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I'm not the type to go around talking to my friends about sex. Maybe it's the fact that my only ex-boyfriend broke my heart to date and marry my best friend. In any case, I keep quiet when it comes to talking about sex. It was only when I started chatting on this site that I realized I could be open about my sexuality and about sex in general.

For as long as I can remember, I have been able to do something that not very many women can do. I am able to orgasm without touching myself. It is a very useful skill I might add. I can masturbate while typing or driving. I have done both although I would not suggest doing it while driving on the highway. Being able to type and masturbate at the same time is very useful when you cyber, however, it is difficult to convince your partner that you are indeed able to do both. Many men have gotten angry with me thinking I'm some creepy man pretending to be a woman. In any case, I digress.

Every woman is different when it comes to masturbation. For those women who haven't ever tried this, you have nothing to lose. Describing how I am able to do this will, hopefully, help others who are interested in learning.

It doesn't matter at all what I am wearing. I can wear a skirt, jeans, or nothing at all. I have found that wearing tight jeans helps how fast I orgasm, but that might be in part due to how aroused I am before beginning. Wearing tight jeans already puts pressure on my pussy and clit, which is really what causes me to have these types of orgasms.

I have to be lying down on my back or leaning back in a chair. If I'm on my back, I normally lay back on a few pillows. If I'm in a chair I lean back not so much that I'm lounging, but enough that I can squeeze my legs together tightly. Once I'm in that position, I need to either cross my arms over my lower abdomen or squeeze my abdominal muscles tightly. Once I have begun, I slide my thighs together.

I will do this for a few minutes, squeezing and then letting go of my thighs. Each time I squeeze I will grind my hips in circles. It puts more pressure on my clit and feels very good. I can feel the sensations throughout my whole body. While I'm doing that, I feel my legs begin to shake. Sometimes I will grind up and down, almost like I'm doing leg lifts.

If I want to tease myself, I will stop and try not to keep my legs together. Sometimes I can do that, but other times I need to keep my legs together. By this time, I can feel how wet my pussy is and if I'm only wearing panties I can feel my inner thighs wet as well.

As I get more aroused, I will squeeze my thighs together tighter and put more pressure on my lower abdomen. I will squeeze very tight and feel my orgasm getting close. At this point, I'll be biting my lip and trying to look innocent even though I'm squirming around a lot. Luckily, I can stay quiet when I orgasm.

As I orgasm, I keep my thighs tight together and grind my hips. A wave of pleasure sweeps over my body and my legs will shake. I'll be breathing very hard and sometimes will need to close my eyes. My pussy will feel like it is throbbing and I'm sure it is. I will not be able to open my legs since my muscles will be very tense.

After I orgasm, I will sit up straight and keep my legs apart. I get very sensitive after I climax and therefore can't have anything touching my clit or pussy. My face will be red and I will try to stop my legs from shaking. After a few minutes, I will be back to normal.

I can do this a few times in a row and of course, like most women, the more I orgasm, the easier it is to climax. Each time I do this, I don't change the method that much. Depending on my level of arousal it will sometimes take a few minutes to orgasm while at other times it might take longer.

As I said before, this is just my personal experience and description of how to do this type of masturbation. Until I started having sex, this was the only way I knew how to climax and it is a different type of orgasm than I have during sex.

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