tagIncest/TabooHanging Out With the Girls Ch. 02

Hanging Out With the Girls Ch. 02


The past week was pure Hell. The Priest at our church had defined Hell in one of his sermons as the place where you were as far away as possible from God as you could possibly be. I was inclined to agree.

Last week, my wife Mary left me and took our daughter to go live with her mother in Arkansas. I'm not sure I blame her. If I had to see what she saw, I'm not sure that leaving was all I would have done.

My wife, Mary - thinking she was picking me up after helping my cousin move - walked up the stairs of my cousin Norah's apartment to find the two of us naked and entwined. She left without so much as an argument. But what was there really to say? She walked in and if I remember correctly, Norah was wiping my cum off her face.

What can I say? It must have been horrible to see. I probably would have done the same thing - moved away.

Mary had taken Katrina, our daughter with her to Arkansas to stay with her mum. I had the condo, but we also rented that from her mother. Just yesterday, I was served not only divorce papers from Mary, but also a notice from Mary's mother that she had sold the condo and that I had to vacate the premises by the end of the month. That gave me exactly eleven days to get out and I had nowhere to go.

I had asked Norah, my cousin, about staying with her. She had just started a new job as a guidance counselor at the middle school. She wasn't crazy about the idea as she was new in town and didn't want a lot of talk to be starting about her. Also, as passionate as she was the night we made love, she distanced herself a bit from me. We had only had sex once more time since that night and she seemed distant and preoccupied.

Perhaps she felt guilty or uncomfortable about the scene with Mary in the bedroom. Maybe she felt responsible in some small way for the destruction of a family. Who knows? A bunch of stuff happened that week both good and bad and to tell you the truth, I don't regret any of it.

Mary and I? Our marriage was the product of our child. I love our daughter and hell, I love Mary. But to tell the truth, after making love with Norah, it felt like the natural conclusion of where we should be in our relationship. Although it's not legal in New Hampshire, we could just move south to Massachusetts if we wanted to marry. But that seems like very premature thinking.

I mentioned before how me and Norah and my sister Ruth had been like best friends all our lives. I said also that I never really thought about Norah in a sexual way. I say now - I was wrong. After being with Norah so intimately and fully, she's all I can think about. I'm totally consumed with the thought of making love with her.

Aside from her stunning beauty, her personality is electric, dynamic and spontaneous. I wish when we were younger, I had enough courage to recognize that it was she who I wanted to be with. I also wish that society didn't have so much stigmatization about love between first cousins.

Ah, but there is that stigma...

I was busy packing what was left of my belongings, getting ready to live in my car when my sister returned one of my numerous calls. Apparently she had been overseas for work and never had an opportunity to call me back.

"I'm so sorry. I was in Cambodia for work. What's up?" she asked. She worked as a marketing agent for a solar panel company and was always jetting around the globe trying to get green energy into untapped markets.

I told her that Mary left and that I was looking for a place to stay.

"Didn't Norah just move to Dover? I'm sure she could put you up for a while." she said.

I didn't give her any details about what went on between us but indicated that Norah didn't want an older male cousin cramping her social life. Ruth was a bit smarter than that.

"Really? I would have thought she'd jump at the chance to have you stay with her."

"Well, it's a small place and she's got a lot going on with her new job," I offered.

"In any case, bro, I've got some time I have to take off from work. Why don't I come and help you find a place. The three of us can hang out if she gets the time," she said, her voice sounding more excited.

"If you can swing it, that would be great! I'm not sure how much time Norah's going to have to spend with us but I'd love to see you. It feels like a particularly low point right now."

"I should be there in a few days," she chimed, "Well, I've got to book a flight. Love you."

"Love you too," I said and put the receiver back in the cradle.

I was about to go to bed early - it was around eight-thirty - when the phone rang. I went to answer it. It was one of the people I had called about an apartment this week. She apparently didn't have the one I had called about but another one her properties was going to be opening up. She asked if I could meet her at her rental office on Tuesday and we'd drive down together. I agreed. Today was Sunday.

The day felt suddenly more productive. I went upstairs to bed passing a photo of Norah and Ruth on the wall. It was taken at the beach and they were both wearing two-piece swimsuits. I grabbed it and was going to throw it in a box upstairs. I ended up just staring at it, though. I caught myself looking at Norah and fantasizing about touching her curves.

