tagSci-Fi & FantasyHer New Toy Ch. 02

Her New Toy Ch. 02


Author's Note: I'm not including much of a recap here, so please read chapter one to get the full story.


I sat in the parking lot for a while, trying to figure things out. My heart was pounding, and it felt a little like I was having a panic attack. I had just, happily, fucked the shit out of Ali Bennet, the doctor in charge of a medical trial I was a part of. And I had done it all with a huge cock that I seemingly grew just this morning. Something was very weird.

There was no good reason that should have happened. Ali was a doctor, a medical professional. Her reaction to seeing me with a giant cock growing out of my pussy should have been concern, or at least curiosity. Not all consuming lust. It hadn't started like that. She had been shocked, and then she had started to do her best at figuring out what had happened to me. But Ali had gone from running medical tests to begging me to fuck her in the blink of an eye. And when we were all done she had acted like everything was normal, like that was the kind of thing she did all the time. And for some reason I accepted it. It wasn't til I got outside that anything had even seemed weird about the whole situation. It didn't make any sense.

I thought about it as I drove home, but I couldn't understand what had happened at all. I wished that I could talk to someone about it, but all of my friends were out of town, and they probably wouldn't understand anyway.

The house was empty when I got back, and dark to boot. I changed into my normal lounging around clothes, a tank top and panties. My roommates make fun of me for it, but I just feel like too much clothing is unnecessarily restrictive. As long as we don't have any guests over, bras and pants go right out the window when I'm home. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table with some paper to plot out the day's events. That didn't help me understand anything better. It was all too crazy. I looked around the house. It got a little lonely when I was here by myself. I missed my friends.

Right about now Dani would be getting home from class. She was always so energetic, no matter how late she had stayed up the night before or how much work she had done during the day. She drove me crazy, but there was something so infectious about her attitude that you couldn't hold it against her. Katee would be sitting in the living room, writing a paper and watching tv at the same time. I never understood how she was able to do that. Her twin sister Kelly would be at the gym, and she always came home with a new story about how some guy was staring at her ass. Finally, Amanda would get home later in the night from her waitressing job and we'd all sit around drinking a bottle of wine and talking until it was time to go to bed. Not a bad life. I couldn't wait til they got back.

Though I might have a few things to explain when they did.

Out of nowhere a new set of images popped up in my mind. Katee and Kelly sliding their lips up either side of my cock, until they met at the tip and it turned into a sloppy kiss, precum smearing across their mouths. Dani riding me, her slender body and narrow hips sitting in stark contrast to the massive pole thrusting into her. Amanda looking over her shoulder and moaning as I pounded into her ass. Over and over, the girls in different combinations and positions, always ending with their faces covered in cum.

"Oh no," I moaned. I could feel it thickening inside of me. Feel as the wide head began to push through my lips. "Fuck, oh fuck." I scooted the chair back from the table and hastily pulled off my panties. And then I watched with mixed fear and arousal and my cock slid out of me. There was so much of it. The thick shaft just kept pushing from my pussy. Finally I reached the end, and the hard length swung up to slap wetly between my breasts.

"No way." I just couldn't believe it. Where did it all come from? Did I even have any other organs left? The thick head was resting in my cleavage. My cock twitched, and a massive pulse of precum spilled out, smearing against the skin of my upper chest. More followed and soon every heaving breath I took smeared more of the sticky fluid on my skin. I could feel as it began to run down my body, soaking into the fabric of my top.

"Wow." As shocked as I was, a part of me was incredibly happy that I was in this predicament. I don't know why, that's just how I felt. I made a choice. "Fuck it."

My hand came up and wrapped around the wide shaft. And for the first time it felt like it was really me who was choosing to do that. And it was good. I was so big that I couldn't touch my fingers around my cock. And so long that jerking myself involved a significant amount of travel. I slid my hands over my crown, collecting up my liquid desire and using that to lube my skin. I was moaning and panting. Precum continued to spill out of me, making it look like I was taking part in some obscene wet tshirt contest. My nipples were hard and pressing through the thin fabric of my top where it was stretched tightly over my breasts. I ran one of my hands down to my root, using my thumb to massage my clit. My other fingers rubbed furiously at my pussy.

