Hearts on Fire


The two women talked like high school friends as they drove. Sam barely noticed the time,, or that the road was getting increasingly narrow. When she did, she realized that they were in the middle of mountains and it had begun to snow. Instead of being worried, Sam felt excited, almost exuberant.

"So, where is your family this weekend?" Sam asked.

"Well, my Dad travels a lot and over the past year, we don't come up here much together anymore. I go by myself occasionally though. But, unfortunately, not since school started."

"Aren't you afraid of being out in the wilderness alone?"

"No. It's really very comforting. I build a fire and have some wine... oops soda and ski until my heart's content."

"Well, I'm glad we could do this. I really needed a break," Sam said glancing at the teenager.

Sally was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white sweater, which emphasized her shapely breasts. Normally, she didn't wear something so tight because of the size of her breasts. However, she knew that Sam had peeked at them on plenty of occasions and she naughtily wanted to put them on display. That excited her tremendously.

Sam tried to keep from staring at the younger woman's breasts. She knew how men often ogled women. Yet, after looking at Sally she knew why. Although her breasts were large, they were firm without a hint of sag. She could tell from the way that they bounced as she had gotten into the car that she was not wearing a bra and from her observation, rarely did. No panties and no bra; teenagers today! she thought and shivered. My mother would have killed me.

The time flew by as they chatted about everything from politics to religion. They stopped once to use a restroom and picked up some perishables to take to the cabin. After that it took about a half hour before they reached a small one-lane road that led further into the mountains. By that time, the snow was coming down heavily.

"Are we almost there?" Sam asked struggling to see through the blowing snow.

"Yes, it's just a couple more miles."

Soon they saw a log cabin sitting on a small hill with trees almost hiding it.

"We're here," Sally said excitedly.

Sam parked the SUV in front and they pulled their bags out and walked through the snow to the door. Sally found a key under the mat and opened the door.

"Wow," Sam said as she stepped inside and looked around. It was a relatively modern cabin with a single large room with a vaulted ceiling, a loft for the bedroom, a kitchen and one bathroom. There was a large fireplace dominating one wall and the cabin was furnished with comfortable but rustic furniture. On one side of the main room was a staircase that led to the loft where there was a king-sized bed. Fortunately, the place had electricity and running water. Sam had begun to wonder about that as they had trekked further into the wilderness. "This is very nice," Sam said, more than a little relieved.

"Thank you. Nobody has been here for a couple of months. However, my Dad said it is well stocked with food and the snowmobiles are all gassed up. We have everything we need to stay a month."

"I hope we don't have to use it," Sam laughed as she looked out the window at the falling snow.

Neither of them had listened to the weather or they would have heard that the area was in for a major blizzard.

"I'll get a fire started and you can take your stuff up to the loft," Sally said, taking off her coat.

"Thanks," Sam answered as she took her small suitcase up the stairs. When she was in the loft, she looked over the railing and sighed contentedly. This was going to be real nice she thought.

"There are some sheets in the closet up there," Sally called up as she put some wood in the fireplace. The house had heat but Sally preferred to use the fireplace because a fire would heat the place up easily. Besides, it was so much more romantic! Sally thought and then felt her face turn warm.

As Sam pulled the sheets from the closet, she suddenly wondered where Sally was going to sleep. Then the thought occurred to her that maybe she expected them to sleep together. The thought was a little disconcerting, as she hadn't slept with another person, even a lover, other than her husband since she was very small. She wasn't comfortable with that but she wasn't sure how to ask Sally.

When Sam came back down, Sally had a roaring fire going and she had fixed them some hot chocolate that she had sitting on the hearth.

"I thought we would sit by the fire for a little girl talk and have some hot chocolate," Sally beamed.

"Wonderful," Sam said, settling down on a large bearskin rug in front of the fire. She groaned and said, "I feel like a pretzel after that drive."

"Sorry," Sally said and sat down next to her as she handed her a cup of hot chocolate.

The wind was whipping outside, blowing the snow sideways and whistling through the pine trees. The snow was accumulating at over four inches an hour. Neither of the women noticed as they sat and talked quietly by the fire.

Sally went into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of brandy. "This should help to warm us up," she said as she poured a long shot into the cup that Sam held out.

