Her Scorn


He felt her presence immediately. He turned his head to try and get a visual on the woman whose aura jolted him with pleasure. He located her amongst a group of her friends; tall with long flowing blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She was pretty, but that wasn't what drew him to her. Through the years he had had so many women who were more beautiful, exotic and gorgeous than she. He had pursued those women people said were 'out of his league' just to prove them wrong. That was until he had found a new type of woman, a new favorite target that aroused him so much more intensely than he had ever known before. Women like this one: untouched. When they succumbed to his talent of seduction, the taste was sweeter than anything. The pleasure took him to new dizzying heights that set his body on fire; the orgasms he reached wracked his body gorgeously, leaving him sated and panting. The only problem was that once had, the sweet untouched girls no longer tasted the same. Their aura changed, and the level of pleasure receded. They were only good for one night.

It had been weeks since he had last sated his appetite for a pure woman. His need was growing, his body aching for release. He sipped his drink as he quietly observed his new target, enjoying the soft waves of pleasure he received in pulses from her aura. He put her age in the low twenties, a little older than his usual pure girls. Shifting in his seat, he tried to alleviate the pressure caused by his hardening length within the confines of his trousers. He could wait no longer; he needed to taste her sweet sensual innocence now. As he crossed the small courtyard toward where she sat amongst her friends, she looked toward him. As soon as she saw him, she could not look away. Studying him, she did not think he was overly attractive. He had a nice smile, was tall and slim, but nothing to make her melt. And yet she felt that she wanted to talk with him ... needed to make contact. They met in the middle of the courtyard, though she did not remember standing or moving away from her group. He grinned, looking at her.

'Hey, I'm Will.'

'I'm Samantha.'

She raised her eyes to meet his and was completely lost to the power of his talent. He took Samantha's hand within his, a surge of sexual energy leaping between them as he led her away, her group of friends staring after them.

Once in his car, she directed him to her place. Will never took his conquests home ... it made it all the more difficult to sever ties. This way he could make a quick exit while she slept, and not have to deal with any of her silly emotions. He could sense her nerves; they made her aura tremble, would make her taste bittersweet. He reached across to lay his hand on her thigh and stroked it soothingly. She began to calm and he allowed his hand to rest there, enjoying the sensations that were passing through their contact. Samantha was still wondering why she was with this man, this stranger, but the longer he touched her the less she seemed to care. From where his hand rested on her thigh she could feel a strange feeling creep through her body; pleasant warmth that seemed to hum beneath her skin and caused a throbbing between her legs. Will smiled at her, as if he knew exactly what she was feeling and how he was causing it. His excitement rose as he pulled into the drive of a small house; he knew now he would soon have her. He ached to kiss her, to have that first taste of her sweetness and slake his thirst. They made their way through the tiny garden to the front door. He could feel her pulling away, her doubts rising. She hesitated, and looked up at him, ready to say she had changed her mind. Smiling inwardly, he was amused she still believed she had a say in the matter. Perhaps it was because she was older and stronger that she was able to fight off some of his talent; he had never needed to use more than a suggestion of magic. It didn't really matter, he would not allow it. His lips claimed hers in a kiss that was nothing more than chaste, but he allowed the full magic of his talent to flow between them. When her knees buckled and a low moan escaped her lips, he lifted her in his arms and carried her inside.

He moved through the house to find the main bedroom and lay Samantha on the large bed. Her head was swimming with the effects of his talent and her body had responded equally. Through the light material of her summer dress Will could see the hard pointed outline of her nipples. Already he could smell her arousal from between her legs, the sweet scent almost driving him wild. His talent had grown stronger, he knew, but this was more than he expected. When Samantha's eyes were finally able to focus once again, her vision was filled with his face. As she looked into his eyes, she knew she would never say no to him. His mouth lowered to hers once again in a kiss much deeper than the first. His soft warm tongue coaxed her lips open and slid between in search of hers. That first touch, that first taste of innocence sent a hard shudder through his body and he moaned aloud. She was delicious, and he wanted more. His tongue danced and curled around hers, savoring her taste as his hands moved down her body, cupping her small high breasts. His thumbs moved over her nipples through the fabric of her dress and she arched into his touch, moaning. He felt her pure aura pulsing around him, sending waves of pleasure across them both. He broke the kiss, breathing hard and leaning back to look her over. Fingertips trailing down the valley between her breasts, he curled the material in his grip and pulled, tearing it from her body.