And then I made a decision that would change everything.

I tilted my head down and flicked my tongue across my slit.

It felt like fireworks had exploded in my brain. The taste of my desire, so sweet and flowery, was the best thing I had ever encountered. I couldn't get enough. My body seemed to understand, and it responded. As I took the tip of me into my mouth even more precum flowed out. Every burst of fluid was more than a guy made when he came, and I had to swallow almost continually. Even then, most of it spilled out of my lips to run down my shaft. I opened my mouth wider and took my full head inside, my tongue found the flared rim of my cockhead and slipped under the ridge, stimulating my most sensitive area. I push my head down until I felt the entrance to my throat. But I was too big, and the angle too wrong, to go any further. It didn't matter. I worked my cock, drool and precum spilling out of my lips, my hand a wet blur on the shaft. I had three, and then four fingers in my pussy. A vision of fucking myself with my biggest vibrator while sucking my cock flashed into my mind.

That was enough to set me off. My pussy clenched down on my fingers, and I could feel my nectar squirting out of me. My abs flexed, and my cum came boiling up the thick shaft of my cock. It exploded against the back of my mouth, making me gag a little. But then I was swallowing as much as I could. It wasn't enough. Hot, milky cum poured out of my lips to run down my chin and onto my chest. I had to breath, and I pulled my lips off of my cock. The next shot hit me in the face, pasting my eyes shut. More went into my hair. A couple of ropes even shot over my head to land on the kitchen floor behind me. My hands were sliding up and down my shaft, milking out my spunk and churning my gift up into a thick foam.

Finally, it was mostly over. I gently cleaned the cum from my eyes and looked down. Fresh cum was still spilling weakly from the end of my cock, more than a guy let out in a day with each lazy spasm. I bent down and carefully licked and sucked at the tip of myself. None of that hot cum could go to waste. Finally it stopped, and I had had enough.

I looked at my shaft through cum flecked lashes. My hands were still lightly stroking me. What I could see of my chest was a cum covered mess. I smiled, which turned into a giggle. "I think I could get used to this." I leaned down and lightly kissed my cockhead. It twitched, almost like it knew I was happy.

I shook my head. It was happening again. My brain felt foggy, like something was trying to push me into think this was all ok. "God damnit, Emma. This is not normal," I whispered to myself.

The angry red crown of my cock swelled a little, and another burst of precum flowed out. I bent down and lapped it up. The taste of myself banished my doubts to a far corner of my mind. I giggled again. Time passed as I lightly stroked my shaft, kissing and licking at the head, slurping up my copious precum. I started to get cold, the cum on my skin was sucking the heat out of me. I abandoned licking at my tip and went to take a shower.

My cum soaked tank top landed in the hamper with a wet "SPLAT!" and my persistent giggles turned into a full blown laughing fit. I sat on the floor next to the tub and laughed my lungs out until tears were rolling down my face. Every time I got a glimpse of the massive dong shaking between my thighs I just laughed harder. It felt good. Cathartic in a way.

Somehow I got enough control of myself to get the shower going. For the second time that day I was standing under the hot water marvelling at my cock. I washed the cum off of my skin, then I slowly stroked my cock, wondering why it was so big. It had been huge this morning, bigger than any dick I has seen in real life or porn. But then this afternoon with Ali I had been even bigger than that. And now this. How many guys could suck their own dicks? And how many of them could do it with hardly a tilt of their head?

For that matter, how was I pumping enough blood to keep this pole hard without passing out?

"Go away," I whispered. The massive shaft slowly pulled back into me. I almost expected to feel it in my throat. But I didn't feel anything different from when I had first discovered the trick to keeping things hidden. I decided to try something. When I called my cock back out, I said it in my head. It worked, my length slipping out of me at a thought. "Ok, that worked." I pondered for a second. "I wonder..." I focussed my thoughts. For a second I thought it hadn't worked, but then my cock withdrew halfway. I was still very big, but manageable, close to what I'd used to fuck Ali. I focussed again and more of my length appeared. I clapped my hands and chuckled. Progress!

