tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHeart of the Dragon: The Love Scene

Heart of the Dragon: The Love Scene

byAurora Black©

Author's Note: The main characters (Gabriel Knight, Grace Nakimura) are the property of Sierra / Vivendi Universal and Jane Jensen. Okay, moving on... This takes place after the events of GK2: The Beast Within, and it's part of a fanfic that I never finished.

I wrote this when I was 21, so it's rather rough compared to my later stuff. Enjoy.

* * *

Grace slowly crossed the long passage that separated their two bedrooms, her feet graceful upon the stone floor. The sure movement of her form and the flash of her eyes spoke of a great metamorphosis; a new and sacred gift, which coursed through her, filling her entire body with power and energy. The corridor was dim; several low-burning lanterns led the way to the place where she most wanted to go, where she needed to go. She needed him.

Her initiation at dawn served as the final missing piece of her internal puzzle; all day long, she had basked in feelings of joy, wonder and rebirth.

Rebirth. The old Grace has died, and the new Dragon was born with the sunrise. I am now like the Phoenix, raised from the ashes.

She had no regrets about her decision to become Dragon. Looking back at her life before the last two years, she saw herself as no different than the flickering flames that illuminated the hallway. She paused a moment before a lantern which was in danger of going out. She watched the flicker of light in fascination.

How hard it's fighting to stay lit! If it had emotions, would it be as afraid as I was once? Before I met Gabriel and involved myself in his cause, I was terrified of not mattering in the world in my own right. Of not mattering to others, in fact. I feared that if I were to somehow no longer exist, no one would care or even notice. I threw myself into my studies, trying so hard to prove myself in that area and make my mark. My academic success, while it gave me more than a few moments of recognition, failed to soothe the deep ache that was inside me. I needed to find myself, the real Grace. I needed to learn the true value of life and destiny, and that comes with a price.

Grace leaned closer to the dying flame.

Sometimes, in order to become fully alive, one must risk death.

She blew softly into the lantern, and the ashes around the flame glowed briefly before dimming.

The voodoo hounfour, when the twisted dagger almost speared my heart...

The stream of air grew stronger, the ashes swirled as they began to crackle. She watched the process with total concentration.

The opera house basement, when my eyes locked with the enemy. His eyes were the only human thing about him, but even they were murderous and cold. His fangs were sharp and ready to sink into my soft flesh...

The flame ignited once more within the lantern, its light brighter than ever. Grace released a sigh of contentment.

Now, I am no longer afraid to die for my own cause; I am no longer afraid to live for myself. I must live as if each day were my last.

She felt a shiver go through her at the last thought, which she quickly shook off.

Grace then continued her pace towards the end of the hall, and she felt her heart quicken with desire as she thought of what awaited her. She paused outside of Gabriel's door, her hand on the latch.

As of today, I am a complete warrior in my own right. We are truly equals now, Gabriel and I; there are no more barriers between us. After tonight, I will know what it is to be a complete woman.

Grace held her breath, released it. She then opened the door and slipped inside, closing and locking it behind her.

Her heartbeat thundered in her ears as she walked to where he slept; not from fear, but love. Every muscle in her body strained in anticipation as she felt a wave of feminine power wash over her.

She knew that this time would be different from the rest; she wouldn't simply lie chastely next to him in bed, the way she had done before. She wanted to feel every inch of his body pressed against hers, with nothing standing in the way.

She wanted to mate with him. Completely, utterly, desperately.

Her body was filled with an incredible radiance that she had never known before, and for the first time in her life, Grace knew what it was to be fully comfortable in one's own skin.

She stood at the foot of Gabriel's bed, letting her eyes travel over his body and silently willing him to awaken.

Look at me, Gabriel. I'm here with you. Feel me beside you, watching you.

He stirred in bed with a muffled groan. His eyes slowly opened and widened slightly as they rested on her. He was about to speak when the look she gave him made him forget what he wanted to say. She was a vision, standing before him with moist, parted lips and an expression on her face that let him know exactly what she wanted from him.

Gabriel felt himself leave the bed and go to her. They stood together in the moonlight that spilled in from the bedroom window, and they stared at one another for a time. No words needed to be said; they were in tune with each other enough to sense everything between them.

