tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHad Enough Of Her Leading Me On

Had Enough Of Her Leading Me On


"Is one of those women your wife?"

I smiled and looked back at the two beautiful women sitting at my table.


"Is she jealous that you're over here talking to us?"

I laughed. "Not at all. You DID notice that I'm out with two women, didn't you?"

The bachelorette party of three girls laughed together, wondering if I was joking or serious. "Why don't you join us?"

"I can, for just a minute, but then I have to get back." I sat down and engaged the soon-to-be bride in teasing and suggestive conversation, turning her cheeks red at every other sentence, her two friends nearly unable to speak from laughing so hard. She was pretty, but heavy-set, and I could tell she didn't get attention like this very often. After a few minutes I excused myself and went to my table, smiling at my wife and our delicious friend as they laughed and shook their heads at me. "You just can't help yourself, can you?"

My reply was nothing more than a mischievous grin on my face as I took another sip from my drink and joined in finishing the appetizers before us. I glanced down at the time on my cell phone. "Oh... we have to go!"

Several minutes later we arrived at the show and found our seats. I knew the way that I wanted this night to go, but I also knew not to push my wife too far, too soon. I could tell that she was attracted to Vivian, that look in her eye when she looked at her, and Viv, well, she had made her intentions very clear. Lexi slid over, leaving a space between her and Viv, an unspoken but clear invitation for me to sit between them. I didn't hesitate.

As the lights dimmed and the show began I quickly found my left hand holding my wife's, and the other being held by Viv. It was amazing, really, a sensation that I had always wanted to feel, but this was the first time. Viv slid my hand up her tight thighs, gasping quietly as I squeezed them and teased her gently with my fingers. I leaned over to my wife and kissed her, knowing that she could see what was going on. I suddenly felt Viv's warm breath in my ear as she whispered to me. "Does Lexi know that you have your hand on my leg like this?"


"Is she okay with it?"

"Yes." She only smiled in reply. I turned and looked into her slate-blue eyes, bright and striking even in the dim light, our faces barely inches away from each other's. She looked down at my lips, and back up into my eyes, and then we simultaneously moved closer to each other, our lips meeting and parting, her tongue sliding eagerly into my mouth, exploring it with abandon. We kissed for a few moments and then turned back to watch the show. I looked at Lexi and felt her squeeze my hand, smiling at me, nervous but happy to see me getting something I had wanted for such a long time.

The lights turned up as the intermission was announced, and I got up to run to the bathroom and get us more drinks. I stood up, sliding by Viv, watching her give me her evil little smile as she moved a seat over to sit next to my wife, putting her arm around her and playing with her hair. I made it to the end of the aisle when I heard someone calling my name.

"Dominic? Hey bro! What are you doing here? Is Lexi with you?" It was Gerry, a guy we met some weeks before. He was a handsome, rugged guy... loud and bodacious like I'd imagine a college frat boy to be, but a decent fellow none-the-less. And Lexi had a thing for him. Hmmmm... this was about to get interesting.

Lexi hopped out of her seat and gave him a hug, noting the intrigued smirk on his face from seeing Viv stroking her hair. She made introductions as I excused myself, finding the line to the only men's bathroom. A few minutes later Gerry appeared next to me. "Oh, hey bro. Listen, some friends of mine and I are going to this club down the street that a buddy of mine owns. You guys want to join us?"

I know how much Viv loves to dance, and I also know that Lexi would jump at the chance to spend some time with this guy. I had originally planned on taking both girls home, but this might not a bad idea. "Let me talk to the girls about it, it'll be up to them. If they want to head straight home, then..." I shrugged, and we both laughed, as did a few guys in line who were eavesdropping on the conversation.

Gerry leaned close to me to try to mask his voice. "Are you guys, uh, into that?" I shrugged with a wicked smirk on my face. "That's cool man. That's really cool." We didn't say another word about it for the rest of our wait, but when I got back to my seat and mentioned the invitation to my two consorts, they both lit up. It was settled.

We walked down the stairs together after the show, making our way through the dark parking lot towards the street. Viv grabbed Lexi's hand and walked with her, pushing me away playfully. "You got an awful lot of attention in there, walking around with us two sexy ladies." I laughed. She was right... the looks we were getting... "I think Lexi deserves a reward too, you know." We all stopped.

