mind?"

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