tagBDSMHer Greatest Fear Ch. 01

Her Greatest Fear Ch. 01


The moment she entered the play room a racing tension flashed up her body, and every muscle tensed. Her eyes changed, narrowed as she spotted the cage at the back of the room. Her hands clenched into tight white knuckle fists at her side. Stopping just inside the door she stared at the cage for a long moment, then something shifted within her.

The slow tilt of her head from one side to other seemed almost mechanical, as if she was forcing herself to change her perspective. She took a deep breath and slowly released it as she also released her clenched fists.

She stayed like that staring at the cage while everyone chose their spot to sit in the room, before moving slowly and methodically into a position that put her not only with her back to the wall, but so that she had full view of the only entrance or exit from the room, everyone in the room, and the cage.

She gauged to distance of each item in the room scanning it over carefully, as she slid down the wall to a crouching position. The tension in her body has become feline, and the look in her eyes feral. She could strike at anyone of us before we reached her, and knew where she could move to give her the best advantage.

Taking my cue from her body, I began a conversation with the other man in the room, seeming to ignore her. Her eyes never stayed still, even though there was not a single perceivable movement in her body. She remained coiled. I knew that this would not be a short process, for any of us, and switched on the drum music. Letting it remain low and steady. It took a few minutes before I could see one finger flex rhythmically to the drum beat.

Every move she made from then on was excruciatingly slow. Methodically she shifted one hand, and waited for a reaction from anyone, then moving the hand to the floor letting it rest on the carpet, and again scanning the room. She did this with each movement, carefully making her way closer to the cage.

She stopped just out of arms reach, and settled onto her haunches. I could see her nostrils flare as she sniffed at it. It was like watching a feral mountain lion close in on her prey. Every movement was slowed to a snail's pace, and every movement was taken into consideration. She leaned in just far enough to bring one finger up to touch a single bar, pulling her hand away as if it had been burnt, looking at it to be sure it was not damaged, before running her tongue up its length to test the heat.

I let her sit that way for a long time, looking at it, tilting her head to study it. She was fascinated by it, by the fear that gripped her mind kept her in place. I waited, until she moved close enough to it to easily touch it. Again she sniffed the air, what was she trying to smell? Her finger touched it again, this time staying in place. When nothing happened, she slid her finger down the bar and rested it on the cross bar.

When I stood and moved toward the cage she jumped back to her position on the wall, coiling once again. Never taking her eyes off me she watched as I opened the door and left it open then returned to my seat. We began the long wait once again.

It took a long time before she again moved close to the cage. It was very sexy watching that slow steady cat like movement across the floor. Her naked body did nothing to hide the flex of each muscle along her lithe body, and the feral look in her eyes was difficult to ignore. She had no idea how sexy she looked, the way her body slithered across the floor as she crawled on her hands and knees toward the cage, the way she displayed herself openly as she sat next to it now. Her small perky breasts rose and fell with a steady rhythm, and her body was covered in light dew.

I knew she was fighting with herself. That cage was her greatest fear, and yet she was unable to give herself completely to me until she faced it. There was more to the fear than she let on. Every time we had discussed it there had been something deep inside her that she could not express. She would get a distant look in her yes, then a single tear just before a small smile, and then the shut down. I know that she holds something from me, not because she wants to keep it, but because it is so rooted in her to keep it even from herself.

Her body shifted once again as she slowly made her way to the front of the cage, careful to never turn her back to us. I could see her breasts moving faster as her breathing became a bit erratic. I dropped off the conversation choosing to watch her carefully. Though still coiled she had relaxed somewhat, and her movements became more fluid. She took more risk in them, stretching her body out just a bit more each time before coiling again.

It was a slow erotic tease that had me enthralled. The way one arm stretched out fully, as she rocked her body forward onto it. The way her legs extended backward with each move, showing the length of them. I wanted her more at that moment than when I had first laid eyes on her. This was the creature I wanted to tame, the hell cat that no other had ever been able to tame. My body screamed with the need to take her right there, bend her over that cage and make her give me what she was holding back. I wanted that orgasm, that complete release, I wanted all of her!

I wondered at that moment which one of us was fighting ourselves harder. She fought the need to run and was slowly embracing her fascination, and drawing closer to that moment when the secret she kept even from herself would reveal itself; and I fought the need to take what I wanted at that moment.

The room was silent but for the steady quiet drum beat in the background. She was obviously only slightly aware of the sound, and had not registered the fact that we no longer spoke, but sat in silence watching this feral creature stalk. She was somewhere else; distant from us, unaware that she was being watched closely. I caught myself holding my breath with each new move she made. There was a part of me that hoped this anticipation would last a very long time.

She pawed at the open door swinging it back and forth between her hands, tilting her head first one way then the other. Then turning her body, hiding the wonderful ass of hers from view, but exposing those breasts that were now dripping with perspiration; she positioned herself so that her back was now toward the cage. She was still on her hands and knees with her legs coiled beneath her. Her body began to shake, and her head dropped as she closed her eyes. There was not a single sound from her, but the tears that fell to the floor spoke volumes.

