Handsome Ch. 07

byParis Waterman©

"I used to have to start them for the baby," she said, "but now she knows to suck hard until it starts."

I licked the fluid from the tip of her rubbery bud with my tongue.

"Wow, that's wild!" I chirped as I managed to pull even more milk from the breast. My mouth closed hungrily on the breast after that and soon had her flowing freely.

A minute or so later I halted my suction to ask, "Does this make you horny? It does me."

"Yes," she giggled, "very horny, but I'm usually hot to trot anyway."

"Let me know when I've emptied you," I said, "because I have this powerful urge to fuck you silly."

Jenny laughed lewdly and blew into my ear, sending a chill throughout my body. I was just beginning to appreciate just how many other ways there are to pleasure one's partner other than actual intercourse, and Jenny was giving me very authoritative lessons.

Her hand was on the back of my neck, gently scratching me with her fingernails. I increased the pressure of my suction on her breast and felt her tremble.

"Brew, honey that goes right to my pussy. Did you know that?"

"I do now, Jenny. Want me to do it again?"

"Of course I do!" she cooed, and sent the tip of her tongue into my ear canal.

I responded by releasing the breast from my mouth and clamped down of the nipple her daughter had suckled minutes earlier. I sucked greedily on the elongated nipple, drawing out the last dredges of her reserves.

Jenny loved it. With a happy moan she began humping my thigh.

I tried to pull my lips away from her pulsing bud, but she reached behind my head and pulled my face back into her tit, urging me on with animal-like noises that seemed to come from deep within her throat.

Finally, I spoke into the nipple, without pulling my head back.

"There is something else I would like to do with you," I said, placing my hands on her hips and forcing her to grind into my swollen cock instead of my thigh.

My ploy worked.

"Mmm, which hole would you fill?" she cooed.

I laughed, "Which needs filling the most?"

"I want you fuck them both ... my cunt and my ass!"

"If I can't do them both, which would you choose?"

"I ... I guess my pussy." She pressed against my erection.

"Put that beautiful cock in me, Bree ... please hurry!"

Impatient with my slowness in entering her, Jenny fingers closed around my dick and stoked its tumescence.

"I love your cock," she husked.

"Put it in you," I croaked.

She centered it at her entrance and eased it in. I couldn't believe the heat her cunt was generating!

"Go deep," she moaned, and I thought of hearing the same expression while playing touch football, and what a world of difference there was between the two.

"I want you deep inside me, baby. Stick it all the way in!"

I shoved myself all the way inside her, to the hilt, pressing my pubic hairs against hers, allowing them to mingle with hers; working my pubic bone against her clitoral area. I pumped her, slowly at first, then increasing the rhythm, and when she was matching me stroke for stroke, I slowed way down and drove her wild.

"Do me hard!" Jenny shouted and woke the baby. We let it cry as I shoved my dick deep inside her, holding it there while she bucked her cunt up and down on it.

"Oh, Jesus, this is good!" she groaned, as I rode her undulating hips as we fucked in unison.

"Are you gonna cum soon?" she asked between pants.

"I don't think so," I told her.

"Then its time you put it up my ass," she said with a slight laugh.

"Reach back and open yourself up for me," I told her, thinking she'd tell me to forget it and we'd finish the way we'd started. But to my surprise, Jenny reached behind her and pried the two halves apart, exposing the crinkled starfish to my view. Evidently, Jenny had no inhibitions about showing me her most private of areas. In fact, she seemed a little eager to get on with the dirty act.

"Please, put it in."

I hesitated. I didn't want to hurt her, and my dick was fairly large and her asshole appeared to be quite small ... and obviously tight.

A moment later she pleaded, "Pretty please?"

Holding my still glistening member in my right hand, I guided it to her neither hole and rubbed it against her splayed anus.

"Oh, yeah!" she cooed, and then gurgled with excitement and anticipation. "Don't worry, Bree. I can take it. I like to be fucked back there."

In the background the baby was still crying. This time I mentioned it to her.

"Your baby ... she's crying," I said, softly.

"Christ!" she swore, "never a moment's peace." She got slowly to her feet and said," She need a change. I'll be right back. Don't you dare try to leave."

She returned to me within three minutes and got down on all fours, and presented her behind for my inspection. I probed the anus with my middle finger.

"It's going to be awfully tight," I told her.

She dropped a tube of Vaseline by my knee.