I amused myself for a while, expanding and shrinking my cock. I went from ridiculously long to comically short. The discovery that I could manipulate my width made for another ten minutes of fun. If you haven't seen a two inch cock that's as big around as a can of soup, then you're missing out. The same goes for fifteen inches long and a half inch thick. Talk about needle dick. I certainly got why guys are so fascinated with their dicks. They're fun, even if you don't have my powers.

The water was starting to get cold. I dried myself off and commanded my cock to go away. I wanted to go to sleep, but then I realized it was probably a good idea to clean up the pool of cum I had left in the dining room. Dani was coming home tomorrow, and that would be tough to explain. Of course, if Ali couldn't figure out what was going on with me I was going to have to tell my roommates eventually.

That night, I had the dream again. Only this time I was the one doing the fucking.

When I woke up my cock was pressed between my tits, precum drooling down onto my chest. "Good morning," I said, bending my head forward to lightly kiss my wet tip. I spent a few moments rubbing my lips across my crown, smearing liquid desire across my mouth. It felt great, and I had to force myself to get out of bed before I soaked my sheets.

I'm convinced that the best way to wake up is sucking your own cock in the shower. If anyone has discovered something better they haven't told me. I was sitting cross legged in the tub, my cock at what seemed to be it's full length, the tip just under my chin. The hot water cascaded down on me as I wrapped my lips around my end. I was using my hands to press my breasts around my shaft, thanking god that I was well endowed enough to tit fuck myself. How I don't get dehydrated every time I do this is a mystery. So much precum was flowing out of me, and when I came I made enough spunk that I could fill a bucket. It hit me hard this time. I had slept for almost ten hours, and that was the longest that I had gone without an orgasm since I had grown my cock. I groaned around my head as I felt it happen. Cum splashed against the back of my throat, and I swallowed desperately. It poured out of my mouth to splatter on my tits. When I finally had to pull my head away to take a breath the last few spasms flew up into the air and fell down on me like rain. When I came down from the high of my climax I bent down and gently kissed the head of my cock. "I think I might love you," I whispered.

I meant it a little bit. The last 24 hours had been confusing and somewhat scary. But I couldn't deny that my cock had given me a lot of pleasure. I had to figure out what to do with this thing by the time my roommates got home though.

And that was coming up quick. I had to go pick Dani up at the airport this afternoon.

I was staring at myself in the mirror again. At this length my flaccid cock was hanging down past my knees. It didn't seem to get any shorter when it went soft, it just hung straight down. I sighed. "What the fuck am I going to do with you?" It was a good question. I couldn't exactly walk around with everything hanging out or spend twenty minutes sucking my own cock in the shower once all the other girls got home. I would need to figure something out.

I threw in a big load of laundry before I went to get Dani. My cum soaked tank top and the towels I used to clean up last night could have given me away.

She screamed with joy when she saw me on the sidewalk in the arrivals pick up zone. Dani was that kind of girl. I felt my cock flex inside of me as she ran up, and I had to send a sharp mental command for it calm down. Though I couldn't blame it. Dani's slim frame, straight black hair, and narrow waist came from Japanese father. Her blue eyes, the spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks, and her above average (at least for a girl her size) breasts came from her Irish mother. So did her personality.

"Ah!" She hugged me tight. "I missed you so much! How have you been?"

I smiled as I hugged her back. I wasn't that outgoing, but it was hard not to be charmed by her. "I'm good. But it's only been four days, you couldn't have missed me that much."

She fake pouted. "Of course I could. You're my best friend and I haven't talked to you since last Friday. That's a long time."

"Ok. If you say so."

She didn't stop talking as we drove home. I got all the details of her trip. The creepy guy she had to sit next to on the plane, her mom's cooking, the specifics of the surgery her dad had recently underwent. It was nice not to have to put any effort into the conversation. I just rode the soothing wave of Dani's voice.

When we got home Dani ran off to get in the shower and wash the travel off. I sat down in the living room to get some reading done.

"Theres something I forgot to tell you about."

