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(For my fiftieth Lit submission, I chose to write a tale of a spurned man and the lengths he would go to to prove his desire for his love. Thanks to all the readers who have read the other forty nine tales I have woven already and I hope you enjoy this one. Please vote afterwards and let me know what to do or what I have done right.)


I sent you ahead to the bedroom to check it out. It had been a while since you were in it and I wanted you to notice what changes I had made to it. You noticed the blankets on my bed were removed and replaced with a black sheet that I placed there. The room itself was dark except the glow from a few strategically placed candles. It is a few moments later when I slipped in behind you and began to rub your arms as I started whispering in your ear. I distracted you with the rubbing so much that I soon command you to quickly strip for me.

I could tell in a short while that you didn't understand my command when you began to perform a strip tease in front of me. It took nearly three minutes or so for you to remove your T-shirt. My face became a big frown with the angry eyes to match. You seemed to notice and your jeans come off with a little less ceremony. Soon, you are completely naked, your breasts heaving from the excitement of undressing in front of me for the first time in six months. I enjoyed the fact that you listened to me when it came to wearing no jewelry and makeup.

I then slid behind you and began to rub your arms again. I can feel you beginning to melt from my touch, your guard lowering until I pressed you against the wall. I took great delight in hearing you draw in a breath as your breasts felt the cold wall. I began to slowly rub up and down your body with my hands and slowly ease down towards your lower back. You instinctively open your legs in order to lure me into your desire. I noticed that your pussy was already glistening from all the attention, but I chose to instead avoid the obvious path. I heard you moan out of excitement and stimulation, neither of which was the proper reason. With the way I was taught, a transgression would get rewarded with a swift smack on your left buttock. This shocked you as I took note of the red hand print. I saw your mouth begin to open in protest before another smack, this one on the right cheek. Your mouth closed as I began to rub again without a response . Soon, I decided to disrobe.

You sat there quietly like a good slave as I removed my clothing. You heard me grunt as I unzipped my jeans and became as naked as you. My dick was already hard and normal emotions tried to tell me I should just shove it into that warm pussy of yours and fuck you rotten. Yet I knew that it would do you a disservice as I grabbed a pair of hand cuffs and ran the cold metal against your back. This time, you took another intake of air as I could hear a slight moan coming from your lips. It was pure child's play to take your hands and cuff them behind you before I threw you onto the bed on your stomach.

Instinctively again, you landed on your knees, your face buried in the black sheet as I began rubbing my fingers against your bottom and began to explore your pussy. I heard you try to hold back from screaming in ecstacy.

My fingers began digging deeper and deeper inside that warm twat until they were good and coated with your lubricant. I then allowed my goatee to graze your pussy lips before opening my mouth and savoring your taste. I could tell you wanted to cum already and that you wished I would allow you to. It was too bad for you that I wanted more. I then slid up on my knees and began to stroke my cock against your lips without penetration. Your hips tried to impale your cunt onto my dick, but I slyly kept back a bit so you would begin to learn to be patient.

Finally, I allowed you to release by plunging my dick inside you and stroking slowly. Your orgasm was a mix of primal scream and a spiritual cry for mercy as your juices coated my cock. It was then I held you down and began assaulting you with all eight inches of my dick, pushing into you all the months of training I suffered for this exact moment. At that moment you were there not as my girlfriend or my lover, but as my personal fuck doll whose only purpose was to take the seed from my loins in whatever fashion I so choose.

I could feel myself getting close to climax as I pulled out and moved to the front of your form. Your mouth was already open from the fucking, so sticking my pussy juice covered man stick into your mouth was a no brainer. You began to suck weakly until I grabbed your hair and slid five inches into your mouth. The look of shock on your face was priceless as your throat became my dump site. I could feel shot after shot sliding down your throat and was pleased that you swallowed every bit of it without spitting up or gagging.

I undid the cuffs and had you dress while I slipped on a robe. As you found your coat, you noticed an envelope sticking out with instructions on where you would be sleeping that night as well as the room key inside of it. I explained to you that that night was a warm up and that you would sleep in that hotel room in order to decide if you wanted to go on with your training. I also warned you that if you decided to continue that there would be an outfit chosen for you for the next day in the room. Otherwise, you were to never see me again. The cab took you away from me as I went back to my room to release the emotions bottled inside.

As I cried in my room, I remembered the pain as I saw you sleeping with one of my ex friends six months prior. As you ran to catch me, your excuse to why you cheated on me was because he was more aggressive towards you. I walked out that night and packed my bags before leaving you an email telling you that I was going to find my aggression and that you were free to sleep with whomever you wished. Those six months were filled with lessons from people I met from the internet who taught me all the points of being a good dom and how to gain confidence in myself.

When you saw me three nights ago, you were drawn to me like a fly to light and we left that club with your little boyfriend speechless. Now, my deed was finished and the next move was in your hands. I felt devastated that I had to become a man of stone to try to gain your heart, but my heart was still crushed during those six months and all I could think about was putting you under submission. I slept off and on that night until the light of sunrise woke me up.

As my eyes opened, I saw you standing at the foot of my bed wearing the outfit I chose for you. The outfit consisted of a black tight tank top that hugged your breasts like a glove. You wore a black mini skirt that barely hid the fact that you didn't wear panties. The biggest sign that my plan had worked was seeing that black collar around your neck and the smile on your face. It was time for your next lesson, and that time, my face was smiling.

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