"Use it if you need to. I don't care either way. Just put your wiener in me."

I greased her anus and my dick with a liberal amount of the gel. I centered my cock on the target and pressed forward.

"Just put it in slowly," she said, "Yes, but slow ... slow!"

"That all right?" I inquired as the head of my cock vanished into her ass.

"Oh, shit!' she yelled and then burst out laughing. Realizing her choice of words was less than perfect; I joined her in laughing, and halted any further attempt at penetration.

"No," she said after gaining control of her emotions, "Keep going. You know ... I can feel you stretching me already. I hadn't thought..."

I was already pressing inward ... two inches ... three...

"Oh, my God! It hurts ... don't stop! Whatever you do, don't you stop now. Oh, Jesus, you feel so big!"

"I don't want to hurt you, Jenny. Don't be foolish now," I knew my voice was filled with concern. She told me later that she loved me for it, and I filed that away for future use on willing females.

Four inches in, and moving deeper.

"Oh, shit, does that feel good! Even the pain feels good, Bree."

"Does it hurt? Tell me the truth, Jenny!"

"A little, but it's a wonderful hurt. How does it feel for you?"

"Words fail me," I gasped. But tried to express myself a moment later. "You're so tight. I can't believe how tight you are. It's like my dick is in a vise and you're tightening it on me as I go deeper."

I was more than half way in now, and Jenny was moaning from deep within her throat. Something happened about then that I have to attribute to her relaxing her sphincter somewhat; for suddenly I was meeting no resistance at all. I began to thrust, and my dick soared completely into her until bumping into God knows what.

"I'm in all the way, Jenny!" I exclaimed exaltedly, hardly believing it myself.

She did something with her anal muscles that made me think she had me in her hand and was jerking me off. But I knew it was her ass doing it, and I felt myself suddenly on the brink of coming.

"Christ, I'm gonna cum!" I yelled.

Jenny issued a lewd laugh and intensified her contractions. And just when I thought she had done everything to me that could be done, the milking stopped, and the nibbling began!

Jenny somehow worked the elastic hole of her anus over the head so well and so fast that I could have sworn I was getting a perfect blowjob.

"I'm coming!" I shouted.

Off in the distance, the baby began crying again.

"Come inside my ass, Bree!" Jenny yelled, while tightening and loosening her sphincter.

I exploded into her; jet after jet of sweet, glorious cum coated her soft rectal tissues, and triggered Jenny's orgasm, which had her coming for several minutes.

We both fell on our sides, with my cock still in her ass. Every once in a while, as I slowly came down from the greatest sexual high I had ever known, Jenny would tighten her sphincter around my deflating member, a gentle reminder of what she had just done to me.

I embraced her in spoon fashion for a time, planting soft kisses on her neck as I cupped her right breast in my hand and gently kneaded the pliant flesh. And when my flaccid member plopped from her ass, she turned so that we were facing one another.

The baby continued crying off in the bedroom. Jenny gave me one last squeeze, kissed me softly on the mouth, and excused herself to care for her daughter.

A few minutes later, she returned wearing a robe and carrying the baby. "My ass is all a tingle," she giggled.

"That was fantastic," I husked. "You were fantastic," I added a moment later.

"Can you come by tomorrow?" she asked, hopefully.

"I hope so," I smiled.

"Please do," she smiled back. "You can do anything you want to me. I'm all yours, Bree."

Tomorrow couldn't come fast enough for me.

Our affair, if that's what it was, lasted about a month. We fucked each other silly on a daily basis; and then as the weeks passed, I began staying the night.

How Jenny found another lover during this period mystifies me even to this day. And that's after getting to know so many women intimately over the ensuing years. But find him she did, and how she managed to let me down without shattering my frail male ego is also to her credit.

Fortunately for me, there were other females lurking in the shadows, seemingly waiting for me to pass by.

Joy's Departure

Now, what I said earlier, you know, about Jenny finding another lover while I was screwing her on a daily basis mystifying me was true. But after some soul searching, and clear thinking, I found the answer.

After all, I was still seeing Chelsea, Mora and Joy regularly. I was naive enough to think the world revolved around me and not anyone else. So, while I was taking my three girlfriends into the woods ... yes, the same woods where Karen and I got it on for the first time. Oh, and please, not all at once, but singly, one day, one girl. Jenny had plenty of opportunity to find her new lover, and my replacement.

