tagIncest/TabooHappy Families Ch. 02

Happy Families Ch. 02



My wife Linda squeezed her beautiful jugs in her hands, her eyes shut tight as she rode our son Christopher's hard porn star prick. He is currently the world's number one adult movie actor, appearing, if you don't know by now, under the name Wayne Benton. Linda and I are so proud of him and he always returns home, whenever he has time, to enjoy with us some really hot sex.

"You taught me everything I know, mom and dad," Christopher once said to us in the early days of his porn career, shortly after he started doing threesomes with us from his eighteenth birthday onwards when he became, officially, a consenting adult, "so a lot of the credit for my success is down to you."

Linda and I were, of course, overjoyed to be praised so highly by our own son for having brought him up so well, a compliment straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak - horse being the operative word, too, as you will know yourself if you've ever seen any of his movies where his delicious cock is always displayed to prominent effect, not to mention a fine pair of pendulous balls and an absolutely divine ass.

His luscious buttocks are smooth and completely hairless, enhanced in their beauty by a very lickable crack, and Christopher loves showing his bottom off just as much as he does his privates. To be a porn star, you have to be fully in tune with your body, be totally devoid of any inhibitions and also be aware that the world will be watching as you suck and fuck for the cameras. Christopher possesses all of these pre-requisites in abundance and gives his heart and soul to every scene he appears in which is why he is so highly regarded in the industry by his fellow co-stars and an army of directors.

As his parents, Linda and I both enjoy watching his pornographic performances, have a copy of every film he has ever made, and even though he gets to suck plenty of cock and lick and fuck countless numbers of pussies and male assholes in his dirty movies, he never forgets his mom and dad, constantly telling us that no matter how much sex he gets through his very lucrative career, we are the two people he loves fucking with the most, hence his frequent visits home, like right now.

"Oh yeah, sweetheart," Linda cried ecstatically as she posted up and down, pinching her nipples which stood out firmly from her dark aureoles and Christopher pressed his beautiful incestuous prick tighter into his mother's greasy innards, the walls of her shaved slit parting to make room, "I love the way you make love to me. Your cock feels so good in my cunt."

"Just what the doctor ordered, eh?" I joked, masturbating like mad as I watched my son plundering the depths of my wife's love box, his complimentary balls slapping against his mother's thighs, her legs splayed wide to give everyone a totally unobstructed view of the perverted penetration, but nobody took any notice of me. They were all too busy watching the intense action taking place just a few feet in front of them.

Alongside me, my best mate Ken and his son Ian were also wanking their thick rods, their heavy balls going nineteen to the dozen as their hands flew up and down their thickly-veined shafts, while Ken's wife Marion and their daughter Sally had their arms wrapped around each other as they stood watching Christopher proving again to his mother just how much he loved her.

"Oooh, aaaah, ooooh!" Linda squealed, as the head of Christopher's cock hit her G-spot and she squirmed and thrilled to the incestuous invasion, my wife and son treating us to a red hot live porno show as Christopher's grunts rose in unison with his mother's as he concentrated on giving Linda a good time. Much as I love watching ny son fucking with his floozies on screen in his dirty movies, that was nothing compared to watching him fuck his mother directly in front of me and, once again, I was full of paternal pride as I watched the pair of them making hot sensuous love with Christopher employing every ounce of energy he possessed.

"Fuck, mom," Christopher managed to gasp, "your pussy feels so good round my prick, its even hotter than usual."

Linda has been fucked so many times by our son over the years, just as I too have, and her cunt was able to accommodate Christopher's cock with effortless ease while his heavy balls squelched noisily as they nudged the insides of her thighs.

"Yeah, fuck your mommy's cunt," said Ken who, as usual, was touching up Ian's lovely bare ass with one hand while wanking with the other as he watched the action, valiantly trying at the same time to keep pace with his son, an expert sexualist, and now, like Christopher, also a porn star in his own right, working under the name Brad Dexter. Ken and Marion are as proud of Ian and his career as Linda and I are of Christopher, as is Ian's sister Sally.

