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hanky panky


i can get you horny
in just a snap
all i have to do
is sit on your lap
i'll move my body
in such a way
that you won't want me to leave
you'll want me to stay
i'll grind in a slow
circular motion
then to your genitalia
apply baby lotion
you'll feel good
and you'll smell good too
just from those couple
things i'll do to you
i'll flash my winning smile
and lean agaisnt your chest
then give you the opportunity
to play with my breasts
i'll kiss your lips
ever so ligthly
then offer my neck
so that you can bite me
i'll whisper in your ear
and blow in it too
all of my actions
are sexy to you
i'll be wearing
my tiniest thong
so getting you to cum
won't take very long

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