Helping My Aunt and Uncle


"Turn on the lights Cathleen and he will cum faster." I could hear my uncle bob say.

My ears were ringing and I fought to keep from groaning as I felt her licking the head of my cock over and over again. She did it slowly and she made no noise at all as she licked the head of my dick. I looked down but couldn't see anything and I don't think my uncle Bob knew that she was doing it.

"No Bob, now I told you this is not a peep show! I only want Don's sperm. I'm getting no pleasure from any of this at all." She said.

I knew that Aunt Cathleen was licking the head of my cock. She never stopped licking even when she answered him. I was so hot, I was getting my first blowjob and from my aunt no less, with her husband just a few feet away and he didn't know she was licking my cock. On the next upstroke of my aunt hand I pushed up with my hips just a little and found that she let the head of my dick go into her mouth. I was hooked. I became bolder and I pushed up harder and found that my aunt Cathleen would let my cock slide into the warmth of her mouth with each stroke. I was able to get the head and about two inches of my dick in her mouth without moving the bed to much. My nut sack started to tighten and my aunt just kept rubbing my balls.

Aunt Cathleen started letting her tit rest right on my face as I pushed my cock up over and over again into her mouth. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and I soon found out that my aunt Cathleen would start working first one tit then the other over my the wetness of my tongue. I opened my mouth and she put her beautiful nipple right into my mouth. I quickly started sucking on her long nipple.

I was getting so hot; I was sticking my hard swollen dick into my aunt's mouth while her hand jacked me off and at the same time I was now getting to suck on one of her nipples. It was getting hard not to make any noise, but I didn't want my uncle Bob to know that my aunt Cathleen was sucking me off and that she was letting me suck her beautiful boobs right in the same bed with him. I couldn't even think anymore it felt so good, so I was surprised when I felt my aunt stop sucking my cock as she said.

"You can't have the light on Bob. How many more times do I have to tell you this? You can't watch me jacking him off err getting him ready to have an orgasm."

Aunt Cathleen sounded pissed, I was starting to get close and she kept jacking me off as she scolded my uncle.

"You will not get any enjoyment from this Bob or so help me I'm going to stop." As she got madder at my uncle Bob she pulled on my cock harder and faster. I was so excited sucking on her tit in the darkness as she told him off that I was about to cum.

"Now stop it Bob so your nephew can concentrate on what his is doing." She snapped.

"Aunt Cathleen." I tried to interrupt her but she was on a roll.

"I will not encourage the lewd stuff you want Bob. I will not perform for you like some kind of cheap twisted porn movie." She said.

I grabbed her tit and stuck it in my mouth as I started to cum. My first spurt was shot right at where her mouth had been a few second before she started to talk to my uncle. I the darkness I could not see where it went but when I shot off my aunt stopped talking. I imagined my first shot of cum going right into her open mouth but in the darkness I couldn't see.

"Oh my goodness Don why didn't you tell me you were ready." She said as I felt her point my cock down with one hand and aim it at the cup she must have made with the other.

I guessed she was catching it in her hand but it really didn't matter to me anymore as wave after wave of sticky hot cum erupted out of my jerking cock.

"Don, you were supposed to tell me when you where going to cum." She purred.

I couldn't answer, I was still grunting out my last few spurts and sucking on her hanging tit. When I was done I relaxed. Aunt Cathleen jumped up off the bed and ran into the bathroom. When she turned on the light it made my eyes hurt. I looked in and could see her standing hunched over with her legs wide apart. Her hand was busy working her fingers into her cunt. She was worked my sperm into her open pussy as I watched . How I wished I could have just put cock up into her and pushed my sperm up in there myself. She worked her fingers in and out for a minuet or two and grunted softly as her fingers stopped moving. I was sure I had just seen her have an orgasm of her own. She pulled her fingers out of her cunt.

"You should do that here in bed Cathleen, Laying on your back, you'll get more of it in you that way. Me and Don wouldn't mind, would we boy." He asked.

"No." Was all I was able to say.

"You did good boy. That's what we need, lots and lots of cum.

Aunt Cathleen turned off the light in the bathroom and returned to the darkened room. She got into bed climbing over me as she did it. I couldn't help but feel her light body rubbing over mine.

"I'll try that next time, if it's ok with Don." She said softly.

As she lay down I realized that she had a cunt full of my potent seed working its way into her womb. It was a really strange feeling but it made my dick jump as I thought about it.

"I want you to both to understand that this is not for your pleaser. It's for a child and nothing more. Don, I want to thank you for your help. How many times do you think we can do this a day?"

She wanted to know how many times I could cum in a day. I was not even sure, but I knew it would be more than I could just jack off alone.

"I'm not sure." I told her being safe.

She said nothing more, I felt her cuddle up to uncle Bob but I felt her small hand grip my soft cock in the darkness. I fell asleep with my nude aunt and uncle in the bed next to me. Her pussy was full of my seed.

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