tagIncest/TabooHelping My Little Brother

Helping My Little Brother


Let me start by telling you about my family. We live 10 minutes from town, we have a typical 2-story house with a 2-car garage and big yard with open fields as part of our property. My Dad "Blake" is the typical American Dad. He loves us very much and works very hard so that my little brother and I are happy. He is 39 but he still plays with my brother and I like he is our older brother, rather than our father.

My Mother "Jillian" says that our Dad spoils us, especially my little brother. She is 38 very pretty, skinny, with long brown hair, and she is very young looking. I have noticed as I have gotten older more people think we are sisters, rather than mother and daughter.

My little brother "Joshua", well he is not so little, he is in his senior year in high school and about 6' tall. He has played just about every sport that there is, and he is always busy doing something. He is definitely a jock, but not the stereo-typically asshole type. He had a girlfriend for a long time, but they only kissed and stuff nothing serious.

As for me "Jessica", I am in my first year at the local community college, just until I decide what college I am going away to. I am about as tall my brother just a little shorter. I too played many sports through high school also. I never really had any serious boyfriends, I hated that fact that most of them just wanted sex.

One day while in college my Mom called my cell phone right in the middle of class. I forgot to turn it off. My face must have turned 3 shades of red as I said, "What Mom" trying to quickly exit the class.

As I hit the hall I almost dropped to my knees as she said, "Meet me at the hospital, your brother had an accident."

As I got to the hospital I was relieved to see my mother and father, she quickly assured me that he was ok. He had been riding his new dirt bike and wrecked on the track Dad and he had built. He broke both arms, wrists, cracked a couple of ribs, and bruised most of his body and definitely his ego.

Having these injuries Mom made arrangements to home school Joshua until his casts came off. As I was in between jobs, I had been spending a lot of my time at home and just hanging out with some girl friends. Joshua did nothing but watch TV. I felt sad for him cause he could not even play his PS2 or computer games, because his casts started in between his fingers and went all the way to his armpits, with another big body wrap around his torso. Mom was totally taking care of Joshua, she pretty much had to feed, bath, and clothe him. He did not like this, as he was typically a very shy boy, but what could he do, he could not bend his arms or close his fists.

After a weak or so, I came down the steps after just waking up, Joshua was sitting on the couch watching TV. As usual, Mom came rushing through the house saying she had to leave right away. Grandma had thought she had a heart attack when Mom told her over the phone about Joshua's accident. Mom said she didn't want us to go with her as she slammed the door behind her. I was terrified again with yet another devastating event, within such a short period of time, in my normally uneventful life.

As Joshua and I sat watching TV, we talked about the events of bad luck and stuff. The hours pasted by rather quickly.

When I finally checked the time, it was 9pm. This is about the same time Joshua said in a very uncomfortable voice. "Hey Jess, I have to piss!"

As I glanced over at him with contempt I blurted out without even thinking, "Well go ahead." Then it dawned on me, and I said, "Let me call Mom and Dad to find out where they are". As I called them, I explained the situation to Mom and she said that Dad and her would not be home anytime soon they were still doing tests on grandma. I pleaded with Mom but she just shrugged me off saying I would have to help my brother just as she did. I knew then that I had to confess to Mom that I had never seen a real penis before. She told me that Joshua could tell me what to do and she said she loved us very much as she hung up the phone.

As I returned to the living room Joshua had a look of concern on his face and he stated that he needed to go now. I told him no luck, Mom and Dad would be home a lot later. He pleaded with me to help him, and I said ok just because Mom said I had to. As we entered to bathroom the tone in his voice changed and he stated that no matter what we never tell anyone about this, I happily agreed. He reiterated that he really needed to go now. I said, "Mom told me that you would tell me what to do."

He said "Ok, the easiest way to do it is to pull my sweat pants down," so I did, then he stepped in front of the toilet and said "Ok, now get behind me and reach around me and pull my penis through the opening in my boxers and just aim it into the toilet."