Her body shook violently as she cried, her hands curled into the carpet as if she were trying to steady herself. She slowly lifted her head and for the first time since she entered the room looked me in the eye. The sadness was overwhelming, her eyes pleaded with me for something. I found myself desperate to rescue her from what seemed a horrible torture to her, a knot forming in my chest, my breath held still by it. I forced myself to give her small smile and then turned my gaze to the door and back at her. I stood and moved to open the door, something I had never done with her until it was time to leave the play room. This was the closest I could get to telling her she could stop at anytime, even though I hoped she didn't.

I watched as her eyes changed, and a shiver of relief rolled through her body. The sadness was gone and relief and gratitude caused yet more tears to fall, this time not hidden from me. She had always hidden her tears from me, like keeping little precious diamonds to herself. Even when I had seen them, they were quickly hidden and whipped away.

She was so beautiful this way. Her fears abated, and free to show them, to show her true vulnerability. This was how I would tame this hell cat. Not through the pain she had become so familiar with, the pain she used to send her into a world that even I was not privy to. This was the door to that world. This was the door no amount of force could open, this was the surrender I had so longed to get close to and it seemed within my grasps at last.

She shifted her gaze from me to the now open door and back again as if not sure why it was still open. She knew how to react when it was closed; but this was new, a silent invitation that gave her control. Not something I had ever done before. I could see the struggle in her. To run for the door and end the fear she felt, or to remain and face it. Unable to process this new piece of information she soon settled into her usual expected position when in this room. She sat back on her heels spread her legs wide, placing her hands palms up on her thighs, taking a deep breath and looking at the floor.

No, this was not going to be a short process; she could remain in that position for more than an hour before she needed to move. I realized that she had made her decision; she would remain as she was until she was able to process all that had happened.

I watched as her training kicked in and her exposed pussy began to become wet. It was not something she thought about, it just was what she did when in this mindset. We stayed watching her until the room seemed to be filled with the smell of her. Then I rose and pulled a blanket from the cabinet by the door; placing it on the floor in front of her before both I and my friend left the room leaving the door open.

Once upstairs I quickly turned on my computer, and started the camera that I had placed in the room to monitor her with. The image of her sitting in front of the cage legs spread and ready for me came to life on the screen. Now, everything was up to her. She could stand and walk out of that room, choosing to once again avoid her fear, or she could stay and face it. What would she do?

I grabbed a cup of coffee before saying goodbye to my friend and settled in for a long night at the kitchen table staring at the screen in front of me.

My coffee was long gone by the time I saw any movement on the screen. I began to wonder if she had simply fallen asleep in that position, then her head lifted slightly and she scanned the room with her eyes. She titled her head up farther and began to look around the room in earnest, turning her head from side to side slowly until the edge of the cage came into her peripheral vision and there she froze for second, before turning back to the open door.

I split second later she moved her hands slowly up her thighs , flipping palms down, and sliding them in front of her onto the carpet before stretching them as far out as she could. She leaned her body forward sliding her hands along the floor until she had lifted up off her heels lifting her ass in the air. She stretched herself out slowly first her upper body, then pulling forward until she had straightened her legs out one at a time.

I had never seen her do this before, she arched her back dropping her hips to the floor and raising her head and pushing her torso upward. The effect was wonderful as her breasts were thrust out, her eyes to the ceiling. I made a note of that pose for later use. Then she stood up slowly, testing her legs. She walked about the room tentatively, touching with only her finger tips. She felt everything, running her fingers over the wooden table following the smooth grain, and making her way to the next object. She would tilt her head slightly and close her eyes as she felt each thing, almost as if she had never felt them before.

Making her way around the room until she came to the cage, there she stopped not touching it at first. Then she began to run her fingers over it slowly, bending down she traced each bar from beginning to end, finding every seam, every connection. She eyed the door carefully as she ran her hands over it. Noting how it connected, she stood quickly and moved to a small table at the other end of the room. There she found a small plastic pen, and returned with it to the cage.

Bending down once more in front of the cage she slowly slid one leg backward into it, keeping her eyes on the open door, before sliding the other leg in. From there she pulled the rest of her body inside the cage. She sat there with that same fearful feral look on her face before reaching out to pull the door almost completely shut. She tested the fit of the pen on the latch.

Once she seemed satisfied that the pen would do, she pulled the door shut until it latched. Once again her body began to shack and tears began to spill from her eyes. She was now sitting in the mouth of the demon she must face. Still no sound came from her lips, not even when she lifted her head and seemed to scream at the heavens. She didn't bother to wipe away the tears this time she let them fall without hesitation.

I left the screen on, but made my way down to the play room. I knew she would hear me coming, and I wanted her to. When I entered the room she was sitting outside the cage, on her heels once again looking at me. She had tucked the pen away somewhere out of sight. She had not wiped away the tears that streaked her face, and as always she was beautiful.

