tagLoving WivesHer Secret Life... Ch. 02

Her Secret Life... Ch. 02


Chris and I had been talking about the pain and discomfort she had caused me by keeping her affair with Joyce and Brian Cody a secret. Chris had gotten a new cell phone and number which I checked out weekly, along with both her personal laptop and work one, and had even made her close out the savings account that she had started with her share of the difference from the selling of our two homes and the buying of the one we shared so I could monitor her spending, all with Chris' agreement. I was fairly certain she hadn't had any contact with them since she promised me she wouldn't. I was beginning to trust her again and told her so. I stopped her anytime she started to try and explain how and why it happened. I didn't want to know from the fear that I would get jealous then angry and say something hurtful or lash out physically and ruin any hope of repairing our marriage.

It was the middle of May and I had managed to settle a lawsuit out of court for my client that set him up for life and put a tidy sum into not only my bank account but the firm's as well. I was in a celebratory mood and planned to surprise Chris with a night out on the town. I knew my plan was not to be when I got home and smelled food already being cooked when I entered the house.

I was totally surprised to find Chris in our kitchen preparing a full course dinner dressed in a French maid's outfit.

"Georgie, stay right there. Let me set these pots off the heat and I'll be with you." My beautiful wife exclaimed to me.

I watched as she turned the eyes on the stove off and set the pots to the side of the stove. When she turned to face me, I could see her exposed breasts. The top portion of her uniform had been made so the sides covered her breasts when she was in profile and that was why I hadn't been able to see her breasts before. Her nipples were hard and Chris's cheeks were flushed with arousal. She hurried to me and gave me a big kiss and a hug before dropping down in front of me, unzipping my pants, and freeing my hardening dick. She had it in her mouth as soon as the head had cleared. She began sucking and licking my turgid rod and when she snaked her hand into my pants and started massaging my balls, I couldn't and didn't want to hold back my orgasm any longer. I spurted five big spurts and a couple of small ones into her waiting mouth. Chris swallowed every drop of my ejaculate, licked the head of my softening cock, and then looked up at me with love and adoration in her eyes. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard.

"Thank you for the surprise, baby! I love you!"

"I love you too, Georgie! Go sit and rest while I finish dinner."

I got a glass of tea from the fridge and went to my recliner to relax. When Chris called me to the table twenty minutes later, I was happier than I had been since before finding out about her affair. I had to ask her to cover her breasts so I could eat. We talked about our day's events and laughed together about her ruining my surprise for her. We decided we would celebrate my victory on Saturday.

Chris and I retired to the bedroom where we spent ten minutes kissing and caressing each other's bodies. Chris stripped me naked, but made me stop when I tried to undress her. She pushed me down on my back on our bed and straddled my mid-section, impaling herself on my steely tool. She rode me like the first night we were together and I treated her tits the same as I did that night. She had multiple orgasms on my cock before I shot my second steamy load into her hot pussy. She collapsed down onto my chest and we lay there panting for breath as our sweat began to cool our bodies. Chris lay down beside me with a troubled look upon her face.

"George, I need to tell you something. Please, don't get mad. A mutual friend of Joyce's and me called today. Joyce wanted her to tell me to call her or e-mail her soon. According to our friend, Joyce misses me and wants us to continue our relationship, minus Brian. George, I didn't have anything to do with this, I swear. I'll not do anything to ruin us again. Please, believe me!"

"I believe you Chris, but if you want my permission to contact Joyce, you're not going to get it! I meant what I said about contacting either of them and will divorce you if you do contact Joyce. Tell your friend to tell her you'll not now or ever be; talking to her, seeing her, or being with her again! She also needs to tell Joyce that she'll not be acting as her go between in the future! Don't make me lose the trust in you that I've built back up!"

"Oh Georgie, I'll never do anything to make you lose your trust in me ever again! I'll do exactly what you told me to do, I promise, but Georgie I miss making love to a woman. I can't help the urge or need or whatever it is that makes me the way I am. What am I going to do?"

"Chris, we talked about including another woman in our sex life before. I have no problem with you making love with another woman as long as I'm there sharing the experience with you. The questions I have are: One, can you be happy with having sex with another woman only when I'm involved? And Two: Are you going to be okay with me fucking another woman because that's what's going to happen if we share a woman?"