"Oh yeah? What do you have in mind?"

She turned to face Lexi, who stood several inches taller than her, sliding her hands up and wrapping them around her face. She didn't have to answer... all three of us knew what was about to happen. Lexi had never kissed another woman, ever. I was fucking thrilled that I was getting the chance to see it with my own eyes. Their lips met, naturally and easily, and then both sweet, sexy mouths opened wide, their tongues playfully teasing one other's. I kept perfectly still, as if even the slightest movement would spook them, afraid to even breath, until I couldn't stop myself anymore. "Ooooh... that is sooooo hot."

They turned to me and smiled, taking hands and continuing to the street with me. I was walking on air.

We parked near the club and walked in, looking around for a moment before hearing Gerry and his friends calling to us, waving us over to the large booth with several couches that they had reserved. Hookas were scattered around the table, different people, strangers to us, partaking and sharing them. We slid onto one of the couches, Lexi sidling up to her guy friend. I sat down and felt Viv press her body against me, touching my shoulder and sitting down on my lap, leaning into my body.

"I want to dance." I can barely hear her over the thumping music, but I can see the look in her eye and the movement of her body to the music, her face lit by the lasers cutting through the smoky air. She knows that I don't dance, but she wants me to keep an eye on her. "Alright."

She hopped up off my lap and giddily ran into the crowd of movement, the music taking over her tight body like it had been possessed. This girl sure does know how to dance. It wasn't long before a young Hispanic guy found her, pressing his body against hers as they moved in rhythm, their hands sliding up and down each other. The whole time she would stare at me, song after song played, her eyes full of lust as she looked me up and down, watching me smile and shake my head at her teasing.

I walked back to check on my wife, who's happily chatting and flirting with Gerry. She handed me her empty drink and gave me that knowing smile. All right. I know where this night is going now. I walked to the bar, checking on my little girlfriend as I go, and fight with the crowd all trying to get the bartender's attention. Finally I return, kissing her on the cheek and leaving them to their naughtiness as I walked back into the crowd. I finally spot Viv leaning against the bar, still slowly dancing with her buddy. I can see a different look in her eye now... she's tired. Thirsty. Although we've only started to spend time together this way recently, I've known her for a few years, been out with her many times. I even know when she's had too much to drink, and she'd damn close right now.

I walked up to the two of them, watching her dance partner grind against her as she leaned back against the bar, her skin moist with sweat, hardly moving anymore. I grabbed him by the shoulder and yanked him away, nearly tossing him off his feet in the process. He looked at me in surprise for a brief moment, which I ignored as I stepped forward and claimed her, pulling her into my arms, feeling her hands wrap around my head as her lips sought out mine. She kissed me slowly and deeply, leaving no doubt in everyone's mind who she belonged to this night.

She leaned heavily on me as I all but carried her back to the couch, her body exhausted from the dancing and her mind fuzzy from the alcohol. I sat her down next to Lexi and got her some cold ice water, always what she asks for when she's drunk. She accepted it with a smile and drank deeply, kissing me again, her lips and tongue deliciously cold from the water. "I want to go home!"

I nodded to her, chuckling at her slurring words and drunken voice, and tapped Lexi on the side. A motion with my head let her know what was going on. She quickly turned to Gerry and they had a rapid, animated conversation, and then she turned back to me. "Can uh, he come along?" I nodded, and we got up to head for the door.

"I think I'm going to be sick."

I tried not to roll my eyes at Viv. She did this every time. For a woman with as much experience as she had, she really should know when to stop. But still, she doesn't, and I hadn't caught it in time. One of her hands grasped my shoulder as she bent over and puked onto the dirty alleyway. I held her close and helped her stand, looking back and catching my wife's eye as she shook her head. I rolled my eyes as if to say, "I know, she's hopeless."

Finally she finished and I got her to the car, putting her into the front seat next to me while Lexi and her friend hop into the back. Viv leaned her head against the cool glass, moaning gently, telling me something about driving slowly. I pulled away and made the trip back to her place without further incident, other than hearing her constant moaning. Or was the moaning coming from the back seat? I couldn't tell..

