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Helping Make Ends Meet


Cindy sat at the kitchen table sipping her chickory coffee. The aroma and taste seemed even stronger than normal. All her senses were at a heightened state. Would she return tomorrow or stay home? There was over $1500 cash in her purse waiting to go in the bank. She had to return didn't she? She thought back over the last week. It had all began at the very same table last Sunday.

Cindy had been through the job ads twice and yet started again. Her husband Tom had left to play golf at the club. The club they were wasting their savings on to remain members. Cindy recalled the fight they had the night before. She had dressed in some of her sexy lingerie hoping to make love for the first time in 2 months. Tom pushed her away saying he needed to get up early to play golf. That was when Cindy began crying and let out all the fears, frustration, and anger of the last 7 months. Tom merely walked from the room and slept in another bedroom.

Tom was a few years older than Cindy when they met. He was already a rising young star with his company. Cindy was working as a hostess at a popular restaurant, having recently graduated from college and not sure what she wanted to do with her life. Tom swept her off her feet, lavishing her with expensive gifts, taking her to places she could never afford to go, even insisting that she quit work and paying for her expenses. She was 26 when they married. That was 9 years ago now. The sex was good at first. Cindy, being relatively inexperienced, loved the things Tom taught her, but the last couple of years the passion waned as Tom spent all his time focused on his career. Cindy settled in to the lifestyle Tom wanted for them. More expensive home than they needed or could really afford. Nice sports car to drive, and the country club membership. Now Cindy felt guilty for allowing herself to grow so comfortable with the way they were living.

Tom was laid off 7 months ago when his company downsized. It was a shock to both of them but at first Tom seemed to respond well. The first couple of months he sent out hundreds of resumes and spent hours on the phone and in front of the computer chasing an opportunity. After his severance ran out at the end of 3 months Tom began to change. He grew more depressed and spent less and less time looking for a job and more time at the club playing golf or cards. He had a support group of others who had lost their jobs as well that he saw twice a week but all Cindy could tell about that was he would be gone all day and come home smelling of beer.

Cindy decided late the night before, after crying herself to sleep only to awake in the middle of the night, that she would find a job. After going through the ads it was obvious that someone who had not worked in 10 years, and had no marketable skill, was going to have a difficult time finding work. She was about to put the paper down when she noticed the ad.

"Help Wanted. Lingerie model needed. No experience necessary. You make your hours. Big money available to the right person. Call Stan @(877) 877-8777.

Cindy looked at the ad. She had done a little fashion modeling while in college. She even had some of her shots make it into a national store publication. She had never done lingerie but had done swimsuits. There was not that much difference was there? She wrote down the number and decided to call the next morning. Tom came home late that night drunk and passed out on the couch without Cindy telling him of her plan. The next morning he showered and left the house before Cindy awoke, leaving a note that he was playing 36 today at the club and would be home late again.

Cindy showered then called the number. Stan answered on the second ring. Cindy told him of her interest in the job and Stan said if she could be there by 10AM that morning he would discuss it with her. He gave her an address and directions to a building on the North side of Dallas. Cindy went to her closet and finally selected a 2 piece suit with a short jacket and a skirt that hit a few inches above her knee. She dressed after applying a little more make up than she would normally wear and drove to her appointment. It was in one of those trendy highrise buildings so prevelant in North Dallas. The lower floors had businesses but the upper floors were expensive condos. Cindy was surprised to see that the suite number she was given was a condo, not an office.

Cindy knocked on the door. A man who appeared to be about 50 opened the door and invited her in to a well appointed living area with hallways leading in two directions.

" Hi, I'm Stan and you are a little older than the women who normally answer our ad."

Cindy was slightly taken aback by his comment. " Well perhaps I should just leave now!" she replied.

" Oh no. I did not mean to offend you. You are very attractive. It's just we usually get a certain type and you don't fit the mold."

Cindy accepted his apology and asked what magazines would the photos be taken for. Stan looked at her with disbelief.

" What photos? Don't you know what you are applying for?"

" A lingerie fashion model is what the ad said"

Stan began to laugh. Cindy listened with shock and embarassment as Stan explained.

