tagGroup SexHalloween Party Night

Halloween Party Night

byEnglish Bob©

"So, what do you think," said Sally, "do you like it?"

It would have been tough not to like my wife's Halloween costume. The black satin contrasted beautifully with her pale complexion and long blonde hair as she paraded in front of me.

"A witch," I joked, "how very appropriate!

But not any normal witch costume this. The front was scooped down so low as to show all but the smallest portion of Sally's breasts and the skirt was so short that the casual observer would have been able to immediately tell the colour of panties that she wore - if she in fact had have worn any. Her long, slim legs were encased in the finest black silk stockings and the whole ensemble was finished off with vicious looking black spike-heeled shoes.

"Oh yeah?" she chided, lifting the skirt to show me her neatly trimmed bush, "but I bet you'd love to ride my broomstick!"

I moved towards her my hands immediately reaching for her partially exposed body. The slap to my wrist stung as I was mere inches from my goal.

"Down, boy! Just for that you will have to wait for the party. If it's anything like last year, we'll have so much fun!"

Last year. How could I forget? That memory would be with me - haunt me - for the rest of my life.

Say what you like about Sally - and in the past, people have done just that - call her a slut; a whore; a tart, it's likely she will agree with you. But she enjoys herself - as do I.

I learned a long time ago that I would never be enough to satisfy her alone and, as time has progressed, I have found sharing her with others to be some of the most sexually fulfilling experiences of my life. Our parties are notorious within our close group of friends and last years Halloween bash was, to be frank, one of the single most weird experiences that I have yet encountered.

Last years party began normally enough but, as usual, soon degenerated into a sort of "free for all" orgy. We had invited six of our closest friends - three men and three women - whom we knew to have similar sexual tastes to ourselves. The evening was full of games and tricks that always seemed to have a sexual undertone to them and, before long, most of our guests were either completely naked or at least in various stages of undress.

Sally's outfit was again of a most revealing nature: Blood-red, hold-up stockings and a tight black basque that had been pulled down to reveal her voluptuous breasts. Both Sally's nipples have been pierced and she wore an ornate chain that linked to large rings through each of the permanently stiff buds.

As the clock ticked relentlessly towards the midnight "Witching" hour, I was happy to watch my wife dancing and swaying in lewd embraces with David and Carl as they alternately felt up her tits and slid fingers down the front of her panties. Carl's wife, Janey was by my side with her own panties around her ankles while I probed her sweet depths. Janey's fingers were just about to work my cock out from my torn leather pants when the clock struck midnight.

How the idea of a seance was reached is still a mystery to us all, but knowing Sally as I do, the idea would probably have been hers.

In various stages of nudity, the eight of us sat on the floor in a circle with hard cocks and wet pussies. The lights dimmed - again, nobody can remember an explanation for this - and candles flared illuminating the gloom and casting weird, eerie shadows over the room. Sally placed a newspaper cutting with a photograph on the carpet in the centre of the circle and encouraged us to join hands.

"Is that the picture I think it is, Sal?" asked Clive, a little too loudly.

"Shhh...Concentrate!" Sally hissed, her eyes tight shut.

I remembered the article well. Two years previously, on Halloween night, there had been a car wreck on the main road outside our house. Not so much a car wreck as a motorcycle wreck. A whole gang of young bikers had been racing up and down the street until a truck had pulled out unexpectedly in front of them. The whole street was a carnage; fragments of bikes and truck littering the road. Three of the biker gang lost their lives that night. It seemed clear now what Sally had in mind.

"Just concentrate!" she repeated in the same hushed tones, "Let's see if we can contact them!"

In my experience, this sort of unexpectedly strange behaviour usually elicits a not so strange response. A few giggles from around the circle were immediately quieted by Sally and apart from a little heavy breathing caused by fingers that still sought out erogenous zones, the room lapsed into an eerie silence.

I could see the beads of perspiration forming on Sally's furrowed brow as she fought to concentrate harder and harder on her task before finally letting out an exasperated cry and admitting defeat.

"Oh, fuck it!" she spat, "if they don't want to talk to us then I'm not gonna try anymore. Switch on the lights, someone and pass me a drink!"

Being the nearest to the switch, I stood up and turned the lights back on.

"Rum and coke all right?" asked a voice.

We all whirled around to see where the strange voice had come from.

"That's better, at least I can see you now! I thought you fuckers would never switch the lights on!"

Sally looked up at the leather clad, bearded man as he proffered the drink. Her jaw seemed to be doing push-ups. The rest of us seemed also unable to put any words together coherently.




"I said is a Rum and Coke all right?" he repeated

Silently and with trembling fingers Sally accepted the offered drink. As my eyes became accustomed to the light I could see that there were in fact three strange men standing in the centre of our circle. All were dressed in ripped and fragmented leather jackets; all were obviously bikers and all were, quite obviously, not of this world. All three were staring intently at my wife.

