tagErotic CouplingsHer Rainy Day Dream

Her Rainy Day Dream


The rain falls in grey sheets outside the window. You listen to it fall, bored and lonely. You hear a noise behind you, and turn quickly startled.

I'm standing there in a tight white tank top and low-rise sweat pants. You notice my nipples through the thin cotton cloth. My belly button is half-hidden, but only half. I'm smiling.

"How did you get here?" you gasp.

"ssh..." I put my lips to yours to stop you from talking. Your lips are so soft against mine. You groan slightly, then wrap your arms around me. Our first kiss begats a second, then a third, and a fourth, and soon each kiss blends with the next as our lips and tongues and teeth explore each other's mouths, faces, ears, and necks with abandon. Soft animal noises well up from our throats as untapped desires flood us, nearly blinding us. Your body presses against mine, and I can feel a swelling against my stomach.

You lead me to your bed. I push you down on your back, then crawl up beside you, straddling you with one leg. We look deep into each other's eyes, then I help pull of your shirt. "Your turn," you smile, then pull my tank top over my head. You palm my little breasts as I straddle you. I moan at the touch of your warm hands against my bare body.

I lean down and kiss you deeply as your hands fondle my breasts and explore my stomach, then slide around my waist to grip my clothed asscheeks. Almost unconsciously, I grind my crotch against the swelling in your pants, groaning as it hits my clit. You untie my sweat pants and pull them down my legs. You grip my now-bare cheeks, sliding your hands until the reach my warm, swollen wetness. I moan into your neck as your fingers explore my slick wet opening.

I slide down your body, pulling your pants down with me. Your gorgeous erectness is now exposed, all for me. I lick its length, then take it deep into my mouth. I slide it out again, then kiss-lick your sack while you gasp, right before I take it to into my mouth and tongue it lightly, slowly, before releasing it again. My attention shifts back to your shaft as I work it into my mouth. Watching, you unclip my hair so it spreads out in a fan across your stomach.

I move up to your face again and we kiss deeply. Our bodies are pushed together, with your cock nestled against along my swollen, needing slit. Your hands explore me, and mine explore you while our lips dance across our faces and necks. I'm on fire from months of desiring you. I'm overwhelmed by the pleasure your lips and hands give me. Your eyes look deep into mine, and I nearly faint from all the sensation. Animal lust takes over. I need you inside me. Now.

Great minds think alike! You move your hips until your hard tip is nestled right against my slippery netherlips. I moan, then slide my hips back to push you inside me. We move together, slowly, never breaking the rhythm of our kisses, until you are completely inside of me.

I'm on another world. My whole body is tingling. You feel so perfect inside of me...so big, but so right. My clit rubs against you as I push-pull against you, sliding you deep inside me, then almost all the way out again, then all the way in again. Slowly. Savoring the feel of every inch of you. Savoring your mouth as it pleasures my lips and neck. Savoring your hands on my asscheeks, guiding me up then down.

I'm near orgasm, and I know this one will be mind-blowing. I sit up so I can look at your lovely face. One hand rubs your soft hair, your soft cheek. The other finds my juice-slickened clit and begins to rub it frantically as I ride you. Your bury your hands in my hair, watching my face, then slide your hands down my neck to my breasts, then to my stomach, then cup my waist, then my hips. I can tell by your eyes that you are so totally aroused, and the thought of you desiring me is the final straw. I slide up, then back down, driving you deep, deep, deeper into me... I come like a rocket in a cloud of soft, desperate moans.

You watch my face as my eyes roll back in my head. The sounds of my orgasm inspire you to thrust deep into me. I know you're close, and I want you to come inside me....want it more than anything. I lay back down across you, my breasts pressed against your chest, my face buried in your neck, my hips bucking furiously as I slide you in and out of my pulsing, soaking self. You groan, grab my waist, thrust deep inside me, and come harder than you've ever come before. It's nearly painful, and seems to last forever. I moan softly into your neck at the sudden thrust, my sensitive clit stimulated to a mini-orgasm.

I lay on top of you. We shower each other with kisses. I roll over on my side, and you nestle against me spoon-style, your satisfied, now-slippery cock against my asscheeks. You put an arm around me. I feel so safe, so satisfied, so totally quenched. I fall asleep and dream of all the wonderful hours we have together...

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