She scared the hell out of me. I was so wrapped up in my book that I didn't even notice that the shower had turned off. She was close. And she was naked. Her breasts were hanging from her chest like perfect teardrops, and her small nipples were tight and hard. The smooth lips of her pussy were right out in the open. I'd seen her naked before, but only if she was running from the bathroom back to her room for some reason, never like this. "Dani, what's going on?" I was afraid that I already knew.

"Like I said, I have to tell you something." She stepped in closer, her cheeks flushed, her breathing deep. "When I was home, I ran into this guy who I knew from high school. I hadn't seen him in years. He used to be pretty chubby, but he must have been hitting the gym pretty hard, cause he looked good. I was in the club with some friends, and he came up, and then we were dancing, and then we were making out, and finally I just dragged him back to the bathroom. He was making me so hot. Christ, Emma. He was good. He just put me on the counter, pushed my skirt up, and started eating me out. And his cock! It was perfect. He filled me up just right. We were in there for a while. People were banging on the door, but we didn't care. I came, fuck I came so good. And then he pulled out of me and I was on my knees sucking him. I could taste my pussy on his cock, and when he came, he gave me a mouthful. It was amazing." She looked me in the eyes. "That's all. I just wanted you to know that."

She had been moving closer the whole time. When she finished her story her hands were on my thighs and her lips were only inches away from mine.

I couldn't help it. I kissed her. I had not planned on doing that. Look, I like girls just as much as I like guys. And Dani is very beautiful. But it's a bad policy to sleep with your roommates no matter what sex they are or how good they look. But a part of me (I think we all know what part) took over.

Dani was kissing me back hungrily, her tongue probing into my mouth. I moaned into her as my cock slid out. I could feel it pressing up into the fabric of my skirt. My hands were on her breasts, kneading at her flesh and tweaking her nipples. She was pushing at my skirt, trying to get at my skin, but she froze when she touched my cock.

"Emma," she said into my mouth. "What's this?"

I pull away from her. "Shit. I can explain." I felt like crying. But then it all spilled out of me. Everything that had happened since yesterday morning. When I was done talking I looked her in the eyes, hoping that she wouldn't run screaming.

"Holy shit." Dani looked stunned, but not scared. "You really fucked your doctor?"

I nodded.

"That might be the hottest thing I've ever heard." She grinned and grabbed my cock through my skirt. There was a wet spot in the fabric at my tip. "I want to see it."

I nodded again, but my mind was reeling. I knew Dani pretty well, and I was certain that she had no interest in girls. Whatever had happened with Ali was happening again. But I was happy that I hadn't scared away my friend.

Dani lifted my skirt up and gasped. My cock had pushed my panties to the side as it slid out of me, now it was standing up proudly, thick veins running up the shaft, the head a dark purple. I was big. Not 'suck your own dick' big, but still as thick as my wrist and about a foot long. "Wow, Emma. That's a hell of cock." She reached out and moved my cock around, making me groan. "You still have a pussy. That's good." She giggled a little and then started stroking me. She looked up into my eyes. "This is really hot. I don't know why, but it's so hot."

I could only nod in agreement. Her hand felt so good on my skin. Dani's hands were tiny and delicate, and she couldn't even touch her fingers around me. But she was strong, and as her hand glided up and down my length she kept squeezing out precum until the sticky fluid was flowing down my shaft. My skin was slick and the wet sound of her handjob became the loudest sound in the room. She leaned in and kissed me again. We moaned into each other's mouths as the pace of her stroking increased.

"Please," I gasped when our lips separated.

"Please what?"

I hesitated. I wanted her so bad, but this would change things between us. In the end I couldn't help myself. "Please use your mouth."

I thought that would break the spell. But Dani just grinned, bent over, and ran her tongue around my crown. I moaned as she sucked on my tip, slurping up some of my precum. She opened her lips wide and took my head in her mouth. She tried to take more, but I was too wide, and she was too small. "Fuck," she gasped as she pulled my cock out of her mouth. "I want all of you. You taste so good." She tried again, but couldn't get any deeper. Dani settled for holding my head in her mouth, her tongue running under my flared rim and flicking across my slit, while she used her hands to milk my shaft. Precum was pouring out of me, and Dani was swallowing desperately. But my desire was flowing freely from the corners of her mouth, running down my shaft.

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