tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHigh Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 05

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 05


With our lust filled Sunday still fresh in my mind and the sexy images of her hot body coated with my seed burned into my brain I went through the motions at the office all day Monday. About an hour before quitting time my cell phone rang. The caller ID came up as an unknown party but I answered it anyway.

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone.

"Hi baby." The caller replied.

Instantly I recognized the callers' voice. "Hiya Kay." I answered.

"Sorry to call you during hours Allen but I was wondering if you wanted me to help you pick out bedding this week. We didn't talk about that yesterday before you left." Kay said very business like.

I laughed and replied. "Guess we had other things on our minds Kay?"

"Yes, on our minds and smeared on my face baby." Kay reminded me giggling seductively.

"I've been recalling those images all day Kay." I responded.

"I hope it wasn't too much of a distraction Allen?" She asked.

I replied, "As a matter of fact it was baby but a very pleasant distraction in deed."

"So Allen when would you like me to take you shopping?" Kay asked getting back to the reason for her call.

"I guess we could get together tomorrow in the afternoon Kay. I'll bug out of the office early and we can meet for lunch." I suggested.

"That sounds good Allen. What are you doing tonight?" Kay asked.

"Well I should clean my apartment and I have some laundry to do too." I replied wondering if she was leading to another invitation to join her at her place.

"Okay Allen, why don't you come by the shop when you get out of the office tomorrow and we'll go from there? Oh and by the way if you want to take a break from your cleaning tonight look for me on my balcony." Kay suggested.

"I'll certainly do that baby!" I exclaimed remembering how exciting it was watching her last balcony performance.

"Good Allen I'll talk to you later then. Bye baby." Kay said.

"Bye Kay." I said as I flipped my cell phone closed.

Promptly at five I headed for the grocery store. A stop at the salad bar for my dinner, and the house wares isle for some laundry and cleaning supplies and I was ready for an evening of boring house work.

As I pulled into the parking lot at my building I noticed my friendly neighbor Gina was just getting out of her car arriving home from work. She wore a short mini skirt and heels along with a grey blouse. As she turned to slide out of the driver seat I got an eye full of thigh and glimpse of white panty before she straightened up.

My car had barely come to a stop before she was standing beside my open window. As she leaned down I was rewarded with an awesome view of her ripe succulent cleavage and the top of a very lacy white bra.

"Hi Allen it's nice to see you again." Gina said.

I smiled at her and let my eyes drop to her tits before I replied, "It's very nice to see you again Gina." Keeping my eyes fixed on the deep cleavage she clearly wanted me to see.

Her tits jiggled seductively and as I stared at them. And I'm sure that's exactly what Gina wanted.

"So Allen when are you going to invite me over to your place?" Gina asked very matter-of-factly. It was almost as if she was asking me when I was going to make a play to fuck her.

Keeping my attention on the two sexy tits I was staring at I replied, "Well Gina I'd invite you over tonight but I was planning on cleaning and doing laundry. You wanna help?" I asked.

"Love to baby!" Gina exclaimed. "I'll see you in an hour." She added.

Gina straightened up and turned to walk toward the entry to our building. I sat there watching her full hips swing seductively from side to side knowing that she was accentuating the movement for my benefit.

"So much for getting any thing productive done tonight." I thought to my self.

Gina was already in the elevator which was passing the third floor by the time I got there carrying two bags from the grocery and pressed the call button.

I figured I'd have an hour to at least start some laundry and maybe straighten up my apartment a little before she arrived. Gathering up my dirty laundry I loaded the washing machine and started the first load. I ate half my dinner and took some time to straighten up the living room. I wondered if she'd be disappointed when she found out I didn't have any bed room furniture yet laughing to myself thinking she'd just have to let me fuck her on the floor.

It was nearly seven fifteen when I realized that Gina was late. She had said she'd see me in an hour which meant if she was prompt she would have been knocking on my door at seven or so. I stepped out on my balcony and lit a cigarette. Glancing across the street and down a couple floors I didn't notice any movement on Kay's balcony.

"Hmmmm stood up by them both." I thought to myself.

I sat down and enjoyed the rest of my smoke before returning to switch my first load from the washer to the dryer and start the last load of laundry. It was seven forty and I was just about to resign myself to an evening alone when I heard a light knock on my apartment door.

