tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHayli's "Sliding Door" Ch. 02

Hayli's "Sliding Door" Ch. 02


The second part of this story has several options like the twists of fate encountered in daily life, or as in the movie "Sliding Door' which gave the inspiration for this story.


Hayli's "Sliding Door" Option 2A

Hayli looked, and felt shocked as Tony pulled her away from her friends and into the packed crowd in the huge entrance hall of the frat house. She couldn't believe the guile of this guy she had only met a few times & spoken to even less; but before she knew it she had lost sight of her friends and was hemmed in by other dancing party goers.

Tony couldn't believe his luck that Hayli had agreed to dance with him. In his ignorance he didn't realise that he hadn't given her the choice, and in his stupidity he hadn't realised that his spiking of Hayli's drink had most likely been spotted by Paul. Casting all of this aside Tony placed his hands on Hayli's shapely hips as he stood as close as he could and danced with her, often feeling the pressure of her full breasts on his chest as the crowd surged this way and that, bopping to the masterful DJ employed to ensure everyone had a great evening.

Hayli shook her head in bewilderment, and Tony took this for her to be dancing with him; but Hayli needed time to think and she needed space, this had just happened too fast for her. Lifting up her drink she took two long slow sips from the glass making Tony ease backwards to give her space to drink & think. She was surprised that he smiled & seemed happy to step back to allow her space to drink, maybe she had misjudged him and she wasn't so self centred as she first thought.

Tony, on the other hand, smiled because he knew she was sipping down the cocktail of GBH and orange juice that would give him the results he wanted if he played his cards right and was careful with the timing. Tonight was going to be the best night of his life as he got to enjoy the hidden treasures that Hayli had to offer whether she wanted to or not.

The DJ was good, he knew how to work the crowd and keep them dancing all night until the dawn. For all of her reluctance at being here with Tony rather than Paul & Sarah, she was enjoying the music and the atmosphere of the mob around here. Soon she was hot & sweating like everyone else and over the course of the next ten minutes she had finished her drink. Tony was a cheeky sod, he took Hayli's glass and passed it to another girl and asked if she could hold it for a minute. The girl smiled and held it, only to be shocked as Tony pushed Hayli deeper into the crowd and left her dancing with an empty glass. Hayli laughed out load, amazed at his cheek and timing. Tony's chest swelled with pride at his success and his cock swelled with lust.

Hayli was starting to feel hot & woozy, "I don't feel too well," she shouted in Tony's ear the next time the swell of the mob washed them tight up against one another, and at the same time she felt the hardness of his cock against her thigh before they separated slightly.

Tony knew it was time to act as he wouldn't have long to manage Hayli out of the hall into somewhere quiet before the effects of the GBH seriously hindered her ability to move of her own free will, and without the need for him to carry her drawing attention to themselves. "Here this way," Tony nodded to one side, "Lets go & get some air."

"Right," responded Hayli but she felt her words were a little slurred and she felt a little unsteady on her feet as Tony's arm hooked around her waist and started to lead her through the crowd to the nearest door.

Tony was rewarded with entering an empty corridor with several doorways leading off it. Most of these had names on the doors so he knew they were bedrooms rather than the kitchen or store rooms. But being honest Tony would have no objection to fucking her in the first room he could get into, no matter its use or purpose.

"Where aarree wweee ggooiinnngg??" slurred Hayli with panic starting to show in her wide pupils.

"Soon have you nice & comfortable," promised Tony as he leant their weight against the first bedroom door and placed his ear against the door to listen for sounds from within. Satisfied that the room was empty he stood more upright and then fell sideways using both of their weight to force the feeble latch lock asunder from the door jamb. As the door flew open Tony stepped forward with one leg to arrest their momentum before using his free arm to close the door shut again; well as best as he could with the busted latch plate on the door jamb.

"This isn't fffrreessh aaiirrr," Hayli slurred as she felt her legs starting to ignore her wishes & instructions to run away.