"Yes Georgie, I can answer both of your questions with a big YES! I have dreamed about us sharing a woman, but was afraid to push it because I was afraid how you would react when you saw how experienced I was at making love to a woman. I knew you'd never go for what I and Robert had with Joyce and Brian."

"Chris, there's one more thing I need to tell you. I can't stand the thought of another man's cock inside your body. If we do begin sharing other women, they'll have to be single or be able to play without hubby being involved. I'm sorry, and I know its selfish male pride, but I won't share you with other men. Can you live with that?"

"Yes Georgie, this is the only cock I need!"

She dropped her head to my crotch and sucked my dick into her mouth. When I was fully engorged, I pushed her over onto her belly, lifted her hips up, and rammed my hardness into her still sopping wet cunt with one stroke. I began to hammer her unmercifully and she was screaming "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and "Don't stop...Fuck me harder!" over and over again. We fucked for thirty minutes before I had to quit from exhaustion. Chris had multiple orgasms before I stopped pounding into her. I didn't even feel like I had come close to an orgasm, a first for me.

We both were asleep within minutes of catching our breaths. I was awakened the next morning by Chris's mouth on my cock. I grabbed her, threw her down on her back, and slipped my erection into her wet, pink center. I made slow, gentle love to her and we both climaxed within seconds of each other.

We showered together in the large shower we had installed when we first bought the house. We didn't indulge in anymore sex during our shower, promising to make up for it that evening. We both dressed and went to work, agreeing to meet up at the gym to work out together after work. I saw Chris talking to a beautiful 5'5" slim and trim redhead at the gym whose name I knew to be Sally. I didn't know any more about her and didn't think any more about it. I had seen them talking to each other before and wasn't concerned.

A client called in a panic as I was leaving the office Friday afternoon so I called Chris and invited her to my office to wait while I handled the crisis. I wasn't able to finish all that needed to be done to resolve my client's problem and decided that since I'd have to work on it Saturday morning anyway; I'd take Chris to a small diner with good home cooked food. We had an enjoyable evening and went home where Chris rebuffed me when I tried to initiate sex for the first time ever in our relationship; telling me to save it for Saturday with a mischievous grin on her face.

I had made reservations for Chris and me at the French restaurant in town. Chris was stunning in a red dress that showed a tad of her cleavage and was slit up the right side to just below her hip. I wore a dark blue suit pinstriped with lighter blue lines, a white shirt, and a red tie that matched Chris's dress. When I suggested we go dancing after our meal, Chris readily agreed if I went to a nightclub she wanted to go to. Since we were celebrating and I wanted to make her happy, I let her direct me to the club of her choice. I should have begun to suspect something was up when I noticed that there weren't more than a handful of men in the club, but Chris was acting so joyful, I didn't want to spoil the evening by commenting on it. Chris led me to the dance floor before we did anything else. I was concentrating on Chris and my dance steps since I'm not a good dancer and didn't immediately realize someone was rubbing themselves against my back. When it did register, I turned my head and saw Sally behind me. Before I could pull away, she had pulled my head down and placed a huge, wet kiss on my mouth. When she placed a similar kiss on Chris' lips, my dick began to stir. It was then that I received an even greater shock from Chris.

"Sally wants to help us celebrate tonight, Georgie, but only if you want her to!"

"Yes Chris, I would love to have Sally help us celebrate!"

The DJ changed the music from a slow couples tune to a fast beat techno-pop one so I asked Chris and Sally to find us a table to sit at. Sally took each of mine and Chris' hands in hers and led us to a table on the same level as the dance floor, but back against the knee wall that separated that level from the next one up. Knowing my problem with alcohol, Chris asked me if she and Sally could share a bottle of wine. I went to the bar and got them a bottle of Champagne and a club soda for me. I stopped and watched as they kissed passionately at the table before delivering their bottle and glasses to them. After sipping from her glass of Champagne, Sally arose from her seat and proceeded to sit in my lap; where she began kissing me just as passionately as she had been Chris. She broke from our kissing and grinned at me when she felt my erection against her hip. She left my lap and pulled Chris to the dance floor where they danced close together and touched each other adding to their excitement and mine. When they were both tired from their dance, they returned to the table where Chris sat in my lap and began kissing me as she rubbed her hip against my dick.