Peeking through the security peep hole I got a fish-eye look at Gina standing on the other side. She was smiling widely and as I opened the door said, "Allen sorry I'm late."

She was wearing the same grey blouse and mini skirt as before but she had unbuttoned the blouse and turned the collar up so that she didn't need to lean forward to give me a look at her luscious cleavage.

"No problem Gina I'm almost finished with my laundry and the apartment wasn't much of a mess." I said moving aside and inviting her in with a wave of my hand.

"Your place is a mirror image of ours Allen." Gina said as she turned to face me.

Gina is quite attractive her brown hair had been brushed out and settled nicely on her shoulders. Her hazel colored eyes are widely spaced on her round face and she has a cute little nose. She over does her lip gloss choosing a deep maroon color that contrasts almost harshly with her brilliant white smile but her full lush lips are very sexy and the deep color certainly draws attention to her mouth which I supposed was her intent.

As I let my eyes move down over her full figured hourglass shaped body I was reminded of women of the Victorian age when plump meant healthy and able to easily bear children and return to the fields shortly afterwards. Her full bust and hips accentuated by the slightly thinner waist line. As I moved toward her I thought, "A very fuckable piece of ass indeed."

"I guess you know your way around then." I said.

"Sure do Allen, which bedroom are you using?" She asked.

Pointing toward one I said, "I'm going to use that one as my office, and the other for my bedroom but nothing has happened in either yet."

"Too bad." Gina replied with a flip of her hips and an equally seductive grin on her lips.

Realizing what I just said I quickly added. "My bed room furniture should be here later this week."

She extended her hand which I took in mine as she replied, "Hopefully something will happen in there after that."

Holding my hand Gina led me around the large sectional in the middle of my living room. "This looks awfully comfortable Allen." Gina remarked.

"Have a seat Gina please make yourself at home." I offered.

Gina sat down on the edge of the sofa and slowly slid back crossing her sexy legs as she did. I tried my best to catch another glimpse of her white panties but the angle I was standing didn't provide me with enough of a view.

"Sorry I can't light the fireplace Gina. The super left me a note that he had to order parts for it so it'll be a couple days before I can enjoy that feature." I said.

"That's okay Allen I notice you're missing the most important accessory for the fireplace anyway." Gina remarked.

I didn't understand what she was talking about. The only accessory I figured I'd need was the remote start control so I asked. "What accessory is that Gina?"

"You need a big white fluffy area rug in front baby." Gina replied with a seductive look on her face.

"I suppose I do Gina. I'll add that to my shopping list of items I want to get." I answered adding, "Before you visit the next time."

I instantly had a mental image of Gina laying naked on that fluffy rug her sexy eyes and full lips shimmering in the fire light her sensual body visually seducing me to join her on that cloud of passion.

Trying my best to clear my mind of such thoughts I asked, "Would you like some wine Gina?"

She instantly replied, "Oh yes baby but I have to warn you that alcohol always reduces my inhibitions."

Grinning at her I walked toward the kitchen thinking, "Yeah right and I bet bottled water makes you horny too."

"Red or white Gina?" I asked from the kitchen as I removed two wine glasses from the cabinet.

Her reply came directly behind me, "Red baby."

I turned to face her. She was standing in the doorway from the living room leaning against the jam. Her long tresses sexily hiding most of her face with the exception of those full sensuous dark lips. Her knee bent with the sole of one sexy heel resting against the door jam.

I moved toward the refrigerator but kept my eyes on this arousing woman. Opening the door I retrieved a bottle of red wine and quickly poured us both a full glass. Placing the wine bottle on the counter I picked up the two glasses and approached Gina who was still posing in the doorway for me.

Leaning against the opposite side of the doorway I extended my hand offering her the wine as I said, "Gina are you trying to seduce me?"

Gina took the wine glass and lifted it toward her moist lips. Before sipping from the glass she extended her tongue and circled the rim of the glass once with just the tip then sipped from the glass before she said, "No baby I'm just letting you know that you can try and seduce me."

She took another sip from her glass this time letting the red liquid moisten her full sensual lips even more almost begging me to kiss her.

I moved forward raising one hand to rest on the doorway just beside her face. Her lips parted and the tip of a very pink tongue appeared between her dark sexy lips. Her eyes fluttered about in their sockets as I moved closer our lips almost touching teasing her with the anticipation of a first kiss.