I pulled into her driveway and stopped, looking into the back seat for the first time since I started driving. "I'm going to uh, help her out." Lexi nodded to me. I figured she'd be occupied for a while.

We reached the door of her house and I let her key in the code, stumbling through the doorway. "I know the code to your door now, you know. That means I can sneak in and rape you anytime I want. She laughed at me drunkenly. "Oh really? What is it then?" I repeated the code back to her. "Oh... shit..."

We laughed together for a moment as she made her way to the master bedroom, opening the bathroom door and finding the floor in front of the toilet. I held her hair back for her as she threw up into it some more, emptying her stomach, listening to her moaning and spitting. "You always do this, you know. You tease and toy with me all night long, and then you drink too much and I have to put your sick body to bed."

She coughed for a moment, trying to figure out if she needed to puke more. "I... I know. I'm sorry."

I didn't say anything, just sitting with her as she recovered slowly, the cool tile against her skin making her feel better. Finally she stood, holding the side of the sink and washing her mouth out, brushing her teeth. I leaned against the wall, watching her, my eyes traveling up and down her slender body. She turned to me, looking me in the eye, and then started taking her clothes off. Her short dress, up over her body and onto the floor, exposing her bare, perfectly engineered breasts. The thick tights protecting her legs from the cold outside, down to the floor and kicked away. There she stood, wearing nothing but a thong, and then turned and walked to her bed, flopping down on her side on top of the covers.

I walked and sat next to her, admiring her incredible body. She had worked hard on it for years, and it showed, every muscle toned and defined, not a touch of fat on her. My hand moved and reached her side, sliding down it and hearing her moan to me softly. "Mmmmmmm... no... I'm sick."

I sighed, gritting my teeth at her. As if teasing me like this, month after month, wasn't bad enough. Teasing me all night long. And then, undressing herself right in front of me, inches away, just to deny me yet again. I roughly rolled her onto her back and grabbed her thong, pulling it down her legs and tossing it aside.

"Fine. I sleep naked anyway."

I chuckled and then spread her legs out, bending her knees, looking down at her tiny pink pussy, a small patch of blonde hair sitting above the tip of her slit. My hands slid down the insides of her legs, traveling to that perfect "V" between her legs. She closed them and kicked me away. "No. I'm sick."

I stood up, unbuttoning my shirt as I spoke. "I don't care if you're sick. You're perfectly fuckable either way." She turned her head, blinking in an attempt to clear her blurry vision. My shirt hit the floor, then my shoes were kicked away, then my pants. "Wh... what... are you serious?"


"But... I told you no!"

"No shit, Vivian. I'm going to rape you."

She sat up quickly, pushing her body away from me towards her headboard as I continued letting my clothes fall to the floor, realizing that she had finally pushed me too far, pushed too many times, and she was about to pay for it. "Dom, stop. I'm serious, I'm not doing this with you."

I actually laughed out loud this time, as if that was going to suddenly change my mind. "Really Viv? You've been toying with me for how long now? Those texts you're always sending me. Sneaking in those kisses, that touching, any chance you get. And then how's it always end up? With me putting you to bed, because you drank too much. Well I've had enough. Your pussy is plenty good enough for me whether you're sick or not. Hell, you don't even have to be conscious for all I care."

I slid my boxers down as I finished speaking, my thick, hard cock springing out, ready to violate her. "N... no... please don't do this. I'll do it with you, I will, just... just not tonight, okay?"

"No, not okay. I've waited long enough. I'm taking you tonight, right now."

She swallowed hard and lifted her hands to put them between us, trembling. "Dom, please, let's just talk about this, okay. I... HEY!"

She yelped sharply as I grabbed her ankles and yanked her towards me, wrapping both my hands around her neck and squeezing tightly. Her hands went to mine, trying to pry them away so she could breath.

"Shut... the fuck... up. You're just a horny little slut, and you've been asking for this for a very, very long time. So you can pretend you don't want it as much as you want, and I don't care, because I'm going to fuck that tiny, tight, pink pussy of yours regardless of what you say or do.