Tony quickly scanned the dimly lit room, spotted the bed and quickly guided Hayli to it before she became unmanageable on her feet. Turning her back to the bed he carefully laid her down on her back so her white clad arse was on the end of the bed and her feet supported her legs off the end of the bed. Hayli just laid there, her lovely hair laid out on the duvet, her arms at her side and her lovely breasts slowly rising and falling as her brain tried to instruct her body to do something as she was very vulnerable in this position and with Tony standing over her. She just couldn't understand why she couldn't move, she wanted to as she saw the look of unbridled lust in Tony's eyes and the thickness of his hard on in his trousers. This just wasn't what she expected or wanted this evening.

But for Tony it had all come together perfectly. He couldn't believe his good fortune as he looked down on Hayli like a regal monarch before a feast set for a King. There was just so much to choose from that he didn't know where to start on the full menu of opportunities set out before him. He could run his fingers through her silky hair while he kissed her beautiful face; he could kiss her full hot lips while roaming his hands down onto her chest; he could kiss her neck while he exposed and fondled her breasts; he could suck on her erect nipples while he massaged her hot mound through her pants; there was just so much for him as foreplay as an entrée before he even considered fucking her as main course.

Feeling his hard on surge some more he steps forward to claim his prize. Slowly he ran his fingers through Hayli's hair as he kissed her hot lips; he nearly cums in his pants at the warmth of her lips and the mouth that opens to his exploration as he pushes forward with his tongue.

Hayli wants to fight back, to flee from this horrible youth invading her mouth, but her body just fails to respond to her urgent demands for help. She just can't understand what is happening and why she can't stop it. Suddenly she can feel Tony running his free hand up the length of her thigh, and then she is briefly grateful that it bypasses her pussy, before continuing across the flat of her stomach to the underside of one of her breasts. Both Tony & Hayli are amazed at the feel of the hand on her full breast; he because he has never handled one before and her because her senses are fully alert and her nipple is starting to harden to his touch against her will. For several minutes he kisses and massages her prone body, the only movement coming from her panic stricken wide eyes as Hayley feels everything being done to her but her body fails to protect her and she is shit scared of where this is heading as she knows Tony is not the sort of person who is going to satisfied at only kissing her and groping her tits.

Now he's had a snog and a feel of her tit Tony realises it is now time to dispense with foreplay in his eyes and get serious. Pushing himself upright along side her on the bed he reaches up to the two narrow straps of her boob filled top and eases them down off her shoulders. When he realises that her prone weight is going to prevent sliding her top down easily he grips the material in each hand under her arms and tugs the tube down to her waist in one heave exposing her micro mesh bra that showcased her tits to perfection.

"WOW," gushed Tony as he stared at the beauties in front of him, instinctively he covered the rosy nipples and flesh with his hands, luxating in the warmth of her flesh despite the bra.

The touch on her nipples seemed to send electric pulses through her body, and especially to her pussy which self lubricated itself in preparation for what evolution has always deemed a pussy to be for. No amount of will power could override what seemed to be her body's automatic reaction.

Tony felt her nipples stiffen like ball bearings under the palms of his hands and he slid one hand off to cup the side of her tit so he could gaze down at her nipple. Slowly he lent down for a closer look and ultimately closed his lips around it to suck it through the fine material of her bra. Again he played with and sucked her nipples & tits for several minutes until the animal urge to fuck this helpless chick overrode his basic desire to suckle her breast as if it was his mothers from years ago as a babe. Pushing himself up off her chest he stood up and admired her for a few seconds before reaching down to undo the waist of her white trousers.

Hayley's eyes flared wide in uncontrolled fear as she realised what was coming next.

Tony gripped the waist band and tugged her trousers off her hips and down onto her thighs. Clear of the bed it was easy to slide them the rest of the way down to her feet before finally tugging them off over her shoes and throwing them into the corner of the room. His eyes followed the shape of her legs upwards until they became thighs that met at the small triangle of material that barely covered the bulge of her mound.

"Fucking hell," he groaned, still unable to believe his luck. He just stared at Hayley lying there so vulnerable, so his, just ready for the taking. Tony is struggling to realise that all of his dreams and his sessions wanking about this moment have all come together in this one moment, this one experience, and he just stands admiring her beautiful body and the opportunity as his cock hardens even more in his trousers. This admiration before his taking of or rape of Hayli proves to be his downfall......