"Are you old enough to drink, young lady?" Sam asked with a smile.

"Almost," she returned with a cute grin.

"Well, as long as you're not going to drive."

In a little while the bottle was missing more than a few shots and Sam was feeling very relaxed. "So do you have a boyfriend?" she asked.

"No, not right now. I've dated some since I started college but all the boys seem so immature. They only want one thing," she giggled. "If you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean."

"So how long have you been married?" Sally asked.

"About five years."

"Larry seems like a nice guy," Sally said. "He's a little older than you right?"

The innocence of youth! Sam thought and then she smiled. "Uh... yes he is."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess that wasn't a polite question," Sally giggled nervously and took another drink of her spiked hot chocolate.

"No, you just asked what everyone thinks but are afraid to ask. That's refreshing," she said with a smile. "Larry and I met when I was working on my graduate degree. He is twenty years older than I am. When we met, I felt the same way as you about the boys at school being so immature. Larry came along and we just clicked. He's good to me but he is kind of stuck in his ways. I guess that's one of the downsides to being married to an 'older' man. He was married once before and actually has a daughter almost as old as me."

"You're not old," Sally blurted and then blushed.

"Thank you sweetie. Sometimes I feel old now days."

The room was silent for a while and then Sally spoke, the alcohol loosening her tongue. "So, is he good in the sack?" Sally blurted and then giggled. "Oh... sorry, I can be mouthy when I drink," she said with a pretty blush.

"It's okay. I guess the answer is that he used to be but I think the stress of his job and maybe his age has slowed him down. The truth is that sex was never that big of a deal to me. I guess that I have never really figured out what all the hoopla was about anyway."

"I know what you mean. I had my first sex in the back of my boyfriend's car at sixteen. I didn't get much pleasure and it hurt. I've had a few others over the last two years but I haven't seen any fireworks yet myself... other than when I... I do it myself," she said and averted her eyes. Then she looked back at her and added, "Then I can fantasize about whatever I want."

Sam smiled again at the teenager and opened her eyes in mock surprise at her revelation. "Yes... sometimes we all have to take things into our own hands," she laughed and turned red.

Sam could feel that tingling between her thighs and thought that they had better change the subject. She turned to set her cup on the hearth. "Ouch!" she exclaimed as a sharp pain raced through her neck. She reached up and rubbed the back of her neck.

"What's wrong?"

"I guess sitting for three hours tightened up my neck. It felt like someone just put a dagger in me. I hurt my neck years ago playing volleyball and it has bothered me ever since."

"Well, you're in luck ma'am, 'cause I worked last summer at an exercise facility. I learned the art of therapeutic massage," Sally said with a grin. "Turn around."

Sam turned her back to Sally and felt her hands on her shoulders. A chill went down her spine as she began to massage the knotted muscles in her neck. "Oh God, that feels wonderful," she said almost swooning backward into the young girl.

Sally massaged her for a few minutes and then said, "Your entire back is tight. Why don't you get a hot shower and then come back and I'll work the kinks out?"

"That sounds really good right now."

A half-hour later, Sam came out of the bathroom dressed in a cut off pullover tee shirt and a pair of sweatpants. The pants had shrunk a bit since she last wore them and were a little too tight. However, she hadn't brought a lot of clothes so she didn't have much choice. She didn't have a bra on under the shirt and her breasts swayed freely as she walked, making her feel a bit uncomfortable but also very naughty. She didn't know what was getting into her lately.

Sally was waiting in front of the fire with a large towel laid out on the sofa. She had changed into a pair of blue sweatpants and top. While Sam was gone, Sally drank a few more shots of whiskey for courage and was feeling very relaxed. She watched as the older woman approached. She could see the fullness of her breasts and the nipples poking through the thin cotton. Suddenly, she felt a little electric shock between her legs. Unlike Sam, Sally had realized some years ago that she liked looking at women and in fact, she liked looking quite a bit. Over the past several years, she found herself often dreaming of what sex with a woman would be like. While she hadn't acted on it, she knew that it was more than a passing curiosity and had masturbated to it often. Most of the time the woman in her fantasy was Sam.

