tagErotic PoetryHalls of Acadaemia

Halls of Acadaemia


Halls of Acadaemia

The first of my family
Was I,
To escape the drudgery
To learn to fly,
By lessons artful
Of my, apparently, able brain,
Did I escape patterned,
factoried pain.

Equipped with grant
and scholarship,
The chains of dulling toil
I managed to slip,
My parents waved me off so proud,
And rich in pride they walked on clouds.
To see their only begotten son
Achieve a university term, fresh begun.

Of those days I often think,
How treasured,
Memories vivid,
In replay, oft’, are sweet relived,
Images fraught
Sensation so hot,
My bouquet of scented sweet forgetmenots.

One I cherish above most,
Oh so sweet,
She so blonde, and slim and tall,
Attributes so gracefully complete,
So willing prey
I tell you true,
Innocently artful, seductively, Sue.

From freshers day we did parry and flirt,
Her high crossed legs,
Ivory thighs escaping
Ever short skirt,
And skimpy top
Artful to expose,
The bounty ill concealed by clothes.

Oh praise you lord,
I knew my halcyon days,
Before butch cut hair,
And boiler suits held sway,
Before politics usurped good taste,
And young girls embraced ugly with toxic haste.

We danced, we laughed,
Separate,We went off home,
For neither of us walked alone,
She had her Roy,
And I tell you true,
Stange to hear,
I walked out with another named Sue.

One day we passed,
Along the library hall,
She smiled,
A gossamer veil was seen to fall,
A sudden glimmering filled her eyes,
I knew matching hunger warmed her thighs,
No word was breathed,
No sound was shed,
I took her hand and she was led,
Along that empty corridor,
To where a GENTS sign marked a door,
She said, ‘we can’t be seen in there’,
I grinned and said,
‘I don’t really care’,
She laughed as I checked inside,
Then drew her deep
Within our convenient hide.

We locked ourselves within a stall,
And set about to give our all,
I kissed her deep,
Then giggled as we knocked
and knocked against the door.
My lips her face did tease and taste,
My hands explored that fragile waist,
My chest did press and feel the fit
Of her braless, swollen, firm young tits.
She moaned and writhed,
And sighed in haste
My hands undid her belted waist,
I laid a feast before my eyes,
As that skimpy top was set aside,
My hands stroked and moulded
Teased and probed,
My teeth nibbled neck
And closed ‘on either lobe,
Her nipples swollen like bullets grew,
Her thighs drifted open hinting a cue.
Perhaps, about now I should opine,
And say fuck the stanzas, fuck the rhyme,
I am excessively busy to count the lines,
Too deep in recall
Of a fucking good time.

Her legs they parted,
Willing in opening wide,
My hips ground their knowing way inside
Those soft columned portals,
Mine by fate,
Her sweet approach,
Her heaven’s gate.
Her fingers, frantic, sought my cock,
She brought it free, and then crouching dropped,
Her lips closed hard about its length,
In heady rush
I almost shed my strength,
She suctioned deep and bobbed her head,
My cock throbbed so hard,
It might have bled,

Her smile exploded
light did race,
As she whispered,
smiling, fuck my face.
That lady’s wish was my command,
So I took her head between my hands,
Then thrust and thrust in pattern deep,
As if to sow but never reap.
I felt her lips her teeth her tongue,
A dozen times I might have cum,
But no,
too greedy was this northern lad,
And many more charms were mine,
to be had.
After a time I raised her up,
Her cunt filled my hand’s eager cup,
Fingers delved and deep explored,
She mewled, sobbed, and begged for more.
My ego raced , and grew and flowered,
Her hunger rained in moist hot shower,
She gasped and trembled,
Shivered and swayed.
And crisis washed her control away.
Dishevelled girl,
Unruly Sue,
She leant a against that wall of clinical blue,
She smiled and said, ‘that was fucking good’,
Then asked, ‘is there anything I can do for you’.

I took her firm and bade her turn,
And saw an ass to make men yearn,
All round, and firm and oh so pert,
All framed about by that rolled up skirt.
I pressed her forwards,
Made her bend,
Then sank in deep
And met her end

And thrusting deep and thrusting hard,
I sought my passion to impart.
Her hips they shimmied, ground and shook,
She squirmed and wiggled,
Sweet Christ could she fuck.
She gripped me in that velvet vice,
As her scent filled the air with heated spice.
Against her ass my hips they slapped,
And we heard a cubicle door unclasp,
Then hurried washing
And scampering feet,
Whilst we fucked on
And feasted deep.
I felt the roar fill my soul
And from me wet hot tribute flowed,
And even with my hunger freshly fed,
I wanted her on grass
On knees, in lace,
On top
In bed.

She turned her face from the wall
And giggling, said ‘good job you’re tall’.
Then laughing still ,said ‘I wont leave my Roy’,
But I would like to be your long-termly toy.
That devilish smile
On so innocent a face,
And again she sank,
Again sought to taste.
Once more she sucked,
And laved and licked.
And , So proud was I of my refilled prick.
So off we wound our way again
And revelled on our road to sin,
It wasn’t in’fidelius wrong,
It wasn’t bad,
It was just too strong,
We shared that’s all,
Meant no hurt, that’s truth,
We were high on summer
Overdosed on sinful
Sumptuously greedy youth,
And over almost three sweet remembered years,
We covertly,
fucked away all cares.

I will always cherish this recall,
Of a blonde, bent and pressed ‘gainst men’s-room wall,
Of a voice that said, ‘I know you like me but’,
Coyly pausing, adding,
‘Please please call me your little slut’.
Thus I introduce to you,
My very well remembered,
Well fucked
My very own,
Little Slut

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