tagIncest/TabooHelping Out a Sweet Boy

Helping Out a Sweet Boy



My son is a really sweet boy. Growing up he was smart, responsible, talented, and a head of his class in everything. For his twenty- first birthday, his father and I bought him one of those new motorcycles. He loved that bike, and rode it day and night to wherever it was he had to go. Last Spring he had a terrible accident on it that has left him brain damaged and paralyzed from the neck down. My husband and I could no longer care for him the way he needed and placed him in the best life care center that money could buy.

My husband left me not long after that, blaming me for our son's tragic condition and that he will probably never be able to give us a grandchild. My son is still a very handsome man. Tall at six foot three, long muscled with dark curly hair. There was never a reason before now that he couldn't have any girl he chose to have. He always came home with lots of female friends that wished he would choose them for a life partner. He never got the chance.

He was hospitalized for several months, and I made my daily trips to the hospital to care for him. He's my only son, and I don't trust anyone to care for him but myself. After he was healed enough to be moved around, I took on the responsibility of bathing him and feeding him. He was always alert to my presence and would smile at me when I came into his room. His words were slurred most of the time and sometimes it was impossible to understand him. One day I came early to get his bath done, because I had several errands to run, but wanted him bathed and dressed before I went on them. I went into his room and gathered all his bath things and filled the basin with warm water, and drew the curtain after closing the door.

I washed his face and hands before uncovering his chest and lathering the washcloth up with bath gel. I stroked the washcloth up and down his chest and heard him begin to moan. I thought I had been pressing too hard against his healing skin and bones. I applied gentler pressure as I rinsed the foamy gel from his chest. He smiled at me and his eyes were soft and tender. I talked to him the entire time, telling him how everyone was doing. I never got into the fact that his father and I were no longer living under the same roof. I didn't want the news to interrupt his recovery.

I pulled the sheet down over his hips and my eyes immediately went to his private parts. I hadn't seen him naked since he was a little boy and I had given him his nightly bath before bed. I was a little thrown off discovering that he was hard down there. His penis was large and swollen. I didn't know he would still be able to get an erection, in his condition. I was dead wrong. His penis was thick and long, and his testicles were fuller, and larger than his father's. I looked at him and smiled, grabbing the warm washcloth from the basin and lathering it with gel. I wasn't sure if I wanted to touch his penis in its present condition. Men being so sensitive down there and easily aroused, but it was obvious that my son was aroused anyway.

It was my duty to clean him and the fact that he had such an enormous erection, should have no bearing on my touching it to cleanse it. I my one hand around it, then placed the warm cloth around his shaft, and began to wash him. He moaned again and his eyes stayed steady on my face. I looked at him and asked if I was applying too much pressure. He smiled and shook his head no. I continued to wash again, when the thought dawned on me that he must have had a very active sex life before the accident, and the fact that he hadn't been able to release himself since then.

I rinsed his shaft and moved to his testicles. The first touch of the washcloth on him made him moan out again and close his eyes. I knew what I had to do. It was obvious that the feel of the friction on his penis was arousing him even more. I felt something tingle within me. The same kind of feeling I use to get when his father and I made love. I couldn't imagine from the point on, how this young man could go on like this with no way to release his frustrations. I placed the cloth back in the basin and looked into my son's eyes. "I'm going to help you, like I always have. I love you and you are my son." He closed his eyes again as I reached for the body lotion and squeezed some onto my hands.

I massaged the lotion in my hands to warm it. I then took hold of his hard penis, and closed my hand around it, squeezing it gently before moving my hand slowly up the length of his shaft and then back down. My husband had taught me how to touch his penis when we were dating. So, I knew how a man liked to be touched. I worked my hand up and down his shaft, but it didn't take long before he was moaning again, this time, his ejaculation erupting all over my hand and his stomach. I felt ashamed that I was being turned on by helping my son relieve himself, but it's a mother's duty to help her child out anyway she can.

I watched the wonderful thick white liquid run down my fingers and down the left side of his stomach. I felt my own privates throbbing. I released his penis and turned to the basin to get the washcloth. The water was cold and needed to be changed. I kissed him on the forehead and told him I'd be right back to clean him up again, after I'd warmed the water for him. I stepped out from the curtain and into the bathroom. I ran the water and looked myself in the mirror. I was wet and throbbing. His semen was drying on my hand. I looked down at it and realized that I was incredibly turned on. I reached down into my panties and stroked a finger over my clit that was hard and swollen. My vagina was wet and squishy and I wanted terribly to be in his father's arms, making love to him.