Grace raised her fingers to trace Gabriel's lips.

Kiss me.

She offered her soft mouth to him, her eyes urging him.

Gabriel took her into his arms and kissed her gently at first, increasing the urgency as Grace made her needs known to him by parting her lips to welcome his tongue. Soft moans escaped from both of them as they fell deeper into the spell.

Breathing hard, Grace slowly broke the kiss. Gabriel gave a moan of protest as her lips moved away, but he felt a wave of heat in his groin as she gave him a wicked, sensual smile.

Watch me.

She slid her hands from where they had rested on his arms and brought them to her own body. Without breaking eye contact, she sensuously trailed her hands everywhere that Gabriel longed to touch through the delicate nightgown that she wore.

She slowly lifted the hem of the wispy garment up her silky thighs as he watched, slipping her hands underneath it. Gabriel gasped softly as she slid her panties down and off. He stared at her with pure hunger, and Grace was thrilled that she inspired that reaction in him.

Gone was all the virginal fear that had always been in her way; she was now ready to give herself to him completely. Her hands climbed up her frame to rest on her shoulders as she took a strap in each hand and began to slip the nightgown off her body, baring herself to him.

Gabriel made a strangled noise in his throat and he reached for her. Grace deftly avoided his grasp, unwilling to give up her control in the seduction while she had the upper hand.

Not yet, my love. Her eyes danced with mischief. Patience has its rewards. Just a little while longer.

He balled up his fists, which remained at his sides. His lust was barely held in check, and a part of him wanted to grab her and take her to bed immediately and make scorching, hot love to her until they were both exhausted. Another part, however, wanted to wait and see what would happen next. This was her show, and even though he was hot and bothered, he was not willing to rush her.

When the time comes for me to take her, he thought to himself, I want her to be ready.

Gabriel's voice was thick with desire. "I'll do anything that you want; however, whenever and wherever you want it. Tell me what you need."

Grace stepped closer to him, her naked breasts pillowing against his body. She licked her lips, and his eyes followed every movement of her tongue against the supple skin. He became painfully aware of the tight bulge straining against his pajama bottoms.

She beckoned him closer with a soft sigh, and Gabriel could have sworn that he felt an electric shock go through him as her nipples brushed against his bare chest; the sexual current was so strong between them.

She wanted him naked; she told him as much by her labored breathing and the haste which she showed as she slid her hands down to the waistband of his pants. The anticipation of what was to come surged through him at her touch, yet his heart overflowed with love and compassion when he noticed that her hands trembled against his skin. He finally lowered his hands to help pull them down his toned thighs and legs until he could step out of them.

Grace was confronted by the hard proof of Gabriel's desire, and she felt a brief pang of anxiety before she made herself relax and reminded herself that he would do all that he could to spare her as much pain as possible.

She soon grew tired of standing; she threw herself into his arms and whispered in his ear.

"Take me to bed."

The words "Yes, Ma'am," rolled off his tongue like warm honey, and Grace definitely hoped that he would fulfill every single carnal promise that he made to her with those two words alone.

He carried her to the bed; Grace was tantalized by the coolness of the sheets against her back, which was quickly replaced by an overwhelming heat as Gabriel climbed on top of her.

She moaned, lost in sensation as she arched her back, rubbing her breasts against his hard chest. She needed him to touch her everywhere; she ached so badly for the feel of his hands and mouth on her skin.

"Gabriel, please..."

The tables had turned; it was now Gabriel who held the power. He watched as Grace looked up at him with eyes clouded with passion.

"Please what? Tell me what you want, Gracie."

She arched up to him again, this time brushing his tortured penis against her thighs in the process. He let out a low moan against her neck. They were both covered from head to toe in sweat, and they hadn't even begun their loving.

Grace's breathing quickened. "Touch me, I need your hands on me now! Make love to me, Gabriel."

His large, calloused hands moved over her body, making her burst into flame at his touch. She craved the feeling of his fingers while they pinched and rolled her nipples, and when he sucked the sensitive areas into his warm and wet mouth Grace had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from screaming in pleasure.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her, causing his talisman to knock against hers. Gabriel and Grace were both startled by the noise, but it was only the prelude to what would happen next.