When a waitress passed our table, I asked if we could take the bottle outside because I was ready to take the celebration to our house. She answered in the affirmative and went to the bar and brought back plastic glasses for us to take with us. I escorted the two ladies to our car and helped them into the back seat. I could only catch glimpses of them kissing and caressing each other during the short drive to our house. I heard Chris' familiar scream of climax and knew Sally had given it to her. I was just pulling into our garage when I heard Sally moan then scream and knew Chris had given her an orgasm. I helped them from the back seat and saw that both had the tops of their dresses pushed down past their bare breasts, their panties were in the floorboard, and both their pussies were glistening with moisture. I had barely gotten into the house when they both began to assault my body. Chris was kissing me as she tried to undo my tie and shirt while Sally was kneeling beside us working on my trousers and briefs. When my hardened cock was exposed, Chris knelt down beside Sally and they began licking at my shaft together. When Sally took my steely pole into her mouth and began sucking on it hard I shot my first load of the evening into her mouth. When I had finished spurting, she turned to Chris and began kissing her and I assumed sharing my salty seed with her.

I helped them up and led them to the master bedroom. While they stood kissing and caressing each other beside the bed, I went to the dining room and grabbed a chair. They were on the bed kissing and rubbing their bodies together by the time I got back. When Sally pushed Chris over onto her back and kissed her way down to valley between her legs, my flaccid penis began to harden. I was fully engorged when she began licking Chris' pussy. Sally's ass was stuck up into the air giving me a perfect view of her moist, pink center. I climbed up on the bed behind her and began rubbing the head of my dick up and down her slit. When my tool was covered with her juices, I slipped it into her snatch. She was tight and it took me a few easy strokes before I was buried to the hilt. I began to thrust in and out with long, slow strokes for the next ten minutes. I heard and felt Chris have a huge orgasm in that ten minute span. Sally rose up from Chris' pussy and begged me to fuck her harder and faster. Chris grabbed Sally by the hair and shoved her face back into her crotch as I began to hammer Sally's snatch with my cock. Sally was screaming into Chris's pussy after five minutes of me slamming her cunt and I shot my second load deep into her body five minutes later. Sally gave Chris her second orgasm ten minutes after that at which point I was sitting back in the chair.

Chris pulled Sally up and began kissing her before pushing her over on her back and kissing down her front to her snatch. I watched as Chris licked and sucked the combination of juices from off and out of her body. When Sally had her own huge orgasm moments later, Chris got off the bed and rushed to me. I kissed her and licked her face clean. We stood hugging and kissing each other while Sally lay on our bed and watched.

I gently pushed Chris away before slipping into a robe and going to the car to retrieve the bottle of Champagne then detouring to the kitchen to get me bottled water. Chris and Sally were lying together on our bed lightly touching each other while giving each other tender kisses. I sat on the edge of the bed drinking my water as the two ladies finished the Champagne.

Chris motioned for me to lie down between her and Sally so I removed the robe and joined them on the bed. Chris was kissing me while Sally licked and sucked at my nipples before running her hand down to my renewed erection where she found Chris's hand already wrapped around it. Chris asked Sally to get into 69 with her and me to fuck her doggie while they pleasured each other with their mouths. We quickly assumed our positions and I began to fuck my loving wife with long strokes in and out of her extremely hot and wet sex. The sensation of her pussy clenching and unclenching around my shaft combined with Sally's licking at our junction point was so new and exciting that I couldn't remain calm and began hammering Chris' pussy as fast and hard as I could. I splashed her interior walls with my third orgasm of the night five minutes after starting to fuck her at that pace. Chris came seconds after me as Sally continued to lick us both. When my cock had shrunk and fallen out of Chris' body, Sally licked it clean of our combined secretions then renewed her licking and sucking of Chris's pussy. I retired to the chair and watched as the two beautiful women gave each other another orgasm with their mouths on each other's pussy and clit.