To see Norah and Ruth together, you'd think they were sisters. Both our mothers looked very similar so I guess it's natural to have a strong family resemblance. It's not only their facial features that are similar. They both have big boobs. Norah's are about a 36-c while Ruth's are a bit bigger. Both of them have meaty thighs from years of gymnastics and skating and their rears are models of round sculpted perfection.

I fell asleep looking forward to Ruth arriving and having lustful dreams about Norah.


The next day was Monday. I only had to work a half shift and it was nice to be out early. When I got home, there was a message from Ruth saying she'd booked a flight and would be here tomorrow at seven. I spent the afternoon tidying up when the ringing of the doorbell caught my attention. I opened the door and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Norah's face.

"I just thought I'd swing by, see how you're doing," she said. She was wearing a light blue sundress. The crepe halter top clung to her ample breasts.

I closed the door and kissed her. At first she resisted a bit.

I pulled her closer, "No one can see, come on honey."

Hearing that we were alone seemed to make her more pliant and her lips became softer and her mouth opened up. Her arms wrapped around me and her kiss was at last welcoming and wet. I felt her shiver when I drew her into me.

"I missed you," she said.

I took her hand and led her to the sofa.

"I missed you too," I said back.

"I guess that's why I came. I wanted to talk to you - about us,"

"This is going to be bad, isn't it?" I felt my body tense as it braced for bad news. Norah was going to break up with me.

"Not necessarily bad. It's just that," she paused and collected her thoughts, "It's just that this past week I've had so many feelings. All my life I've secretly wanted this, for us to be together. If I ever dreamed we could be together, and believe me I dreamed about more often than any girl should, I shut it down. That's why it's so hard. It's all coming at once."

"I understand. What can make it better?" I asked.

"I guess just know that I'm confused. While on one hand, my entire being and core aches for you, on the other hand I want to proceed with caution. As the guidance counselor in the school, I'm a bit more high-profile in this town. People know you. God knows people know Mary - she grew up here," she said.

"I'm just saying," she continued, "I love being with you and the sex is incredible. But as far as being a couple out and about in public, I think I want to remain a bit more private. I don't want to be know as the cousin-fucking homewrecker who just rode into town."

"I understand completely," I said, "Ruth's coming back tomorrow."

"Oh I know. There was a message from her. That should be nice. You didn't say anything about us did you?" she asked with a cold stare.

"No. But she's eventually going to find out," I countered.

"Yeah, but it doesn't have to be this week," she pleaded and her arm stroked my belly.

I leaned in to kiss her and she pulled me into her, her hands reaching for the bulge between my legs. Her hand fumbled with my pants and finally freed my cock. It bounced at attention and I stood up to remove my clothes. I went to the slider to draw the curtain.

I turned back to her. She got on her knees before me.

"God I've missed you. Especially this part of you," she sighed before taking my cock in her hand.

I pulled her hair back and watched as her pretty face went down on my shaft. She licked it up and down coating it with her saliva until the swollen meat of my cock was shining and wet.

In and out of her face I pushed myself. Her right hand moved between her legs while her left fondled her breasts. I pulled out of her long enough to pull down the top of her sundress and see her amazing tits clad in a strapless bra. She fondled and groped at her creamy perfect globes through the cloth and I reached behind her and unfastened the bra allowing her tits the freedom they craved.

She went down even harder on my cock. Her small hand pumped it while her eager face seemed to crave to release her motions were about to bring. I put a hand behind her head to further impale her face with my cock.

"You trying to see how far you can fit that big cock into my little throat?" she asked.

She got very still and relaxed her jaw, drawing in slowly an inch at a time. Her eyes closed, her throat relaxed until finally she had claimed nearly all ten inches of me. She shook her head with a bit of a gag and released my wet tool from her greedy mouth.

"You like it all the way down my throat, don't you?" she said.

She repeated doing this - deep-throating my cock. Taking it all in at her own pace. She was getting used o the feeling of being stabbed with my cock and having it literally shoved down her throat. The intensity of my thrust was building up and the mixture of saliva and pre-cum was running down her chin and onto her tits. She used her hand to rub the mixture all over her breasts, pinching her swollen nipples and moaning to herself.