Grace melted underneath him as she molded her lips to his. Gabriel shifted his weight so that he wouldn't hurt her while he rested above her. She arched her body upwards, causing their talismans to come into contact once again. Blue sparks of energy crackled between the two objects, and the lovers froze in shock and disbelief as they watched the display. They both cried out as the energy fused the two talismans together, making it impossible to separate them.

Oh my God! Grace's eyes widened.

No kidding. Jesus...

Grace pulled Gabriel down to her again; they had jumped apart when the sparks started. Their eyes locked.

Grace looked at him with concern.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. You?

His eyes darted over her skin, searching for burns.

Yes, although I feel a bit strange.

Her mouth wasn't moving, but it went unnoticed. Gabriel's mind was filled with questions.

What the hell was that, Gracie?

He raked a hand through his hair, breathing hard.

Grace smiled brightly. His mouth wasn't moving, either. She shrugged enigmatically.

Our talismans seem to be stuck.

Gabriel shifted his body experimentally, and she was right. At that moment, one giant medallion rested between their naked bodies; Gabriel's golden lion to Grace's silver dragon. Neither would budge.

He moved his hips, trying to get the leverage he needed to pull them apart when Grace suddenly wrapped her legs around his waist to stop him.

He looked down at her and she tightened her hold on him, bringing him closer to her burning center.

Don't, she warned. Then the look of mischief returned to her face.

Notice anything different?

Grace looked at him with laughter in her eyes, and Gabriel felt a great happiness stirring within his soul. How he loved her! Although his curiosity was engaged by what just happened, it was very hard for him to concentrate on anything but her face and the feel of her body underneath him.

Concentration isn't the only thing that's hard for you, Bud.

She laughed aloud just as he finished his thought, and he finally caught on.

We haven't been speaking all this time! Gabriel felt a mixture of wonder and shock at the revelation.

Grace looked very satisfied with herself.

Of course we were, just not with words. I've been doing a lot of in-depth research today, my darling, and I thought that I'd share some of my insights with you.

She brushed her lower body against his erection, and Gabriel moaned. Grace lowered her legs as she continued.

You see, it was our destiny to find one another. And it seems that it was not uncommon for members of families with abilities such as yours and mine to seek each other out over the years, but I'll tell you more about that tomorrow...

Her hands trailed between his legs and caressed his pulsing member, and he clenched his teeth to keep from self-combusting. He was ready to perform his own in-depth research, and soon.

While she manipulated his hot flesh, her narrative continued in his head.

The point is that our two talismans can unite for a short time, for the purpose of joining minds and sharing ideas. It makes sense if someone from either of our bloodlines has ever needed to team up on a case at one time or another...

Gabriel listened intently, but her touch nearly boiled him over. Grace sensed this and moved her hands to squeeze his ass instead.

Desperately wanting to return the favor, he gently spread her thighs and stroked their insides before focusing on what lay between them. He licked a finger and slowly parted her delicate folds, bringing a sigh of pleasure from Grace's lips. He was thrilled to find her soaking wet, and he carefully penetrated her with his finger. Her inner muscles grasped at it, and Gabriel growled with sensual delight. She was so moist and hot, and he couldn't wait to enter her.

And I can't wait to have you there, baby. But I still have to tell you the best part... ahh...

Gabriel had begun tracing slow circles on her clitoris, and for a moment, Grace lost her train of thought. She moaned deeply, arching into his hand before she managed to collect herself. Barely.

Grace looked at him with a raised eyebrow, her breathing uneven.

You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

Gabriel gave her a crooked grin in response.

Not as much as you or I could be, but I'm having a great time, yes.

She licked her suddenly dry lips. I still have to tell you the best part of this talisman thing, Gabriel.

His eyes held hers for a heart-stopping moment; she felt as if she could lose herself forever in the green depths. Inside her head, his voice rumbled like distant thunder.

