Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood


Together their intertwined forms stood in a tight embrace for half a minute or so, clinging in a passionate embrace, Jennie's arms around Nadine's neck while the older woman's hands travelled down the younger girl's supple body, settling themselves firmly onto the girl's gorgeous ass, which she hungrily squeezed during their ardent kiss.

The younger girl moaned. Nadine stopped kissing and smiled at her.

"I want you in my bedroom, Jennie," she murmured softly to the girl, her eyes narrowing slightly as she continued. "I want to play some more with this beautiful body of yours."

"Mmmmm... what ever you say, Mrs. Wolfe."

"Call me 'Mistress' from now on!"

Jennie's eyes widened slightly as she stared back at the older woman.

"Mistress? Am I now your slave or something like that?"

"Yes, you most certainly are," Nadine replied, gently pulling the girl's arms from her affectionate embrace. She then easily scooped the younger girl up off of her feet and bodily carried her into the hall and then through the bedroom door, gently setting her down on the floor before again slapping her on her pretty ass.


"You're my prize now. You're my captive slavegirl. Say it."

"I'm your prize. I'm your captive slavegirl."

"Very good," Nadine said as she then approached her, gently caressing Jennie's face. "That's a very good slavegirl."

She leaned over to kiss her, her tongue entering the younger girl's mouth. Then, breaking off the kiss, she took her by the hand and led her over to the large four poster bed that filled much of the room, again slapping the girl's ass as she nudged her up onto it.


"What are you going to do to me... mistress?"

"Well, mostly I'm going to do whatever I want," Nadine responded with a smile, as she then crossed over to her dresser drawer to remove an item. "One thing for certain is that I'm going to fully enjoy playing with that gorgeous body of yours! And just in case you're bad girl I bought these!"

With that she held up a pair of silver handcuffs just like the one's used by the police. Nadine walked them over to the bed and immediately clicked one end around the younger girl's slender left wrist.

"What's this for?"

"You should say, 'what's this for, mistress?'" Nadine corrected her, pulling Jennie's other arm around to finish handcuffing her wrists to her bedpost. "I prefer my new slavegirls to be cuffed and helpless until their training has been completed."


"Yes, SLAVE training," Nadine said as she climbed up onto the bed alongside the nude younger girl. "Now... onto your elbows and knees, my pretty slavegirl... that's right, just like that... arch that pretty back of yours... very good... I want your ass."

With her left arm she held the girl still. And then, without further warning, the spanking began.


"Owww! Ow! That hurts! Ouch! Please stop, mistress!"

"Silence, my pretty slavegirl. The more you struggle the longer this will continue."


"I thought you said you were going to play with me!"

"Actually, what I said was that I was going to 'enjoy' playing with you," Nadine responded, laughing. "And yes, I AM enjoying this... very much!" The spanking continued.


And then, as soon as it started, it was over. The older woman's hands caressed and fondled the reddened rump that only seconds before they had been spanking. Jennie whimpered.

"Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Nadine murmured to her pretty handcuffed companion, and before the girl could answer the older woman's lips began kissing Jennie's warmed ass cheeks still poised submissively upward. Nadine's tongue and lips fully traversed the younger girl's pretty round butt, enjoying the smooth firm flesh of Jennie's scented tush.

"Mmmmm... I think I like this part much better," the girl purred appreciatively, gently wiggling her butt provocatively back and forth as the older woman then softly raked her fingernails scross the still-tender skin.

"You've got a beautiful ass, Jennie."

"Thank you, mistress," Jennie blushed.

"So very beautiful... and it's here for my pleasure... isn't it?"

"Yes, mistress, my ass is here for your pleasure."

"I'm glad to hear you say that," Nadine said, patting her on the butt. "Don't move. I'll be right back."

Jennie then watched the older woman climb down off of the bed and return to her dresser drawer where she removed a black leather strap-on harness attached to a very realistic-looking five-inch-long flesh-colored dildo.

"I'm only going to use this small one on you today. Maybe later we'll trying some of the others in my... collection."

"Where did you get that?"

"Oh... it's just something I've always wanted to use on a pretty young girl like yourself. There's a store downtown that sells them."

Nadine stared into the younger girl eyes with an evil-looking smile while she then stepped into it and pulled the harness up around her waist, tightening the fastenings so that it fit her body snugly, the dildo sticking out like a fully erect penis. She then grabbed a bottle of lotion from the same drawer and returned to the bed.

"This will be fun for you, my pretty slavegirl," she said, climbing up behind the manacled girl, still submissively awaiting her, poised on her elbows and knees, her ass still pink from the spanking. Jennie looked a little frightened as the older woman continued oiling up the dildo.

"Relax, my pretty slavegirl. You're going to like this. I promise."

Nadine knelt behind the girl, mounting her doggy-style, her hands once again caressing Jennie's lovely ass. The older woman leaned forward, running her fingers up the sides of Jennie's body, her hands squeezing the younger girl's breasts which they cupped possessively, gently kneading the small-but-perfectly formed orbs while fingering the now-fully-erect nipples. Jennie moaned softly. Nadine's lips kissed the back of the girl's exposed neck.

"Have you ever been fucked by another woman, Jennie?"

"No, mistress."

"Well, get ready, because you're about to be."

Jennie could now feel the woman's strap-on dildo pressed up against her ass cheeks. It felt hard against her soft rump. Nadine continued to kiss the back of Jennie's neck some more before straightening up and applying more lotion to the dildo.

"Move your head down onto that pillow, dear," she ordered. "And arch your back some more. There... that's a good girl. I want your pretty butt pointing almost straight up... yes, just like that."

The older woman continued to rub the lubricating lotion onto the dildo, and then she proceeded to rub some onto Jennie's upturned bottom and into the girl's ass crack.