I let go of my grip and heard her gasp deeply as the fresh air rushed into her lungs, her eyes welling up with tears that began to trickle down her face. I reached down between her legs and lined my bare cock up with her little slit, hearing her protest as I began to press into her. "STOP IT! STOP! Pleeeease don't do this... please don't... owww.... OOWWWW!!! OUCH!!! STOP IT! STOP!"

I doubted anyone would hear her, but I clamped one hand over her mouth anyway just in case, forcing my throbbing cock up inside her tight, dry pussy, feeling it slowly open around my shaft. I slid back out slightly and then forced it in deeper, using what little wetness she had to help lubricate the passageway. Her hands slapped and clawed at me wildly, pushing and scratching as I held her face down and violently thrusted in and out of her tight hole, muffled screams occasionally escaping as she turned her head from one side to the other to try to call for help.

I wrapped my hands around her throat again, choking her out as I raped her hard and deep, feeling her hands grasping uselessly at mine, trying to peel them away. "I told you to shut up, you little whore. You brought this on yourself. This is your fault this is happening, you hear me? YOUR FUCKING FAULT." I let her go again just before she lost consciousness, her tears streaming down her face as she covered them with both hands and sobbed, letting me take what wanted.

She didn't bother fighting me anymore now, allowing me to spread her legs wide and take her even deeper. I grunted and growled into her ear as the pressure built inside me, the rough friction from her tiny, barely lubricated vagina pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I knew that she wasn't on the pill, and though I was tempted, I thought better of it. "You are such a whore, you don't even deserve to have my cum inside you, you know that? Where did you tell me you like having a man's cum? All over your tits, right? Isn't that what you said? You love having cum on your tits?"

She kept her hands covering her face as she sobbed louder at hearing me repeat her words back to her, things she had told me long ago. "All right, that's what you're going to get then." I pulled out of her quickly, white cum just beginning to ooze from the tip of my shaft as it moved inside me, preparing to shoot out. I barely made it to her naked breasts as my cock flexed with the first orgasmic spasm, spewing a thick stream out that landed in a line from the bottom of her breasts to her neck. Then another, and another, spurts of hot, thick liquid landing all over her.

I leaned forward and supported myself with one hand for a moment as my body relaxed, taking several deep breaths while I listened to her crying loudly. I sat back, still straddling her, looking at the mess all over her body. "Ooooh... that does look good, doesn't it. That's exactly what you wanted, right slut? To have a guy fuck you hard and blow his load all over your tits? Or maybe I should have blown it into your mouth?"

I reached forward and scooped up a bunch of cum off her breasts with my fingers, pulling her hands away from her face as I smeared it all over her lips and nose. "Open your mouth and taste this. Come on now!" I scooped up more, opening her lips and letting it drip onto her teeth as she refused to open her jaw. I grabbed her nose and plugged it, forcing her to open her mouth in a gasp to get a breath, the cum still dripping from my fingers falling into her mouth and onto her tongue.

She groaned and tried to push me away, turning her head to the side to try escape it as I continued to smear my cum over her lips and cheeks. Finally I grabbed her hair, holding her head still, and gave her several hard, wet slaps to the face, and then got up off the bed. She tried wiping herself off for a moment, giving up as she saw what a thorough job I had done of rubbing it in, and instead curled up into the fetal position and began sobbing again, holding her knees tightly to her chest.

I wiped my brow and redressed, listening to her crying, until I was finally finished and ready to go. I walked back into the master bathroom and turned the shower on, adjusting the water until it was the right temperature, hot steam fogging up the glass door. Going to the bed, I grabbed Viv by the arm with one hand her hair with the other, dragging her to the shower and pushing her inside. She crumpled into a heap on the slate floor, the warm water spraying over her body as she buried her head in her knees, hugging them closely, her body jerking and shaking as she quietly sobbed to herself.

"Thanks, that was great. I can't wait for next time." I closed the glass shower door and walked away without looking back.

I slid into the driver's seat and turned the key, the gauges lighting up as the engine sprang to life. Lexi's face was flushed and the windows in the car were fogged up. She cleared her throat as she adjusted her hair and straightened her clothes. I glanced back over my shoulder at them as my seat belt clicked into place. "You two ready to head to the house?"

"Yeah. Uhm... that uh, took a little while..."

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