" We provide companionship. 98% of our clients are well to do executives looking for a little relaxation. Once in a while we get a couple looking for something different or a woman who is bi-curious."

"You mean prostitution?" Cindy said meekly.

"That's an awfully harsh term don't you think? We charge $100 fee at the door. I keep $65 and the girl gets $35. Then you take them back to one of the bedrooms. They have massage tables, beds and bathrooms with showers and jetted tubs. Once there you are free to negotiate with the client for whatever they are looking for. Massage, conversation, whatever. I don't want to know. That's up to each girls discretion. I guess you aren't interested huh?"

Cindy knew she should get up and leave yet she heard herself ask, " So how much money could I make?"

Stan replied, " Well it depends on how much you work and how much repeat business you develop but my top girls make at least $1000 a week working about 6 hours a day."

Cindy felt a shiver run through her. " I'll take it."

"Wait a minute. I don't remember offering it to you. Let's see your qualifications. Take off your clothes."

Cindy started to protest but Stan interrupted. "Honey I have an obligation to my customers and if you can't show me anything, how are you going to help?"

Cindy rose from the chair where she had been sitting and unbuttoned her jacket and slid it from her shoulders. Next she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. She stood before Stan in only her bra and panties. It was a cream colored set that she had bought at Victoria Secert. The top half of the bra cups were sheer as was the front panel of the bikini panties. Stan looked at her with appreciation. He noted that her nipples were erect and pushing out against the material. Cindy noticed his stare. She to was aware of her nipples and also felt her pussy beginning to moisten. Stan stood up and took a step towards her.

Cindy, still somewhat torn and afraid of what Stan might do, asked when she started.

Stan looked at the clock. " Damn!. One of my best clients will be here in 10 minutes and Brandy has not shown up. You start now! Go back to the bedroom on the left. There is a closet where you will find a sheer robe. Put it on over what you are wearing and come out when I call you."

Cindy went in a daze. Everything was happening so fast. The bedroom was set up as Stan described. It even had a TV and stereo in a built in wall unit and candles were already lit all around the room. Cindy opened the closet. Hanging up were all kinds of gowns, teddies, and costumes. In built in drawers she saw vibrators, dildos, whips, chains, handcuffs. All kinds of things she had only read about. She was startled to hear Stan call for her from the other room. She threw on the robe and checked the mirror. She might as well not be wearing it, the robe was so sheer. Her nipples were still easy to see protruding proudly in her bra. She took a deep breath and returned to the living room.

Stan said, " John, this is Cindy"

Cindy knew she had seen the handsome, 40ish looking man before as both he and Stan openly stared at her body. He was a lawyer who did TV commercials bragging how he would bring the insurance company to it's knees if you had been hurt on the job. Cindy wondered what she had gotten into.

" Let's get started," John said. " I have to be in court at 2 and need to unwind a little first."

Cindy escorted John to the room after he gave Stan a $100 bill. She did not know where to begin but John did it for her.

"I'd like a nice massage today", he said. He removed his clothes and laid face up on the massage table. Cindy could not help but admire his toned body and a dick that was as large as Tom's even in it's current relaxed state. Cindy removed the robe, grabbed a bottle of lotion from a shelf, and walked to the table.

Standing behind John she tentatively began rubbing his shoulders.

"Don't worry honey, I will scream if you hurt me," was John's way of saying rub harder. Cindy continued to massage his shoulders and neck before rubbing across his chest. Her hand brushed one of his nipples and he jumped.

"Is something a matter?" Cindy asked.

"You have found my weakness. I have extremely sensitive nipples. If you play with them enough I will do whatever you ask."

Cindy brought both hands down and took both of his nipples and began to rub. John let out a low groan and she noticed his dick begin to twitch and harden. Cindy felt a sudden rush of power over the famous lawyer. She had heard of men who had sensitive nipples but had never experienced one. She quickened her pace, alternating between pinching and lightly touching his nipples. It was like he had a current running from his nipples to his dick. The more she touched the harder he got.

Cindy leaned over John and took a nipple in her mouth and flicked her tongue over it. Another moan escaped his lips. She felt one of John's hands reach up and grab a breast. She released his nipple from her mouth and raised up.

"You do what I say if you want me to keep playing with your little nipples. Did I say you could touch my breast?"