Kneeling down in front of her I took her hands in mine kissing them. She tried to sit stock still but her body shook uncontrollably. I leaned in kissing her face, tasting her tears. Moving down her cheek to her chin, then her neck, until I was licking the tears from those perfect breasts of hers, I could feel the tension in her body begin to change its focus. A tiny moan burst from her lips when I pulled her left nipple between my teeth and bit down just enough to bring a jolt of pain. I pulled on the other nipple pinching it hard and another moan fell from her lips. Then with no warning I reach out and slapped her exposed pussy, eliciting a sharp intake of breath and the familiar moan of passion. I let me hand rest on her pussy feeling the warm moisture for second before grabbing her hair with my hand and bending head back to claim her lips. There was no gentleness in the kiss, the need to claim her was rampant as I bruised her lips, bit at her tongue, and savagely squeezed her nipple.

Still holding her hair firmly in my hand I rose pulling her up with me; wrapping hand arm around her waist I pulled her hips to mine, I wanted her to feel what she had done, the hunger I felt for her, as I ground my hips into hers. Pushing her away from me, I stepped to where the pen lay on the floor. Though she stood still the fear was evident in her eyes. I picked it up and tucked it into my shirt pocket, just before grabbing her by the arm and dragging her to the table.

I forced her chest down on the cool wood telling her to not move. I quickly gathered the rope, flogger, and the crop laying each one on the table above her head. It took me only a few minutes to have her tied down by both her arms and legs, with her ass nicely exposed.

Running my hands over her ass in small circles sent shivers running through her. I could smell her desire, and see the wetness that threatened to drip down the insides of her thighs. I rubbed my still covered cock on her ass just before I slapped it hard. I waited to see the red mark form properly before smacking the other cheek. I liked that I didn't need to tell her anything, she knew the rules. Squirm and it gets harder, cry out and it gets harder, beg and I will stop.

Picking up the flogger I let it trail down her back and over her ass. The closer it got to her pussy the more she squirmed. There would be no warm up tonight, no gentle rubbing of her ass, no teasing her clit with my fingers. I lined the flogger up and brought it up between her legs, landing squarely on her pussy and clit. Her body stiffened and her breath grew faster. I didn't bother to alternate between her ass and her pussy, my aim was sure and true and each swing landed with a crack. It was not long before the ends of the flogger were wet with her juices, and she was biting her lip to stay silent. I knew she could cum this way, but was not ready to let her have it.

Laying the flogger down I ran my hands down her back, over her ass and up the inside of her thighs until I reached that soaking pussy. She began to try and push backward against my hand, and was rewarded with a swift smack the backside. I slide my fingers inside her and began a steady rhythm of spanking. It was not long before I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers and begin to suck at them. The second she held her breath and her pussy clamped down on my fingers I stopped leaving her right at the edge with no relief.

Pulling my fingers free I leaned forward and slid them in her mouth. She instinctively sucked at them. I knew she loved the taste of herself and it gave her time to settle a little before I began the next round. I picked up the crop while she was still suckling at my fingers and began running it up and down her back. She yanked on the ropes holding her hands and arched her back up toward the crop.

I began tapping it on her ass as I pulled my fingers from her mouth. Each tap grew increasingly stronger until I reached the proper force. Each strike forced air form her lungs and I could see she was biting down harder on that lip of hers. I stopped just long enough to lean down and whisper," If you bite that lip anymore I will stop right now." She immediately released her lip and nodded.

Tap, tap, smack; became the rhythm of the crop across her ass. Each smack would bring her hips upward as if begging for something more. "I know how close you are, I know you want to cum." I said never changing the rhythm of the crop. Her breath came in gasps now, and she could not keep her hips still. Her desperation was where I wanted it to be.

I laid the crop down and stripped out of my jeans, running my hard cock up between her legs to that sore swollen pussy. I held it there, right at the entrance, "I am going to fuck you hard and fast. This is for my pleasure so you will not cum."

Without waiting another instant I plunged my cock deep inside her. I held it there reveling in how wet and hot she was, before pulling almost all the way out. I placed my hands on either side of her body and began the punishing rhythm. Over and over I punished her pussy with the hard fast strokes of my cock. "This, Is, Mine," I ground out between strokes; "I, Will, Have, All, Of, You."

Her body was covered in sweat, and she turned her head first to one side then the other trying to find something to keep her from Cuming. Her hands now gripped and yanked at the ropes, pulling them as tight as she could. I continued my assault trying to bring a single tear to her eyes. Before long I watched as her body softened, and she began to accept each punishing stroke with little response. One final hard stroke and I emptied myself inside her.

Untying the ropes and pulling her from the table, we settled down on the floor. I held her in my lap, and watched those vacant eyes. She had once again slipped into that world and shut me out, But she had tried today, and that was enough for now.

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