She moaned softly as I tilted my head and closed the distance between our mouths. Our lips touched and her moan intensified as I parted mine and met her probing tongue with my own.

The anticipation of our first kiss was quickly dispensed with replaced with a wanton lust to explore each others oral cavities with our tongues. Gina's prodigious talent for French kissing far exceeded my previous experience. Her mouth and tongue moved in unison teasing my lips and tongue softly and gently and then roughly and forcefully.

I moved closer pressing my hips against her. Gina reacted by sliding her bent knee along the outside of my thigh. My growing erection captured between our loins pressed harder into her. I slowly dry humped her causing her to moan deeply in my mouth.

Gina moved her lips from mine for an instant to whisper, "Can I touch it Allen?"

I slid my hand down her side to grasp her wrist and drew her hand between us. She instantly began moving her hand up and down the length of my swelling cock strong almost tugging strokes bringing me to a fully erect state in a moment's time.

"Oh god Allen I need it now baby fuck me Allen fuck me NOW!" Gina exclaimed.

I placed my wine glass on the counter beside the door and moved both hands to her blouse running my fingers over the heaving flesh of her full tits. Grasping the fabric I ripped the blouse open.

"YES BABY!" Gina squealed as buttons flew everywhere.

It was then that I realized that Gina was not wearing a bra but rather a lace corset her ripe tits pressed upward by the constricting garment. It extended below the waist line of her mini skirt and made her look so very sexy. Her heaving tit flesh jiggled as she gasped for air. I slid my hand into the hot cleavage and lifted one massive orb from its confines.

Gina's hand tugged at my cock through my trousers and she began to whimper slightly as my lips moved to suckle one erect nipple surrounded by a large brown areola.

"Oh baby yes!" Gina exclaimed as I sucked and licked at her nipple and its areola. Her tits were larger than I had thought and very sensitive to my rough treatment.

As I moved to bite and suck her other nipple Gina exclaimed, "Baby I want you now fuck me with this rock hard cock!" Her hand clamped down on my throbbing cock.

I reached across her body and pulled her arm turning her into the kitchen. Her hands instantly grasped the edge of the kitchen counter and as I lifted her mini dress over her ass she spread her feet apart.

The straps of her white thong rose over her wide hips and slipped between two full ass cheeks. I slid a hand between her thighs and pulled the fabric away from her pussy. My other hand followed and I drove my middle finger deep into her.

She screamed in pleasure as my finger sank into the fiery depths of her soaking wet searing hot fuck flesh.

"OH GOD ALLEN YES" Gina squealed as I fingered her deeply.

I used my free hand to undo my buckle and trousers and pushed them along with my briefs down my thighs. My raging cock sprang forth ready to impale her.

One slap of my hard cock on her ass cheek let her know that she was about to be assaulted, viciously, brutally as she pleaded for.

"That's it baby, slam that fucking cock home Allen!" Gina begged. I spat in my hand and stroked the pulsing head once. My hands spread her ass cheeks apart exposing her throbbing cunt to me. I moved forward and dipped my hips slightly to position the tip at the entrance of her searing fuck tunnel and pulled harder on her ass cheeks. The wet lips of her cunt parted and coated the tip of my cock with her moisture.

"NOW BABYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Gina screamed as I thrust into her searing hot pussy burying my cock deep inside her.

Gina's pussy was wetter and hotter than any I'd ever driven my cock into before. Her searing fuck flesh spread easily to accept the brutal assault of my pulsing erection. She pushed her ass back and down to drive me a deep as possible. In an instant I was bathed in a pool of hot fluids, surrounded by searing wet fuck flesh, impaled inside a sexual dynamo.

"Fuckin A Gina!" I shouted.

Gina squealed, "Gimme that fucking cock baby. Fuck me hard and fast!"

I withdrew and slammed into her again and again she drove her ass back at me. Over and over I drove my cock into her. She reached down and opened one cabinet draw and lifted her shoe hooking the spike heel over the edge. As Gina straightened up I reached from behind and captured her heaving tits in my hands viciously groping at them squeezing the flesh and pinching her nipples hard.

"Oh yeah baby fuck that cunt good gimme that big fucking hard cock!" She begged.