The powerful lawyer was now a submissive little man as he nodded.

"I guess there is no harm in you seeing my breasts then" Cindy said as she reached and removed her bra. She then moved beside the table and resumed her assualt on his nipples. After 15 minutes or so of constant attention to his nipples Cindy thought he might come without her touching his dick. She looked down and the head was a deep shade of purple and slick with his pre cum. Cindy knew he was not the only one slick. Her pussy was like a faucet. She had soaked through her panties and could feel moistness on her inner thighs.

She leaned over John, taking one nipple in her mouth, one between her fingers and reached and wrapped her other hand around his dick and began to stroke him. Another moan escaped from his lips. Cindy felt his hand come up and grasp her ass. This time she said nothing. She increased her tempo on his dick. " Oh God, I'm coming" he shouted moving his hand down Cindy's ass and between her legs against her wet panties. This triggerd Cindy's orgasm. She pushed against his hand as she stroked his dick and looked down at it as she bit his nipple. Stream after stream of hot cum shot out, the first two blasts landing on the side of her breasts. She milked him slowly dry as both of their climaxs subsided. She slowly rose and walked across the hall to the other bathroom while John was in freshing up. Cindy looked in the mirror and saw the remaining cum running down her side and wiped it off. She was frightened by the woman looking back at her. It was Cindy's face and body but it was feeling desires and emotions Cindy had never felt.

After cleaning up she walked back to the other room. John was gone. Only then did it occur to her that they had not discussed her fee. She had no reason to worry. Laying on the massage table were two crisp hundred dollar bills and a business card. On it was simply " Can't wait to see you again". Cindy thought of the toys in the closet and how she could use them on the big tough lawyer who she would bring to his knees by simply playing with his nipples.

Cindy returned to the living room and looked at Stan.

"When's my next appointment?"

Chapter 2

Cindy settled into bed and replayed the days events in her mind. After the lawyer she had 2 more clients. The first, a gentleman who appeared to be in his late 30's, paid her $75 to take a shower while he watched and masturbated. Cindy was fascinated to watch him pleasure himself, having never seen it done before. The second was the grandfatherly type who paid her $50 just to listen to him complain about his wife. Cindy met Brandy and Shea who also worked there. She understood Stan's comment when they first met about her appearance now. Brandy was in her early 20's, blond, blue eyed, attractive but her eyes had the look of someone who had traveled to many miles in to short a period of time. Shea was a mid 20's, chemical blond, breast enhanced, cuss like a sailor, bundle of energy who you could not help but like. They were talking like old girl friends by the time Cindy left.

When Cindy arrived home Tom had left a voice message. Another card game at the club. Don't wait up. Cindy was sure that she would not return the next morning. She would call Stan and tell him she just could not go forward. she thought as she laid in the bed. Then she considered the $430 from door fees and tips in her purse. She remembered the sight of the lawyers' hard dick as she teased his nipples, she was sure it was twice as big as Tom's. Of course after 2 months maybe she just could not remember enough to compare. Cindy had been trying to ignore the yearning she felt between her legs all evening but now she could ignore it no longer. Even as her mind said this is not something married women do, her hand was inching into her panties, through her silky fine hair, which Shea suggested she trim, and down across her wet lips, into her pussy. Cindy brought her other hand down as well and quickly captured her clit and rolled it between her fingers. There was no need for any foreplay or teasing, Cindy's orgasm was quick and violent. Her pussy clenching at her fingers, trying to pull her entire hand in. After it ended there was no satisfaction, no relief from the yearning, only a desire for the next climax to arrive soon. Had Tom come to bed that night, instead of passing out on the couch again, he would have found Cindy asleep on her side, one hand still inside her panties.

Routine held the next morning. Tom was gone to the club before Cindy got out of bed. The light of morning had not changed Cindy's mind that she could not continue to work for Stan however she thought it would be rude to call him. She should at least go and quit in person so after a shower and some coffee she headed over to North Dallas. She knocked on the door since Stan did not let the girls have their own keys. Stan answered and Cindy walked in prepared to quit.