It was thanks to my son being a porn star and, at the risk of sounding conceited, my skills as a pornographic photographer, that we'd got Ian into the business and with his parents' full blessing. He'd always been keen to get involved in the sex industry, reckoning that if Christopher could do it, then so could he and in that he wasn't wrong, as the movies he has done so far prove admirably.

One day, a year or so ago when we'd all gone on a visit to the Sandilands Nudist Club, which is where we'd all met in the first place, I'd taken some hardcore photos of Ian which Christopher had taken back to the studio with him. Ian, not surprisingly considering his beautiful uncut cock - he has the most amazing foreskin - big balls like oranges, a tight pair of ass cheeks and an asshole that can accommodate some of the industry's biggest pricks - like my son's - and a handsome face which has never had a single spot, not even when he was a teenager, had immediately been offered an audition, not that he needed much in the way of that.

Ian's enthusiasm for hot sleazy sex, his love of being watched and his talents as an exhibitionist being of the highest order, made him an absolute natural to pursue a career in porn and, though of course he hasn't as many movies to his credit as Christopher with whom he has appeared several times, he is slowly building up an impressive filmography as a totally uninhibited and extremely versatile sex performer and, like Christopher, in all forms of the genre, gay, bi and straight. He and Christopher both have websites and have amassed hundreds of thousands of fans world-wide, if judging by the number of hits their sites have had is anything to go by.

Our gangbang was in full swing when Christopher and Ian got back late last night, having been away for weeks shooting porn and having completed some red hot scenes on that very day. It had been the most wonderful surprise to see them, as even though we were enjoying ourselves immensely, their added presence helped to lift the party to one of truly epic proportions. Not only were the Phillips and Murchison families now complete, our newish friends, the Sheldrakes, were with us too, having made our acquaintance with them at Sandilands on the very day I'd taken the photos of Ian.

Christopher and Ian had received a profuse welcome, almost like Shakespearian stage actors getting a standing ovation at the end of one of the bard of Stratford-Upon-Avon's plays. They must have been knackered after filming hardcore sex scenes all day, sucking, fucking and rimming for a living, but that didn't stop them from quickly removing their clothes to join the action, as soon as they'd stepped across the threshold into our private and joyously perverted world of incestuous swinging, safely locked away behind closed doors.

Ray, the head of the Sheldrake clan, had been several minutes into getting his asshole stretched by his youngest son Luke's experienced prick when Christopher and Ian walked in while Luke's mother Carol was treating her and Ray's eldest son Ryan to another hot maternal blowjob. And this only a few minutes after Ryan had fucked her and blown a big load of his rich sperm over his mother's round and, by then, very sore ass.

Once Christopher and Ian were fully nude like the rest of us, they didn't lose any time getting stuck in as Linda and Marion once again gave up their pussies consensually to their loving sons' hot slimy tongues. Both mothers grunted with pleasure as their boys started lapping hungrily at their chambers of love while

I went over to the DVD player, grabbed the remote and re-started "Bareback in Baltimore" in which Wayne Benton and Brad Dexter appear together. The film had been shown once that evening already but I couldn't be bothered to hunt through the pile to find another one in which both our sons featured and, in any case, nobody minded seeing the two horny men who were now in our presence fucking on screen again, and pissing as well. It felt curiously invigorating to have them performing in the same room while simultaneously proving their worth as porn stars on the t.v. screen

Nothing is too hardcore nor taboo for our fine horny lads, their upbringing has taught them that sex and the human body are beautiful things and those that don't think so are the ones with the problems. None of us can really understand why anyone who loves sex should be labelled, for instance, a slut but, unfortunately, a lot of people in the world aren't tuned to our far more enlightened way of seeing things.

I've always thought it daft how violent films showing people gunning each other down and bashing each other about can be shown in cinemas and nobody bats an eyelid or thinks that it could turn us all into equally violent mobsters, yet show a man's cock or a woman's pussy and two people making love, and we're all going to turn into rapists and molesters. Utter nonsense ...


"Bloody hell, dad," Christopher said, as he watched himself out of the corners of his eyes pissing up against the tree, his hot pungent urine crystal-clear as it tumbled from him, and momentarily looking up from licking Linda's pussy to enable him to speak, "I'd forgotten you had a copy of this."