Will's gaze was drawn immediately to the apex of her thighs ... her small cotton panties soaked through with arousal. He chuckled softly; he was going to have great fun in taking her. He told Samantha to lift her hips and she did so, lost completely to his touch and ability, allowing him to slide her panties down. The aroma of her arousal combined with the scent of innocence was heady, making his cock pulse with desire. He tucked her panties into his pocket before stripping his clothes off, sighing relief as his erection sprang free, hard and firm. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open slightly and he wondered if she had never even seen a naked man before. Will's eyes locked onto her soft full lips. That's where he wanted to be: sliding his shaft completely into her mouth, having her taste her first man. Standing beside the bed, he pulled her up until she was sitting on the edge, his shaft standing proud before her.

'Touch me,' he commanded.

Her fingertips drifted slowly up his thighs as she explored him for the first time. Looking down, Will watched as she studied him closely. When Samantha's fingers ran lightly up his length, he gasped, and she smiled. He felt hard, yet warm and soft. She liked this feeling beneath her fingers and let them tease him further. She closed her small hand around him and felt his flesh throb in her grip, felt him harden with further pleasure. Will pushed his hands into her hair, allowing her this exploration, but knew that already that sweet pure aura was beginning to fade with corruption. He needed to find his ultimate pleasure soon. 'Taste me,' he groaned, guiding her mouth to him. Her lips were warm and soft as they closed tightly around his arousal, and he moaned out loud. She licked at him, and sucked softly, unsure of what she was doing. His fingers tightened in her hair and he held her as he started to move his hips, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. She made sounds around his cock, and he felt the vibrations rush through him, making him move his hips faster, fucking her mouth greedily. Will whispered and gasped, his voice getting louder and becoming guttural as the sensations built upon each other. He pulled from her mouth suddenly, his length wet with her saliva, pre cum oozing freely from the tip. Samantha was pushed back onto the bed and he slipped between her legs. He watched her chest heave as she panted, the way her body stretched out beneath him. Closing his eyes, he allowed the full strength of her aura to wash over him and his pleasure spiraled beyond control.

Samantha could feel the head of his cock rubbing against her soaked pussy. He let it tease her clit just once and she gasped at how good it felt. He pressed slowly forward and felt her body resist him. She was biting her lip and he knew it hurt her, but he wouldn't stop, he needed to take her innocence now. He thrust his hips forward and buried himself inside her with a loud gasp. A cry ripped from her throat as she felt him push through her body's resistance, the pleasure she had been feeling now mixed with pain. Will lay above her, breathing hard as he felt the first burst of pleasure emanate from her broken innocence. It sank through his skin and coursed through his veins until he couldn't focus on anything but his release. He started to move above her, within her, savoring the slick hot tightness that surrounded him. Will knew her pain had subsided when she began to move under him, her hips grinding. She started to moan, and her arms went around him. He growled; as soon as she started to respond so eagerly the sweet exquisite sensation of her aura began to fade and if Samantha came it would disappear completely. Rising up with the strength of his arms he started to fuck her hard, forcing himself deeper into her sweet pussy. He needed to reach orgasm while her aura still caressed him, needed to find that ultimate dizzying peak he'd been searching for.