What could be better being able to communicate telepathically, reading each other's thoughts and sharing each other's emotions? You don't have to tell me anything else, Gracie. We are connected. Let me guess...you were about to say that you've also read that this "bonding," which it is called, is at its strongest when experienced between lovers. When they join in this state, they become one in mind and heart. In body, however...

Gabriel's hand continued in its exploration, and Grace's hips bucked upwards in response. She felt as if her body was on fire, and she was very close to the brink.

Gabriel continued. You wanted to tell me the best part; let me show you. Are you ready for me, Gracie? 'Cause I'm sure as hell ready for you.

Grace grabbed his penis and rubbed the swollen head against her clitoris. She lost control, moaning as she felt herself explode into a thousand pieces. She cried out as the waves of pleasure crashed over her, and Gabriel felt his erection straining with each ripple between her trembling thighs.

He felt her orgasm against him and he felt himself snap. He couldn't wait anymore. He had watched Grace's face as she climaxed and he almost went insane with need.

She looked up at him, her face glowing with satisfaction and desire.

Take me now, Gabriel. Make me yours.

He searched her face with his eyes while searching her heart for fear. He found only acceptance and love, and he kissed her fiercely before positioning himself at her entrance.

He held her gently in his arms as he slowly entered her, and he felt her stiffen against him.

"Don't. Relax, darlin'."

One inch, two. Grace took several breaths and willed her muscles to relax and take him in.

Three inches. Gabriel groaned at the sensation of her inner walls surrounding him, and he fought the urge to thrust.

Four inches. The virgin barrier blocked the rest of the way, and Grace felt a twinge of fear. Gabriel sensed it and rained kisses on her face, neck and breasts.

He relied on his seductive touch to distract her from what was coming. He teased her center, stoking the fire to a new height. She shuddered with pleasure and clenched around his aching penis, only halfway inside her. He wanted her so much it was almost unbearable to hold back.

Grace moaned as she arched her hips upward, further inflaming his desire and stripping away his resolve.

"I want you inside me... I need you..."

Gabriel lunged forward with an excited shout, pushing through her hymen and driving himself fully inside. Grace cried out softly against his shoulder. Her eyes were shiny with tears, and he felt as if he had been kicked hard in the chest.

"I'm sorry, baby. There was no other way."

He softly kissed her trembling lips, moving on to shower her face and neck with butterfly kisses. He waited several minutes until Grace was ready to continue, and he was careful not to rush in his movements until he was certain that she was able to handle them.

Finally, she wrapped her legs around his waist, clasping her sex around him.


She didn't need to say more; he got the message. Closing his eyes in ecstasy, he began a steady rhythm of thrusting. He was deeply inside her sweet mystery, and he almost screamed at the feel of it.

"Christ, you're so tight... so hot..."

His moans were filled with power and lust as he picked up the pace.

Grace panted softly. "You're filling me up! You feel so good... please, don't stop."

Her hands were on his hips as if to help him push deeper inside her body; she had never expected such a rich flood of sensation. Once the pain faded away, she felt as if she was soaring in the sky. With each thrust Gabriel stimulated thousands of sensitive nerves that she never knew existed, places that made her squirm with delight and yearn for more.

Grace closed her eyes as well, lost in the feel of him. "Faster."

Her teeth sank gently into his shoulder; she raked her nails through his fiery hair and down his muscled back and was rewarded by his harsh intake of breath. He granted her request, his grunts of passion making her tingle all over. She tightened her legs around him, reveling in his tender possession.

At last, my love.

Gabriel pumped his hips full force, and he knew that it was only a matter of time before he reached the point of no return. He grabbed Grace's bottom and pulled her closer to him, angling her so that he could bury himself to the hilt. His skilled fingers returned to her sweet spot, and her groan sent a shiver of longing from his head to his toes.

Grace reached her peak for a third time, and her voice was ragged in his ear as she whispered, "Come with me, Gabriel..."

He didn't need to be told again. Gabriel let himself go, his orgasm exploding within him. He growled deeply as he felt his penis shoot out liquid fire against her deepest core. Incredible pleasure, unlike anything he'd ever known, ripped through him. He could have sworn that he saw stars as he bent over Grace to cover her mouth with his, cherishing her with kisses that devastated both their senses.

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