I fingered myself a few quick times while bracing my one hand on the sink and balancing my left leg on the toilet seat. I almost orgasmed but remembered that my son was lying on the bed naked as a jaybird. I changed the water and returned to his bedside. "Sorry it took me so long," I said as I sat the basin down and looked at his face. I turned back to the basin and pulled the washcloth out. I turned to continue my task and to my amazement my son was still rock hard. I looked at his penis and then into his eyes. "You're not done yet are you?" He nodded his head no and made a small grunting sound. I peeked out of the curtain to make sure the coast was clear. I wasn't sure what I was going to do next, but I knew that whatever it was, I didn't want to be interrupted by the nurses or his friends.

I pulled the chair over to the door and slipped it under the handle. I returned to my son's bedside and climbed in next to him. "Mother's going to take care you. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I can't just leave you like this. I had no idea, or rather, I never thought about how you must be suffering." My son laid his head on my shoulder and I crossed my arm over his broad chest. He had grown up so fast over the years, and right before my eyes, but I never noticed how handsome and sexy a man he had become. I never thought about him in a sexual way before now.

I traced a finger down the center of his chest, through the fine dark hairs that lay there, and made their way down to the thick dark patch of pubic hairs that surrounded his penis. His belly moved at my touch and his penis seemed to be harder than it had been just moments before. I sat up fixing his pillows behind his head so that he could see what I was doing to him. My husband said that men are very visual. I wanted to make sure that my son got the best care he could get. I lowered myself down his body. The closer I got to his penis, the more I wanted to take him in my mouth and taste him. My husband said that I "gave head" very well, and I knew that he enjoyed it, so why wouldn't my son.

I slowly sucked him into my mouth and began to move my lips and tongue up and down the length of his penis. He was hard and it throbbed in my mouth. I felt that familiar throbbing within my own self as I had moments ago. I closed my eyes and got lost in the moment and the fresh smell of his pubic hairs at my nose. I took him down my throat as he moaned and grunted with each inch that passed into my mouth. I stretched my mouth wide to accommodate his large size, and placed my hand at his testicles and rolled them around gently in my hand. They were still very heavy. I released my mouth from his penis and moved lower to his testicles, taking them in my mouth one at a time and running my tongue around them. I released them and concentrated on the bulbous head of his penis. I could taste his precum on my tongue as I went around and around the head with the tip of my tongue.

I released his penis head and stood to my feet, lifting my blouse and bra as I went. His eyes followed each movement I made. I started pulling down my slacks and removing my legs from them. His eyes were wide at the sight of my naked body. My nipples were hard and I craved for him to touch them, but I knew he couldn't. I climbed back onto the bed and straddled him, my vagina resting against his hard penis. I leaned into him and pressed my breast to his lips. His tongue snaked out and flickered the nipple, sending chills down my spine and right into my vagina. His mouth closed around my hard bud and he suckled like he had as a baby, but this time he was all grown up. I lifted my vagina from his penis and moved my hand to it to guide it into my wet hole. I settled down on him as he slipped inside of me and I moaned out as he filled me.

I began to move on top of him in slow movements, increasing my stride as his face contorted with pleasure. I reached behind my bottom and cupped his balls as I rose and fell on his penis. Before I knew it, I was in full gallop on my son's penis. Pressing it harder and deeper into my body. I felt his testicles tighten and knew that he was ready to ejaculate his semen into me. I drove myself down harder and faster on him as I felt the first wave of warm heat filling my vagina. His breath was ragged and his eyes remained closed. I waited until the spasms stopped before I climbed off of him. I kissed him on the forehead and pulled on my clothes. He smiled a grateful smile and watched me closely.

"I don't know how often we can do that part of your care, but I promise I will be here everyday to wash you, and rub you until you cum." His smile widened and he muddled out what I took to be a very grateful thank you. I finished bathing and dressing him as his semen dripped out of me and into my panties. I could feel how wet my panties were against my skin, and I loved it. I cleaned up the room and removed the chair from the door just as the nurse stepped up to it to knock. I smiled at her letting her in, telling her that my son had just had his bath and care. She smiled at me and exited the room. I told my son that I would be back later on to see him after my errands were done. He smiled and closed his eyes for a moment. I kissed him on the lips and told him that if he needed more attention later, that I would be happy to help him out. I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible, especially in his condition.

It's been two years since my son's accident. My husband and I are divorced, and I have gotten on with my life. I have no man in my life other than my son, because he needs me more than any man in the world could ever need me. I do hope to find a beautiful woman and teach her how to bathe my son and care for his special needs, and maybe get a grandchild out of it in the end, but that isn't so important to me anymore. My son is what is important. He needs his mother...

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