Her Night


She can feel her pussy juices run down her to her ass as she thinks of the situation she is in. She jumps as something cold is put between her legs and it moves against her clit. Oh my god she thinks, it’s the strawberries.

He runs a strawberry between her legs, up and down her clit and back to her opening, lightly pushing it into her opening and back to the clit. He sees she is barely breathing, but He knows she will be soon enough. Slowly rubbing it up and down her clit and back down to her opening pushing father in each time. She moans and wiggles and tries to get closer to what He is doing.

The strawberry is replaced by his tongue. He flicks and licks the strawberry juices from her pussy, she is moaning and breathing hard now and she is trying to move her hips closer to His mouth. He moves from the bed and she moans in frustration, she is close to cummin, she needs to cum, she needs His tongue or fingers or hard cock, she needs something to fulfill her.

She feels something cold and hard on her pussy. Then she feels the vibrations. Oh my god she thinks to herself, she can feel that right to her teeth as the vibrations become more rampant, He slides the vibrator up and down the out side lips of her pussy, no lubrication is needed as she is slick and wet from her pussy juices.

Bucking her bum in the air she tries to get closer to the vibrator that is moving way to slow and way to lightly, she needs it to hit the clit, she needs it to be a little harder, she wiggles to get closer, moaning her frustration that she cant seem to get there.

She feels heat in her pussy, she feels a tightness, she can feel juices flowing from her opening down to her ass. Please she says, plllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss, He chuckles to himself, not yet He says.

Taking another vibrator out of the bag, He puts it to her ass, to the little rosebud hole that is now soaked and very well lubricated. Putting the vibrator into her pussy and turning it on full, He leaves it there, she is moving back and forth on the bed like she is trying to fuck it, she is moaning so loudly He knows she will cum as soon as fucks her, but first, He wants all holes filled.

Taking the second vibrator He slowly rubs her asshole with it, she moves towards it as the head of it slides into her ass. She gasps and bucks on the bed, He slides it further into her and she stops moving, He knows she can feel both of the vibrators, she just lays there taking in the sensations of both of them.

Moving the one in her pussy alternately with the one in her ass, she starts to scream that she is going to cum. He pulls both of them out of her and watches her body buck wildly, knowing He is creating this in her is potent for Him. He waits for her to subside a little, catch her breath before He starts again.

Taking His time with her, he slowly kisses her, running His tongue along her lips, smiling as she tries to get His mouth on hers solidly, but He teases her lips a little longer, pulling back when she tries to get His tongue into her mouth.

Moving down to her nipples He sucks on the one slowly, they are erect and ready for the nipple clamps He brought. Placing one on the nipple, He feels her sink into the bed, she moans from either the pain of it, or the pleasure of it.

He moves to the other nipple and sucks and nibbles on it, He hears her gasp as He places the other clamp on her nipple. Running His hand to her pussy to see the effect, she is still wet and her clit is hard. She tries to move towards His hand.

Taking out a smaller flogged He caresses her face with it, to give her an idea of what is to come, her breathing changes, it becomes more rapid and he swears her heart is beating faster. He knows she is ready for this.

The first kiss of the flogged on her thighs is a light one then another and another, slowly building strength, he flogs first her thighs, then her pussy, then her thighs, then her pussy, watching her body move with the flogged. Taking out the crop, He begins again, first the thigh, then the pussy then a quick flick to the nipple clamp.

She lets out a moan scream as her sensitive nipples are hit, back and forth between the three areas He uses the crop, He sees the little tell tale signs of welts and redness appear. A few more strokes and a few more and a few more. Just enough to heighten her experience, just enough to make her want more.

His cock is standing very erect and He is keeping Himself under control, but not for long. This girl is moving and gyrating to everything He does to her, she is beyond anything but cummin. He too needs relief. A few more strokes of the crop and the He leans down to take off the nipple clamps, sucking on her nipple after He removes one, she bucks her body upwards towards His mouth as He takes off the other one.

Moving back to her mouth, He thrusts His tongue into the softness and kisses her with all the feelings of desire and passion that He is feeling.

Moving back down her body He licks her clit and sucks on it, she moves around trying to get closer, please Sir she says, please Sir. Looking at her He says, yes girl, what would you like. Please Sir let me cum, make me cum Sir.

Reaching for the vibrators again, He places one back in her pussy and the other into her ass and starts to move them alternately. DO NOT CUM YET GIRL, not until I say to.

Moving them in and out He watches her body move with them. She is fucking the vibrators and trying very hard not to cum. He can tell she is ready to explode and cannot take anymore

Taking the vibrator out of her pussy, He enters her with a hard thrust at the same time thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Fucking her pussy and fucking her mouth while the vibrator fucks her ass, all three holes filled at once.

He can feel the contractions of her pussy muscles over and over again, the juices flowing past his cock which is ready to burst with a load of cum. He pulls out and she screams and bucks her hips.

Quickly He unties her hands and legs, rolling her over and taking out the vibrator out of her ass, He thrusts into her ass and fingers her clit at the same time. She is soaking wet, He can smell her intense arousal He can feel out slick and hot she is.


Thrusting as hard as He can He pumps His cock into her ass, fingering her pussy at the same time. She explodes and He can feel her pussy contract over and over again. The heat from her and the juices is almost to much.

He feels her hands moving to her pussy and He lets her take over fingering her clit as He fucks her ass, in and out as He feels the orgasm ready to explode, He cums into her ass and thrusts a few more times as He feels her cum again, the juices flowing down to the sheets.

She collapses and He collapses on top of her and stays there for a moment or two enjoying her breathing and her warmth and her scent.

Leaving the bed, He goes to the bathroom and cleans himself up and then brings a warm cloth and wipes her between her legs to clean her up. She is flushed in the face, her hair is a mess and she is barely breathing as she tries not to fall asleep.

Getting into the bed on the other side where it is dry, He pulls her into Him and He hears her say, thank You Sir for my treat, as they once again fall asleep.

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