As I reached around his side I leaned under his right arm so I could see and aim. I reached through his boxers and grabbed his penis. It felt funny to me and I almost laughed. Not that it was small, because I didn't know small from big.

I pulled it out and looked at it for a few seconds Joshua said "Aim, damn it Jess." I aimed it into the toilet as I did he let go and I could actually feel the urine flowing through his penis. I stared in amazement, having never even seen a real penis before, let alone actually touch one. I noticed my clit twitched while I held his penis. As he finished he told me to shake it to get the last drops out.

As I shook the last little drops out of his penis, I noticed that it was starting to get hotter by the second. I also noticed that it was not as floppy anymore it seemed that it had stretched in length too. I could feel his pulse through the veins in it. I just stood there staring, holding my brothers penis in amazement, my pussy was starting to get wet.

He did not say anything for a good 30 seconds, and then he cleared his throat, and said "Um... Jess could you rub my balls, they hurt." I felt sorry for him they looked huge and kind of swollen. I assumed he had hurt them in the accident and I know how guys are about their balls. So I closed the seat on the toilet to sit down. His penis was only inches from my face as I started messaging his swollen balls. The skin over them was very tight. After a minute or so I asked, "When you guys hurt your balls does rubbing them make them feel better?"

He took deep breath and said, "Yes but I did not hurt my balls in the accident.

I asked "Then why are they so big and swollen?" without a clue.

He said, "Guys get blue balls when they haven't had sex or masturbated for a while, and obviously I can't jerk off anymore."

I said "WHAT??" Of course, I myself masturbated almost every night, but to hear my brother say it with his cock and balls hanging inches from my face, I was dumb founded.

He then said, "You messaging my balls feels so good, maybe you could help me jerk off so I no longer have blue balls."

I said, "Ewe no way I'm your sister."

He said "They really do hurt bad, if you did it for me I would feel so much better, I'll do anything for you Jess, I promise. I'll do all your chores for a month." It dawned on me, that I was already holding his penis in one hand, which at this time was starting to get extremely hot. It was growing in my hand and I could easily count his heart beats with his balls cupped in my other hand. I was also starting to get hotter too.

I hesitantly agreed, wanting to know how guys got off, and not having to do chores for a whole month would definitly be worth it. I said, "Ok what do I do?"

He said, "Keep messaging my balls, but start stroking my dick back and forth." After a few feeble attempts he said, "Oh yes that's it keep going." As I started to get a rhythm he said, "Go faster, faster!"

At this time his cock had gotten rock hard. It had grown to at least 8" it might have been closer to 9". The most amazing thing though was how big the tip was. It was a bright purple, and looked like the skin covering it would burst if I thrust my hand towards myself to hard. His cock was starting to dribble precum all over my hand, even though at the time I thought it was left over urine. I did not want to stop because he sounded like he was going to get off, and I know how I felt when I got off. I thought wow, I'm actually going to get my little brother off.

So I kept going faster and faster until I felt his balls tighten and rise up, and his cock got even harder and he let out a loud groan. I thought I had hurt him, so I starting to say Joshua, to ask him if I had hurt him, but I thick shot of hot cum hit the back of my throat. Three other shots of hot cum hit the back of my throat when my mouth dropped open from shock, as I had never seen cum before. Before I could think I swallowed more than half of his load with one big gulp. I could feel it slip down my throat.

I really like the taste, a little tart but sweet at the same time. The other half I spit out and it ran down my chin and dripped onto my blue jeans. I starred up into my little brother Joshua's eyes, still in shock, with cum on my face.

He just said, "Wow" as he shimmered a couple of times. I swirled my tongue in my mouth to get a better taste of what was left. I could feel how slippery smooth it was. He then said, "That was the best I have ever cummed." I grabbed a towel to clean up. He didn't say much else as we both left the bathroom.

To be continued

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