Halloween Discovery


Danny had finally identified his wife, but only after Andrea, his office girl mistress had pointed out the vamp with the beautiful bracelet dancing with one of his alter egos. Not just dancing but positively grinding herself into the bastard! He went over and tried to cut in, but Sheila told him to go away in no uncertain terms. Rebuffed and feeling very hurt, he turned and walked away. He was soon in the arms of Andrea, who took her chance and pressed himself against his lean, hard torso. So distracted was he, that he failed to notice as Sheila and her partner slipped out the door into the cold night air. Mark took her round the rear of the building and started kissing her mouth and nuzzling her neck. Sheila enjoyed letting him kiss her and caress her tits, but when he started to undo the halter clasp behind her neck, she pushed him away and said, "It's too fucking cold for this! Have you got a car we can use?"

He grabbed her arm and led her over to his car and opened the back door for her. Sheila slipped in and had a giggle to herself as she tried to remember when she had last been fucked in the backseat of a car? Mark jumped into the front seat and started the car before joining her in the back. She had unfastened her halter top in readiness and started to use a tissue to wipe the grease make up off his face. "I want to see you properly and this dress is too expensive to get ruined by the gunk on your handsome face."

They resumed their kissing and his hands found their way to her tits as if on automatic pilot. He tweaked her nipples and rolled the hard nubs between his fingers. "Harder! Do it harder!" she demanded and he did causing her to spasm in response. Her hands scrabbled to unfasten his belt and pull down his trousers, but his belt was too difficult for her distracted fingers to work. Mark took a moment and slipped his trousers and underpants down to his ankles. She grasped his hard erection and as her fingers explored it's hardening length, she was amazed to feel how huge it was. She gasped when she realised that both her hands were wrapped around it baseball bat style, barely managing to overlap at her fingers with the head of it still uncovered! He pushed her head down and she willingly bent over to take his huge phallus into her mouth and started to nibble at the tip, teasing him with light little kisses and slowly opening her mouth to take the head of his magnificent cock into her mouth. She sucked gently on the head and used her tongue to gently caress him in the spot just under the head, causing him to shudder as his orgasm started to surge. Sensing he was close, she lifted off him and adjusted her dress, swing her leg over his thighs to straddle him. He was sucking on her tits now and she felt the tremors pass right through her as she slowly guided him into her waiting pussy. She had never felt a cock as big as this one, it was stretching her labia and her pussy was making sucking sounds as she slowly pumped back and forward on the object of her desire. He was getting impatient with her teasing and grabbing hold of her tits, he forced her to impale herself deeper onto his manhood. As soon as she felt her clit make contact with his pubic hair, she sighed and started to work herself in and out, gathering pace until she exploded into a massive orgasm. She slowed and stopped and when she realised that he had still not cum, she started her motion once more, only this time she was banging up and down on his erection until with a shudder they both came together!

Danny managed to extradite himself from the charms of Andrea and went in search of his wife. Not finding her in the hall, he moved outside and immediately spotted the car with its engine running. It was also rocking on its shock absorbers, so it didn't take a genius to fathom out what was happening inside. The car was pretty well steamed up, so he could not see who was inside, but he heard the unmistakable sound of his wife screaming as she had her first orgasm. He tried the door nearest to him, but it was locked, so he went round the other side and wrenched on the handle and opened the rear offside door just in time to see and hear the sound as the both reached their climax. It took several seconds for Sheila to realise that her husband had been the cause of the blast of cold air that blasted into the car! Her lover's cock plopped as it broke out of her sucking cunt as Mark threw her off him. Danny reached into the car and grabbing Sheila's lover by the shirt hauled him out of the car with his trousers still around his ankles. This was no time for subtlety, Danny changed his grip on the guy to hold him by his hair and butted him full in the face. Sheila was screaming at him to stop, but he was too angry and the madness was on him. He followed up the head butt with a kick to the guy's balls and stood watching as he crumpled onto the cold ground of the car-park. Danny knew that his opponent was finished, but he continued to kick at his recumbent form until his brother, attracted by Sheila's screaming pulled him away before he killed the bastard. Sheila was frantically trying to fix her dress and exit the car at the same time. She was pleading with Danny to forgive her and her face was streaked with her mascara. Danny looked at her and said icily, "You fucking slut! You'd better get yourself home before I start on you!" Sheila looked up and one look into his eyes was enough to convince her he meant every word, so she fled from the scene followed by one of her closest friends.