Suddenly the door bursts open.

[Authors Note – Readers for Option 2B – Paul should leave the story at this point and read Hayli's "Sliding Door" Option 2B – Paul by Menderman ©]

Tony looks up in surprise, his hand gripping his zipper..... the door frame is filled by this giant of a man, as large as & built like a brick shit house.

"What the fuck are you doing in my room?" this bear of a man demands, then his eyes adjust to the dim light and he sees the bare white flesh of young female thighs extending from the bottom of his bed. "Holy shit," he just has time to say as, unbelievably, his giant frame is knocked forward into the room by his best friend Rob.

"What the fuck happened to your door Bud?" asks Rob looking at the damaged strike plate on the door frame.

"Was that you? You little fuck!" the bear demands as he quickly closes the distance on Tony who is just standing there gob smacked at this sudden and wholly unexpected change in events. Tony opens his mouth, but before any words come out he receives a tremendous punch in the mouth from the bear which sends him reeling across the room.

"You worthless little fuck," he growls as he follows Tony's collapsing body across the room. Tony hit the floor like a dropped sack of potatoes seconds before the bear struck out with his foot which connected with the side of his head. A soft grunt left Tony's lips following impact and then it was lights out time as he slumped back against the wall.

"You prick," the bear muttered as he towered over Tony's slumped body.

Although Hayli couldn't see any of this her brain understood what was happening and that the threat of Tony was gone for now anyway.

"Sweet Jesus Bud, take a look at this," muttered Rob in disbelief as he stood at the side of the bed looking at Hayli slumped across the bed.

The anger fell of the bear after he turned and took in the full beauty of what was spread out before him.

Hayli's eyes smiled their relief and thanks at Rob and the bear.

They misunderstood that look for something else. Here they saw a young woman gagging for them ..... who wanted to be taken by them, to be fucked by them this night.

Hayli has never felt so vulnerable or frightened as she was right now, and so knows in her heart & brain that there is absolutely nothing she can do to prevent what she is sure, by looking in their lust filled eyes, is going to happen to her.

The bear was an Alpha, he led, he decided what would happen in his world, and right now he decided that this sweet chick was for his taking. Yep, this chick was a meat magnet that needed stuffing to his simple Alpha way of thinking.

He walked the couple of steps until he stood between her spread thighs, towering over Hayli. The thin panties were all that stood between him and an all embracing fuck. The bear felt himself harden instantly. He had only been at the party a short time, long enough to get a couple of beers down his neck before he went searching for some young chick who would fall for his athletic prowess and the chance to be fucked by this huge man. By his experience & nature he didn't have to chat up the girls, they fell for him and he just plain fucked them, no finesse, and never had any problem, there was always another one waiting in line in his mind.

The bear bent down slightly to get a better look at Hayli's heaving breasts as the panic started to rise inside her and show in her deepened & quickened breathing. "Fuck me Rob, this chick is ready for us.... Look at the need in her eyes and the way her sweet white thighs are trembling in excitement," as his big paw reached forward to roughly run his hand over her mound and bush. He was none too gentle as he let his middle finger push the gusset between Hayli's pussy lips as he mauled her single handedly for now. With his free hand he undid his belt and trousers before pushing them & his shorts to the floor.

Hayli could just see down low enough to see nine inches of big fat black prick pointing towards her looking ready to make war not love.

"I think she is primed ready for us now," he said as he reversed his hand and slid it under her arse on the bed. He thrust his hand side to side so he could feel the smooth curved globes of her tight buttocks. "Nice," he praised as he hooked his fingertips into her waistband and suddenly tugged downwards with amazing force.

Hayli could just feel her panties rip as the force tugged her an inch down the bed and briefly she could feel her panties tugged tight against the outside of her thighs. This feeling didn't last as her thighs suddenly slapped together as she realised the brute had just ripped them completely apart from between her legs. His face showing disdain, she saw him fling the ripped material at Tony.

"Sniff on that you little fuck," he growled, "that's the nearest you're getting to any pussy tonight!"