"Yeah," said Ian, likewise having to relinquish his tongue's grip on his mother Marion's cunt to speak, "we sure had a fucking good time making this one, eh Christopher?"

"Yeah," said Sally, before Christopher could speak, "the cameramen got some really good close-ups of all your hot pee."

"Fucking well did," Christopher replied, now able to get a word or two in, "we both really enjoyed being filmed pissing."

"And we all enjoyed watching you male whores pissing too," said Ian's father and Ken smiled at me, beaming with pride as, directly in front of us, our sons went back to licking our wives, diving in deep until their tongues were once again firmly embedded within the folds of maternal pussy skin. "Maybe you boys can piss for us sometime before we all go home."

"Oh yeah," said Carol, unwrapping her mouth from around Ryan's cock to speak, "our boys are into that, too, aren't they, Ray?"

Ray simply smiled at his wife and gave a small nod in agreement, being all he could manage since his asshole was still under serious attack from his youngest's son stiff pole. Luke was bringing all the experience he had learned - in just two short years of being eligible to participate - to bear as he drilled his father's ass as if he had been doing so for twenty years rather than a mere two.

I smiled at Carol too since her remarks had been totally unnecessary; we all knew the Sheldrakes were into watersports having watched them piss over each other many times since they became our friends and all of us pissing over each other too when, as and when the fancy takes us, we decide to have a watersports evening.

Now, however, wasn't the time for that as Ray's well-trained asshole took every inch of Luke's cock right up to his son's balls, his offspring's prick slicing between his middle-aged yet still tight-looking buttocks with a confidence that could easily see Luke following in Christopher and Ian's footsteps, i.e. into the heady world of the porn circuit. Ryan, too, for that matter, but he, for some obscure reason, seemed to want to spend his life slaving away in some crummy office as an accountant. Sure, he gets well paid but nowhere near as much as Christopher and Ian get when they transform themselves into Wayne Benton and Brad Dexter.

Luke's own attractive bare ass cheeks looked absolutely magnificent as he fucked his father, quivering with every thrust as he rocked back and forth on his sturdy-looking footballing legs, the long line of his ass crack defining each perfectly-rounded and delightfully smooth buttock to perfection as, every now and then, he pulled his cock out of Ray's ass, only to return it a second or two later more deeply and furiously than before.

"Fuck your daddy hard, Luke," Sally said, having had the joy of Luke's cock in her cunt earlier in the evening, "he's loving every minute of it."

"Every second if you ask me," I said, though nobody did.

Ray grunts and groans grew louder with every inch of Luke's cock that he took as I leaned in to get a closer look. Luke's cock was like a pneumatic drill as he pummelled his father's asshole, driving Ray wild and he gripped the sides of the chair to stop him toppling over. Carol smiled with pride as she watched her youngest son fucking her husband's asshole with the same attention to detail he gave her cunt, making sure that he and Ray both extracted maximum enjoyment from what, in society's view, passed as a very extreme and perverted sex act.

"Yeah, we can all piss over each other later," said Ryan, going back to one of his favorite subjects as Carol went back to sucking hard on his rigid rod, his eyes on stalks as he feasted them on his father getting fucked by his brother, "we'll show Ian and Christopher they aren't the only two who can piss like they ain't gonna stop."

Ryan must have experienced an iota of dissapointment since any further talk about pissing was left hanging in the air as, even before Ryan finished speaking, his brother let out a screech of extreme satisfaction as his climax bubbled to the surface and he shot a big offspring load into his father's ass. Indeed, all conversation of any kind was put on hold for several moments as Christopher and Ian pulled their tongues out from where they had been passionately swiping them up and down their mother's sodden twats and hauled Linda and Marion to their feet and gathered round to watch the zenith of Ray and Luke's latest incestuous gay fuck ...


Luke smiled happily at everyone, delighted to have an enthusiastic audience that had borne witness to him treating his father to a good hard anal fucking culminating in a profuse flooding of Ray's asshole with several streams of his hot spunky jizz. Ray's cries as Luke came inside him were so loud, they drowned out the formidable sounds of sex coming from the t.v. screen where Wayne Benton was fucking Brad Dexter hard in the ass.