Charley took Danny away and when he was sure that he was back in control of himself he stooped and checked on the condition of the injured man. The guy's face was a mess, a broken nose for sure and m at least one front tooth missing. He was barely conscious and the blood was pouring from his mouth and nose. He was clutching his balls and was clearly in a bad way. Charlie shouted at one of the other guys to call 999 and get an ambulance, this guy was going to need some professional help. He noticed the guy's wallet lying on the ground, he assumed that it had fallen from his pocket during the fracas so he picked it up to check on the identity of the guy. He was pretty sure he had seen him before somewhere, but couldn't place him. When he opened the wallet, the first thing he saw was the guy's warrant card, he had seen enough of them over the years to know what it was straight away.

"Fucking Hell!" he exclaimed, "This guys a fucking copper! Says here his name is Mark Holden, a Detective Constable based in the city. What the fuck's he doing out here then?"

Danny walked back over and checked the guy out and said, "This bastard was in the pub the other night when we were discussing our costumes for tonight. How come he dressed up the same us?"

Charlie replied, "That's where I saw him! I knew I had seen him somewhere." He bent down and grabbing the guy by the hair, asked, "OK Mark, we need a few answers and you are just the man to provide them. Who's you're boss then?" Knowing his boss would give them a clue as to what area he worked in, Mark shook his head and refused to answer.

Danny pushed his brother out of the way and grabbing the injured man by the hair, hissed in his face, "You'd better answer and be quick or you'll be losing more than your teeth in a minute!"

Mark in his injured state was in no condition to argue the toss, so he told them what they wanted to know. Danny kicked Mark in the balls once more and he curled up in a ball to protect himself, but no more punishment was meted out. Charlie said to him just before they moved away, "I think it would be unwise of you to come back to this area ever again. We don't like guys who seduce married women, especially ones who are coppers as well!"

The ambulance arrived along with the police, but when they checked with the people partying in the hall, nobody had witnessed what happened. The police were out in force and interviewed everyone still there, but most folk had gone home by that time. Danny was long gone, back home to confront his cheating wife.

Chapter 3 - Dilemma

Sheila was sitting quietly in the front room awaiting his return. The delay to his return had given her time to think and she was ready for the inevitable confrontation. She still had on the same dress and was sipping on another rum and coke when Danny burst into the room ready for the coming argument.

Without even asking her to explain her behaviour, ranted at his wife and called her a cheating slut and he intended to divorce her. He was astonished at how quiet she was and asked, "Were you aware that your lover is a detective in the Regional Task Force on major crime?"

She had sat there calmly listening to his harangue and when he paused waiting for her answer, she said, "No, I was not aware that he was a detective and as far as I was concerned, I was horny, you had made no effort to find me and he merely scratched an itch I've had for a long time. The fact that he was well hung was a bonus! There will be no divorce, I know all about you and Andrea and Mandy before her! I don't care if you believe me or not, but tonight was the first time that I have ever cheated on you and it may not be the last! You need to remember, I know where all the bodies are buried and one phone call from me will put you in jail for many years. As I see it, I hold all the aces. You have the choice, we can remain married and I will never deny you access to my body, I still love you and you're not at all bad in bed or you can press forward with this ridiculous divorce idea and face the consequences! It's your choice. Now I'm going to bed and you're welcome to join me, that itch still hasn't gone completely away, but if not, I will find some other way to scratch it. Again. It's your choice!" She stood up and walked past him and up the stairs without another word passing between them

Danny took stock and this was his dilemma, should he go to her with his tail between his legs or pursue with his divorce plan. He knew Sheila well enough to know that she would have covered her tracks very well and the police would find nothing to link her to his crimes. He sat there for some time reflecting on it all and with a sigh climbed the stairs to find out if his wife was still awake.

To be continued?

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