tagInterracial LoveHeather's Dark Adventure Ch. 01

Heather's Dark Adventure Ch. 01


US Olympian's Secret Life as a Las Vegas Escort – I don't know why the stories about Suzy Favor Hamilton struck such a chord with me but I couldn't stop thinking about it. Maybe because it was someone who decided to live out their wildest fantasies and create a second life, something I had dabbled with online but failed to act on. After reading article after article about her I became curious about the Vegas escort lifestyle. I found websites for some agencies and on a whim sent some emails to them. To my surprise most sent something back, usually a questionnaire and request for a photo. After some more back and forth I was shocked that I had several requests for in person interviews should I ever travel to Las Vegas.

My boyfriend had talked about a Vegas vacation for awhile. I was never very excited about it since I'm not much of a gambler and don't golf which is what he wanted to spend most of his time doing there. When I floated the idea of trying Vegas he immediately got online to start booking flights. I wasn't sure yet how far I'd go with this, but thought it might be fun to at least be in "Sin City" and maybe just go to an interview for a thrill.

When our flights and hotel were booked I exchanged a few more emails with the interested escort services and actually set up an interview with one that really intrigued me. My boyfriend had lots of time planned gambling and golfing so I'd be free to shop or hit the spa or spend some time doing whatever I wanted. We got in on a Thursday and I received an email that I would be meeting Terrence for an interview at 7:30 pm Friday evening at a room in the same hotel/casino if I was still interested. I confirmed I'd be there and tried taking my mind off it while spending time with my boyfriend. He planned to be out gambling at some other casinos most of the night Friday so I pretty much had that night to myself. Thursday night we went to dinner, did some gambling, had drinks & capped it off with some particularly wild hotel sex. My boyfriend remarked that I really seemed to be into Vegas – he couldn't have been more right.

Friday my boyfriend was out the door early to the golf course, so I spent some time at the hotel spa, mentally and physically preparing. As early evening approached I had a few drinks in me to calm my nerves and started getting dressed. I picked some tight black pants and black heels over top a cute white thong and bra set. My 34c breasts looked good I thought as I stood at the mirror pulling on my cream colored blouse. I'm 5 foot 5 so the heels gave me a few more inches of height and my 120 pounds seemed pretty well proportioned from the time in the gym I'd been putting in. I pulled my shoulder length red hair back in a pony tail as I put some makeup on and decided to leave it that way, thinking it made me look a little more casual. Finally, I undid another button on my blouse, showing just enough cleavage, but not wanting to look too slutty as I walked through the halls and up the elevator to the room reserved for my interview.

7:30 approached so I finished another glass of wine, took a deep breath and headed out to my interview. I knocked lightly on the door and heard footsteps approach as the door opened.

"Hello, you must be Heather. I'm Terrence pleased to meet you, please come in."

He shook my hand and his big black hand enveloped mine. I walked into the room and Terrence offered me a drink which I gladly accepted as we sat in chairs facing each other.

Terrence was black, maybe 6 foot 1 and looked well built. He was dressed in a light grey suit with a black shirt and wearing glasses. After just a minute or two of small talk on how my flight was and where I lived we started to get to the interview.

"So Heather, why are you interested in working for my agency?"

"Well, I've had many fantasies for quite awhile and thought I'd like to act some out, also the Suzy Favor Hamilton story really intrigued me."

"Ah yes, many agencies have gotten quite a few inquires since that story broke."

"Really?" I asked.

"Oh yes" Terrence smiled, "Not many actually make it this far, but it seems to have inspired many soccer moms and housewives to explore their fantasies."

"Lets see, your 28?"


"Single, Married?"

"Single, with boyfriend – he doesn't know" I stuttered.

"Fine, Fine"

"Red hair is natural? Top and bottom?

"Yes, well what is stiil there on bottom"

The interview continued. Terrence asked what my availability would be should I be employed by their agency. What limitations I might have sexually, etc. We talked about my medical history and health. Terrence informed me that all employees and clients needed testing for sexually transmitted diseases so protection wasn't a mandatory requirement but birth control was recommended. Finally Terrence started wrapping up the interview.

"Now Heather, our agency tends to cater to a particular type of client, primarily African American men. I assume that isn't a problem with you?"

"Oh no not at all." I smiled, knowing this was the reason I chose to interview with this agency.

"Excellent, well we are nearly done. At this point I will need you to strip down to your undergarments. He took out a small digital camera, I will take some photos that we can use on our website until we get some more professional ones done, that is of course if we decide to work together. You of course can hold on to the camera until the interview is over and delete the photos yourself should you decide to change your mind."

Terrence looked down at his phone as I stood and started unbuttoning my blouse. I sorta thought this might happen and was prepared for it, in fact was a little surprised that I didn't need to be completely naked. Terrence's professionalism and the fact that he seemed to be almost ignoring me as I undressed made it that much easier. I slipped my blouse off and had to take my shoes off to pull my tight pants off.

"Please put your shoes back on for the photos dear" said Terrence, not even looking at me.

I finished, standing nearly naked in front of this tall black man and he rose with the camera in his hand. I felt kinda silly not knowing how to stand but he had obviously done this numerous times so Terrence put me in a number of alluring poses, snapping shots of me. Bent over the back of the chair, looking over my shoulder with my near naked ass hanging out, eyes closed on the edge of the chair with my legs spread wide, leaning forward with hands pushing my boobs together as they spilled out of my bra. After just a few minutes Terrence handed me the camera.