Although Sally really believed that she hadn't tricked Sam into coming to the cabin in order to seduce her, the thought had crossed her mind. However, she also knew that she really didn't know how to go about seducing someone and she certainly didn't want to jeopardize her friendship with Sam at this early stage.

"Listen, we don't have to do this," Sam said. "My neck feels much better." However, when she saw the disappointed look on Sally's face she added, "But it's okay if you still want to though."

"Of course. It's not often I get a beautiful woman in my grasps. Most of the women at the health club are older and frankly kind of dried up!" Then she giggled and placed her hand over her mouth.

Sam could tell that Sally had had one too many and just smiled. "How do you want me?"

There were a million answers that Sally could have given to that question. However, she bit her tongue and said, "Lay down on the sofa on your stomach."

Sam lay on the sofa and Sally came over close and knelt at her side. Then she reached up and began to massage the muscles around Sam's neck and shoulders again.

"Mmmm," Sam moaned, as the young girl's experienced fingers began to work the tightness from her shoulders. "You have wonderful hands."

And you have a wonderful ass! Sally thought as she glanced down at the seat of her tight sweat pants. "Thank you," she said as her fingers worked over the shoulder muscles and then down the back. She followed her spine down, applying gentle pressure with her thumbs on both sides of her backbone. When she reached the end of the tee shirt, she crossed over to the bare skin, continuing down until she reached her sweats. Then she moved back up. "Do you mind if I use some oil?"

"Mmmmm," Sam answered, as the warmth of the fire, the liquor, and the comfort of the sofa made her very sleepy. The long drive had tired her more than she thought.

Sally picked up the bottle of baby oil that she had let sit next to the fire to warm and poured some on her hands. It wasn't the best thing to use for a massage but it would have to do. She rubbed her hands together until they were coated with the warm oil and then she placed them on the small of Sam's back again.

Another groan of pleasure came from Sam, as she felt Sally's hands begin to massage the oil into her skin. Slowly they moved up her back and under the tee shirt.

"Do you mind if I kneel over you?"

"No," Sam answered dreamily.

Sally placed one knee on each side of Sam and sat her buttocks lightly on her thighs. Then she began to move her hands up her back again. Suddenly, she couldn't believe how sensuous it felt to be massaging Sam like this. She had done countless massages but she hadn't cared for any of those people. This felt very different and a little chill went through her as her hands worked up and down the soft skin under her tee shirt. She covered every inch of her back, pushing the tee shirt up to her shoulders in the process. Too soon, she had finished the normal massage. However, she didn't want to stop as she could now feel excitement coursing through her and her heart pounding in her chest.

Sam dozed off.

As Sally thought about her next move, her hands began to tremble. Slowly, her hands slid up her back and then down the sides. They slipped down gradually until her fingers were touching the outer swells of Sam's breasts. She could feel her vagina begin to pulse as she massaged the soft flesh under her fingers. As her fingers went lower, she heard Sam moan and she stopped and waited, ready to pull her hands away. When she didn't hear anything more, she began to move again. Her heart was thumping hard in her chest as her fingers slid down until they were under the slopes of her breasts. She knew that if she moved another inch she would be able to feel her nipples. Do I dare? She asked herself.

Sam had awakened when Sally's fingers had begun to put pressure on the sides of her breasts. Suddenly, she was very much aware of where the young girl's hands were and knew that she should stop her. But it felt too good. Her heart had begun to pound with growing excitement. Instead of protesting, she moaned quietly, as if she were still in a sleepy fog. Then, she surprised herself when she lifted up slightly, allowing the hands to move under her breasts. She had to suppress a moan as the tips of Sally's fingers reached her nipples.

Sally thought she was going to pass out from excitement. Now, she could feel Sam's hot nipples under her fingers. It was the most incredible feeling she had ever felt in her young life. Suddenly, she desperately wanted to move her fingers further underneath Sam and capture the entire mounds of flesh in her hands, but feared that she would break the spell. So she contented herself with moving the tips of her fingers slowly back and forth across the rough surface of her now hard nipples. With each stroke, she could feel the nipples almost burning her sensitive fingertips. She had an almost overpowering urge to take Sam's breasts in her hands. Yet she hesitated, not willing to risk something so bold. When she figured she probably couldn't go any further, she leaned down to Sam's ear and whispered, "Would you like me to do your legs?"