By now Rob had knelt on the side of the bed and lowered both hands onto her full firm breasts. "Fucking A," he praised in open appreciation and his fingertips sort out her nipples.

Hayli realised that she was just minutes away from being raped and probably gang banged by these two and she just had no defence against them. This wasn't what she had ever envisioned for her night out with Sarah, or even how she would loose her virginity. She had always dreamed that it would be with someone who loved and respected her; someone who would treat her gently and with consideration for her wants & desires. But now she was just minutes away from being speared and torn asunder by the biggest, blackest, and thickest cock that she had never imagined existed in her wettest solo dreams tucked up safely in bed each night. These thoughts were torn from her mind as she felt the bear roughly lifting up her legs, and at the same time Rob ripped her thin bra off in one solid heave.

Rob gripped her far breast in both hands, one hand cupping the smooth underside of her breast, forcing the mass of her breast upwards while the other swept down the upper slope to target her nipple between thumb & forefinger. As soon as her breast was secure in his hand, his mouth went into freefall and he landed his lips around her other nipple and sucked her nipple deep into his hungry mouth.

She couldn't seem to scream her outrage, her nerves failing to communicate with the rest of her body, and then it suddenly got worse......... suddenly she felt the engorged head of bears monster prick push up against her pussy lips. 'There is no way he is going to fit that inside me' she thought.

The bear felt the warm skin resist as the bulbous head, 'Shit she's tight ..... fuck me, I've got myself a virgin,' he thought smugly. He reached down and ran his fingers through the strands of her bush until he felt them start to ease between her lips. Turning his hand ninety degrees to her slit he pressed in and upwards to search out her clit. To the bear a clit was the button to push, like a drinking fountain, to make a girl instantly wet and ready for a fucking.

Hayli felt the mauling, but her body seemed to react in its own way and much to her disgust she felt herself becoming wet, due to both the rough fingering she was receiving and by the attentions her tits & nipples were receiving from Rob.

Bear gripped his hard meat in his left hand and rubbed it up and down the full length of her slit, hoping his smear of precum and the results of fingering her clit would wet her up some more. A minute of rubbing her clit produced the result he was looking for as moisture seeped out from her lips and was swept up onto the head of his prick by the sweeping motion as it rubbed between her tight lips.

Now that his prick was sliding freely & smoothly up and down her lubricated lips the bear decided it was now time to be sliding freely in and out instead.

He hadn't taken the cherry of a virgin since this time last year as most virgins didn't survive the first two months of each college year; and he thought he owed himself the pleasure off enjoying plucking this cherry. Taking up her thighs once more into his firm grip he eased them wider apart so that it stretched her pussy apart some more and then his increased the pressure on her lips with the tip of his hungry meat.

'PLEASE NO,' her mind screamed and her eyes begged as she felt his hot knob start to enter her. Hayli felt like she was being torn apart when the head was only just part way in.

"Rob ..... this girl is fucking tight," the bear informed his best friend.

Rob rotated his head slightly so he could look down off her flat stomach but still remain able to lash her erect nipple with his tongue. "Looks fucking good from here Bro," he praised before running his tongue over her cherry red nipple once more. "Once you're home inside of her and she has got used to you I am going to venture my prick inside that hot mouth of hers," and then he had another lick.

"Ready Girl?" the bear asked, not fussed about getting a reply as he his hips eased forward to push his head into the tight tunnel, followed closely behind by the first inch. He paused to ensure that she coated his prick with more of her juices as there was no enjoyment and plenty of discomfort in a 'dry' fuck as he had had a few of those in his time, mostly rushed ones in the back of cars.

His eased forward some more until him came up against her hymen, he smiled.

'Please God, NOOOO,' her eyes begged him.

He smiled and pulled back on her thighs drawing her further onto his meat.

The pain tore through her as her hymen split under his invasion.

He saw the look of alarm in her eyes and then they were misted by a sheet of pain, followed by tears easing from the corners of her eyes and running down her sweet cheeks onto the bed. He smiled a satisfied smile, another notch to be added to his pole, another virgin less in this world, and a new woman created for the pleasure of men such as himself. In his glory he eased out of her until he could see the thin smear of blood coating his weapon like a victor of old in her history classes.

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