Helping Our Future Son-In-Law


I got between her daughter legs and raised them over my shoulders.I lowered my face into her pussy and licked her clit like a mad man. Oh my god Niki moans out. Karen ask her if she is okay. Oh god yes. When Jake eats me, he can never find the right spot to lick. But Bob toung went right to it. Niki grabs a hand full of my hair and forces my face harder into her pussy. Oh god mom, you were right. Bob does eat pussy like no other man. Oh god yes, don't stop Bob. Karen lowers her lips to her daughter nipples again and suck softly. I can see Karen fingering her own pussy. All of a sudden, Niki pulls my face from her pussy. I don't want to cum yet Bob. I want to cum on your hard cock. Please fuck me Bob.

Karen takes time out to tell me,its time to fuck your step daughter baby. I raise up and I am surprized that its Karen hand easing my cock into her daughter wet pussy. Unlike Karen pussy, Niki is tighter and hotter than hell. Slowly I ease all 8 inches deep into Niki pussy. Niki was arching her back up high now. Karen was rubbing her finger though Niki hair and I started to fuck her faster and faster. I was in no hurry, but I love how tight her pussy was. Oh god mommy, his cock is so big and long. He is fucking me so good too. Jake has never lasted this long before. Jake only last for like 3 minutes and he cums.

Karen laughed out loud. Oh baby, that is because Bob is willing to make you cum first and Bob only cums when I tell him too Reach up and play with Bob nipples, Karen tell her daughter. Niki start pinching my nipples. I look at Karen and told her no fair. Karen know that is my weak spot. Now tell Bob what you want baby. I want him to fuck me harder and harder. Oh yes, that's it Bob. Go deeper and faster now. Oh god mommy, he is so good. You like his cock baby, Karen asked. God yes mom. Well just think baby, for 9 months you get to fuck Bob all he wants. Niki is moaning louder and louder now.

And Bob can shoot his hot cum deep inside of you and its safe too. Oh god yes mommy. Are you ready for him to shoot his cum Niki. Oh god yes, I am getting ready to cum mommy. Tell him Niki, tell Bob what you want. Bob cum inside of me. Fuck me Bob and give me your cum deep baby. Niki is really pinching my nipples harder now. Give it to me Bob, please baby.The Karen speaks up. Give it to her now Bob. I ram deep inside and hold my cock still. Rope after rope of my hot cum is shooting deep inside of my step-daughter pussy. Niki and Karen start kissing as Niki moans out loud. No sooner than I was done cuming, I lowered my body onto Niki for the first time tonight. Karen broke her kiss and I began to kiss Niki again.

I rolled off of Niki and together Karen and I cuddled to Niki sexy little body. Oh my god mom, that was so fucking great. Karen said he is all your baby. For the next 9 months you can fuck Bob all you want. I think Bob is looking forward to it. I laughed softly. Niki goes what about Jake. We can't leave Jake out in the cold. Karen said, don't worry baby. For the next 9 months I will take care of Jake. That is if Bob has no problem with it. Not at all I tell Karen. But I want to watch it some time. Niki slapped my chest softly, you are a dirty old man, aren't you and she laughs.

Karen then says, I think it would be best if you and Jake moved in with us until after the baby is born.Niki said okay mom, but first you have to make a baby for me. Trust me sweetheart, right now is my best time to have a baby. So I am going to fuck Jake one more time tonight just to be fair to him. Do you think Jake can handle it so soon, Karen ask Niki. God mom, Jake is a little horn dog. He can fuck you all night long. Good Karen says, I got lots of sleeping to do tomorrow. Karen gets up from her side of the bed and comes over to my side.

She whispers in my ear, I woe you big time Bob. Not every man would let his wife carry his daughters baby for them. Don't worry baby, I will tell you all about me and Jake fucking tonight in the morning. Karen then kissed me and told me to rest for tonight. Not to get my heart beating to hard. I promised her I would be okay. Then Karen gave Niki a quick Kiss and walked out and to Jake room. Niki looked at me and told me that she would be right back. Then Niki went into Jakes room as well. Niki was only gone for a minute. I asked her where she went. She said she had to kiss Jake and mommy good night. I laughed and said I don't think they are going to sleep for a while.

Niki laid on the bed rubbing my chest where my heart surgery was. Niki looked me in the eyes. I wish you and mom could of had a baby of your own. Mom was so right, you are a good lover. Thank you sweet heart. I want you to cuddle to me tonight Bob and when we wake up, I want you to make love to me again. Is that okay Bob? Sure I said back to her. Niki kissed me with so much passion and love as she ran her finger though my hair. With that she told me to roll over and she would rub my back until I fell asleep. As I drifted off to sleep, I could hear Karen moaning in the next room. Telling Jake to fuck her harder and faster. Within minutes I was sound asleep.

The next morning I woke up and no one was in bed with me. Was it all a dream I said to myself? Then I heard Karen and Niki talking outside the bedroom. I opened my eyes and both of them were walking in. Morning baby, Karen said out loud. Morning Karen. Morning Niki. Are you made at me Bob, Niki asked. I said no, why? Sorry I wasn't here to wake up next to you. I had to get Jake off to work. I'll be back in a minute. I have to use the bathroom, Niki said.

No sooner Karen jumped onto the bed with a big old smile on her face. Wow, some one is real happy this morning I told her. Karen laughed. So how many times did the big country boy fuck you last night and how was it. Oh my god Bob, now I see why Niki stays with that man. Jake fucked me 4 times after I went to his room. My god Bob, each time he came inside of me, it seems like her came more and more. I have never had any man cum that much inside of me. So do you think you made a baby Karen? I don't know Bob. But I think after tonight, I think a few more time might do it. Great I tell Karen.

Karen kissed me and said are you sure you okay with all of this Bob. Hell yes baby. When Jake told us how he saw you naked in the living room that one time. Now that excited me. Did it excite you Karen? Oh hell yes. But I need to know that you are okay with me having sex during the 9 months I am carrying his baby. Sure Karen, I have no problem with it. But its not like I am trading you to him. I mean I like Niki. But I love you Karen. Don't you ever worry Bob, each night you and I will will be in the same bed. That is all I ask for Karen. Good baby. Now I do believe that you owe Niki another good fucking Bob. But I want you here too Karen.

Just then Niki walks into the bedroom. Another threeosme big daddy Bob? But Karen and I laughed out loud. God yes Niki. I love watching mom eating your pussy. And I love your cock Bob. Its going to be hard going back to just fucking Jake after this I mean he is big and fucks me hard. But one thing Bob has done to me mom that Jake has never done. What is that baby. I have never cum while fucking Jakes cock. Last night was the first time I ever came on any one hard cock. Well I told you so baby, Karen said softly.

Now most people out there may not like my story. Or understand how I can allow my wife to fuck any other men. To them I say this, try it and you will see how much more your wife will love you. Inside ever good woman is a slut waiting to come out. I will be adding a second part to this story. Its not over by a long shot.

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