"Nice tits, lady!" Biker number two said as he stepped carefully forward. "Been a while since I seen a pair of those!"

"Looks like you been enjoying yourself, too!" Biker number one joined in, "if y'all been fucking each other then why did you call on us? Y'all need some help?"

All three men began laughing. The hollow, terrible sounds crawled from their lips and reverberated around the room.

"What do you want?" I managed at last to say.

"Us? What do you mean? " Replied the first biker, "we were quite happy mooching around in the nether world until this bitch called us back," he motioned towards the still silent Sally, "having said that, of course, it's very nice to see all this nice female flesh on display. Got me fucking horny!"

Suddenly Sally found her voice. "S...s...sorry," she stammered, "I didn't know...I just...well, you know."

"All very well to say that now," continued the first man. He seemed to be a leader of sorts, "but we can't very well go back to our world in this sort of condition, can we?"

As if to illustrate and underline his point, the big, bearded man unclasped his belt and dropped his jeans. A large, erect penis sprung out and slapped against his belly with an unearthly thud. Very quickly, the other two bikers did the same with similar results. Now, I've never known Sally to shy away from a big, hard dick and that day was no exception. I could see the lust in her eyes and heard a quiet gasp escape her lips.

"Looks like you got some apologising to do, Sally," quipped David who, along with all the others, was watching intently. "Go on girl, go for it!"

Sally glanced over at me. I shrugged. It wouldn't be the first time I'd seen her take on three men. I nodded my assent casually. For whatever reason these guys were here, they didn't seem like they were about to cause any trouble.

The three ghostly bikers gathered around the kneeling, semi-nude Sally, their cocks all hard and ready. One by one my wife took each of the large appendages into her willing mouth and swirled her tongue around the heads. Sally is an expert at blow-jobs, she seems to know instinctively what to do and when to do it to ensure maximum excitement in her men.

The bikers moaned and sighed as she tongued them, each time taking their engorged members deeper and deeper into her mouth and towards her throat. "Damn, baby! You're good," gasped the leading biker, "how many times you been fucked tonight?"

"Weeeoooowwwwww" moaned the second biker. You would have to have been there to understand why he said this at that time.

"Actually, I haven't been fucked at all yet," Sally gasped as she released the cock that she was currently sucking, "not yet anyway!"

"We'll soon change that! Get her on her hands and knees, boys. I'm gonna get me some pussy!"

Sally's face lit up as she was deftly manoeuvred into a "doggy" position and her knees were roughly pulled apart. I knew this to be her favourite position.

Slowly, the first biker eased his large cock into her pussy from behind, pushing inch by inch into the tunnel that I knew would be warm, tight and moist. The other two men knelt in front of her face and the gasps that were escaping from between her red painted lips were soon curtailed by both cocks being forced into her stretched mouth at the same time.

Sally's body was thrown back and forth by the cocks that were being thrust into her at both ends. The first biker was now lunging deeply into her wet slit as he fucked her with an enthusiasm that seemed almost ferociously brutal.

For a brief moment I tore my gaze away from the sexual display in front of me and looked around. All of our guests were now indulging themselves in various stages of foreplay: open vagina's were being fingered, cocks were being sucked and jerked, tits were being groped, nipples being chewed. I felt a rush of blood to my head as Cindy - David's sweet, young wife - grasped my hard tool in her cool fingers and started to massage me. Her other hand gripped mine and guided it towards her hot pussy.

As we all played with each other, biker number two suddenly pulled his cock out of Sally's throat and, with a deep, unearthly moan, unloaded his seed over her face. The quantity was quite spectacular and, as his oral companion did the same a few moments later, Sally's face and breasts were soon completely covered with hot, sticky jism.

"Oh shit! I'm cumming too!" cried the first biker as he ripped his tool from her dripping cunt. "Here it comes baby! Ooohhhhhhh yesssssssssss!!"

As his balls emptied over my wife's upturned buttocks, she sank, exhausted, to the carpet and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

"Oh yes, I remember last year all right!" I said as the images of last year scattered im my mind. "I remember you getting the fuck of a lifetime!"

I was sitting beside Sally on the edge of the bed as she completed the finishing touches to her costume.

"Maybe we'll see the guys again this year," she said absently, "you don't mind, do you?"

"Mind? Me? Hell, no! I'm still not entirely sure what happened, but I do know that you were asleep for over an hour whilst the rest of us fucked and sucked like rabbits! I eventually came between Cindy's big tits!"

"You never told me that, you naughty boy," Sally scolded me playfully. She slid her hand up under my robe and squeezed my cock, "my tits are nicer though, right?"

"Mmmmmm.......do what you did to that biker last year, baby."

"What, this?"

"No, that wasn't it."


"No, not that."

What about this?"

"Weeeoooowwwwww!!! Yeah, that was it!"

The End

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