Ray glanced back over his shoulder and smiled with joy and happiness as Luke creamed his asshole. Luke's breath was escaping from him in rapid little gasps, his face drenched in sweat as he pulled out of his father's ass and stood with his cock in his hand, a few final bibs and bobs of spunk discharging themselves with everyone's eyes riveted to the young man's prick.

"Looks like the cat got the cream," joked Ken as the remains of Luke's cum leaked out of Ray's asshole and he placed Sally on her hands and knees and immediately began fucking his daughter.

"Who are you calling a cat?" said Ray, with mock severity but Ken wasn't listening, he was too busy concentrating on inserting his cock in Sally's pussy.

"Fuck me daddy," Sally breathed in her usual husky way as Ken's thick rod slid effortlessly into the horny young lady's tight greasy quim, "fuck me like you've never fucked me before."

"Yeah, dad," said Ian, his eyes unwavewring from the sight of his sister being drilled without mercy by their father, "you know what a fucking little slut Sally is. Make sure she screams the house down."

Once again, I was grateful for the fact that Linda and I live in the middle of nowhere and that all of us can shout and scream at the tops of our voices when the fancy takes us without any fears of being overheard. Watching Ken fucking his daughter was like another dream as Sally's cunt gobbled up her father's cock with consummate ease and she did indeed start to screech like an old-style railway locomotive getting up steam.

Ken sighed happily as his daughter's tight greasy hole clamped his cock in a vice-like grip and Sally looked over her shoulder and smiled as she groaned happily with every single perverted thrust. It was rather like watching a porn movie without a t.v. set.

"Oh yeah, my beautiful daddy," Sally breathed as Ken treated his precious daughter to another of his fist-class fuckings, "your hard cock feels so good in my pussy."

"Your pussy feels so good round my cock, too, my beautiful baby," Ken managed to reply, gasping for breath as he exerted all his energy into pleasuring his daughter, "I just love making love to you."

"I love you too, dad," Sally murmured, before lapsing back into silence, apart from her groans, as she lost herself in the divine world of incestuous fucking.

Sally's verbal confirmation of her father's expert fucking skills spurred Ken on and the sight of Sally's juicy cunt taking every inch of the thick incestuous rod was, quite simply, breath-taking.

I know my son and Ken's son are both superb adult movie stars and the world of sex just wouldn't be the same without pornography but even that fabulous world pales into insignificance when it comes to the real thing - and especially when the two best porn stars of the day are present, enjoying without any qualms whatsoever showing their big cocks, balls and asses off to their families just as enthusiastically as they do to the world at large in their movies. I know there must be many other incestuous families who get together for private orgies like ours but how many of them can boast that they have not one, but two top porn stars amongst their ranks?

"I'm so glad you boys managed to get home," I said to Christopher and Ian, a few moments later when Luke had finally started to retrieve his breath and Ray rolled over onto his back and gave only a couple of tugs on his cock before cumming over his chest, his sighs inaudible with Sally wailing like a banshee as her educated cunt gobbled up every inch of her father's prick and Wayne Benton and Brad Dexter still going for gold on the t.v. screen, "this is the best fuckfest we've ever had, now that everyone is here."

Christopher and Ian were too busy wanking as they watched Ken fucking Sally. Instead, it was Ryan who spoke as Ray basked in the afterglow, enjoying the feel of the creampie in his ass which Luke had given him and that of his own spunk running down his chest while Luke collapsed onto the carpet, breathing heavily and feeling immensely pleased with himself, not to mention proud and priveleged, to have given his father such an earth-shattering fuck.

"Yeah, Alan," Ryan said, smiling across at me while Carol continued to gag on his cock, "that Sandilands club has a lot to answer for."

"Sure fucking has," I replied, "I wonder what George would say if he could see us now."

"Not a lot," said Ray, as he descended from his orgasm and folded his youngest son into his arms while smiling at his eldest enjoying an almost non-stop blowjob from his wife, "you know what he's like," he went on, referring to the owner of the club.

The party had, as usual, gone on into the early hours with more sucking and fucking and plenty more male sperm and female cum flying about all over the place before we were finally overtaken by sheer exhaustion. Fuck and suck until we drop has been the name of the game as far as we are concerned, even before the Sheldrakes joined us, and we were not about to change our creed now.

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