He could feel her hot walls caressing every inch of his flesh and he tried to push deeper. Her nails were digging into his back, sharp pin pricks of pain radiating from them. She was so tight, so wet, and her broken aura felt so good his body was alive with the pleasure he couldn't hold back. His breathy pants turned into full-bodied yells as he slammed violently into her, so close to the release he wanted. His muscles tensed and tightened all over, his hips pushing and grinding deeper into her center. He pulled back and thrust forward one last time, a guttural cry tearing from him as he shuddered with orgasm. His eyes squeezed shut and he felt the warmth of the bright flash behind them as her sweet pure aura shattered completely around them, making his cock pulse and throb, spilling his seed deep inside her. He lay atop her until his head cleared and his breathing returned to normal, though his body trembled deliciously for a long time after. He could feel her still grinding, straining desperately to relieve the pressure that coiled low in her belly, the tightness that felt so good it was almost hurting; but he slid from her and rolled away before the essence of her aura turned bitter with use and corruption.

She whimpered, staring after him as she struggled to regain her breath and control of her body, but she could not move. The longing between her legs got worse, and he watched her as he put his clothes on, the near anguish on her face a stark contrast to the peace he felt having satisfied his need. 'Will, please!' she begged. Somehow she knew this ache would not be relieved by anything but his touch. He smiled as he leant over and placed a single kiss upon her lips. 'Sorry, it's just better for me when you don't come,' he told her, making a face. 'You tasted better before, you know.' As he closed the front door behind him, he could hear her scream of frustration. He shrugged and smiled to himself. Humans, they don't know anything.


In her land, she was known as Sahntalia. Possessing an exquisite beauty and an air of kindness and generosity, she was loved and admired by all her people. For years now she had been the Giver of Gifts for this land. Bestowing upon each person one gift, one talent, one ability which was truly unique to that person. It pleased her to see her people flourish, to see a person harness their ability and use it to help others, to share pleasure and trust and love. Right now, in this moment, she was angry. Her deep emerald eyes flashed with a fury seldom seen. He was betraying her generosity, abusing her gift. Of course this was not the first time a talent had been used for selfish and greedy purposes. Sahntalia was kind, but her wrath when invoked was fierce and selfishness was a pet hate. She was protective of her people and did not tolerate those who betrayed her and their trust. To use one's magic upon a human like this was unforgiveable. With an angry wave of her hand, Sahntalia cleared the mist of her vision, the smoky wisps drifting toward the sky. She could stand the sight of the girl no longer, sobbing desperately with her hand between her legs trying to find some sort of relief. It would not come, not for a long time. Sahntalia could not change the long-term effects of his betrayal, but she would seek revenge on the girl's behalf. Will had been on the run from the Giver of Gifts for a long time; but he was about to face the consequences of his actions.

Closing her eyes so that her lashes fanned her cheeks, Sahntalia relaxed her body and willed herself away until she faded into a shimmering mist before disappearing completely. In the next instant, she reappeared in the bedroom of Will's latest victim, Samantha. The young woman looked up, startled at the sudden apparition before her, certain she was going mad and embarrassed at being seen like this, even by a hallucination. Her hand stilled, no longer moving desperately between her thighs as she gazed at this beautiful woman before her. Sahntalia smiled kindly and Samantha felt her humiliation ease away. This woman brought with her a sense of peace, and no one needed it more than Samantha. Sahntalia sat upon the bed beside the girl, and reached out to gently wipe the hot tears away. 'I am sorry he has done this to you, my child. You deserve much better, and I know you hurt deeply. I cannot take away all the pain, but I can help with that craving you feel.' Samantha bit her lip nervously, wondering what this Goddess with a beautiful melodic voice meant. She jerked away when Sahntalia's hand rested gently low on her stomach, just higher than the junction of her thighs and right above that painful intensity that had grown only worse since Will had left. Sahntalia smoothed her hair back tenderly. 'Trust me, child. Look into my eyes and see the truth. I will not harm you. 'Soft brown eyes shimmering with tears met beautiful clear green eyes filled with compassion and love. The young girl nodded silently, fighting back sobs.