"That was excellent Heather, now for the last part of the interview. I'll need to see you actually perform."

My jaw dropped a little but Terrence held up a finger, smiling.

"No I am not asking you to blow me. But, our clients do expect performance when they pay for services. I can't send someone new in with a client and have them get cold feet and run off. I'll ask you to go next door in the bedroom and masturbate to orgasm as I watch. There are a number of sexual aids on the night table if you require them. I will enter the room in exactly 5 minutes and merely sit and watch. Should you decide to change your mind simply get dressed, delete the photos from the camera and I'll wish you well. Good Luck." Terrence opened the door for me then walked away checking his phone.

A million thoughts ran through my brain, I sorta prepared to be propositioned on this interview and made up my mind I would walk out if that happened no matter what. This was very different, and interesting and exciting. As the time ticked off in my brain, I thought this might be a great way to end my fantasy. I could play with myself in front of an attractive black man, but not have any regrets. Before I could think anymore or talk myself out of it, I walked to the nightstand next to the king-sized bed. There were vibrators and dildos of all types and sizes. I paused briefly at a few big black dildos, then chose a smaller silver vibrator, similar to one I owned. I quickly stepped out of my thong, kicked my heels off and unclasped my bra. I thought maybe if I was already well into things by the time Terrence entered it would be easier to continue. I climbed onto the big bed and lay flat on my back on top of the soft white comforter. Closing my eyes I tried telling myself that I was just at home in bed, playing with myself after another hot chat session with one of my hot black online friends.

My left hand went down between my legs, not surprisingly I was already very wet. I slipped 2 fingers inside then rubbed my clit softly. Then I took my wet fingers and started rubbing my sensitive nipples. I flicked the vibrator on with my right hand and ran it down my belly to my inner thighs. I felt the heat building and started rubbing the big silver bullet up and down my pussy lips and pressing on my clit. I felt that familiar jolt jump through my body and groaned softly. My eyes still shut, visions of big black studs in my mind. There I was, pinching my nipples, my right hand working a vibrator between my spread legs when I heard the door open from a million miles away. I don't think I missed a beat, but I did crack my eyes open just briefly to see Terrence sit in a chair against the wall, about 10 feet from the side of the bed. I worked my pussy hard with the vibrator for the next few minutes, grinding into my clit and briefly slipping inside my lips and I groaned softly from time to time. I felt my orgasm quickly approaching and it took all my strength to stop myself, thinking Terrence wouldn't want to see me finish too quickly.

I reluctantly stopped with the vibrator, sat up and got on my hands and knees, my ass pointed directly at Terrence. I placed my left hand under me, spreading my lips wide, then occasionally, rubbing my clit and fingering myself. Just enough to keep me going, but not enough to make me cum. I picked up the vibrator and traced circles around both my nipples, feeling the vibration shoot down my spine and into my pussy. I started groaning louder, wanting, and needing to cum. I buried my face in the soft comforter and shoved the vibrator down between my legs. I wiggled my little white ass, rubbing the vibrator along my clit as I worked my fingers deep inside me. I felt my juices dripping down my thighs as my body trembled, getting closer. I was so close, but it wasn't enough, I needed something inside me, I needed to be fucked. I snapped my head up and my eyes tried focusing on the toys on the nightstand. I whimpered as I reached out, knocking over several toys as I grasped a big black dildo.

I quickly rolled over on my back and grasped the big fake dick with both hands, lapping the shaft with my tongue then taking it between my lips, getting it slick with my saliva. It was bigger than any toy or cock I'd ever taken but I didn't care, I needed it inside me at this moment. Still holding it with both hands, I spread my legs, feet underneath me with my knees up in the air and started working it into my pussy. It was bigger and wider than I'd expected, but I was so wet and horny it was slipping in nicely.

"Oh, Oh, Oh" I cried out. "Oh God yes, yes, yes" I whimpered. Slipping the big black cock in deeper.

I was still fucking myself with both hands wrapped around the black dildo. Pumping 4 or 5 inches in at a time quickly, pulling it nearly all the way out then quickly back in. I went at it like this for a few minutes, hearing my cries echo throughout the big bedroom, Terrence sitting and watching quietly the entire time. I felt the vibrator buzzing on the bed against my hip and I grabbed it with my right hand, still fucking my pussy hard with the dildo in my left. I took the vibrator and pressed it hard on my clit as I fucked myself and nearly immediately felt the explosion, fireworks going off behind my eyes as I cried out.


I came hard, violently, my toes curling as I shoved the dildo as deep as I could. I felt my pussy drench the bedspread and even squirted some, which was rare. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and whimpered through my orgasm, my body thrashing about the bed. I finally controlled my breathing and started to regain my senses as I heard Terrence standing, walking back out of the bedroom, his cell phone going to his ear.

Thinking this wasn't a good sign I decided to get up and hustled into the bathroom. As I quickly glanced at myself in the mirror, my post coital high wore off and I started feeling silly. I washed up and dressed quickly, intending to delete the photos and thank Terrence for his time. I was a bit startled as I exited the bathroom and nearly walked right into Terrence.

"I'm sorry I left so abruptly, but I had a client I needed to contact. If you are available tomorrow afternoon I have a client I think you'd be perfect for"

Terrence held his hand out and I shook it. I fully expected this adventure to be ending but as I was shaking hands with him the voice I heard telling Terrence that I'd be glad to work for him and looked forward to tomorrow's date, didn't even sound like my own. Walking back to my hotel room my legs wobbled a bit and my head spun, wondering what door I had just opened...

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