"Such a good, obedient slavegirl," Nadine's voice purred behind her. "Are we ready? Very good. Then let's begin."

Jennie cried out slightly as Nadine pushed the head of the dildo slowly up into her ass, the older woman's hands then coming around to grip the younger girl's hips, her nails sinking into the soft flesh of Jennie's flawlessly smooth ass cheeks. She then began a gentle rocking back and forth.

Jennie whimpered, but it wasn't physical pain that caused it, rather it was the novel sensation of complete sexual surrender and submission. Here she was, getting fucked in the ass by a dominant older woman, and she was loving it.

Nadine was loving it, too. Her nails dug deep into the soft swelling of Jennie's hips, eliciting a moan from the younger girl. The older woman laughed, and while still fucking her pretty captive used her right hand to begin a rythmic spanking of the girl's pretty white ass cheek in time with her back and forth motion.


Jennie was almost bleating by now, engulfed by a mixture of pain and highly charged erotic pleasure.

"The ultimate submission," Nadine murmured, her hands gripping tightly to the sides of the younger girl's ass.

"My body is yours, mistress! I only want to please you!"

"And you ARE pleasing me, my pretty slavegirl."

Nadine continued fucking the girl from behind, the front of her thighs now slapping loudly against Jennie's firm, oiled and perfumed tush. The younger girl was by now half catatonic, in a state of pure euphoric ecstasy. Seconds later her body erupted into a series of orgasms, her wrists pulling against the cuffs that held them tight while the rest of her body bucked against Nadine's strong hands still tightly gripping her beautiful ass.

"Scream for me, slavegirl!"


Jennie did scream then, as her mistress slapped her ass while continuing to pump her gorgeous rump.

"Auugh... augh... augh... augh... augh!"

The older woman reached up and caressed the girl's back before grabbing her by her red hair, raising her head off the pillow. Her other hand reached around and stroked the front of the girl's neck.

"Such a good slavegirl... my beautiful, beautiful plaything... such a good slave..."

She continued caressing and stroking Jennie's body while talking thusly to her as the younger girl's slender figure slowly stopped shaking from the orgasms that had moments before jolted her entire body.

As Nadine pulled the dildo from out of the younger girl's behind she continued to kiss and stroke her.

"That's good girl... now lie down flat on your stomach... such a good slave."

Nadine then gently laid herself atop the girl, burying her face in the scented red hair. She then kissed the girl's bare shoulders and whispered to her.

"Turn over."

Jennie did so, and Nadine then kissed her passionately, not only on the lips but also on her forehead, cheeks, eyes, and neck. Her mouth continued to travel down the girl's gorgeous body, settling on the lush breasts now poised before them. She suckled and licked both of them for several minutes while Jennie moaned aloud and writhed in ecstasy.

"Mistress... I think I'm going to come again," she wailed.

"Not yet, my pretty slave," was Nadine's response, raising her lips from the girl's breasts before speaking.

The older woman's mouth then continued its journey down the girl's luscious form, licking their way across the girl's flat stomach and then making their way down to her closely cropped pussy.

"Just enough hair down here for me to know that you're a natural redhead," Nadine joked, seconds before her tongue found better things to accomodate it than speaking.

Her lips then converged on Jennie's pretty pussy, her mouth enclosing it in one gulp, as it were. The girl wailed as Nadine's tongue found an opening, excitingly exploring the girl's clitoris and licking up the abundant moisture already forming there.

Nadine's strong arms circled around Jennie's waist, her hands gripping the girl's ass as the girl's body once again bucked in the pleasure of orgasmic release. Even as her movements eventually slowed down the older woman's tongue continued to lap up the juices emanating from the girl's wet pussy.

Both women lay nude together on the bed. Slowly Nadine's hands glided back up the younger girl's slender form, her lips then kissing their way back to Jennie's beautiful mouth.

"Mistress... oh, mistress... that was so wonderful!"

Again Nadine kissed the girl passionately, the younger girl tasting herself in the older woman's lips. Thus they remained as their bodies slowly cooled, Nadine's hands gently running over Jennie's skin, up her legs, across her stomach, and caressing and squeezing her breasts.

Nadine then reached up with a small key and unlocked the handcuffs that had been holding the younger girl captive to the bedpost. Jennie appreciately rubbed her freed wrists.

"Did you enjoy being my slavegirl?" Nadine asked her.

"Oh yes, mistress," the girl gushed. "It was soooo hot! I felt more like a captive princess than a slave!"

"That's good, because it isn't over," Nadine responded. "I've decided I'm keeping you."

"Really?" the girl said, smiling. "Am I really going to be your slave?"

"Yes, Jennie. I'm going to keep you. I've also decided that you're not going to work at Wild Willy's. You're going to come work for me. I'm going to make you my 'special assistant' at the fitness center. You'll be my manager trainee."

"So I won't get to be a dancer?" Jennie pouted. "But I thought you enjoyed my lap dance earlier tonight."

Nadine gently stroked the girl's hair.

"Oh, you'll still dance. Every couple of weeks or so I hold a little party for some of my... shall we say 'my wealthier' female customers, and I always hire a pretty girl or two for their amusement. I know they'd enjoy watching you strip for them, my gorgeous girl!"

"And what about you?"

"Oh, you'll be dancing for me more often than that."

She kissed Jennie again before continuing.

"And while I won't be able to pay you the kind of money you'd make at Wild Willy's, I'm offering you free room and board living here with me!"

Jennie's eyes lit up.

"You want me to move in with you?"

"You can have the room upstairs. It's fully furnished and very comfortable, although I intend to have you spending your nights in here with me most of the time. Is that alright with you?"

"Oh, mistress!" the girl exclaimed. They kissed again.

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Great until strap on

And all of your stories end with the strap on. Fine, but predictable.

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