tagErotic PoetryHe Loves Her

He Loves Her


He loves to sit and watch her dance
To watch her body move
It is the thrill of hot romance
To good to ever lose

He loves to smell her fragrant skin
Her soft and silky hair
To run his fingers through her curls
With tenderness and care

He loves to feel her skin so smooth
Her body’s warm delights
To hold her tight in his embrace
Through long and tender nights

He loves to feel her sweet red lips
The moisture of her tongue
The way her eyes connect with his
The loving’s just begun

He loves to feel her swelling breasts
Her nipples hard and dark
To kiss and lick her ample mounds
To bite but never mark

He loves to let his fingers roam
Explore her form complete
Her body is a work of art
He’s thankful they did meet

He loves the way she works her mouth
The way she sucks and licks
To watch his manhood disappear
The pleasures of her lips

He loves to taste her wet delights
To push his tongue in deep
To suck her hard and throbbing clit
Her juices his to reap

He loves the way she spreads her thighs
And takes him in so deep
The way she wraps him in her legs
She moans so soft and sweet

He loves the way she loves him back
The way she rides him hard
Her fingers dig into his flesh
His body all but marred

He loves the way she cums so hard
Her climax hot and wild
She makes him want to push so deep
Then whimpers like a child

He loves the way she sucks him dry
Of all his heated seed
The way she’s ready day and night
To satisfy his need.

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