tagErotic Poetryhere and happy to help

here and happy to help


you make me feel so sexy
you make me feel so wanted
could that be because
you know i'm double jointed
do you like me 'cause i'm freaky
or do you like me 'cause i'm sweet
do you think you can work me over
because i'm so petite
are you attracted to me
because i swallow and not spit
or because you have a definition of kinky
and you believe that i fit it
do you like the way
i look,walk, and talk
am i considered prey by you
and you're the hungry hawk
would you prefer to see me naked
or all dolled up
are you eager to get your mouth on
my 38 d cups
i may be able to help you
just tell me what you want
i knew i'd get yur attention
from the sexiness i flaunt

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