It wasn't all that bad a breakup. First of all, Jenny thought the guy was going to marry her. I wasn't in that category, not at all. I believe to this day that she felt badly about the situation; that she was concerned our breaking up might damage my frail male ego; and to avoid that happening, let me down as easily as possible. I didn't walk in on them. She told me after a strenuous session with her in her bed.

"Bree," she said, tenderly wiping the sweat from my brow. "We can't go on. There is someone else."

"What! Who?"

"His name is Carson. He's thirty two years old and I think he wants to marry me. Look, I know this comes as a shock, but I really do love you ... sexually at least. You're a great kid, and a wonderful lover. You're much better than Carson in the sack, but he ... he represents security, Bree. And I need that what with the baby and all."

"Yeah, but..." I began.

"No," she said, reading my mind. "We can't meet when he's not around. I can't afford the risk of him discovering us. I hope you understand. I know it's hard to see right now, but you'll understand down the road."

"Yeah, sure," I said trying without much success to disguise my bitterness.

"Bree," Jenny said, "I know it sounds trite right now, but you are one terrific lover. You won't have any difficulty finding another girl."

I didn't throw the other girls in her face, choosing to remain silent, embracing my imagined pain over being discarded like yesterday's newspaper.


Summer vacation loomed. One week to go. It was then that I learned of Joy's eminent departure to New Mexico. Jenny was already fading from memory. I had had a steady diet of Chelsea, Mora and Joy. My sexual craving was sated, to a degree that is, it was never fully satisfied, not at that age with rampaging hormones and a steadily growing dick.

It just so happened that my mother and her lover had a rare opportunity to get away for a weekend, and I had the house to myself. Myself and Joy, that is.

I decided to treat the day as if we were returning home after a date. Joy laughed and welcomed the idea. I think she was more than pleased to have been selected for this tête-à-tête with me over the others. Of course, that was my logic too. Great minds work alike, no?

I walked her to the living room and sat down next to her on the sofa. After putting my arm around her shoulder, I pulled her into a fierce tonguing kiss. Joy loved Frenching with me; she was perhaps the most oral fixated of the three girls.

Gradually, I eased her back onto the sofa cushions and when she was flat on her back, I slid off the sofa and onto my knees.

Still kissing and caressing her, I slid my hand over her breast and pinched at the nipple through her bra. Joy groaned her approval, and I repeated the same with the other. I was going slowly, drawing the pleasure out, for we had all the time we would need.

I undid a button on her blouse and slid a hand into the cup of her bra; she sighed, and when I repeated the pinch to her left breast she moaned. A moment later I was undoing the clasp at the front of her wonder bra, freeing both her wonderful tits to my view.

As always, I paid homage to them, first telling her how beautiful they were. Then kissing them, and sucking hard on each nipple. Her nipples were the puffy type, and certainly overly sensitive at this point. I experimented with them, alternately cupping each at its base and squeezing them until my hand slipped upward enough for me to grasp and pinch the nipples.

While she was moaning at this novelty, I tongued the tip of each bud for a moment before sucking hard on each one in turn.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, "My panty's are so fucking wet, touch me there."

I heard her clearly, but chose to ignore her pleading. I concentrated on her tits, sucking one nipple, and squeezing the other, then switching breasts. Joy was writhing all over the cushions. She really wanted me in her, but I knew that delaying our fuck would only serve to heighten her orgasm.

When she began to shiver each time I bit down on a nipple, I knew I should move on, and did. I worked my tongue into her navel and heard her soft scream of delight.

Placing my hand at the bottom edge of her skirt, I began to inch it slowly upward. Joy was trying to twist herself so that she could grind her pussy against either my hand or my leg. This was something she had done during previous encounters, and I was prepared for it; and turned aside avoiding that precious contact.

I abandoned her nipples for the moment, and spent some time kissing and sucking around her belly button. Joy was crying with the sheer pleasure, but still sought to hurry things along in order to reach her climax.

Trying to distract her, I placed a hand on her pussy's mound, and she stiffened, apparently in anticipation of my penetrating her pussy. She was wearing pantyhose and nothing else. I rubbed my thumb up and down her swollen labia through the crotch panel material.

"Oh, God, Aubrey, RIP THEM OFF ME!

Teasing her, I asked, "What was that? What did you say?"