I continued this for about ten minutes. I was about ready to blow and her eyes were tearing up from the effort of handling my enormous length and girth. I took one last thrust into her mouth and sank all the way into her. Her full lips were now touching the base of my shaft and there was no further to go. I grabbed the back of her head with both hands holding her fast to me as she shuddered beneath me. I pulled out as she spat and choked a bit. She was panting for breath as a gob of spit trickled down between her breasts. I could have shot my load right then and there, all over her face. Norah had other ideas.

She grabbed a throw from the couch and lay down on the floor.

"Get between my breasts, lover. Come here and tit-fuck your cousin," she beckoned.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a small tube of handcream. She squirted a small amount on each breasts as I straddled the top of her stroking myself. I had never tit-fucked a girl before. Mary's were too small and before her I simply hadn't much experience with larger breasts.

The sensation was exquisite. She wrapped her big tits around me and I felt like I was encased in velvet. I reached behind and pulled up her sundress. He pussy was soaked through her panties. I moved the wisp of fabric aside and let a finger move inside her wet musky heat while Norah milked my meat with her boobs taking head of my cock into her willing mouth with every pump.

"That's it cousin, Fuck my tits! Fuck by big titties! Cum all over me with that horse dick!" she beckoned, clearly caught up in the moment.

I thrust between her soft lubricated tits with more determination. Looking down at her pumping her tit-meat around me while I felt her grind her slick, sopping puss into my hand put me into a nearly altered state of consciousness.

"Cum for me! Cum all over your cousin's titties!" she implored.

It didn't take long for me to cum. A violent shot of jizz plastered her her eyes and forehead while the remainder coated her cheeks and neck. She stuck out her tongue and the last few drops landed creating a pool of sticky white cream on a soft pink bed. She tilted her head back and swallowed my seed.

I looked at the clock. It was only six. Norah got up and kissed me with her still cum-covered face. She pulled up her sundress over her naked breasts and went to the downstairs bathroom. I hoped she wasn't planning on leaving.

I picked her bra off the floor. It smelled just like her, like flowers and vanilla. I sat on the couch and got put on my pants. I read the label on her bra. It was faded but the faint blue printing was still discernible. It read 36-CC. Impressive, I thought.

She emerged from the room cleaned up. She snatched the bra out of my hand.

"Pervert! What were you doing with my bra?" she said with mock indignation.

"Nothing," I pleaded.

She backed me up on to the couch and straddled me. She kissed me hungrily, her open mouth devouring every bit of the kiss.

"I bet you wanted to keep it. I bet you were going to wrap it around your cock and think about me while you touched yourself. Thinking about fucking your horny slutty younger cousin," she teased.

She smiled as we kissed again. I let my hand run up the side of her smooth thigh to her naked rear.

"What happened to your panties?" I asked.

"They were too wet. That's what having this monster between my breasts does to me. I had to put them in my purse. Why? Do you want them too?" she kidded.

Actually the thought of masturbating into my cousin's soaked panties sounded very good, especially if Ruth's presence this week was going to put a dent in our lovemaking.

I let my hand move to her still wet pussy.

"Have you let other guys fuck your breasts?" I asked.

"Mm-mm. Like I said, I don't have a wealth of experience. One guy wanted to, but I didn't feel comfortable with him. He was the boyfriend I never had sex with," she groaned, grinding herself on my hand as I put a finger inside her.

"Oh that feels good. I didn't know if you were up for another round," she whispered.

My cock was getting stiff. I kissed her face.

"Let's go upstairs. To the bed," I offered.

We headed upstairs stripping of our clothes as we walked and landed in the bed. We kissed slowly and thoughtfully. The closet doors of the bedroom are actual floor to ceiling mirrors. Norah spied them and said, "Ooh, the mirrors could be fun!"

"Do you have a condom?" she asked.

"No why?" I asked.

"It's just that you don't seem to be able to pull out of me in time, " she smiled.

"I know, I'm sorry. I can't help it though. You feel so good and I got so excited. We should be good now though. You just wiped most of my cum off your face. I should be much more in control."

