Heaven's Rending Ch. 06

byAdrian Leverkuhn©

"You? Bait?"

"Sure, why not? They know I'm around, well, here. They never bought that faked death, and you know it. That game is over, especially after Burnett made us on Cypress."

"I wonder what they'd do if they got to you? After all these years?"

"I really don't think they care. Nobody cares about Kennedy anymore, what happened all those years ago. They got away with it, and time washed away the rest."

"I think you're wrong. I think they care very much, and probably a lot of people in America do to. You're the last loose end, you know."

He looked at her, saw her as she was in 1963. "It's a long way from Rio. From Spain."

She smiled at him. "Is it? Seems like yesterday."

"I love you. Will forever, ya know." He bent over and kissed her, then walked from the room before she could say a word.

She watched him go, listened as his footsteps faded, clutched her hands to her chest. "I love you too," she said to the sterile emptiness around her.


©2008 Adrian Leverkuhn

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