We all went to the kitchen nude when they had calmed for food and liquids then returned to the bed where we continued to fuck and suck each other until we were exhausted and passed out asleep in each other's arms.

When I awoke from the sunlight in my eyes through the window blinds, I found a note from Chris telling me she had taken Sally back to her car and would bring breakfast with her on her return. I went and showered and reclined in the living room where I dozed back off. Chris awakened me when she opened the garage door upon her return. We enjoyed the still hot breakfast sandwiches she had brought then returned to our bed and lazed in it the rest of the morning. Chris was able to coax my cock to an erection late in the afternoon and rode me through two orgasms before I begged her to stop not getting anywhere close to an orgasm of my own. We went to bed early and Chris thanked me for the previous night and asked when we could do it again. I replied maybe in a couple of months; explaining that more often would dilute the excitement to which she reluctantly agreed. We went to sleep in each other's arms; back to the loving couple we had been before my discovery of her affair. The problem of Joyce would spring up later in the week, unbeknownst to us.

Chris called me at my office crying about 10:30 AM Wednesday of that week. "George, I didn't know it was from Joyce, I swear! Please George; you've got to believe me!" She managed to say between sobs.

"Chris, take some deep breaths and try to calm down. I don't even know what you're talking about."

I heard her breath in deeply a couple of times and her sobbing changed to sniffling. "I got a package from FED-EX a few minutes ago. It didn't have the sender's name on it so I opened it. George it was from Joyce and had a letter and some pictures in it. I swear I would've burned it if I knew it was from her!"

"Did you read the letter and what is on the pictures, Chris?"

"I didn't read the letter, but the pictures are of us with Sally Saturday night."

"What do they show? The three of us having sex in our own home? If they do that's against the law and whoever took them and the person responsible for having them taken is in big trouble."

"No, there are no pictures of us in the house. They show us dancing at the club, kissing each other, leaving together, and you pulling the car into the garage. Then there's one of me taking Sally to her car the next morning and us kissing goodbye."

"Read the letter and tell me the high points, Chris." I waited for five minutes before I heard Chris beginning to cry again. "Chris, honey, don't cry. Whatever it is, we can handle it. Tell me what is in the letter that has you so upset!"

"Joyce wants me to resume my relationship with her and there'll be trouble for both you and me if I don't. The pictures will go public with the insinuation that we had a wild night of three-way sex with Sally."

"Well, we did have a wild night of three-way sex with Sally, but she can't prove it with just those pictures. The important thing is she fucked up. What she is trying to do is called blackmail and that definitely is against the law. Bring everything you received and get to my office now. I don't care what you have to tell your boss, understand!"

"Yes George, I should be there in five minutes, ten at the most. I love you!"

"I love you too; now get that beautiful ass of yours over here right now!" I hung up the phone and hustled my ass down to Will's office.

"Will, I need a minute, okay?"

"Sure George, come on in. What's up?"

"Joyce Cody's up and I plan on taking her down!"

"Tell me what you're talking about and what you need from me."

"Joyce sent a package to Chris unsigned and Chris opened it. It had pictures of Chris and me with another woman Saturday night. Chris and I were kissing her passionately in a club and her and Chris danced together, rubbing their bodies against each other in a sexual manner. She went home with us and that's all the pictures show except for Chris taking her back to her car the next morning. A letter said that if Chris didn't resume her relationship with Joyce we'd both be sorry. That's blackmail and I'm going to burn that bitch for it. Do you still have that dirt we dug up on them before? How hard would it be to refresh it and maybe get some new dirt to go with it? Everything obtained legally of course."

"I have what we dug up before and thinking something like this might happen, I've had a PI on retainer to keep the stuff updated. Brian and Joyce are in the process of a divorce. Seems like Joyce blames Brian for upsetting the apple cart by talking to you and she won't forgive him for it. She has moved here to Austin and has a nice condo in that new complex north of downtown. Brian threatened to expose Joyce's and Chris' twenty year affair here in Austin, but Joyce told him he'd disappear and never be found before she let that happen. Her family could and would be able to do that too. You might want to rethink your plan, George. Joyce's family is not nice people if you know what I mean."

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