"I need to talk to you" said Cindy. " Oh excuse me"

Cindy was surprised to see a woman standing in the room. Professional looking woman who reminded Cindy of Sharon Stone. Stan introduced her to the woman. Her name was Gwen. Stan asked Cindy to show Gwen around. He did not say why. Cindy figured the sooner Gwen left the sooner she could talk to Stan so she took her back to one of the bedrooms. Cindy entered first and heard the door shut behind her. Gwen smiled at her, stepped forward, and before Cindy realized what was happening, was kissing her on the lips. Cindy stepped back in shock and, thinking it would end the situation said, " I have never been with a woman."

Gwen smiled seductively, " I can tell. That's what is going to make this so delicious," as she stepped forward again, taking Cindy by the arms, and kissed her. This time she slid her tongue against Cindy's lips. Cindy's mouth opened and Gwen's tongue took her mouth.

Cindy had not been kissed in passion in months and she was rapidly melting in Gwen's arms. Gwen broke the kiss and turned Cindy around and began planting little kisses on her neck.. Chills went through Cindy. She stood motionless as Gwen moved her hands down the front of Cindy's blouse, deftly unbuttoning it and pulling it from Cindy's body. Gwen continued to nibble her neck as she brought her hands up and gently kneaded Cindy's breasts. It was not the pawing of a typical man, but the knowing caresses of another woman. Cindy moaned as Gwen lightly pinched her nipples through her bra before reaching between them and unsnapping her bra. Next Gwen's hand moved to Cindy's waist and loosened her jeans and pushed them down her legs and Cindy quickly stepped out of them. Now clad in only her panties Cindy stood motionless as Gwen walked in front of her and turned around.

"Unzip me " she commanded. Cindy, her hand shaking with desire, reached up and slowly pulled the zipper down. Stopping briefly mid back to unclasp Gwen's bra, she continued down her back until Gwen's dress fell to the floor. Still unsure how to proceed Cindy reached around Gwen and cupped her breasts in her hands. Gwen smiled and said,

"I will teach you everything in time but now I must have you."

She pulled Cindy to the bed and pushed her down, quickly laying beside her. Gwen leaned over and licked one of Cindy's nipples. Cindy almost came from the sensation. Now she knew how John had felt, she thought for a moment, before Gwen's tongue on the other nipple brought her back to the present. Gwen kissed and teased Cindy's nipples and breasts forever it seemed. Not one kiss and climb aboard like Tom. Finally Gwen kissed down Cindy's stomach. She did not remove Cindy's panties immediately but instead licked and sucked her pussy through the material. Then, when Cindy thought she could take no more, Gwen reached and pulled Cindy's panties down and off. Gwen positioned herself between Cindy's legs, looking Cindy in the eyes, as she slowly licked her tongue up the length of Cindy's pussy. Gwen slowly explored Cindy's pussy with her mouth. Licking each and every fold, around the edges, savoring the flavor that was Cindy. Quick to pull away when Cindy got to close to climax, only to begin again. Cindy could take no more and grabbed Gwen's head. Gwen understood and took Cindy's clit between her lips and gently sucked. The orgasm exploded without warning and ripped through Cindy's pussy. Gwen kept her lips firmly in place as Cindy's hips convulsed around her head. Cindy was just regaining her senses as Gwen stood and removed her panties.

"I'm going to fuck you now" she said. "Get on your side and spread your legs."

Cindy had no idea what was about to happen but did as she was told. Gwen laid on the bed facing Cindy and spread her legs. Cindy could see beads of moisture on Gwen's shaved pussy as she moved her body forward. Slowly their legs became entwined then Cindy gasped as she felt Gwen push her pussy against Cindy's. The warm slickness soon engulfed her. Gwen began a rocking motion that Cindy soon matched. Cindy had no idea 2 women could do such a thing. The pace increased. Cindy felt another orgasm building deep inside her. Both women were raised up, supporting their weight with their arms, grinding their most private, sensitive, areas together in an orgy of pleasure.

"YES! YES! YES!, screamed Gwen as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her pussy.

Gwen's orgasm sent Cindy over the edge again and both women quivered and moaned through intense climaxes. The women slowly separated and Gwen moved back beside Cindy and brushed her hair from her face. Gwen slipped two fingers into Cindy's drenched pussy then moved them to Cindy's mouth.

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