Sam was relieved and strangely disappointed at her words and almost groaned in frustration. "Uh huh," she whispered quietly. She had been on the verge of lifting up and letting the girl's hands have complete access to her breasts. She couldn't believe how excited she had become from the hands of another woman.

Sally slid down Sam's legs and reached up for her sweat pants.

When Sam felt Sally's hands at the waist of her sweats, she realized that she might have made a big mistake. She hadn't even thought that she would have to take her sweats off. But, it was too late as she felt her sweats being pulled down her legs and off her feet.

"Ohhhh," Sally moaned quietly when she saw what she had unveiled. She knew that Sam had a good body but she hadn't expected this. Her heart began to race again as she stared at Sam's lower half. She had on a pair of pale pink panties that were tight and hugged her buttocks sensuously. One side had ridden into the crack, revealing the lower half of a perfect cheek. The backs of Sam's legs, all the way to her feet, were perfectly smooth and without a blemish. Sally was trembling as she stood staring at the beautiful older woman.

Then Sam felt Sally straddle her again, this time facing her feet, her buttocks just resting on her lower back. She could feel her eyes burning into her almost naked flesh. It seemed like it was a long time but was only seconds before she felt her lean forward and grasp one of her legs at the ankle. Sam moaned when she felt Sally's hands begin to work up her leg, kneading the flesh of her calf and then her thigh as she went.

By now, Sally could feel that the crotch of her panties was soaked. She hoped that it wouldn't soak through her sweats. Slowly, she worked the oil into the backs of Sam's legs until her fingers reached her buttocks. She thought briefly of moving her hand over the exposed cheek but controlled herself. Instead she reached down and pulled the panties from between her cheeks and pulled them tight. It was a casual gesture but one that made both women tremble inside. Then, as Sally leaned forward again to run her hands down her shining thighs, the front of her sweatshirt touched the oily surface. When she pulled back, she impulsively reached for her top and without asking permission, stripped it over her head, leaving her breasts free.

Sally had always been somewhat embarrassed by the size of her breasts. They were a full 34C on her rather small frame. Most of the time, she wished that she had smaller breasts and often tried to cover them up. However, they were very sensitive, especially the nipples. Her nipples had always been a source of some embarrassment. They weren't the more common "normal" round areolas and hard tips. Sally had what was referred to as puffies; instead of a hard tipped nipple, they were soft and smooth. The nipples were pale pink and covered almost half of her breasts. She wondered if that was why they were so sensitive. Sometimes she could bring herself off by just pinching the nipples or fantasizing about a female lover doing it for her.

Now as Sally leaned forward, her breasts hung free. When her hands reached Sam's ankles, her nipples touched the backs of the older woman's legs. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt the warm oil and Sam's soft skin touching the tips.

Sam felt it as well and realized with shock that the teenager's breasts were bare. When she opened her eyes, she saw Sally's top lying on the rug, confirming her suspicion. Now Sam felt juice dripping into her panties. That was quite a surprise for her, as she normally didn't lubricate very much. Larry often had to use a lubricant in order for sex not to be painful for both of them.

As Sally moved her body upward, her nipples dragged along the soft skin on the backs of Sam's legs. She could feel shocks of pleasure rippling through her body and directly to her vagina. Her eyes closed in pleasure and her breath came in gasps as she pressed her soft mounds of flesh to the strong thighs below her. Suddenly she began to tremble and her vagina pulsed. She couldn't believe what was happening. Her body trembled as she began to climax! She bit her lip to keep from crying out as her thighs quivered and she gasped for breath.

Sam's mind was reeling. She could feel the young girl trembling and hear little whimpers. It was obvious that she was having an orgasm. Her own vagina was pulsing but there wasn't enough contact to make her climax. Yet, her body tingled like she had never felt before. Then before she knew it, she felt the weight of Sally's body move off her as she got up. She opened her eyes and saw the young woman bend over to pick up her top. A little gasp caught in her throat as she saw Sally's oil coated breasts for an instant. They were pendulous and swung freely, and the nipples appeared positively huge.

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