Even if I wanted to I couldn't fuck her any harder. My invasion this brutal assault on her cunt had already reached maximum levels and it took every ounce of strength I could muster to keep up the pace of our fucking.

Squishing sloppy wet sounds escaped each time I withdrew followed closely by fuck induced pussy farts as I drove my rock hard cock into her again. Gina met ever thrust into her with her own forceful backward thrust of her ass.

Sweat was already pouring from us both making it hard to grope her tits as they slid about in my strong hands.

"That's it baby keep fucking me like that you're gonna make me cum Allen!" Gina screamed.

The flesh inside her searing cunt seemed to swell grasping at my invading cock as I drove it home over and over.

"OH GOD ALLEN!" She squealed.

"Yeah baby cum for me!" I exclaimed. Her pussy flooded with juices as I drove her over the sexual pinnacle of ecstasy. Her orgasm slamming into her as surely as my cock impaled her every time I slammed it home.

"CUMMMMMMMMMM!" Her word transformed into a deep sexual moan as her climax peaked.

"Oh my god Allen!" Gina exclaimed as her orgasm sent spears of pleasure shooting from her dripping wet searing hot pussy up into her brain.

I thrust into her once, twice and a third time before my cock exploded in a lava flood of cum. Shooting from my cock as surely as hot magma explodes from an erupting volcano. Filling her with cum overflowing and running down our thighs like a lava flow of total ecstasy.

"God Allen it feels so fucking good being filled with a man's seed!" Gina whispered.

My muscles ached I needed to straighten up and gather my senses again. I let my cock slip from her dripping pussy and took a step back.

Gina instantly turned to face me sweat dripping from her brow her tits soaked with salty fluids that seeped from every pore. She moved toward me and placing two hands on my chest pushed me back against the wall.

No sooner had my naked ass pressed against the wall this sexual dynamo crouched before me and lifted her tits to capture my soaking wet cum coated cock between them.

"Yeah Gina, fuck that cock with your big tits!" I said most weakly still numb from the incredible climax I'd just had.

Gina began lifting her soft orbs of pleasure slowly massaging my still very sensitive cock with the wet flesh between those big tits. As my cock head appeared from between Gina would open her sexy mouth and let my cock head slide across her most talented tongue. After several minutes of this awesome tit fucking mouth sucking pleasure Gina finally said. "We need to relax baby, but I have a surprise for you later.

Gina stood up and smoothed her mini skirt down over her legs after adjusting her thong and stuffed her big tits back into the confines of her lacy corset. Her sexy cleavage still glistened with our combined juices and her salty sweat. As I leaned against the counter I thought to myself. "I can't wait to recover enough to fuck this plump vixen again."

"Pour us another wine baby then join me in the living room." Gina said as she turned and started out of the kitchen.

I watched her walk across the living room hips swaying seductively a stroll I'm certain was for my enjoyment. It was hard but I turned my attention from her sexy ass to refilling our wine glasses. With a glass in each hand I walked into the living room. Gina was standing in front of the drapes covering the sliders to my balcony. She had unzipped her mini and tossed it aside but still wore her lacy corset and matching thong. Her plump tits oozed from the top of her tight fitting corset.

As I approached and handed the wine glass to Gina she said, "Geez Allen that was an incredible fuck. I need a cigarette baby."

"Me too Gina lets go out on the balcony and smoke one." I replied.

I slipped my hand behind her and slid open the sliding door and screen and held the drapes open so we could step outside. Fortunately my balcony is private the only people who could see any activity being across the street in Kay's building.

I offered Gina a light and then lit my own cigarette. Walking to the railing I glanced down toward Kay's balcony which was empty. Turning to face Gina and with my back against the railing I surveyed her plump but very sexy body.

"Gina." I said and then paused.

"Yes baby?" She replied

"You were right babe. That was one incredible fuck you're one hell of a woman." I said while I was thinking she was one hell of a piece of ass.

She walked toward me holding her wine glass in one hand and her cigarette in the other tits jiggling and hips swaying a broad smile on her lips. She came to within inches of me before she took a deep drag on the smoke and then let the smoke roll out of her mouth while she sucking it in through her flaring nostrils in a very seductive french inhale a trick I hadn't seen a woman perform for many years.

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