With a soft smile, the Giver of Gifts leaned forward and kissed Samantha's forehead, cheeks and finally lips, seeking to soothe the nerves that made the girl tremble so. Guiding her to lay back, Sahntalia did not speak again until the woman stopped shaking so fiercely. With one hand stroking golden locks and the other resting on Samantha's abdomen, she spoke softly and calmly, 'I won't move my hand from where it lays now, my child. But you will feel an energy move through your body. Don't be scared, and don't fight against it. I vow to you it will not be painful at all.' Samantha felt the warmth of the energy begin to move even as the woman spoke, first moving slowly upwards in a caress across her hips and stomach. Her lips parted in a sound of surprise; it felt exactly as though several hands were stroking her, soothing her body. And as the energy moved, her skin began to glow. When it moved up over her breasts, she felt her nipples tingle nicely and sighed softly. No doubt this was sexual pleasure as she had felt with Will, but it was so much more... there was love in this woman's energy. And it felt so right, so good. After a few moments, she felt Sahntalia's breath against her ear, 'I'm going to let the energy move down now. You will feel that craving again, but I will not let it consume you. Are you ready?' Samantha nodded, and then whispered a yes just to make sure she was understood.

The caress of the light began to move south, over her thighs and legs, stroking slowly and gently until Samantha let them fall open. Immediately she felt that heat move toward her center, circling ever closer until her entire body was bathed in this Goddess' energy. She let out a moan as the tension began to build once more, writhing slightly on the bed, her fingers gripping the sheets. She looked to Sahntalia as she climbed higher and higher, her legs quivering and body crying out in desperation. This time, she knew, the tension would break. She only hoped it didn't shatter her completely beyond repair when it did. Her gaze never left those amazing green eyes, her reassurance that this was right and good. Even as her body tightened and muscles tensed, she didn't look away. She whimpered when she felt that she was going to be stuck on this plateau forever, panting as her chest heaved. Sahntalia leaned down and kissed Samantha, softly but deeply. In the next instant, that intense craving, that unbearable tension snapped and Samantha cried out in orgasm. Her body bucked and convulsed under wave upon wave of liquid pleasure, the light of the energy scorching hot as it caressed her skin. When it was over, and she was able to open her eyes, she smiled up at Sahntalia, and clasped her hand. Though the craving was not completely gone, she was no longer in painful need. Her body hummed with the aftermath, and her tears no longer fell. Placing a kiss on Samantha's forehead, Sahntalia stood gracefully and smiled. 'I hope I have eased your pain, my child. I must take my leave, but fear not. There is someone very special not far in your future, and I promise that he will treat you as the Goddess you are.' Samantha opened her mouth to ask how and who and why, but in an instant her beautiful savior was gone.


Will needed another fix. It had only been a week since he'd had that blonde... what was her name? Casey? Kathy? Something like that. It didn't matter. He needed another. He scanned the club, looking for a group of young girls where he might find an innocent. There were plenty of young girls, but no innocents. No untouched sweethearts. It wasn't fair, he was hungry and his cravings were getting stronger. He wanted now but there was nothing to be had. Aura upon aura that he felt was corrupt with sexual knowledge. He pushed his hand through his hair with agitation, prepared to move on to yet another club when he saw her. The aura surrounding her made him rock hard instantly, his body on fire with lust. He studied it, intrigued. She was not untouched, not even close. On the contrary, her aura was blatantly sensual and erotic, yet it was sweeter than the purity he had been wanting. No, definitely not untouched; perhaps something better? Untouchable. He had to have her, and he had to have her tonight. Now. He watched as she crossed the floor, admiring her smooth elegant lines. She was tall, skin the color of mocha and a mass of jet-black hair that fell in silky curls to her waist. Her breasts were generous in size, and her hips curved outward in a most delicious manner. Oh, she was definitely all women. And she was going to be all his. He began to make his way toward her, weaving through the crowd fast so as not to let her out of his sight, letting his spell go before him and wash over her from the distance. She paused, as if feeling his gaze on her back and turned. Their eyes met for the briefest of moments, and she began to move toward him. He smiled to himself; he was definitely growing in strength of talent. Just as he opened his mouth to say hello, she brushed past him without so much as a glance, and moved beyond. He stared after her, agape, as she greeted a group of women, smiling and laughing. After a pause, he licked his lips and threw back the last of his drink. So she was going to be a challenge, was she? It had been a while since he'd had to chase a woman, but he knew the fruits of victory would be well worth it.

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