Sliding up along her lithe body, I found her mouth and covered it with mine. Her hunger was all to obvious and our tongues dueled incessantly until we both tired. As our lips parted, my thumbnail caught in the seam of her crotch panel and I ripped a hole in the pantyhose. A split second later, I had my middle finger two knuckles into her silken heat.

And when I bit hard on her stiffened nipple, she started to cum.

I used that as an opportunity to take my hand from her sex and turn her legs toward me. With my hands on outer part of her thighs, I pushed the skirt up to her waist. Her pussy stared at me through the peephole I'd torn in her pantyhose. With a harsh laugh, I tore the pantyhose to shreds. Joy began to laugh with me as her climax began to abate.

"You gonna fuck..." she started to say, but I mashed my face into the swampy morass that passed for her vaginal opening and tongued her, occasionally moving up to tease her clit.

Soundlessly, Joy drove her cunt into my face, lifting her ass off the cushions to do it. I began lapping at the seemingly endless river of juices oozing out of her. Something told me to leave her cunt and move to the clitoris. There, each minor touch of my tongue to her sensitive clit sent Joy's stomach muscles into a series of small convulsions.

Whining like a baby, she came again.

The telephone began ringing.

On the eighth ring I answered it, snarling "Yeah?" into the mouthpiece. I wasn't at all happy at having to abandon such a fine pussy.

"Aubrey, is that you?" My mother's voice barked back at me, bringing me up short.

"Oh, hi ... Mom."

"What's wrong?" she asked, her intuition telling her that something was wrong.

"Um..." I decided to go with the truth, at least in part. "I've, um, got company, Mom."

"A girl, I bet."

"You'd win, Mom."

"Is it Jenny?"

"No, Mom, that's over with. Remember?"

"Oh, right. So who is the lucky lady?" now her voice had a smile.

"It's Joy. She's moving to New Mexico. We're saying our goodbyes."

Joy punched me on the arm, but had a big smile on her face.

"Yes, we're doing it on the sofa. And yes, I have towels spread out. No stains to worry about."

My mother was laughing, good naturedly.

Joy leaped off the sofa and started picking up her clothing. She looked silly with her tattered pantyhose dangling off one leg.

"Don't get her preggers, dear," my mother warned.

"I won't Mom," I said, and then promised I would use a condom. I hung up moments later and had to grab Joy before she had any clothing back on.

"It's all right. Remember she caught all of us in the bedroom?"

"Yeah ... how embarrassing, and you ... you told her I was here!"

"She knew someone was. I don't lie ... to you, to her, to anyone, Joy. The important thing is she's all right with it. Now let's get back to where we were before the damn phone rang."

Joy flopped back on the sofa, spread her legs and laughing crazily, shouted, "Eat me to another cum!"

"Say please." I said affably.


And with her legs pointing at the ceiling, I grabbed the flap of torn pantyhose and ripped the entire thing from her body, exposing the white flesh of her ass in the process. I realized I had to sample that ass, and began using long laps of my tongue going from her clit to her rectum ... and back again.

I began counting to one hundred. On reaching it, I returned to her clit, concentrating all my effort on that tender spot. She had cum twice already and was close to her third time. I realized this would make her genitals very tender and so, just as she began to scream out her next orgasm, I stuck my tongue into her asshole. Joy's body practically levitated off the sofa. She covered her pussy with her hand, preventing me further access for the moment. Her face was contorted. I had never seen a girl look quite that way before. Then she froze, and a long whoosh came from her lungs.

I stopped everything and watched her. When she appeared to have regained the ability to breathe, I renewed my lovemaking, kissing her asshole and then leaving a trail of wet kisses over her buttocks, up her leg and ultimately ending at her navel, which I sucked long enough to leave a huge hickey. Joy had no idea what I was doing; she was at the height of ecstasy for the entire time.

A full minute passed and then she huffed, "Oh, oh Aubrey! Oh..."

Seconds later, she gasped, "That was the best..." and breathing hard, kissed me ferociously.

I knelt straight up, loosened my belt and took out my throbbing dick. The sight of her juicy, swollen pussy made me anxious to possess her. Joy was still coming off her orgasm and had her eyes closed. She was still babbling about how great it had been, not realizing I was about to cleave her cunt with my pulsing appendage. I nudged the head of my dick through the parted inner lips and pressed forward, she was that wet that I filled her in one stroke.

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