"I'm sorry. I just worry. I still haven't gotten my period though. It's probably nothing. I've been late and even missed it before. And all the stress of the past weeks probably has something to do with it.

She kissed me and I rolled on top of her. I grabbed her ass guided myself into her. This was the fourth time I had been inside my cousin and each time it was becoming more real to me.

I looked lovingly into her eyes as she rocked her body beneath me. The core of my being felt electrified by the sensation of feeling her breasts against my chest. He hands caressed me and her nails gently moved across the skin of my back. My rigid pole moving in and out of her tight pussy. Suddenly she grabbed me tightly and I felt the walls of her vagina contract around me.

I looked at her beneath me in the mirror, her muscular haunches meeting my every thrust.

"I'm cumming. Oh you feel so good!" she whispered as her body tightened beneath me.

Her nails were clawing at me and she bit into my shoulder as she convulsed in ecstasy beneath me.

She continued heaving and panting beneath me until eventually her climax subsided.

She kissed me lightly and whispered in my ear, "I love how you fuck me."

"And I didn't even cum inside you," I said, beaming with mock pride.

"I know, poor baby! I tell you what: First think next week, I'll make and appointment and get on the pill," she said.

"Really?" I asked, encouraged by the the thought of her thinking of us as a more permanent concept.

I pulled out of her, my cock still raging hard.

"Mmm, lets se what we can do about that," she said looking at my engorged condition.

She adjusted herself and started cleaning off my cock with her mouth.

"Do you like how you taste?" I asked, stroking her hair.

"I do. I love how it tastes licking me off of you," she moaned and went down on me with more determination.

She lifted her head up and said, "I hope all that practicing on 'Fred' has paid off," referring to a rubber dildo she and my sister had experimented with in earlier times.

I though about her and my sister passing around the phallus, practicing the art of fellatio. An image flashed in my mind of the three of us together. I looked on the nightstand at the photo of Norah and Ruth. I imagined being with both of them. I wondered if the two of them had ever been with each other.

Norah continued face-fucking me. Her face was red and sweaty from the effort and spit and precum ran down her chin. I felt my loins tighten and I imagined Ruth sucking me of instead of Norah. It wasn't to hard to do, they had such a resemblance.

I unloaded into her throat. She gulped and swallowed as each blast of my load sprayed into her slutty face. As I squinted, trying to visualize my sister, I felt more power in every pulse.

We fell asleep in each other's arms until about eight. I got up to get us both some water. I spied Norah's purse open on the counter, her panties balled up on the top. I picked them carefully out and brought the still damp garment to my nose. The musky scent of her pussy filled my head and I went to the living room to get the bra. I put them in the kitchen cabinet for safekeeping .

On the wall of the kitchen the phone was flashing, indicating a message. I hit play as I filled up the water glasses.

Ruth's voice filled the room and my heart.

"Hey! It's me. I got an earlier flight so I'll be over in the morning rather than the afternoon! I hope that's not to early for me to come."

I though about her choice of words and decided that she could "come" anytime she wanted - as long as I got to participate.

At that moment. Norah came down the stairs - naked, holding her blue dress. She kissed me and took the water I handed to her.

"Was that Ruth?" she said heading to the living room, "When's she getting here? Say I can't find my bra!"

"She'll be here early tomorrow. Come over and we'll get lunch. I haven't seen your bra," I said.

"I can't. I have to work. You guys will be all on your own. It's getting late though," She pulled her dress over her head and let the soft fabric cling tightly to her braless bosom.

I grabbed her and kissed her groping her soft tit flesh though the fabric. SHe moaned and pushed me back.

"I mean it," she smiled, "I really have to wake up early and we can't risk falling asleep and having Ruth walk in on us. We have to be good. Promise me," she pleaded.

"I promise," I said, holding up my hand.

"And you ned to find that bra and hide it. Ruth will know that bra if she sees it. SHe has a matching one from that photo shoot. If she sees it lying around, she'll put two and two together," she explained.

"I'll look for it. It's got to be here somewhere," I said as she slipped into her sandals and grabbed her purse. She clasped it shut without looking and kissed me good-bye. I locked the door and grabbed the lingerie from the cabinet.

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